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Chapter 208 – Seizing of the lotus seed


The entire heaven and earth looked as though they’re rumbling at this moment. The dark green rays of light shot throughout the surroundings at an astonishing speed. Countless people had charged at those rays of light with their eyes dyed scarlet red as they attempted to snatch them.

Bang! Bang!

However, these people had evidently underestimated the explosive power produced by the Celestial Spiritual Lotus. Under the impact, those Spiritual Lotus Seeds were like arrows that filled the skies. Some fellas who had ran out of luck ran made a head-on impact with them and before their hands could grab one, that splendid green luster had penetrated their palms and were spraying fresh blood.


Mournful shrieks resounded incessantly in the ear. That bad luck fella grabbed onto his palm that’s flowing with fresh blood as he issued a sharp howl.

Seeing that bad luck fella’s situation, those people then cleared their heads a little and no longer dared to reach for the seeds. Instead, they circulated their Spiritual Energy, and control their Spiritual Energy into forms of hands before they tried to grab them.

Pffft! Pffffft!

Even with the obstruction of those Spiritual Energy covered hands, some of the green lusters were like hot knives through butter as they pierced through. Thereafter, they’d streaked across the horizon and after several blinks, they had disappeared to the border of the horizon.

Evidently, these Spiritual Lotus Seeds weren’t so easily taken.

Mu Chen looked at the chaotic scene and was also a little shocked at the destructive energy of those Spiritual Lotus Seeds. It seems like these things weren’t that easy to obtain.


Just when Mu Chen was astonished, a surge of rapid wind came over. Raising his head, he saw a green luster. It had already broke through the blockade of everyone and flew straight to him.

Seeing it, Mu Chen flicked his finger and Spiritual Energy that contained black flames shot out and heavily clashed with that green luster.


A spiritual aura exploded from the impact, but that green light still managed to pierce through. Its speed wasn’t any slower compared to before as it was shot out.

“I’ll see where can you still run to!”

Mu Chen smiled. He clenched his fists and that Nine-layered Pagoda had, once again, appeared. He waved his sleeve and that black pagoda flew out. It had appeared before that green luster. With the pagoda aiming for that green luster, its black lights surged and had devoured it.


That green luster had charged into the Nine-layered Pagoda. The body of the pagoda trembled and flew over several hundred zhang away. Thereafter, the black pagoda stabilised. With a flash of light, it flew back towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen extended his palm and the black pagoda landed on his palm. Black light was rushing out, before it dispersed. A green luster appeared on his palm. The light then dispersed again and turned into a thumb-sized green lotus seed. That lotus seed was a jade-green, smooth and round. A fragrance was followed by a surge of pure Spiritual Energy ripples that constantly spread out.

“This is the Spiritual Lotus Seed?”

Mu Chen looked at the green-coloured lotus seed in his palm. By just holding it in his hand, he sensed that the Spiritual Energy within his body felt as though it had settled down a lot more. It was to the point that even his blood and qi that was disrupted by that Spiritual Energy had also calmed down a lot more.

“Indeed, a wonderful item!” Joy flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes as he exclaimed in admiration. It seems like this Spiritual Lotus Seed does have the effect of solidifying Spiritual Energy.

At this moment, many people in the surrounding area have also seen Mu Chen obtaining the Spiritual Lotus Seed. Jealousy was in their eyes, but no one was covetous to the point of taking actions against him. Previously, when Mu Chen and Xu Qingqing fought, the strength that he revealed made them understand that this newcomer that had just come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a few months wasn’t any pushover.

The chaos in this zone still continued. However, after Mu Cheng, there were several people that experienced a burst in their luck. Taking advantage of that moment, they managed to stop several Spiritual Lotus Seeds, which attracted the attention of countless scarlet eyes.

Mu Chen kept that Spiritual Lotus Seed and shifted his gaze to another direction. His eyes were burning. With such an opportunity, he definitely can’t let such a chance go.

The Nine-layered Pagoda in his hand was capable of taking these Spiritual Lotus Seeds. Relying on its special characteristic, he doesn’t have to worry about the Spiritual Lotus Seed’s frightening impact.

Thinking about it here, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation. With a flash of his figure, he exploded and flew to another direction. With a flick of his palm, the Nine-layered Pagoda appeared once again. Black light bubbled and all of a sudden, it was abstruse and mysterious.

Mu Chen carefully searched for his targets. He didn’t go snatch for those Spiritual Lotus Seeds that were eyed by others. But had directed his target towards those Spiritual Lotus Seeds that had managed to charge out the blockage of others.

Very quickly, he searched for his targets once again. The Nine-layered Pagoda flew out and the wind sharply increased. It turned into a huge pagoda and was heading towards a green luster.

Dong!! Dong!!

That green light was covered by the Nine-layered Pagoda. The body of the pagoda intensely trembled but very quickly, that powerful resisting force disappeared, bit by bit.

Mu Chen’s palm waved and that Nine-layered Pagoda flew back to his hand, along with the Spiritual Lotus Seed.

Another Spiritual Lotus Seed had fallen into his hands.

The gazes of those in the surrounding area all had their eyes turning red. Many of them couldn’t even stop a Spiritual Lotus Seed even with so many of them combined. However, Mu Chen was able to obtain it so easily.

There were only ten Spiritual Lotus Seeds in that Celestial Spiritual Lotus and that fella had gotten two of it on his own!

Mu Chen did not bother about those gazes. Those Spiritual Lotus Seeds were extremely rare and were priced at 200,000 Spiritual Value points each. Having this kind of opportunity, how could he miss it?

Thereafter, he kept the Spiritual Lotus Seed with a flip of his hand. Sweeping his eyes, he’s already searching for new targets.


Just when he was about to act, several gales violently brushed over as they headed towards the vital parts of his body.

The sudden attack caused Mu Chen’s eyes to turn cold. The Nine-layered Pagoda in his hands flew backwards as it expanded and shielded him from behind.

Daaang! Daaang!

Metallic sounds resounded and the Nine-layered Pagoda was jolted back some distance. However, those gales from the sneak attacks were all obstructed.

Mu Chen then turned around as he coldly stared at the person that attacked him. It was Xu Qingqing, Lu Long and Liu Xiao, those three.

“Hand over the Spiritual Lotus Seeds; otherwise, I wouldn’t mind offending you!” Xu Qingqing extended her jade-like hands as she made the cold demand.

Mu Chen heard what was said, but smiled instead. He shook his head as his tone carried an undisguisable amount of loathing, “Handing them over to you? Who are you?”

Hearing Mu Chen’s manner of speaking, Xu Qingqing’s face turned ashen as she bit her teeth, “Kill him!”

Hearing what Mu Chen had said, the other two had also looked at Mu Chen with an unkind gaze. Although they wouldn’t go as far as to kill him, beating Mu Chen up was still extremely easy.

Mu Chen’s gaze also turned cold as he issued a cold laugh. If they wished to play, then he’ll accompany them to the end.

“Xu Qingqing, what are you guys doing? You’re bullying with higher numbers?!”

However, just when Mu Chen was about to take actions, a tender bark resounded from the distance. Su Ling’er was seen rapidly closing in with several people and appeared before Mu Chen.

“Su Ling’er, this has nothing to do with you. Mind your own business!” Xu Qingqing said in hatred.

“Not possible.” Seeing how mad Xu Qingqing was, Su Ling’er smiled like a flower as she turned around towards Mu Chen and said, “Go and take the Spiritual Lotus Seeds. I’ll block them for you.”

Hearing her, Mu Chen slightly hesitated, but had nodded his head in the end. Compared to taking the Spiritual Lotus Seeds, fighting with Xu Qingqing was evidently a waste of time.

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Mu Chen smiled towards Su Ling’er and flew away.


Seeing this, Xu Qingqing’s face instantly turned ugly as she barked, “All of you, get lost!”

When she barked, her figure burst out. Behind her, Lu Long and Liu Xiao were closely following from behind. Thereafter, they were obstructed by Su Ling’er’s group and a chaotic battle instantly broke out between them.

Just when Su Ling’er was obstructing Xu Qingqing and her group, Mu Chen was once again, searching for targets. Overall, the amount of Spiritual Lotus Seeds were afterall, limited. There were only a dozen or so of them. Because of that, after a round of everyone snatching them, there weren’t that many targets left that Mu Chen could grab.

As a result, Mu Chen searched for more than ten minutes, before having the chance to harvest another Spiritual Lotus Seed. Thereafter, the chaotic heaven and earth was gradually restored to its original scene. All those Spiritual Lotus Seeds have all been snatched away.

Seeing as the skies have become quiet once again, Mu Chen lightly smiled. Three Spiritual Lotus Seeds is already considered a decent harvest, which can be seen from all those covetous gazes that were cast in his direction.

In both heaven and earth, that surging Spiritual Energy waves had also dissipated bit by bit. In the end, the gorgeous sky was restored to its original appearance.

Su Ling’er’s battle had also stopped with the retreat of those Spiritual Energy waves. Xu Qingqing’s face was ashened. She was actually unable to even get a single Spiritual Lotus Seed, she’d completely come in vain.

“That brat called Mu Chen, you’ve obtained three Spiritual Lotus Seeds. Give one to me and I’ll forgo today’s matters. Otherwise, I’ll let my brother know about this and in the future, you can only dream on mingling in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!” Xu Qingqing said as she stared at Mu Chen with her teeth tightly clenched.

“Ha! You think I’m afraid of you? Get your brother to look for my sister then.” Su Ling’er coldly smiled.

Xu Qingqing viciously pierced Su Ling’er a glance. Thereafter her face was looking at Mu Chen with cold glare. The latter lightly smiled, “500,000 Spiritual Value points for one.”

Many people in the surrounding were stunned. 500,000 Spiritual Value points? Is this kid insane? No matter how precious the Spiritual Lotus Seeds were, they weren’t worth this amount. He’s obviously trying to infuriate Xu Qingqing to death.

Looking over, Xu Qingqing’s tender body was indeed trembling from the anger. After so many years in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, since when had anyone provoked her like this before?

“You wait! I, Xu Qingqing, will definitely not let this matter go!”

Xu Qingqing’s ample bosom was heaving up and down. She left those words of hatred, before she waved her sleeves and left, filled with anger.

Looking at Xu Qingqing’s leaving silhouette, Mu Chen lightly smiled. He truly does have a natural life of offending others.

The big brother of this Xu Qingqing should be Xu Huang, right? An existence of Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 5… It seems like he has offended another powerful figure. However, there’s a saying: ‘When there are too many debts, one stops to worry.’ Since he’s already going against Li Xuantong, there’s no difference with having another Rank 5 of the Heavenly Ranking as an opponent.

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