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Chapter 205 – Celestial Spirit Lotus

Rumbling Spiritual Energy shock waves rippled through the sky. A powerful gale was formed and caused the forest below to sway. At the same time, a sandstorm emerged and caused everybody to shut their eyes.

However, a few individuals infused Spiritual Energy into their eyes in order to look at the collision of the two violent Spiritual Energy.


In the sky, the violent Spiritual Energy storm suddenly broke out. A massive Spiritual Energy impact rushed out and caused both Mu Chen and Huo Feng to be blown away.


Mu Chen hurriedly placed the soles of his feet on the ground and landed on the peak of a mountain. However, his clothes were torn apart. At the same time, his eyes turned slightly serious. Huo Feng’s strength was indeed quite powerful. No wonder he was able to be ranked within the top 100s of the Heavenly Ranking.

From a distance, Huo Feng also landed on top of a towering tree. He, too, had torn clothes just like Mu Chen. This caused his eyes to turn solemn. He never imagined that he wouldn’t be able to suppress Mu Chen with his Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase strength. The two of them were evenly matched.

After personally facing off this freshman, he knew that the latter possessed incredible strength. It was no wonder that he did not care about him and his threats.

“How could this be…”

Mo Lun’s face darkened and his eyes were filled with disbelief. It was evident that he did not expect that Mu Chen would remain undefeated even when Huo Feng had personally taken action.

How could this freshman improve this quickly?!

From afar, Su Ling’Er’s eyes were also filled with surprise as she witnessed this scene. Her gaze swept across Mu Chen’s body. This boy was actually capable of fighting against Huo Feng to this extent…

At the same time, Xu Qingqing was astonished by Mu Chen’s feat. She glanced again towards Mu Chen and curled her lips. She stopped speaking for the moment. However, the disdain within her eyes had faded slightly.

“Do you want to continue fighting?” Mu Chen directly a faint smile towards Huo Feng.

Huo Feng frowned. Just from the earlier battle, he already understood that he must use his full strength if he wanted to defeat Mu Chen. However, the Spirit Tide was about to appear. Therefore, he had to save his strength to seize the “Celestial Spirit Lotus”. This place was extremely attractive to the students and there were countless people that even he feared. If he was to consume a large amount of Spiritual Energy now, he would lose the ability to contend with them later on.

“I’ll find you after this.”

Huo Feng was a decisive person. Once he had made his decision, he would no longer hesitate. Therefore, he replied faintly while dispersing the Spiritual Energy fluctuation from his body.

When the audience heard these words, they understood that Huo Feng had given up on continuing his fight with Mu Chen. It seemed that the strength that Mu Chen had displayed earlier had made him slightly afraid.

Mu Chen smiled and ignored what Huo Feng had said. His strength had already made Huo Feng afraid of him. The latter naturally wouldn’t be as rude as earlier. It seems that strength was essential no matter what place it was. If he didn’t break through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, he probably would have been embarrassed by Huo Feng.

Beside Huo Feng, Mo Lun’s expression changed slightly. However, he did not dare to say anything, and could only grit his teeth. RIght now, Mu Chen’s strength had far surpassed him. He wasn’t his opponent anymore.

Mu Chen also glanced calmly at Mo Lun. This gaze caused the latter to shiver and he hurriedly avoided eye contact with Mu Chen.

Huo Feng also glanced deeply at Mu Chen. Then, he turned away and headed for the depths where the Spirit Tide had become quite violent. At that place, the Spiritual Aura of the world had begun letting out rumblings sounds.

The commotion caused by the Spirit Tide was detected by countless individuals nearby as well. Their eyes were cast over towards that place and within these eyes, a hint of passion and eagerness was revealed.

The value of the Spirit Lotus Seeds was far too great. Even if they were reluctant to use it themselves, they would still be able to sell it for 200,000 Spiritual Values at the Spiritual Values Hall. This was a considerable harvest. After all, it was enough for them to cultivate within the Rank 6 Spiritual Array for a whole month.

Mu Chen also set his sights towards that direction. He, too, was quite interested in the Spirit Lotus Seeds. Since he had just advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, the Spiritual Energy within his body was quite superficial. If he managed to obtain a Spirit Lotus Seed, it would be able to help him stabilize his state and improve the foundations of the Spiritual Aura within his body.


Just when Mu Chen’s eyes turned dignified, the Spirit Tide suddenly emitted out a devastating sound. Crashing sounds of thunder resounded out through this space.

The Spirit Tide seemed to have expanded to the limits and was about to explode.

At this moment, everybody started to circulate their Spiritual Energy and protected their bodies. Within their eyes, a hint of alertness had emerged. After all, the power released by the explosion of the Spirit Tide was considerably frightening. If they were sucked into it carelessly, they would probably be gravely injured.

Everybody within this space had became quiet. The only sound that resounded out was the endless rumbling sounds of the Spirit Tide.

Under countless gazes, the Spirit Tide continued to accumulate. Magnificent colors emitted out from it, causing this place to become a splendid sight.


Finally, the overlapping Spirit Tide had reached its limits. With a massive explosion, it seemed to have suddenly disappeared for a moment. However, this situation did not occur for long as everybody was able to see the vast and endless Spirit Tides shortly afterwards.

A thunderous sound rumbled throughout the entire Spirit Convergence Array!

Boom! Boom!

The massive Spirit Tide was like a brilliant wave of Spiritual Aura as it spread out. Even mountains were crushed into pieces as the Spirit Tide passed by.

The entire earth trembled due to the Spirit Tide!

Swish! Swish!

As they witnessed the Spirit Tide rushing over, numerous people quickly left the ground and retreated towards the rear at an alarming speed. They were afraid of being swallowed by the tidal wave.

Mu Chen also followed the majority of the group and retreated backwards. However, his eyes were firmly fixed at the massive Spiritual waves. This is because the Celestial Spirit Lotus was hidden within them.

In the sky, countless figures were retreating. Yet, waves of Spiritual Energy had soon caught up with them. A number of these individuals displayed their speed and evaded them. At the same time, they stared sharply at the Spiritual Energy waves.

In that instant, Mu Chen also evaded a Spiritual Energy Wave that had descended from the sky. A few droplets of Spiritual Energy fell down onto his body. Every single one of the droplets felt like a thousand tons and caused Mu Chen’s body to sink. He could not help but cluck his tongue. It was this heavy with just a few droplets of Spiritual Energy, then wouldn’t he be gravely injured if he was hit by the massive wave…

It seems that it wouldn’t be easy to obtain the Celestial Spirit Lotus.

Just when Mu Chen signed, a few screams resounded out from behind him. A few unlucky individuals were smashed by the waves and all of them vomited out blood. Then, they were blown back. Even their chest was slightly crushed and it was evident that it wasn’t a light injury.

Hearing these screams, Mu Chen hurriedly concentrated and did not dare to be distracted by other thoughts. He circulated his Spiritual Energy and moved quickly. While he evaded the Spiritual Energy waves, his keen eyes were constantly scanning the massive waves in the sky.

However, it wasn’t easy to find the Celestial Spirit Lotus within these massive waves. Mu Chen’s eyes had turned slightly blurry, yet he still haven’t discovered any traces of the “Celestial Spirit Lotus”.


Just when Mu Chen was concentrating on his search for the Celestial Spirit Lotus, a swishing sound was heard from behind. He hurriedly turned around and noticed a scarlet whip passing by his body.

Once he noticed the familiar scarlet whip, Mu Chen knew who had attacked him. He immediately curled his lips helplessly…So he was still discovered by her.

He turned his head and stared at the pretty girl, who had been glaring at him angrily. Then, he asked, “Are you finished?”

“You bastard! Pervert!” Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth as she scolded him.

Mu Chen shook his head and could not be bothered to argue with her. He turned around and flew off to another direction.


Seeing Mu Chen ignore her, Su Ling’Er stomped down in anger. Her hand shook and the scarlet whip had charged out once again like a fiery python.

Sensing the winds from behind, Mu Chen’s body turned slightly. Then, the scarlet whip passed near his body and smashed violently onto a Spiritual Energy wave.

The Spiritual Energy wave swelled slightly before it was burst apart.

Mu Chen closed an eye in response to the destroyed Spiritual Energy wave. But just when he was about to turn around, his eyes shrank. He hurriedly focused and noticed a jade glow slowly emerging from within the depths of the destroyed Spiritual Energy wave. At the same time, a pure Spiritual Energy fluctuation emanated out. As it flowed outwards, a seductive scent had emerged.

Once Mu Chen smelled this scent, delight instantly filled his eyes. It was the Celestial Spirit Lotus!

When the Celestial Spirit Lotus appeared, a jade light erupted out like a pillar as it rushed into the sky.


At this instant, almost everyone casted their gaze towards this direction. Then, their eyes turned red as muffled sounds resounded out.

Countless individuals began to charge towards this place. The swishing sounds as they rushed over had even overshadowed the rumbling sounds from the Spirit Tide.


As the others approached, Mu Chen’s eyes were also glowing. He did not hesitate and he charged straight towards the Celestial Spirit Lotus.

However, just when Mu Chen had approached the Celestial Spirit Lotus, a sudden gale erupted out from behind as it charged towards his vital points from behind.

This attack was extremely vicious. If Su Ling’Er’s attack earlier was only to obstruct him, then this attack was attempting to take his life.

Mu Chen’s eyes immediately darkened. He blasted out a punch and the dark black Spiritual Energy with the black flame rushed out. Then, it blew away the silver sword that had approached him.

This silver sword flew backwards and finally landed onto a beautiful girl’s hand.

It was Xu Qingqing.

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