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Chapter 206 – Xu Qingqing

Mu Chen glared coldly at the beautiful girl nearby. The latter was currently holding onto a silver sword as her lips lifted up slightly. Then, she directed a smile towards Mu Chen: “Thanks for helping me find the Celestial Spirit Lotus. Next up, just leave it to me.”

“It won’t be easy if you want to get the Celestial Spirit Lotus!”

Su Ling’Er’s beautiful eyes were also filled with a hint of coldness. She had a grudge with Xu Qingqing for a long time. It could not compare with the grudge that she had with Mu Chen. Therefore, she stopped obstructing Mu Chen and, instead, replied coldly towards Xu Qingqing.

“That’s not up to you to decide.”

Xu Qingqing’s lips curled and she waved her hand: “Go!”

Once these words resounded out, a dozen individuals actually rushed up from behind. Every single one of them had a powerful aura. It was evident that Xu Qingqing was quite prepared in order to seize the Celestial Spirit Lotus.


Xu Qingqing brought the dozen figures and rushed straight towards the location of the Celestial Spirit Lotus. Once the others noticed the menacing aura from these individuals, they hurriedly evaded them.


Su Ling’Er let out a grunt and also waved her hands. A group of individuals also emerged from behind her. Then, she brought these individuals and attempted to intercept Xu Qingqing’s group.

Due to this, the two groups were entangled with each other and violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupted out. A brutal fight was about to begin.

At this moment, the silver sword that contained a sharp Spiritual Energy fluctuation flew straight like a lightning towards the scarlet whip. Then, Xu Qingqing’s sword twitched slightly and a sword beam flew passed the long whip. It headed straight towards Su Ling’Er’s chest.

Seeing this vicious attack from Xu Qingqing, Su Ling’Er’s eyes were filled with rage. Her slender finger poked the air slightly and a fiery red Spiritual Energy burst out and stopped the sword beam.

“Xu Qingqing. Our strength are quite similar to each other. It won’t be easy if you want to break pass me to obtain the Celestial Spirit Lotus!” Su Ling’Er said coldly. She had always hated Xu Qingqing. Therefore, even if she, herself, failed to obtain the Celestial Spirit Lotus, she would not let it end up in Xu Qingqing’s hands.

“Is it?”

Hearing this, Xu Qingqing let out a strange smile. Her eyes suddenly turned cold and she gripped her silver sword tightly. At the same time, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out from her body.

The intensity of the Spiritual Energy had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase!

“You advanced?!” Seeing this, Su Ling’Er’s expression changed slightly. Just previously, she and Xu Qingqing were extremely close to reaching the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. However, she had not yet managed to advance. She never imagined that Xu Qingqing would actually make the breakthrough before her.

“Hmph. Since I knew that you would obstruct me, shouldn’t I be prepared to deal with you?” Xu Qingqing smiled tenderly, yet, her eyes remained cold. Then, she waved her hand and the silver sword emitted out a dazzling light. The silver sword expanded exponentially as the wind surged and formed into a massive silver sword. A fierce sword aura rushed through the sky towards her.

“Breeze Blade!”

Xu Qingqing shouted out loudly. In response, the massive silver sword shuddered for a moment before it charged through the sky towards Su Ling’Er.

Seeing this, Su Ling’Er did not dare to act slowly. Her hands trembled and the scarlet whip erupted out overwhelming red light. A massive flame python seemed to emerge on the whip and formed a powerful defence.

A powerful blast erupted out when the massive sword slashed down onto the scarlet whip. However, Su Ling’Er’s face instantly turned pale. Her scarlet whip also turned slightly dim and it was clear that it had been damaged.

At this moment, Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth and quickly placed away the scarlet whip as she quickly retreated.

Noticing Su Ling’Er retreat, a sneer emerged on Xu Qingqing’s face.

A massive wave of Spiritual Energy suddenly emerged from behind Su Ling’Er. Its massive shadow instantly enveloped Su Ling’Er, who had a pale expression.

Considering the size of this Spiritual Energy wave, even Su Ling’Er would be gravely injured if she was struck by it.

However, the Spiritual Energy wave was far too wide. It was impossible for Su Ling’Er to evade it. Her face turned pale as she understood that Xu Qingqing had been cornering her in this direction.

“That wicked girl!”

Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth and cursed within her heart. She could only utilize her Spiritual Energy to protect her body as she watched helplessly as the Spiritual Energy wave enveloped her.

But just when Su Ling’Er watched in despair at the Spiritual Energy wave, a swishing sound resounded out and a figure rushed over. This individual extended his hands out and held onto the girl’s waist as he forced her into his arms. At the same time, a dark-black Spiritual Energy erupted out. On the surface of the Spiritual Energy, a black flame suddenly emerged.

This sudden change of events instantly surprised Su Ling’Er. She turned her eyes quickly and noticed Mu Chen’s handsome face. Then, she instinctively struggled violently against him.

“If you don’t want to die, then stop moving!” Mu Chen shouted out.

Although things weren’t great between Mu Chen and Su Ling’Er, he couldn’t just watch as she was enveloped by the massive Spiritual Energy wave. Moreover, Su Ling’Er wasn’t as nasty and cold-hearted as Xu Qingqing. At the very least, she wouldn’t be as vicious as Xu Qingqing.

Only then, Su Ling’Er recovered and reacted accordingly. She watched as the Spiritual Energy wave rushed over and enveloped them. At the same time, she held onto Mu Chen’s neck as her body snuggled up into Mu Chen’s arms.

The heavy wave surged over and Mu Chen’s body was struck by a heavy blow. However, he gritted his teeth and the black flames emerged as it evaporated the Spiritual Energy wave that approached his body. Then, with a muffled cry, his body turned into a black light that was ignited with black flames and he charged straight through the massive wave.

The dark-black Spiritual Energy gradually faded away. However, Mu Chen frowned even more tightly. After all, the impact of the Spiritual Energy wave was far too heavy. Even though he possessed the Nine Netherflame and burned most of the Spiritual Energy that smashed into him, it had still made his blood tremble within his body. Waves of pain also emerged from the surface of his body.

However, Mu Chen’s expression remained calm as she released the girl from his arms. Then, he said: “I’ve helped you this time. So consider that I’ve settled the matter earlier.”


Su Ling’Er frowned. She wanted to say how could that matter be settled this easily, but once she noticed bruises on Mu Chen, she swallowed back these words down. She knew how heavy the Spiritual Energy wave was. Since she was protected earlier, she didn’t have any injuries. But for Mu Chen, he had endured a heavy blow.

“Are you alright?” Su Ling’Er hesitated for a moment before she lowered her voice and asked.

Mu Chen shook his head. However, his gaze remained fixed at the Celestial Spirit Lotus that had gradually emerged from the massive wave. At this moment, countless individuals were rushing over from all directions. But whenever one approached the Celestial Spirit Lotus, they were obstructed by the others. This place was currently quite chaotic and from time to time, a few unlucky people would be blown away while vomiting blood.

“Let’s cooperate.” Mu Chen looked at Su Ling’Er and said: “I’ll help you obstruct Xu Qingqing. You will go seize the Celestial Spirit Lotus. Then, we will split the loot later on, okay?”

His goal was obviously not small. If he were to attempt to seize the Celestial Spirit Lotus, it was likely that he would become a target by everyone nearby. However, Su Ling’Er was different. She had a powerful background. Moreover, she was quite beautiful. Towards such a beautiful girl, most of the people would have an attitude of protecting her. Therefore, this would give Su Ling’Er an opportunity to seize the Celestial Spirit Lotus.

Coupled with the fact that Su Ling’Er had a few helpers, it would help prevent a few troubles for her.

Hearing this, Su Ling’Er hesitated for a moment. In the end, she nodded. Since Xu Qingqing had advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase, her strength was beyond her own. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy for her to obstruct Xu Qingqing.

“Keke, a hero saving a beauty. Su Ling’Er, you’re truly quite charismatic and charming!” From nearby, Xu Qingqing witnessed Mu Chen saving Su Ling’Er and her expression instantly turned cold. She gritted her teeth and sneered at Su Ling’Er.

“Also, the guy called Mu Chen. I would advise you to stop getting involved with our own affairs. A mere freshman does not have the right to act like a hero!” Xu Qingqing shouted out mockingly towards Mu Chen.

“There’s no need for you to be bothered by it.” Mu Chen replied faintly. He immediately waved his hand towards Su Ling’Er. Once the latter noticed this, she immediately nodded her hand and rushed towards the Celestial Spirit Lotus.

Seeing this, Xu Qingqing’s expression froze. She immediately rushed over, but after taking a few steps, Mu Chen had appeared in front of her.

“A freshman at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase actually dared to obstruct me. Who do you think you are?!” Seeing Mu Chen appear in front of her, Xu Qingqing’s face was filled with rage and arrogance.

While she spoke meanly towards Mu Chen, her attacks, too, were quite vicious. The silver sword within her hand instantly erupted out numerous sword beams as it burst out to Mu Chen’s vital areas.

In response, dark-black Spiritual Energy surged out from Mu Chen’s body. He flicked his fingers and several Spiritual Energy with black flames burst out and dispersed the sword beams.

Mu Chen’s expression remained indifferent as he dealt with the sword beams. Then, he stared at Xu Qingqing’s face that was filled with rage. However, his expression caused the latter to become completely angered. This indifferent expression was obviously displaying how Mu Chen had looked down upon her.

A mere freshman actually dared to look down upon her, Xu Qingqing?!

“I’ll kill you!”

She gritted her teeth and the Spiritual Energy within her body surged out without reservation. At the same time, her body flew up high into the air. Then, she placed her hands together and the silver sword emanated a dazzling light.

A sharp and frosty sword aura erupted out.

At that instant, Su Ling’Er, who was heading towards the Celestial Spirit Lotus, noticed this powerful fluctuation and instantly turned her head around. Her face immediately changed. That crazy girl is trying to kill Mu Chen?

“Nine Heavens Spirit Sword, Spirit Termination!”

In the sky, Xu Qingqing’s cold eyes stared down towards Mu Chen. Her hand swung down and a cold cry resounded out. In that instant, countless individuals noticed a massive sword light tore through the sky as it slashed down in anger.

Under this slash, even the Spiritual Energy waves were torn apart!

A murderous intent surged within this sword light.

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