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Chapter 204 – Confrontation

“I refuse.”

When these two words left Mu Chen’s mouth, everyone noticed that Huo Feng’s eyes had turned slightly cold. A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation slowly emanated out of his body.

It was evident that the leader of the Azure Red Community, who was widely known in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, was angered by this comment.

Seeing this, Mo Lun began to gloat as he stared at Mu Chen. As long as Mu Chen angered Huo Feng, it wouldn’t be easy for him to get away. After all, Huo Feng’s strength was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Moreover, he was one of the individuals ranked in the top 100 of the Heavenly Ranking. Even within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was considered to be quite powerful.

Not far away, Su Ling’Er’s eyes flashed as she witnessed this scene. She immediately hummed: “You deserve it. Huo Feng isn’t an ordinary individual. Did you truly believe that you could get rid of him just by acting like a ruffian?”

Once she said these words, her petite face turned red. She bit down and stared in hatred towards Mu Chen’s figure.

“So he’s the freshman that was recently in the limelight? Aside from being arrogant, it seems that there is nothing special about him.” Xu Qingqing also stared towards Mu Chen as she curled her red lips.

Naturally, she was aware of Huo Feng’s strength. Even if she was the one that had to confront him, it would be quite troublesome. Furthermore, it seems that Mu Chen did not possess the abilities to fight against him.

As countless gazes began to focus on the mountain peak, Mu Chen stared coldly towards Huo Feng. He gently gripped his hands and dark black Spiritual Energy surged out. Within the Spiritual Energy, a black flame quietly appeared.

It was evident that it was impossible for him to return the Spiritual Values back to Mo Lun.

“I refuse…These words are something that you can say just because you want to say them.”

Huo Feng’s glared at Mu Chen and said faintly as he stressed each word: “Sometimes…you have to see if you’re qualified to say these words!”

Against Huo Feng’s aggressive tone, a hint of coldness slowly emerged within Mu Chen’s black eyes. He looked towards at Huo Feng and smiled: “Whether or not I’m qualified…It isn’t something that you can decide.”

“Is that so?!”

Huo Feng’s eyes sharpened and he rushed forward. The powerful Spiritual Energy within his body erupted out. Then, the ground underneath him cracked open and the cracks charged out like a earth dragon. Within the matchless and violent Spiritual Energy, a earth dragon’s growl could be heard faintly.

Seeing Huo Feng attempt to suppress him, Mu Chen also let out a cold sneer deep down inside. He did not have the slightest intention of retreating and instead, he stomped on the ground and took a step forward.

Cracks also emerged out from underneath Mu Chen’s feet. However, the boulders that these cracks passed through had melted completely. A screeching sound resounded out as it charged towards the cracks that were like violent earth dragons.

A massive sound resounded out and gravel erupted out throughout the sky. When the two cracks made contact with each other, the two violent Spiritual Energy within the cracks had erupted as it attempted to erode each other.


Huo Feng looked at where the Spiritual Energy made contact and his eyes turned serious. He could sense that his Spiritual Energy was rapidly being consumed when the two Spiritual Energy confronted each other.

Although the density of his Spiritual Energy far exceeded Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy, the latter’s Spiritual Energy was extremely condensed. It was quite difficult to destroy this condensed Spiritual Energy.

“This brat is quite capable. No wonder he was able to become the Number One Freshman.”

Huo Feng sneered inside his heart. However, he was still an Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase powerhouse. No matter what sort of tricks Mu Chen had, it wasn’t possible for them to stop him.

He did not possess any grudges with Mu Chen, but Mo Lun was considered to be his men. Since Mo Lun had came to him and complained about Mu Chen, he naturally couldn’t turn a blind eye to it. Otherwise, he would lose the support of the members of the Azure Red Community.

“Tornado Palm!”

Huo Feng thought quickly and he rushed up into the sky like an eagle. Then, he struck out and rumbling Spiritual Energy erupted out as gales began to blow.

Within the gales, a blue palm of fierce winds was formed. It formed a storm as it tore through the air towards Mu Chen, who was on top of the mountain.

“Vajra Pagoda!”

Mu Chen lifted his head and his eyes sharpened. He did not retreat and smack out as well. A golden light surged out and formed into a golden palm. Within this palm, a dark black tower engraving emitted out a mysterious glow.

The two Spiritual Energy palms smashed heavily against each other in the sky. In that instant, a storm brew out. Waves of violent Spiritual Energy had emitted out from the two attacks.

The two violent Spiritual Energy attacks attempted to erode each other, but both of them gradually faded. It was evident that the two powerful attacks were evenly matched.

“Mu Chen’s strength…has actually improved again!”

Seeing this result, the nearby crowd could not help but exclaim out loud. Their eyes turned serious. They could sense that Mu Chen was currently much stronger than his previous self when he was facing Yang Hong a month ago. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be evenly matched against Huo Feng. After all, the latter was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase.

“That guy…So he actually managed to advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage!”

Not far away, Su Ling’Er witnessed this scene and was surprised. No wonder Mu Chen wasn’t afraid of Huo Feng…It was clear that he had advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage within this month. This is because when he had faced Su Ling’Er previously, he was still at the Spirit Stage Late Phase.


Mu Chen lifted his head and stared calmly at Huo Feng, who was standing in the sky. His palms spun and dozens of Spiritual Seals emerged from his fingertips. These Spiritual Seals quickly integrated with the air and a massive golden Spiritual Array began to form. A disc with both dragon and elephant had emerged. It rushed towards Huo Feng as it issued out a roar.

“He’s actually a Spiritual Array Master as well?!”

Seeing how Mu Chen easily arranged a Spiritual Array, Huo Feng’s eyes turned serious. His body quickly emerged in front of the dragon and elephant disc. He immediately kicked out with his leg and caused the air to be torn apart.

Huo Feng’s ferocious kick carried rumbling Spiritual Energy as it collided fiercely against the dragon and elephant disc. It had managed to forcibly destroy the disc apart.

However, just when Huo Feng had destroyed the disc with his kick, a scarlet light suddenly erupted from below. He lowered his head and noticed an even larger Spiritual Array had formed above Mu Chen’s head. A Spiritual Energy fluctuation that far exceeded the previous Spiritual Array had emitted out from within the current Spiritual Array.

“Great Ifrit Array”

Mu Chen flicked his fingers with a calm expression. With his current strength, he could arrange this Great Ifrit Array in an instant.

Fierce red light burst out from the giant array. Then, a massive Ifrit erupted out from the array. Soon, it turned into a pillar of flame and charged towards Huo Feng.

“Cyclone Slash!”

Seeing the raging Ifrit charge towards him, Huo Feng hurriedly retreated dozens of steps. He gripped his hands tightly and dense Spiritual Energy surged out. It formed massive blue blade slash as it tore through the sky. With an overwhelming aura, it slashed mercilessly at the Ifrit’s body.

Flames erupted into the sky. At this instant, the massive Ifrit body was cut into half by Huo Feng’s slash attack.

The audiences nearby could not help but let out praises once they witnessed these two powerful offensives. These two individuals were quite capable.

Huo Feng’s expression was quite calm as the blade slash cut apart the Ifrit’s body. But just when the red light faded in front of his eyes, a chill appeared deep down inside. He heard subtle sounds of wind and noticed Mu Chen had actually charged towards him while the red lights were disappearing.

“You’re seeking death!”

Huo Feng sneered. As a Spiritual Array Master, this Mu Chen actually did not hide far away and rely on the power of the Spiritual Array. Instead, he had actually taken the initiative to approach him. Is he truly looking down on him and his Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase strength?

“Sky Dragon Destruction Fist!”

It was evident Huo Feng did not allow Mu Chen to hesitate at all. He bent his legs slightly and clenched his hand as he fired out a punch.


A storm-like Spiritual Energy suddenly surged out. Then, a dragon’s fist formed by the wind had gathered on the surface of Huo Feng’s fist. A devastating roar had emerged. This fist carried the power to shatter mountains and it headed fiercely towards Mu Chen.

Once this fist was blasted out, countless people had solemn expressions. It was evident that they had sensed how powerful this attack was.

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, Mo Lun stared excitedly at this scene. The “Sky Dragon Destruction Fist” was one of Huo Feng’s trump cards. Once it was used, it could instantly defeat any opponents below the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Since Mu Chen was currently rushed towards Huo Feng, it was too late for him to evade it!

The blue dragon rapidly grew larger within Mu Chen’s eyes. He immediately took a deep breath and dark black Spiritual Energy emerged as he, too, fired out a punch.

Buzz! Buzz!

Four Limitless Death Seals instantly condensed on the surface of Mu Chen’s fist. But when these four Limitless Death Seals emerged, Mu Chen did not stop it there. Dark black light continued to surge and another Limitless Death Seal quietly condensed on the surface of his fist.

Five Limitless Death Seals!

Since Mu Chen had advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, the Limitless Death Seal that hadn’t improved for a long time was finally strengthened.

Once these five Limitless Death Seals emerged, rumbling black light caused the surrounding air to become distorted. An overbearing and matchless fluctuation spread out from these Limitless Death Seals.


Mu Chen muttered. He blasted a punch and the five Limitless Death Seals soared through the sky like a black comet. They connected with each other and under countless gazes, it smashed fiercely against the blue dragon.

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