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Chapter 201 – Breakthrough

Mu Chen sat at the bottom of the lake for half a day as he waited for the audience to disperse. Then, he quietly emerged and glanced around. Once he’d confirmed that Su Ling’Er had departed, he was relieved.

“It seems that I can’t remain here any longer.”

Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. Although he’d managed to deal with Su Ling’Er today, he’d completely angered her. Once she recovered, she’d probably go on a rampage. When that happened, he’d be in trouble once she appeared again.

Moreover, Mu Chen had already completed his Spirit Energy Fusion cultivation. There wasn’t any meaning to him cultivating at the bottom of this lake. Therefore, he needed to find another cultivation location, and prepare himself as he broke through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

As he’d fought constantly against powerful opponents, Mu Chen was aware of just how large of a gap there was between the Spirit Stage and the Heavenly Fusion Stage. If it wasn’t for the fact that he possessed various techniques, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat all those enemies.

But even so, he could still faintly feel the powerlessness within him. Therefore, he needed to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage as well. When that happened, it would be a lot easier for him to deal with an opponent at the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

If Mu Chen was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage, there would be no need for him to use the sort of means to deal with the situation that he had today. Although it might not be easy to defeat Su Ling’Er, the latter wouldn’t be able to obtain the upper-hand against him, even if she were to use a Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact.

Therefore, it was necessary for him to advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

As he thought about this, Mu Chen decided not to hesitate, and directly burst out from the lake. He then headed further into the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array. He needed to find another place to cultivate in peace.

Because Su Ling’Er had come searching for him earlier, he must’ve left a few trails previously. Therefore, after the previous incident, Mu Chen was quite careful, and did his best to avoid other individuals. He focused specifically on moving throughout the calm mountains and forests.

After approximately half an hour, Mu Chen had finally decided on the place where he’d cultivate. It was the summit of a hidden mountain. The summit wasn’t quite visible, and was covered with trees.

Mu Chen’s figure descended and landed on the isolated summit. This place was relatively close to the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array. Therefore, the Spiritual Aura of the world was exceptionally dense. Spiritual Mist would emerge from time to time, and was quite a refreshing sight.

Mu Chen glanced around the isolated peak, before he drilled a cave into the edge of a steep cliff. He cleared up the place slightly, before he sat down cross-legged.

Once he sat down cross-legged, his expression gradually became dignified. He knew that it wasn’t easy to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, even if he’d made preparations for it.

A clump of white gas was slowly exhaled from Mu Chen. He closed his eyes, and the Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were emitted from his body retracted slightly.

Mu Chen didn’t attempt to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage immediately. This was because he knew that it was completely meaningless. He’d reached the peak of the Spirit Stage a while ago, and only needed an opportunity to breakthrough. But sometimes, it was this opportunity that stopped individuals from passing through the door to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

He slowly cleared his mind of the thoughts of a breakthrough, and allowed his state of his mind to become calm. At the same time, he began to circulate the Great Pagoda Art, and to absorb the dense Spiritual Aura within the world.

At this moment, the Spirit that was sitting above Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy light wheel had also sat down cross-legged. It formed a few cultivation seals with its hands. The so-called Heavenly Fusion Stage was for one to fuse with both heaven and earth. However, the fusion wasn’t using one’s own body, but their Spirit.

Only by allowing one’s Spirit to breakthrough the shackles of the body, and by fusing with the heavens and earth, would one be able to manipulate the Spiritual Aura within the world and become a genuine Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse.

Mu Chen’s Spirit gradually calmed down and entered a state of selflessness. His consciousness drifted around within his body, yet whenever it attempted to break through his body, it was hampered.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t anxious about this obstruction. He maintained a peaceful state of mind, and allowed his consciousness to drift around. He didn’t deliberately try to find a feeling to break through the restraints of his body.

He knew that he would only be able to break through the restraints of his body when that feeling emerged. Otherwise, it would be useless no matter how much he struggled.

Right now, there was no need for him to be anxious. He only had to wait quietly.

Just as Mu Chen was immersing himself in his cultivation, and was searching for the mysterious feeling needed to breakthrough the shackles of his body, Su Ling’Er had returned to the island located at the center of the lake grumpily. She pushed open the door and ignored the gentle girl who was staring at her in surprise. She stomped up the stairs angrily, and rushed into her own room. Then, her petite body rolled around as she hammered her bed.

“Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!”

Su Ling’Er’s face was completely red under her blanket. She grit her teeth as she cursed constantly. She still felt an occasional pain from her butt, causing her to feel slightly embarrassed.

She never expected that Mu Chen would actually do such an act!

“Bastard, I won’t forgive you!

Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth. At this moment, she seemed like a tiny wolf, and she couldn’t wait to tear Mu Chen into pieces.

“Who can’t you forgive?”

A gentle laugh resounded out. Su Ling’Er hurriedly threw her blanket aside, and noticed Su Xuan chuckling nearby as she stared at her.

“N…Nothing.” Su Ling’Er’s face was bright red as she quickly responded. She didn’t dare mention that she was spanked by Mu Chen. It was far too embarrassing!

“Didn’t you say earlier that you would search for that freshman called Mu Chen? How is it? Did you find him?” Su Xuan smiled.

“N…No, I didn’t find him.” Su Ling’Er shook her head. Although she gnashed her teeth to the point where they were about to shatter, she had to save herself a little bit of face.

Su Xuan stared at Su Ling’Er for a moment. This was a bit strange. Just earlier, she’d been constantly muttering about how to trouble Mu Chen. Yet, right now, she’d acted quite honest.

“What happened to you?” Su Xuan noticed that Su Ling’Er’s posture was strange, and that she’d tilted her body. Her clothes revealed her graceful curves, but it all seemed somewhat unnatural.

Su Ling’Er hurriedly sat up. However, once her butt made contact with the bed, a stinging pain emerged. Tears filled her eyes. However, she endured the pain as she cursed Mu Chen.

“If there’s any problems, feel free to find your sister.” Su Xuan felt that Su Ling’Er’s actions were quite bizarre. However, she didn’t think much about it, and rubbed her sister’s head. Towards this sister of hers, she was always quite protective.

“I know. Hurry and leave. I can deal with my own matters. Isn’t that what you said, sister?” Su Ling’Er pouted. She would only say such words at this sort of moment.

Su Xuan shook her head as she left the room.

Once Su Xuan had left, Su Ling’Er buried her face into her pillow and rolled around. An angry voice rang out from her clenched teeth.

“Mu Chen, I won’t forgive you!”

Although Su Ling’Er was filled with rage, she recovered on the following day. She immediately rushed back into the Spirit Convergence Array, and headed towards the lake. But once she’d arrived, she noticed that Mu Chen had already disappeared, and not even a trace of him could be found.

“Bastard! Bastard!”

In the sky, Su Ling’Er stomped down with her foot. She was fully prepared today, and had brought another valuable Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact, as well as the scarlet whip with her. She planned on capturing Mu Chen and getting her revenge, yet, she’d never imagined that the cunning fellow would actually run away from this place.

“AHHHHH! I don’t believe that you can hide from me forever!”

Su Ling’Er swung her hands around angrily, and caused massive waves to form on the surface of the lake. The students, who were dizzy from the waves, had emerged from the lake. Once they saw that it was Su Ling’Er however, they suddenly shrank back, and didn’t dare to say anything.

Su Ling’Er ignored them and glanced around. Then, she rushed off in another direction. From her appearance, it seemed that she wouldn’t stop until she’d managed to capture Mu Chen.

While Su Ling’Er was searching for Mu Chen angrily, the latter had been cultivating quietly and calmly within a cave. At this moment, Mu Chen’s body was completely motionless, and even his breathing was quite weak. It was as if he was gravely injured and was about to die. However, if one were to sense carefully, they would notice that hidden underneath his current facade, was a burning and youthful vitality.

Mu Chen was currently experiencing the wonders of breaking through the shackles of the body. Everything in the outside world seemed to be blocked off by him. At this moment, he was completely immersed in his cultivation.

Time passed while Mu Chen continued this peaceful cultivation. In a blink of an eye, almost a month had passed.

During this month, Mu Chen had basically cultivated the entire time. He would utilize his Spirit to sense the world as he attempted to let it break through his body’s shackles.

And under his calm state of mind as he cultivated, results had gradually emerged. His consciousness would drift around his body, yet it would occasionally break through his body’s shackles. When it occurred, a mysterious, yet memorable feeling emerged within Mu Chen’s heart…

After experiencing this feeling to a certain extent, Mu Chen finally opened his eyes. A profound feeling flashed through his black eyes.

He gently brushed aside the thin layer of dust on his clothes. At this moment, a faint Spiritual Mist had emerged atop his head. And within this Spiritual Mist, there was a palm-sized Spirit that slowly appeared. Then, it slowly sat down on Mu Chen’s head.

In the instant that this Spirit had emerged, Mu Chen’s body had trembled. The world in front of him seemed to have changed — as if it had changed from being quite unfamiliar, to being quite close to him…


All of a sudden, countless Spiritual Auras within the world swarmed over towards him. It was as if there was a stream of Spiritual Aura that had entered this cave. In the end, it entered Mu Chen’s body as he sat quietly.

In that instant, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted from him soared! Compared to before, it was many times stronger!

This was a completely different level!

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