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Chapter 202 – Heavenly Fusion Stage

A powerful gale suddenly emerged above the mountain. The dense Spiritual Aura of the world seemed to be attracted by something and gathered at the summit. In the end, it rushed into cave like a flood and entered Mu Chen’s body.


With the infusion of dense Spiritual Aura, fluctuations emerged near Mu Chen’s body. A faint jade color actually emerged on his body and it seemed quite mysterious.

On Mu Chen’s head, the Spirit also formed a seal. At that moment, the Spirit had a mesmerizing expression. It had sensed the heavens and earth and its body was slowly being fused into it.

It was a completely different realm than the Spirit Stage.

Mu Chen felt that as if his soul had suddenly become quite vast. At the previous stage, he was bound to his body, and it couldn’t compare with the vast world outside.

But right now, every single one of his actions could fuse with the world and he could mobilize the dense Spiritual Aura within the world.

Mu Chen’s Spirit also gradually turned clear. Moreover, it did not have an illusory form anymore and seemed like it was real.

Furthermore, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emanated out from the tiny Spirit.

A clump of white air was slowly exhaled out from Mu Chen’s mouth. Then, he immediately changed seals. At that instant, the Spirit on his head slowly entered his body and returned to the aura sea.

When the Spirit returned to his aura sea, a mysterious and violent fluctuation emerged from the depths of his body. The Great Pagoda Art had also circulated by itself.

Sensing this change, Mu Chen was surprised. However, he did not obstruct it and instead watched quietly. He could feel that this change was caused by the sealed Spiritual Pulse within his body.

Accompanied by the increase of his strength, the mysterious Spiritual Pulse that was sealed by his mother had slowly revealed its true form.


When the fluctuation emerged, Mu Chen noticed that the mysterious black lights had emerged within the depths of his body again. The lights emitted out beams of light which had gathered at his Spirit’s hand.

When the strange black lights had converged at his Spirit’s hand, it gradually twisted around and condensed into a tiny black tower.

The tiny black tower was held by his Spirit and ancient and obscure, dark-golden engravings were on the surface of the tower. A majestic feeling emerged out, which would make one be in awe in front of it.

“This is…”

Mu Chen was shocked as he stared at the tiny black tower within his Spirit’s hand.  He was aware that the tiny black tower was quite peculiar. It did not seem to be an illusory item that was formed by Spiritual Energy. Instead, it was closer to being a Spiritual Artifact. But if he had to compare them, this item was different to a Spiritual Artifact.

In that instant, even Mu Chen wasn’t able to understand exactly what this tiny black tower was.

Mu Chen’s heart was filled with surprise. Just what exactly is the sealed Spiritual Pulse within his body? It could actually condense and turn into such a form. This was the first time he had ever heard of it.

He immediately focused and the Spirit waved the black tower in its hand slightly. A brilliant beam of black light burst out from it at this moment and an ancient bell sound resounded out.

A fluctuation that could seal all things slowly emitted out from it.

Mu Chen stared at the tiny black tower and investigated it for a while. However, this did not bear much results and could only shake his head as he withdrew from his aura sea.

In the cave, Mu Chen opened his eyes and his body trembled slightly. The dust that had landed on his body was instantly blown away. Then, he stood up slowly and a creaking noise resounded out from his body.

Mu Chen gripped his hand tightly and sensed the dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation within his body. Delight instantly filled his eyes. After painstaking effort, he had finally advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

He stood at the entrance of the cave and stared out to the lush forest. At this moment, the world seemed to become much brighter in his eyes. He was also able to perceive the Spiritual Aura fluctuations within the world more accurately.

His gestures could mobilize the nearby Spiritual Aura within the world and this feeling wasn’t something that a Spirit Stage could compare with.

“As expected of the Heavenly Fusion Stage…”

Mu Chen could not help but let out a praise. No wonder he had to use up various means while dealing with Yang Hong’s attacks. So the difference between the two stages were so large.

“I wonder if Dad managed to break through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage yet.”

Mu Chen suddenly smiled. With his current strength, he could definitely become the overlord of the Northern Spiritual Realm. But within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was still quite unworthy. This made him sigh. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wasn’t something that the Northern Spiritual Realm could compare with.

Mu Chen stretched his waist for a moment and took a deep breath of the fresh air within the forest. Then, he rushed into the sky and headed towards the exterior of the forest. This time, he had entered the Spirit Convergence Array for approximately one month and a half. He had spent nearly 200,000 Spiritual Values. Fortunately, his Spiritual Values Card possessed around 500,000 Spiritual Values before entering the Spirit Convergence Array. Otherwise, he would have been kicked out of the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array halfway through his cultivation.

Although he had consumed a large amount of Spiritual Values, the results of his secluded cultivation were great. Not only did Mu Chen succeed in the Spiritual Energy Fusion, he also managed to break through the Spirit Stage and advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage that he had dreamed of.

Compared to these results, the 200,000 Spiritual Values was only a minor thing.

Mu Chen smiled. In ten minutes, he had exited the forest. He looked around, then, he headed towards the exit of the Spirit Convergence Array. However, a hint of surprise emerged in his eyes after he flew for a few minutes.

This is because he noticed that there were countless individuals heading in the opposite direction instead. Every one of these individuals had a burning gaze as if there was a treasure in the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array.

“What happened?”

Mu Chen was stunned and he gradually slowed down. His gaze turned towards the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array and he could vaguely sense that the Spiritual Aura within the world was fluctuating violently at that location.

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment and immediately obstructed a student that was charging towards the depth of the Spirit Convergence Array. He smiled: “Senior, may I ask where all of you are heading to?”

The student that was obstructed by Mu Chen had an annoyed expression. He glared at Mu Chen for a moment and planned to rush past him.

Mu Chen flicked his fingers and his Spiritual Values Card emerged. 5,000 Spiritual Values turned into a beam of light as it headed towards that student.

At this moment, the latter’s eyes instantly brightened up. He hurriedly placed away the 5,000 Spiritual Values and turned to look at Mu Chen. His eyes quickly warmed up and he replied: “Judging from your appearance, could you be a freshman? So you didn’t even know about the Spirit Tide within the Spirit Convergence Array?

“Spirit Tide?” Mu Chen was stunned and was quite confused.

“Generally speaking, in a highly rank Spirit Convergence Array like this, extremely dense Spiritual Aura of the world would be accumulated over the years. It would then form what is known as the Spirit Tide.” The student explained.

“Then why are so many people heading towards the so-called Spirit Tide?”

“That isn’t true. The Spirit Tide is considerably violent and it could be quite dangerous if one was sucked in. Normally speaking, it is best to avoid a Spirit Tide if possible.” The student snickered. Then, he responded with his eyes blazing: “However, within the Spirit Tide, a worldly treasure known as the “Celestial Spirit Lotus” would be formed due to the accumulated Spiritual Aura.”

“Celestial Spirit Lotus?” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes.

“Every time a Spirit Tide occurs, there would be one single Celestial Spirit Lotus that appears. The Celestial Spirit Lotus itself isn’t much use. However, the Spirit Lotus Seeds on the Celestial Spirit Lotus are considered a rare worldly treasure. It possesses the miraculous effects of stabilizing Spiritual Energy as well as solidifying your foundations.

“Oh?” A trace of surprise appeared within Mu Chen’s eyes. While cultivating Spiritual Energy, the foundations were exceptionally important. If the foundations were weak, it would be difficult to improve no matter how long one would cultivate. Therefore, a worldly treasure that could stabilize Spiritual Energy and solidifying foundations was considerably rare. He never imagined that the “Spirit Lotus Seeds” would possess these effects.

“A single Spirit Lotus Seed is worth at least 200,000 Spiritual Values within the Spiritual Values Hall. Moreover, there is no stock of them. Therefore, who wouldn’t try to seize one since the Spirit Tide had appeared?” The student smacked his lips and said disappointedly: “However, there is only one Celestial Spirit Lotus and the Spirit Lotus Seeds are limited. It would definitely be difficult to obtain one with so many people eyeing on it.”

“Okay, buddy. If you’re interested, you should hurry over. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see anything at all. I’m heading over first.”

Seeing that he had pretty much explained everything, the student waved his hand and he charged towards the depths of the Spirit Convergence Array.

Mu Chen stood in the sky and stared at the figures that were rushing towards the depth of the Spirit Convergence Array. He pondered slightly before he rushed out in the same directions as the other individuals.

Since he had just advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, he felt that the Spiritual Energy within his body was slightly superficial even though he had attempted to compress it. If he successfully obtained a Spirit Lotus Seed, he would be able to resolve this situation and he wouldn’t need to spend time on stabilizing his Spiritual Energy.

A treasure like this wasn’t something that you could wish for. Since it had appeared in front of him, he naturally would have to join in the fun as well. After all, it would be a pity if he just gave up on it.

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