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Chapter 200 – Means


The overwhelming rain enveloped the sky that surrounded the lake as it poured down. Ripples emerged constantly from the surface of the lake, and crisp sounds resounded endlessly from the storm.

At the center of the lake, a boy and a girl were confronting each other. An extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation was emitted from both of them. Before the rain even managed to approach their bodies, it was blown away.

Numerous figures nearby were attracted to this scene. They stared curiously at the two individuals confronting each other.

Mu Chen stood on the surface of the lake as he stared at the beautiful girl confronting him. The girl had bright eyes and white teeth. Moreover, she possessed a slim figure and was an exceptional beauty. However, she was currently like an angry cat, and was glaring at him tightly.

Against such an opponent, Mu Chen felt slightly troubled. If the opponent was someone that went overboard like Mo Lun, he wouldn’t hesitate to teach her a lesson. However, Su Ling’Er wasn’t as annoying as Mo Lun. Therefore, it was evident that it would be too mean if he gravely injured her, yet it wouldn’t be easy to calm down such a person if he went too lightly.

Su Ling’Er stared at Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes as she grit her teeth. Then, her hands danced as she suddenly charged towards him. Judging from her elegant movements, it was clear that she’d learned a rather special Movement Spiritual Art.

Furthermore, her mastery of this Spiritual Art was many times higher than the Shadowspirit Step that Mu Chen had trained in.

Mu Chen was slightly shocked. Although Su Ling’Er had a boyish attitude, her strength was no joke. It was no wonder that she’d managed to occupy the 1st Rank on the Spirit Ranking for so long; it seemed she hadn’t solely relied on her sister to obtain her reputation within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

In an instant, Su Ling’Er had emerged in front of Mu Chen. At the same time, a flame-like whip had appeared within her slender hands. Scarlet scales were plastered all along the whip, and an extraordinary Spiritual Energy was emanated from it. It was evident that this whip was a Spiritual Artifact. Moreover, it was definitely a higher ranked one compared to the Black Pot Spiritual Artifact that Mu Chen had obtained previously…

At the very least, it was a Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact.

Mu Chen’s lips twitched. It was the first time that he’d fought against someone who’d directly brought out such a Spiritual Artifact. Although there were many Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact within the Spiritual Values Hall, these Spiritual Artifact had an extremely high price. The cheapest ones could be bought with a few thousand Spiritual Value Points, while the more expensive ones could be bought with hundreds of thousands. However, with Su Ling’Er’s personality, it was obviously that she wouldn’t purchase the former…

Therefore, the power of the scarlet whip made Mu Chen slightly afraid.

Yet Su Ling’Er didn’t hesitate at all in her fight against Mu Chen. She waved her hand and the scarlet whip flew out like a fiery dragon. It forcibly created a rip in the water along the surface of the lake as it headed towards Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen noticed this scarlet whip approaching him, he hurriedly retreated, not daring to take the attack directly. After all, Su Ling’Er was half-a-step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. With the help of her scarlet whip, she could probably fight for a while against a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Therefore, it was only natural that Mu Chen would take evasive actions against the attack.

However, it was clear that Su Ling’Er was quite skilled at using her whip. Once she noticed that Mu Chen was evading her attacks, she quickly flicked her wrist, and the whip tore through the air. It swirled through the sky at an alarming speed and caught up with Mu Chen. Then, it smashed down angrily towards him.

When the whip smashed down, the wind pressure caused the lake to explode and to be divided into two pieces. Even with his evasive actions, the violent whip was like a dragon’s tail, and it smashed into Mu Chen’s shoulder.

As the lake burst open, Mu Chen’s figure was seen flying into the lake. A large hole was formed within the surface of the lake.

Surprised voices rang out from the nearby audience. Since Su Ling’Er had managed to occupy the Spirit Ranking’s 1st Ranked position for so long, she was indeed quite capable. The previous attack was extremely violent and accurate. Not to mention Mu Chen, even another Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase powerhouse wouldn’t have been able to avoid it.

Seeing this, Su Ling’Er snorted and let out a light ‘hmph’ sound. Her hand shook for a moment, and the whip covered with fiery scales was retracted by her. It was wrapped around her slender waist.

“Oi. Just how long do you plan to hide inside the water?” Su Ling’Er gently patted her hand as she stared at the calm lake.

However, there was no response to her question. This stunned Su Ling’Er. Could it be that that bastard was gravely injured already? He couldn’t even last for a long fight? But he’d managed to obtain the Spirit Ranking’s 1st Rank…

Su Ling’Er waited for a moment. Upon seeing that there hadn’t been any movements, she frowned. She’d only wanted to vent some of her frustration, she hadn’t intended to seriously injure Mu Chen.


Just as Su Ling’Er frowned, the water surface that she was standing on was suddenly tore open. A water vortex formed, and a hand pierced through the water and grabbed onto her slender foot. Then, with a fierce tug, it dragged Su Ling’Er, who panicked, into the icy cold water.

When Su Ling’Er was forced into the lake, she hurriedly activated her Spiritual Energy. At the same time, her hand quickly grasped the scarlet whip on her waist.

But before she could perform any actions, a pair of arms appeared from behind her and completely locked down her hands. Then, a boy that permeated a manly smell emerged close to her.


At this moment, Su Ling’Er’s petite body was being locked down as if she was being embraced. Her expression changed, and she quickly struggled. However, Mu Chen knew that it wouldn’t be easy to deal with this girl if she went berserk. Therefore, he also activated his Spiritual Energy and dragged her to the bottom of the lake.

“Bastard, release me!”

Su Ling’Er struggled fiercely, and Spiritual Energy surged out from her endlessly. Yet, her struggles were in vain, as her limbs were all locked down by Mu Chen.

Moreover, as she’d struggled, their bodies had brushed against each other. This feeling instantly made Su Ling’Er’s face turn as red as a tomato; rage filled her eyes.

“Don’t move!”

Mu Chen shouted. This girl was indeed quite wild.

“Mu Chen, you bastard!” Su Ling’Er stared furiously at Mu Chen. She then stared down at the arm that had locked down her hands. She bit down fiercely, without any hesitation, on it.

Under the infusion of Spiritual Energy, her bite wasn’t inferior to a tiger’s bite. Therefore, fresh blood soon overflowed from Mu Chen’s arm.

Mu Chen inhaled deeply. The pain that he felt from his arm made him doubt whether or not his entire arm had snapped due to her bite. This girl wasn’t that old, yet why were her teeth so strong?

“Let go!” Mu Chen’s lips twitched as he shouted.

However, Su Ling’Er ignored him, and instead bit down even harder when she noticed Mu Chen’s twitching expression.

At this instant, Mu Chen’s eyes turned fierce. He pulled fiercely with his arms and directly pulled Su Ling’Er into his arms. Then, he freed one of his arms and spanked the girl.

Even though his palm had to pass through the icy-cold lake, it was still filled with strength as he spanked the girl on the butt. A crisp sound resounded out slightly within the bottom of the lake.

When Mu Chen’s palm connected, he noticed that the girl within his arms had instantly stiffened. Then, he noticed that Su Ling’Er’s face had turned fiery red. Even her eyes were showing signs of redness within them.

“Bastard! Bastard!”

At that moment, Su Ling’Er went mad. She didn’t relax her biting attack, and instead began clawing at Mu Chen. She seemed to have forgotten about utilizing her Spiritual Energy, and displayed the sharpness of her claws like an ordinary girl.

After Mu Chen was scratched a few times, he was slightly angered as well. He didn’t care about anything anymore, and spanked her once again.

Spank! Spank!

Clear sounds spread out at the bottom of the lake, which caused ripples to form. Mu Chen didn’t hesitate, and spanked her a dozen times without any mercy. After enduring these dozen hits, Su Ling’Er finally cried, and didn’t dare to act violently.

“Are you going to continuing biting me?!” Mu Chen said with a furious expression.

“Mu Chen, you bastard!” The girl cried and didn’t have the boyish attitude that she’d had previously. The pain that had appeared from her butt had made her both embarrassed and ashamed.

Seeing her like this, Mu Chen stopped and pushed her aside quickly. Then, he retreated backwards and stared at her as he guarded himself against her. He was afraid that she would enter that berserk state again. After all, Su Ling’Er wasn’t that weak, and it was evident that she was stronger than Yang Hong even when he’d utilized the Ancient Tiger Dragon. Therefore, it would be quite tricky for him to defeat her before he advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

Su Ling’Er grit her teeth and her eyes turned red after she’d finished crying. When she noticed that Mu Chen had released her, her hand immediately touched the scarlet whip at her waist.

“You dare!”

Mu Chen shouted out with a fierce expression.

At this moment, Su Ling’Er’s body shuddered. It was evident that she was quite afraid. As she stared at Mu Chen, who had a dark expression, fear slowly began to creep into her fearless heart. Fortunately, they were at the bottom of the lake, and nobody had seen what had happened. Otherwise, she might have died due to the embarrassment.

“You were asking for what happened to you today. A girl should act more gentle. You shouldn’t spend all day looking for trouble.” Seeing Su Ling’Er stop when he shouted at her, Mu Chen had a strange feeling, and said in an emotionless tone.

In response, Su Ling’Er covered her butt with her petite hands as she stared at Mu Chen. Her eyes were red and filled with rage. Then, she shouted, “Mu Chen. Remember this! I’ll never forgive you!”

After saying this, she actually turned away and burst out from the lake. Once she’d exited the lake, she wouldn’t talk with anyone, and instead dashed towards the outside of the Spirit Convergence Array.

At the bottom of the lake, Mu Chen stared at the departing Su Ling’Er and was slightly relieved. He stared at his bloody arm and let out a bitter smile. That girl was truly like a dog. Those teeth of hers…

Luckily, he’d finally managed to send her away. It wasn’t a bad result, considering that he hadn’t had to pay a high price in order to defeat her. Although his means used to defeat her were somewhat unauthentic, they had occurred only because Mu Chen hadn’t wanted to have a true battle with her. If they were to truly face each other, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid of her at all.

“I hope that she won’t tell her sister about this matter.”

Mu Chen curled his lips. Currently, he might be able to deal with Su Ling’Er. However, if she called out to her sister, Su Xuan, who was ranked third on the Heavenly Rankings, it would definitely be trouble.

“It seems that I must hurry and advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.”

Mu Chen’s expression turned serious. His current strength was truly lacking. Therefore, he had to make a breakthrough as soon as possible!

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