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Chapter 199 – Battle between the Old and New Spirit Ranking Rank 1

In the sky above the lake, Su Ling’Er stood in mid-air as she stared down towards the bottom of the lake. She raised her eyebrow slightly. Even with all this, that bastard is actually trying to hide from her?

“Could it be that the Number One Freshman this year is actually a coward?” The boy in white clothes behind Su Ling’Er laughed out mockingly.

“Ling’Er. Watch me drag out that guy for you!” At that moment, he descended down after speaking. When Su Ling’Er noticed this, she did not stop him from rushing towards the bottom of the lake.

Seeing that Su Ling’Er did not object to his actions, he grinned and dense Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. At the same time, his body turned into a figure of light as he rushed down towards the bottom of the lake.

It was evident that he was planning to enter the lake and to drag out Mu Chen from his hiding place.

His speed was extremely fast and the wind pressure from his descent caused a large crater to form on the surface of the lake. Then, he tore past the surface and rushed into the lake. However, a sudden pillar of water burst out like a water dragon from below.

This water dragon smashed heavily on the boy in white clothes. Moreover, the Spiritual Energy within the water dragon had caused the boy to be blown away awkwardly. At the same time, his clothes were completely wet.

As the boy stabilized himself, his expression turned slightly pale. His gaze was firmly fixed at the center of the lake. At that location, a huge whirlpool had formed. And within the center of the whirlpool, a water pillar suddenly burst out. A handsome boy with a slender body had emerged from the water pillar.

When Mu Chen emerged from the bottom of the lake, he stared at the nearby figures before his gaze settled on Su Ling’Er. He frowned and asked: “May I know why you are disturbing my cultivation?”

“So you’re that Mu Chen?”

Su Ling’Er stared at Mu Chen, who had appeared. She carefully observed him for a moment before saying: “I’m Su Ling’Er. You should know why I am searching for you, right?”

So it was her…

Mu Chen frowned and replied faintly: “Are all of the seniors within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this narrow-minded? Every time they are beaten within the rankings, they would have to appear in front of me. Could it be that, in your eyes, it is truly difficult to endure a freshman surpassing you?”

Su Ling’Er’s face instantly turned red. She was slightly angered by the tone displayed by Mu Chen. Hmph, this bastard. Just what is there to be proud of? He had only broken her results from a year ago!

“It’s not like I care about the measly title of the Spirit Ranking Rank 1.” Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth as she spoke: “I only wanted to see exactly how special the Number One Freshman this year was. But judging from what I’ve seen, you seemed to be quite ordinary.”

“From the very start, I was just an ordinary freshman.” Mu Chen smiled: “It seems that I’ve disappointed this senior. If that’s all you’ve wanted, then please leave. I still need to cultivate and I have no time to play with you.”

After saying this, he attempted to dive down into the lake again. Judging from his appearance, it seemed that he did not wanted to be related to Su Ling’Er at all.

At this moment, Su Ling’Er was actually dumbfounded. It was the first time that she had seen such a person from the opposite sex act like this in front of her. This surprised her, yet it also angered her.

“Hmph. Boy, Su Ling’Er didn’t let you leave, yet, you actually dare to leave? Stay right here!”

Because he was taken in by surprise at the beginning, the boy, who had turned into an awkward state due to the water pillar, suddenly shouted out loud. His body quickly appeared above Mu Chen as he smacked downwards.

Rumbling Spiritual Energy surged downwards. The extraordinary attack had actually caused waves to spread throughout the surface of the lake.

Since he had turned to this awkward state by Mu Chen previously, he thought that he had shamed himself in front of Su Ling’Er and he naturally wanted to get back his pride. Therefore, he did not hold back in his attack and used his full strength instead.

Seeing that this boy act immediately after he had spoke, his black eyes had turned cold. This person’s strength was similar to Yang Hong. To a certain extent, he wasn’t as strong as Yang Hong after Yang Hong had summoned the Ancient Tiger Dragon.

“You really thought that you can do just anything to a freshman?”

Mu Chen’s hands spun and dark-black Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. Within the Spiritual Energy, a black flame danced around and an extreme heat emerged. In that instant, the water beneath Mu Chen’s foot boiled up.

Mu Chen’s hands turned into a fist as he fired out a punch straight out. The dark-black Spiritual Energy flowed through his arm and rushed out like a lion with blazing black flames. It did not retreat as it collided against the boy in white clothes’s attack.

Spiritual Energy shockwaves stormed out from the place where the two attacks collided. A massive abyss was forcibly ripped apart on the surface of the lake.

But when the two Spiritual Energy collided with each other, the boy in white clothes’s expression changed dramatically. This is because he detected that his Spiritual Energy was being consumed at an alarming rate.

“This person’s Spiritual Energy is quite strange!”

The boy in white clothes was surprised as he stared towards Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy. He noticed that within the black Spiritual Energy, there was a black flame dancing around. Every time it passed by, it would burn his Spiritual Energy and reveal its overbearingness.

Mu Chen let out a deep hmph and the Spiritual Energy within his body burst out without mercy. Dense Spiritual Energy mixed with black flames had rushed up towards the sky.

The boy in white clothes’s attack was completely burned away. At this instant, shock filled his face and he hastily retreated. However, Mu Chen did not allow this. His moved quickly and appeared in front of the boy in white clothes. His body was like a bullet as his shoulder smashed onto the boy’s chest.

The boy in white clothes was sent directly flying away. Blood flowed out from the corner of his lips as he felt something sweet within his throat. Due to the impact from Mu Chen, his clothes were completely shattered away.

At this moment, commotions broke out from the people watching this scene nearby. The boy in white clothes wasn’t particularly nameless, he, too, possessed a bit of fame within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Moreover, his strength was in no way inferior to Yang Hong, yet he was at a disadvantage during his momentary contact with Mu Chen.

The boy with white clothes turned pale and his eyes darkened. He wiped off the blood traces at the corner of his lips. Then, he stared coldly at Mu Chen as the Spiritual Energy within his body turned more violently.

“Liu Tong!”

However, Su Ling’Er had shouted out just when the boy in white clothes’s eyes darkened: “This is my own affair. I don’t need you to intervene in them!”

Hearing this, the fluctuations emitted from the boy in white clothes gradually weakened. However, the eyes that stared at Mu Chen were still quite gloomy. He was at a disadvantageous position earlier because he did not know about this strange Spiritual Energy. If they were to fight again, it wouldn’t be easy for Mu Chen to gain the upper hand against him!

Mu Chen glanced at the boy in white clothes for a moment before he looked over to Su Ling’Er. He said coldly: “What do you want? Are you going to continue releasing your charm so that you’ll find more opponents for me?”

At this moment, his voice was filled with impatience and rudeness. He was not acquainted with Liu Tong at all and did not bear any resentment with him. However, hatred was formed between them due to Su Ling’Er. Therefore, he was slightly pissed off.

It was evident that Su Ling’Er was rarely treated this way. Therefore, her face turned bright red as she took a deep breath. Her voluptuous chest was lifted up slightly and she replied as she suppressed her rage: “Relax. I, Su Ling’Er, wouldn’t do such a despicable act. I don’t care much about the Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1. However, I have the right to get back the face that I lost when you seized that title. Since you’ve made me lose face, it can’t be that you’re not permitting me to get it back now?!”

“I give up, okay?”

Mu Chen replied faintly and ignored Su Ling’Er. He turned around and descended down towards the lake once again. Time was pressing for him, so he didn’t have time to play with this girl.


Su Ling’Er gritted her teeth. It was apparent that she was angered by Mu Chen’s words and actions. Therefore, she did not speak any longer and, instead, fiery red Spiritual Energy surged out from her body. It formed into a Spiritual Energy pillar as it tore through the sky towards Mu Chen.

Sensing the sudden Spiritual Energy fluctuation from behind, Mu Chen’s eyes focused and he blasted out a punch as well. Four Limitless Death Seals emerged and collided against the Spiritual Energy pillar.

Another burst of Spiritual Energy shockwaves erupted out. Enormous waves were formed and rain poured down near the lake.

Ripples began to emerge from where Mu Chen was standing. His expression turned serious. Although Su Ling’Er may look sweet and arrogant, she was indeed quite powerful. She was many times stronger than Liu Tong.

“Hmph. So this year’s Number One Freshman is quite womanly. He doesn’t have the boldness that the other Number One Freshmen from previous years had. He doesn’t even dare to receive a challenge from a girl!” Su Ling’Er stared at Mu Chen, who was within the pouring rain. She laughed out coldly as she spoke.

“However, it’s not possible for you to reject this duel today!”

Su Ling’Er’s body rushed down as a fiery red Spiritual Energy surged out towards the sky. From the fluctuations of the Spiritual Energy, it was extremely close to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase!

Su Ling’Er had turned into a figure of flames as she descended down towards Mu Chen. Her slender hand moved and dense Spiritual Energy surged out like a storm. It carried the rain as it whistled over towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen lifted his head and black flames surged within his eyes. He, too, took a deep breath and a thunderous roar rushed out from his throat. Then, he turned around and smacked out with his palm.

Black Spiritual Energy surged out from within Mu Chen’s body without reservation. From afar, it seemed like a sea of black flames. Even before the rain had poured down, it had been completely evaporated by the black Spiritual Energy.

The two extraordinary Spiritual Energies smashed against each other and shockwaves spread out. The lake’s water was blasted into the sky as a massive storm raged through this area.

Countless gazes were focused at a place above the massive lake. As the storm raged throughout this area, two figures were confronting each other. At the same time, both the fiery red Spiritual Energy and the dark-black Spiritual Energy had occupied half of the sky.

At that location, a boy and girl confronted each other with serious expressions.

Many people’s eyes were filled with interest as they watched this scene. The two individuals in front of them possessed a bit of fame within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. There was no need to mention about Su Ling’Er’s fame. As for Mu Chen, his reputation had soared due to the recent Freshmen Competition. Therefore, the battle between the two of them would definitely be a sight to watch.

Furthermore, the most important part is that…it was the confrontation between the previous and new Spirit Ranking’s Rank 1. This made them quite curious. Just which one of them had the greater odds of victory?

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