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Chapter 198 – Su Ling’Er


At this moment, within Mu Chen’s aura sea, a rumbling, rich black flame was enveloping Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy light wheel. As this situation progressed, Mu Chen’s Spirit sat cross-legged on the Spiritual Energy light wheel and formed a few seals. Then, it absorbed the strengthened Spiritual Energy that returned.

As more of the strengthened Spiritual Energy returned, the eyes on Mu Chen’s Spirit darkened and a faint black flame could be seen surging within it.

Although Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy fluctuation were no different than earlier, the strength that would explode out once he decide to fight would definitely be stronger than before.

The Spiritual Energy that was fused with the Nine Netherflame would also reveal just how extraordinary it is.

“It’s nearly complete…”

Ripples formed within Mu Chen’s heart and a mysterious feeling emerged. The feeling of his body being completely filled with Spiritual Energy was becoming more and more apparent.

Just when a surge of Spiritual Energy rushed into Mu Chen’s Spirit, Mu Chen felt that his Spirit had trembled violently. Then, a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation erupted from it. At the same time, black flames gushed out from its body. His entire Spirit was covered with black flames.

This black flame was the Nine Netherflame. However, this Nine Netherflame belonged solely to Mu Chen!

“Right now, you have completely changed the Spiritual Energy within your body with the fused Spiritual Energy. However, it does not mean that it is complete yet.” The Nine Nether Bird watched this scene and spoke: “You still need to form a Seed of Fire using the Nine Netherflame. Then, from now on, you must continue to strengthen it using your Spiritual Energy. This way, once new Spiritual Energy enters your body, it would be automatically fused with the Seed of Fire and turned into the fused Spiritual Energy.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen nodded his head slightly. He did not hesitate and his Spirit formed a tiny hand seal. One hand was above, while the other hand was below. It was as if the sun and the moon were within his hand.


The black flames that were wrapped around Mu Chen’s Spirit quickly gathered towards the space between its hand. Then, it was compressed endlessly…

While Mu Chen compressed the Nine Netherflame within his body, an irregular black flame soon formed. However, it was evident that it would need some time before a Seed of Fire would be formed.

About this, Mu Chen actually maintained his calmness. He did not hurry and, instead, condensed the black flame slowly and steadily. Eventually, it turned slightly real…

Just condensing the Seed of Fire took approximately five days.

Within these five days, Mu Chen was completely focused on condensing the Seed of Fire. Under his full strength, he had obtained substantial results. The originally irregular black flame had turned into the size of a palm. The color of it was extremely dark and black flames would permeate out from it.

The Seed of Fire was about to be formed.

But while Mu Chen was fully immersed with his cultivation, he did not know that trouble was rushing towards him within the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array. The source of this trouble was Su Ling’Er, who he had kicked out from the Spirit Ranking.

Su Ling’Er had once headed towards the freshman area to search for Mu Chen. However, she wasn’t able to find him there. Instead, she had met with Luo Li and the two of them fought against each other. But what surprised Su Ling’Er was that she wasn’t able to defeat Luo Li. It was clear from their battle that Luo Li wasn’t inferior to her at all.

This made her become interested in Luo Li. Coupled with the fact that Luo Li was a beauty, Su Ling’Er, instead, wanted to be on friendly terms with her. Therefore, the battle between the two girls did not yield any results.

Although Su Ling’Er’s temper wasn’t that great, she did not perform a similar feat like Mo Lun and obstructed the freshmen. With her appeal within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, coupled with her sister’s reputation, the power that could be formed wasn’t something that Mo Lun could compare with.

And upon hearing that Mu Chen wasn’t within the freshman area, she had departed from it. Afterwards, she had asked around and heard that Mu Chen had headed to a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array to cultivate. Therefore, she had chased him to the Spirit Convergence Array. This little girl was quite prideful and felt humiliation when Mu Chen had kicked her out of the Spirit Ranking without any mercy. In the past few years, it was the first time that she had seen a man that dared to do such a thing to her.

Therefore, she must beat up the freshman known as Mu Chen and let out her temper.

But the area within the Spirit Convergence Array was considerably large. It was evident that it wasn’t easy to find a person within this place. However, this wasn’t any trouble for Su Ling’Er. After all, she was considered to be a well-known beauty within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Coupled with the fact that she was the sister of Su Xuan, there were many students that wanted to please her. Therefore, she only had to reveal her goal and many male students would volunteer to help her. They would help find Mu Chen within this Spirit Convergence Array.

Therefore, a ruckus occurred within this Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array. Many seniors would pass through the area searching for traces of Mu Chen. This disturbed the peace within the Spirit Convergence Array.

Although there were a few people that were unhappy about it, they could only accept it as they knew of the reputation of these sisters.

Countless figures stood on top of a mountain peak within the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array. The one leading these individuals was a pretty girl dressed in light yellow. Her blue hair was tied up in a ponytail and her skin was like the snow. She possessed large eyes and a petite nose. With all of the above traits, she was considered to be a bright and beautiful girl. At this moment, she was gritting her teeth. After all, she had been searching for Mu Chen on a grand scale and attracted some dissatisfaction from others. Although she might not care about it, it would still anger her because others were secretly talking behind her back. Therefore, she pushed the source of this rage towards Mu Chen.

“This bastard. It’s the same every time. He would hide after doing what he had to do! Just why would Luo Li like him?” Su Ling’Er said bitterly.

“Ohoho, there’s no need to be this impatient. We should be able to find him soon. When that happens, we would be glad to help you take care of him if you ask us to.” Behind Su Ling’Er, a boy smiled and replied. His face was filled with arrogance and from his tone, it seemed that he never thought that Mu Chen was someone important.

“This Mu Chen is truly within the limelight recently. It was said that he is the Number One Freshman among this year’s freshmen. During the day of the Freshmen Competition, he had defeated Yang Hong, who had already reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. We are only slightly stronger than Yang Hong, so it won’t be easy for us to defeat him.” Another boy said in a solemn voice.

“What? Chen Xiu, are you actually afraid of a freshman?” The boy earlier let out a mocking laugh. “No matter how strong he is, he is only a freshman. If he wants to defeat us, he will need to cultivate for at least a year before that’s possible.”

“Enough. When I find him, I will defeat him by myself. There’s no need for you to intervene.” Su Ling’Er shook his head. She did not hold too much resentment towards Mu Chen. After all, she only wanted to let out her anger. Therefore, it was enough if she had defeated Mu Chen. There wasn’t a need to waste this much effort on a freshman.


Just when Su Ling’Er spoke out loud, a figure of light suddenly approached from a distance. It landed on the mountain peak and spoke with delight: “We found where Mu Chen is!”


Joy instantly filled Su Ling’Er’s face. I’ve finally found you, you bastard! Let’s see whether or not you can continue to hide from me!

“Hurry and bring me there!”

Swish! Swish!

Swishing sounds resounded out on top of the mountain as Su Ling’Er and the others rushed away. In a dozen minutes or so, they appeared in the sky where two mountains’ summit had connected with each other. A lake was formed within the connected area.

“Miss Ling’Er. Mu Chen should be cultivating within this lake. I’ve seen him before.” When Su Ling’Er appeared, a figure approached from the shore of the lake. This person was cultivating at this place earlier as well and was disturbed by Mu Chen’s cultivation commotion before.


Su Ling’Er let out a pleased smile and waved her hand. A beam of light shot out from her Spiritual Values Card.

The figure quickly received the beam of light and noticed that his Spiritual Values Card had increased by another 5,000 Spiritual Values. This caused him to grin. After all, he could cultivate within this place for another day. This Su Ling’Er sure is generous and is quite wealthy. No matter who, as long as they managed to successfully obtain her love, they would never have to worry about not having enough Spiritual Values.

Su Ling’Er sent the person away after handing over some Spiritual Values. Then, her beautiful eyes were focused on the clear lake. She let out a hmph and said: “Are you still planning to hide like a coward now?”

“Ling’Er. Let me drag this person out for you and force him to apologize.” The boy in white clothes beside Su Ling’Er smiled.

“I can deal with it by myself.”

Su Ling’Er smiled faintly. She did not need an apology from him. She only wanted to defeat Mu Chen and prove to her sister that she wasn’t as weak as she had imagined!

Once she said these words, Su Ling’Er swept her hands and a beam of Spiritual Energy rushed out into the lake. Powerful waves and gales were blasted directly to the bottom of the lake.

“Mu Chen. Hurry and come out in front of this lady!”

When Su Ling’Er caused a ruckus at the lake, she shouted out towards the depths of the lake. Her voice was wrapped with Spiritual Energy and echoed through the sky as well.

At this moment, countless students cultivating nearby were affected. They quickly turned to the source of the commotion and stared in surprise. After all, Su Ling’Er was a celebrity within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Everyone would pay attention to her actions.

“So she’s finding Mu Chen.”

“Is it the Number One Freshman? Mu Chen, who had recently obtained Rank 1 on the Spirit Ranking?”

“Who else could it be? He actually dared to provoke Su Ling’Er. He truly doesn’t know much about the world.

“Su Ling’Er is about to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase, right? Although Mu Chen is quite powerful, he will probably suffer this time.”

Whispers resounded out through the sky. Countless individuals stared at this place with interest. After all, cultivation was considerably boring. Right now, it was evident that this scene would help relieve them from their boredom.

Just when this area became lively, Mu Chen opened his eyes from the bottom of the lake. Black flames surged within his eyes and the nearby lake water instantly evaporated.

He lifted his head slowly and frowned. He could vaguely guess why this trouble had occurred.

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