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Chapter 185 – Black Tower Seals the Tiger Dragon


At this moment, shockwaves rippled out high up in the skies. An extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation condensed like a storm as a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure enveloped the entire world.

The source of this rumbling Spiritual Energy was a massive black tower. Black flames surged throughout the surface of the tower as it descended down.

The scene was quite a shock and countless individuals watching could not hide the surprise within their eyes.

Even for those who had reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase, this attack was enough to stun them.

On the summit, Mu Kui and Bing Qing had exceptionally solemn expressions and their eyes twitched slightly. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuation in the sky, they could feel a fatal-type of danger.

It was evident that they never expected that Mu Chen and Yang Hong’s battle would be this extreme.

In this instant, Mu Kui and Bing Qing exchanged gazes with each other. They both knew that the outcome of this battle would all depend on this one move.

In the sky, Elder Zhu Tian watched as the black tower descended down. A hint of confusion suddenly appeared on his handsome face and he frowned. Then, he muttered to himself: “This black tower…Why does it feel that I’ve seen it somewhere before…”

Even though he said that, Elder Zhu Tian had thought hard about it, yet he could not remember where he had seen this black tower. Thus, he could only shake his head helplessly. It seemed that this freshman known as Mu Chen wasn’t as simple as the information that he had known about him. Otherwise, how could a person from such a small Northern Spiritual Realm possess such frightening techniques?

“The outcome of this battle has probably been decided…”

Elder Zhu Tian lifted his head as he stared at the black tower, who had formed a massive shadow on the ground. It was clear that this attack contained all their strengths from both sides. They weren’t holding back at all. Thus, the one who was at the disadvantage would probably end up losing completely.

In the sky above the summit, the Ancient Tiger Dragon formed by Yang Hong glared at the black tower, which was emitting an immense pressure. He, too, was able to detect a hint of unease and danger.

If he failed to stop Mu Chen’s attack, he would probably end up in a complete defeat.

Once he lost, his achievements would all end up in Mu Chen’s reputation. It was something that the prideful Yang Hong couldn’t accept. No matter what, he must not let Mu Chen step on him!

“In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I, Yang Hong, am the most dazzling existence. Mu Chen, if you want to stop me, then I must force it so that I will be stepping on you!” A furious roar echoed within Yang Hong’s mind. In the blood-red eyes of the Ancient Tiger Dragon, ferociousness gushed out.

The Ancient Tiger Dragon raised its head and roared out to the sky. Its roar was like a dragon, yet at the same time, it was like a tiger. It contained a deep fierceness emotion that was similar to the ingested Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Perhaps when he had obtained this power, his hidden personality was somewhat affected by the Soul Essence. Therefore, it was apparent that Yang Hong had changed slightly and became brutal like the Ancient Tiger Dragon.


As the Ancient Tiger Dragon roared, a dense azure light gushed out of the massive body. Golder tiger stripes emerged on the surface of the Tiger Dragon’s body and it started to glow. When the azure light and the golden light both appeared near the Ancient Tiger Dragon, it seemed to have formed into an azure dragon and a golden tiger that were fighting against each other. A hint of ferociousness had suddenly surged throughout the world.

“Mu Chen. I am the Number One Freshman, nobody can steal it away from me!”

This violent shout echoed through Yang Hong’s heart and he immediately concentrated. At this moment, the Ancient Tiger Dragon swung its massive tail upwards, it emitted an azure light, and covered a massive range.

Roar! Roar!

When the roars of the Ancient Tiger Dragon resounded out constantly throughout the world, everybody lifted their heads up in response. They watched as the Ancient Tiger Dragon rushed straight up into the sky.

And from above, the black tower with black flames continued to descend as it suppressed everything.

In this instant, both of them had red eyes!

Under countless gazes, accompanied with the black flames and azure light, the black tower and the Ancient Tiger Dragon soared through the sky and finally collided heavily with each other.

In the instant that they met, the world seemed to tremble. The ground that was kilometers below them started to tremble and cracks quietly spread out.

A stinging light with violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations surged out from the sky. Rumbling sounds reverberated out along with it.

At this moment, the numerous gazes endured the stinging pain as they watched the furious collision between the two individuals. The violent and raging Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted out and distorted the air slightly.


The Ancient Tiger Dragon continued to growl furiously as it charged ferociously. Waves of azure light smashed onto the black tower as it attempted to shatter it.

Despite this frenzied attack, the black tower remained motionless. Black flames surged through it and the azure light was burned whenever it approached the black tower.


Finally, in response to the powerful offensive displayed by the Ancient Tiger Dragon, a mysterious engraving slowly emerged on the tower. Black light quickly gathered on the base of the black tower and formed into a massive black rune.

This black rune moved slowly around, causing it so that nobody was able to see it clearly. However, a mysterious fluctuation with sealing abilities seemed to have emitted out from it.

“Pagoda Tower. Suppress All Things!”

Within the black tower, an ancient bell sound resounded out. All of a sudden, the massive black rune descended down and smashed onto the Ancient Tiger Dragon’s body.

Just from that one contact, the azure light emitted from the Ancient Tiger Dragon’s body suddenly darkened. A mournful roar also came out from the Ancient Tiger Dragon’s mouth.

It was able to detect that a mysterious force was entering its body through the black rune. Once this power invaded its body, it had sealed all of the Spiritual Energy circulation paths within its body.

It was as if it was forcibly sealed by it.

As the azure light darkened, a bright glow burst out from the black tower and it directly suppressed the massive body of the Ancient Tiger Dragon. After suffering such a heavy attack, the massive body quickly descended down from the sky along with the black tower.

Boom! Boom!

Everybody watched as the Ancient Tiger Dragon descended down, an explosion seemed to have emerged when the black tower collided with the Ancient Tiger Dragon. Even the ground below had collapsed from the collision.


Under countless gazes, the black tower had finally descended down to the ground. In the end, it had landed on top of a mountain and the mountain instantly trembled. Many boulders rolled down the mountain and the entire mountain started to collapse.

Billowing smoke rose up into the sky and covered their sight.

At this instant, the entire world was completely silent. The only sound that still existed was the echoed of the boulders rolling down the mountain. Everybody’s gaze was completely focused on the collapsing mountain’s peak. The victor should have been determined, right?

From the foot of the mountain, Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the others all flew up into the sky as they watched nervously at that location. A conclusion had finally appeared for this shocking battle, right?

At the same time, Li Xuantong, too, focused his gaze in that direction.

On the summit of the Northern Spirit Mountain, Mu Kui, Bing Qing and Luo Li also flew up into the sky. Judging from their appearance, it seemed that the outcome of this battle was more important than Spirit Flag that represented the Number One Freshman.

And under the countless gazes, the smoke on the collapsing mountain gradually faded away. Immediately afterwards, a land filled with cracks had emerged in their eyes. The mountain peak had been turned into a flat land. Moreover, the entire mountain was completely destroyed.

At the center of the mountain, a huge crater had emerged. The violent Spiritual Energy emitted out from that crater had slowly dissipated.

The situation was finally clear for everybody watching.

Everybody’s gaze immediately gathered at that direction. Then, bustling commotions resounded throughout the world.

At the crater, the Ancient Tiger Dragon and the black tower had already disappeared without a trace. What replaced it were two slightly awkward individuals. Both of them had bloody bodies and torn clothes as they confronted each other.

These two individuals were naturally Yang Hong and Mu Chen.

At this moment, Yang Hong’s hair had turned messy and it wasn’t as stylish as before. His eyes were staring at Mu Chen in front of him. At the same time, a surging madness and fear appeared in his eyes.

“They’re actually still standing?”

Seeing the two individuals confront each other, everyone was stunned. Aren’t these two individuals too stubborn?

Mu Chen was slightly pale. He stared at Yang Hong and slowly wiped the blood off from the corner of his mouth. Then, he turned around and slowly walked away from the cracked ground.

“I’ve said it before. I will take back what belongs to me. This time, it’s your turn to pay back your debt. Next time, it will be Ji Xuan.” Mu Chen walked out of the cracked area and a hoarse voice resounded out.


At this moment, Yang Hong’s expression finally turned red and blood sprayed out as he lifted his head up. Then, his body slowly tilted forward before it crashed down on the ground. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He actually… Lost again to Mu Chen.

Is that bastard truly this terrifying? Even though he had lost a year’s worth of cultivation… Even though he had lost the Spiritual Road Empowerment… Why is he still able to catch up with me?

Yang Hong’s eyes slowly closed. No matter how much he wasn’t willing to admit it, he knew that deep inside perhaps only Ji Xuan was able to suppress a dazzling existence like Mu Chen.

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