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Chapter 184 – The Power of the Bloodlink Bond

As the mysterious black bird emerged in the world along with its devastating black flames, countless gazes were immediately attracted to it.

The massive black bird was completely covered with black flames. However, its body wasn’t clearly visible, thus, a few individuals weren’t able to determine which Spiritual Beast it was. But judging from its aura, it was definitely much more powerful than the Yang Hong’s Ancient Tiger Dragon!

“W-What is that Spiritual Beast? What a terrifying aura!”

Mo Ling and the others gaped in shock as they stared at the enormous black bird. It was the first time that they’ve seen Mu Chen use the power of a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Moreover, they’ve originally thought that Mu Chen had ingested one of the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that he had obtained in the Northern Heavens World. However, from what they’ve seen, it was evident that they were clearly wrong.

Mu Chen had always been hiding the Soul Essence that he had ingested!

So this was the strongest trump card that he had hidden!

“This guy…” Zhou Ling had a shocked expression before he inhaled deeply as a complex expression emerged on his face. Originally, he thought that he would be able to narrow the gap between him and Mu Chen once he had advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage. But who could have imagined that this person was like a bottomless hole. Nobody could understand the depths of his strength.

It was as if he was completely unpredictable.

At this very moment, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitting out from Mu Chen’s body was already comparable to Yang Hong!

Sometimes, even Zhou Ling had to admit that Mu Chen was a person who would always create miracles…The situation that he had originally thought was impossible to overturn was finally switched around magically by Mu Chen.

On the nearby mountains, the seniors that were watching this battle had stunned expressions. This tide of this battle had constantly changed, which had made them completely surprised.

“These freshmen are truly amazing. In the future, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will definitely become quite lively…”

At this moment, Li Xuantong stood up straight with his hands behind his back. His eyes were also focused on the mysterious black bird that had emerged behind Mu Chen. However, his eyes were quite something so he managed to predict which Spiritual Beast it was.

But the result of his prediction was something that he could not believe.

“How is it possible that he could ingest a Soul Essence of this level with his current strength?” Li Xuantong frowned. A Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast of this level was quite difficult to conquer, and even more difficult to ingest. However, only an idiot would believe it if one was to say that Mu Chen, with his Spirit Stage Late Phase strength, had managed to ingest it.

But the truth was placed in front of their eyes. Moreover, Li Xuantong was able to detect that the energy of Mu Chen’s Soul Essence seemed to possess a higher level of Spirituality compared to Yang Hong’s Soul Essence.

This feeling was quite strange. However, a truly keen individual would be able to perceive this subtle difference.

This feeling…It was as if one was a dead object while the other was a living creature.

After pondering for a while, Li Xuantong could only shake his head, and continue to stare at the sky. This time, he must admit that Mu Chen had completely surprised him. At the very least, the latter wasn’t as weak as he had imagined.

In the instant that everyone in the mountains were shocked by the mysterious black bird, the three elders were completely surprised as well.

“Nine Nether Bird…Impressive. How did that boy do it? An existence like the Nine Nether Bird possesses the potential to evolve into a Divine Beast. Once it evolves, it will be an existence that is equivalent to Lord Dragon 1… How could it be ingested by a human?” Zhu Tian and the others muttered as their eyes were filled with shock.

The Lord Dragon that they mentioned was the Guardian Beast of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Northern Sea Dragon. Even the Principal would have to be polite in front of it.

Their keen eyesight wasn’t something that a student could compare. Therefore, they knew that the Nine Nether Bird was a prideful and terrifying Spiritual Beast. In order to ingest its Soul Essence, one must require a Sovereign-level existence to personally suppress it for them to ingest its Soul Essence. It was impossible for Mu Chen, who had come out from a tiny place like the Northern Spiritual Realm, to satisfy this condition.

As an elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Zhu Tian and the others knew about Mu Chen’s information. Therefore, they were quite confused when they saw the Nine Nether Bird.

“Interesting…” Elder Zhu Tian smiled as he continued to look up at the sky.

On the summit, Mu Kui and Bing Qing’s expression had turned serious as well. At this moment, even they felt a hint of danger from Mu Chen.

As for Luo Li, she continued to stare at the sky calmly. Her red lips revealed a shallow smile. Although this trump card of Mu Chen made her surprised as well, she had always believed in Mu Chen. Therefore, she had always believed that this seemingly thin boy wasn’t someone that would be easily overwhelmed by others.

Everything that he had lost, he would slowly get it back.

While everybody’s gaze were focused on Mu Chen’s body, Mu Chen directed his thoughts into his body. This is because he could feel unique changes occurring within his aura sea.

Within his aura sea, the Nine Nether Bird was sitting elegantly on top of the mandala flower. Black flames would surge out endlessly from its body as it rushed into the Spirit on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel.

At this moment, Mu Chen’s Spirit was completely covered with black flames. It looked extremely mysterious.

When the Nine Nether Bird glanced at the Spirit on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel, it muttered lazily: “It actually managed to assimilate with my power to this extent. What a lucky fellow.”

This power was naturally brought forth by the Bloodlink Bond. When Mu Chen had fought against An Ran within the Northern Heavens Hall, he had used this power as well. However, the power at that time was completely incomparable with the power right now.

Although Mu Chen had completed the Bloodlink Bond with the Nine Nether Bird, it doesn’t mean that he could directly use the Soul Essence’s energy as he did not ingest the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence. Instead, he needed to gradually assimilate with the Nine Nether Bird’s power. The more he had assimilated with it, the more power he would be able to control.

Moreover, this power would remain with him even if the Nine Nether Bird had left his body. Not to mention, when he had reached the limits of the assimilation, Mu Chen could even become the Nine Nether Bird, and possess all the abilities of the Nine Nether Bird.

From a certain extent, Mu Chen was basically considered to be a human form of a Nine Nether Bird!

It wasn’t a half-baked existence that Yang Hong and the others had formed.

This was the benefits of a Bloodlink Bond!

In other words, the Bloodlink Bond is a power that could evolve. For people like Yang Hong, who had directly ingested a Soul Essence, they would be able to gain more strength early on. However, its potential was far less than the former method.

In the sky, Mu Chen clenched his hands slowly while his body was wrapped in black flames. He could feel that the dense Spiritual Energy that was surging within his body. This power was enough to destroy mountains.

As his assimilation with the Nine Nether Bird increased, he would be able to use more of its power. This power wasn’t like the power that he had temporarily borrowed against the fight with Liu Jingshan. It was a power that he had complete control over.

Mu Chen slowly raised his head. A black fired burned within his eyes as he stared at the Ancient Tiger Dragon far away. At this moment, the latter’s red eyes were focused on him tightly.

At this instant, Yang Hong’s heart stopped out of shock. He originally thought that the battle was about to end, but a sudden change had occurred.

Although he wasn’t able to clearly see the appearance of the mysterious black bird behind Mu Chen, Yang Hong was able to feel that the Ancient Tiger Dragon that he had ingested was trembling in fear. It seemed to be fearful of the mysterious black bird behind Mu Chen.

Since the Ancient Tiger Dragon was afraid of this mysterious Spiritual Beast, its ranking had to be at least listed on the top 30 of the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking!

He could not imagine how Mu Chen was able to ingest a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence of that level. Even for him, he had only managed to ingest the Ancient Tiger Dragon’s Soul Essence after his father joined forces with various Elders and that was only barely a success. But what did this Mu Chen rely on to do this?

This person is too dangerous!

This thought flashed through Yang Hong’s heart. In this instant, killing intent rushed out from him. He understood that if he continued to let Mu Chen live, he, Yang Hong, would definitely be completely suppressed by him. As long as they were both within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy it would be impossible for him to become a dazzling existence.

This was something that Yang Hong wouldn’t accept!

“Kill him!”

Killing intent surged through Yang Hong’s heart. As he immediately roared out into the sky, an azure light surged out like waves. It rumbled as it rushed through the sky in order to envelop Mu Chen under it.

It was evident that Yang Hong was going to use everything that he could to kill Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen stared at the rumbling waves of Spiritual Energy approaching, he immediately concentrated and the gigantic black bird lifted its wings. Black flames surged out and formed into a sea of flames as it protected him.


The rumbling azure light rushed over and collided against the sea of flames. However, once the azure light made contact with the blazing flames, it was evaporated instantly.

The mysterious black flame seemed to have burned even the Spiritual Energy.

Yang Hong’s eyes changed instantly and recklessness filled his heart. Originally, he had the absolute advantage against Mu Chen, but all of a sudden, his advantage had completely vanished. Instead, he had become unable to even destroy Mu Chen’s defenses.

The Ancient Tiger Dragon roared furiously as it attacked. However, the sea of black flames did not budge. In front of the mysterious black bird, the Ancient Tiger Dragon that was formed by Yang Hong, was like an angry loach.

At this instant, Mu Chen stared calmly at Yang Hong, who was completely furious. His body floated up and he landed on the mysterious black bird. Then, he flew up high in the sky.

As Mu Chen stared down condescendingly from above at the Ancient Tiger Dragon formed by Yang Hong, he suddenly closed his eyes. At the same time, he circulated the Great Pagoda Art within his body.

Black lights begin to emerge within the depths of his body and linked up with each other.

In the sky, the black light suddenly descended down from above as a bell sound rang out. Countless gazes hurriedly looked at the direction of the sound. Within the sky, the mysterious black bird had started to fade away. Instead, what replaced it was a massive nine-floor black tower. Black flames were wrapped on the surface of the black tower.

An extraordinary fluctuation rippled out in waves from the black tower.

When the Ancient Tiger Dragon formed by Yang Hong had looked up at the nine-floor tower in the sky, a sense of anxiety and fear filled its heart.

Just when Yang Hong had felt uneasy about the tower, this nine-floor black tower had suddenly brought forth a horrifying energy fluctuation; it tore through the sky. And under countless gazes, it had completely suppressed the Ancient Tiger Dragon!

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