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Chapter 186 – Who’s the Number One Freshman?

Violent Spiritual Energy surged through the world before it finally dissipated. At this moment, countless gazes were focused on the place with shattered ground. To be precise, they were staring at the boy who was slowly walking out of the crater.

The boy’s handsome face was slightly pale, and the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitting from his body had weakened significantly. It seemed that he was slightly tired.

However, nobody laughed at his weakened and tired state. Even the seniors had serious expressions as they stared at him. It was evident that the earlier battle had shocked them as well.

A battle of this degree would rarely occur between freshmen. Even the seniors couldn’t afford to deal with such a fierce fight.

In front of them, the freshman known as Mu Chen had earned everybody’s respect and attention with his strength.

At the foot of the mountain, numerous freshmen were stunned as they watched this scene. The silence lasted for a long time before someone slowly raised their hands and started clapping gently. Soon, sounds of applause resounded out quickly as it echoed throughout the skies.

The performance and abilities displayed by Mu Chen had truly impressed them. At the same time, it gave face to the freshmen. At the very least, they’d be able to talk back towards the arrogant seniors within the academy.

‘There’s an amazing person among us freshmen!’

Mu Chen stood atop the shattered ground as he stared out towards the numerous figures in his surroundings. Then, when he heard the thunderous applause, he couldn’t do anything but helplessly smile.

On the peak of a mountain, Li Xuantong gazed at the slender figure and slowly retracted his gaze. His chin nodded slightly. Mu Chen’s appearance today hadn’t disappointed him at all. As expected, Luo Li’s eyes were quite capable.

However, even with this battle, Mu Chen still wasn’t worthy of standing next to Luo Li. He’d only become an obstacle to her, and when that time came…the two of them might be hurt.

Li Xuantong’s eyes drooped slightly. He knew that he liked Luo Li, yet Luo Li had only treated him as a friend. Even so, this was something that he felt that he had to do for Luo Li. Perhaps she might disagree with his actions, but it was needed.

The thunderous applauses lasted for a while before it gradually faded away. At this moment, Luo Li quickly rushed over and appeared beside Mu Chen. Her glass-like eyes stared at the latter as she asked gently, “Are you alright?”

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. However, his pale expression was apparently unconvincing. After all, Yang Hong wasn’t an ordinary opponent. Even though he’d successfully defeated him, he’d still paid a great price. Right now, he, too, was considerably weak and powerless.

From the distant sky, Elder Zhu Tian slowly approached and appeared in the sky in front of Mu Chen. His eyes stared peculiarly at Mu Chen before he smiled, “Little guy, this battle is your victory. However, you didn’t obtain the Spirit Flag yet, so you can’t be regarded as the Number One Freshman.”

Countless gazes immediately became focused on this scene. It was true. Although Mu Chen had managed to defeat Yang Hong, the Freshmen Competition wasn’t a duel within an arena. Only the person who managed to obtain the Spirit Flag could be considered the Number One Freshman, and it was clear that Mu Chen hadn’t satisfied this condition yet. However, the latter’s strength had already made everyone accept him as the strongest.

Nobody present at the scene believed that there was someone among the freshmen that could defeat Mu Chen in a one-on-one duel.

When Ye Qingling and the others heard the words from Elder Zhu Tian, they felt slightly regretful. Although they hoped that Mu Chen would become the Number One Freshman, they knew that Mu Chen wasn’t in a decent state right now. It was clear to them that both Mu Kui and Bing Qing were tricky individuals. The two of them weren’t a lot weaker than Yang Hong. Therefore, there was a big disadvantage for Mu Chen if he was to fight against the two of them.

At this moment, Mu Kui and Bing Qing rushed over. They stood in the sky as they watched Mu Chen.

But under the numerous gazes, Mu Chen suddenly smiled. He shook his head and replied, “Elder Zhu Tian, I give up on the remaining battles. Let the others compete for the title of the Number One Freshman.”

Regard the title of the Number One Freshman, Mu Chen had never cared much about it. The only reason why he’d gone against Yang Hong was because of the grudge that they held. And now, the outcome had been decided. Thus, he didn’t want to force himself and carry out a high-intensity battle once again. This would only be a burden on his body.

“Oh? You’re actually giving up on becoming Number One?” Elder Zhu Tian was surprised as he stared at Mu Chen. A boy like Mu Chen should be at the age where he was young, fit, and impulsive. A catchy title should be enough to make him fight to death. However, Mu Chen actually gave up on this chance?

Countless seniors were also surprised as they stared at Mu Chen. The latter’s imposing aura was at the peak. If he continued to fight after his victory over Yang Hong, it might be possible for him to obtain the Spirit Flag if he joined forces with the girl in black dress that he was extremely close to.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The rewards for the top 5 individuals were actually pretty close. Aside from the amount of Spiritual Values that they would obtain, the rest were basically the same. Moreover, they would all be able to enter the “Spiritual Arts Hall”. Therefore, he didn’t feel the need to fight against Mu Kui and Bing Qing for the title of the strongest.

“The competition for the Spirit Flag will belong to you two now.” Mu Chen directed a smile at Mu Kui and Bing Qing as he spoke.

“You’re not going to fight?”

When Mu Kui heard this, disappointment filled his eyes. Then, he shook his head melancholically as he replied, “I’m not interested in the so-called Number One Freshman. Right now, I’m more interested in a fight against you. How about it? Do you want to test me out?”

Mu Chen was stunned as he gave a bitter smile. This Mu Kui was truly a battle maniac…

“He isn’t in a decent state right now. If you enjoy fighting, I will fight against you. At the very least, I won’t disappoint you.” Luo Li said to Mu Kui.

When Mu Kui noticed this, he smiled embarrassedly. Then, he seemed slightly anxious as he shook his head. “Since you’re not going to compete anymore, the Freshmen Competition has turned completely boring. I can’t be bothered to fight against two women. That’s why, I’ll give up as well.”

“However, you must promise me: When you’ve fully recovered, you have to fight against me once… Just like earlier. There’s no need to hesitate. The more ruthless you are, the better the fight will become.”

Mu Chen could only nod helplessly in response to these words. He, too, had a favorable impression towards Mu Kui’s straightforward personality. Therefore, he decided to put up with it.

“What did you mean when you mentioned women?”

Bing Qing suddenly frowned. She stared coldly at Mu Kui and a freezing chill slowly emanated out, “Do you really think that you can defeat me?”

Mu Kui was stunned and soon let out a hollow laugh. Against the creatures known as women, Mu Kui had always felt a headache. Therefore, he didn’t openly provoke Bing Qing again. After all, this girl was quite powerful and he might not win if they were to fight.

Seeing Mu Kui turn completely silent, Bing Qing finally turned her gaze towards Mu Chen and spoke, “The Freshmen Competition has become boring because of you. Everybody is giving up on it. If I were to seize the Spirit Flag, it would only make me look like a fool. Therefore, I don’t want to take the Spirit Flag either.”

Mu Chen’s mouth twitched at this moment. Why were all these individuals so unique… They didn’t want the title of the Number One Freshmen when it was handed directly to them. If it was anyone else like Yang Hong, they’d be quite anxious to rush over and pluck the Spirit Flag.

“All three of you are giving up?” Elder Zhu Tian was baffled as he stared at Mu Chen and the others. It was evident that he, too, had noticed that this year’s freshmen were quite unique.

Mu Kui and Bing Qing casually nodded their heads. Then, they both turned over and looked at Mu Chen, “This time, you have the right to become the Number One Freshman. After all, I would’ve probably ended up in a similar state as Yang Hong if I were to fight against you just now. Thus, if Luo Li, who is beside you, has no argument, then you deserve to become the Number One Freshman.”

Mu Kui and Bing Qing’s words were indeed true. In the earlier battle, Mu Chen had fought furiously against Yang Hong and it was quite an exciting match. Even they had to recognize that they would’ve probably lost to that terrifying black tower that was revealed by Mu Chen in the final moments of the battle.

Although Mu Chen didn’t fight directly against them, everybody was able to recognize and understand a few facts. Therefore, they didn’t waste any time. With their prideful attitudes, neither Mu Kui nor Bing Qing wanted to take advantage of the weakened Mu Chen and seize the title of the Number One Freshman.

“Thank you for your praise.”

Mu Chen smiled and replied, “However, since we’ve already given up, let’s have Luo Li pick up the Spirit Flag. I believe that she’s more worthy of obtaining the title of the Number One Freshman than me.”

Although nobody had ever seen Luo Li’s true ability, Mu Chen was still able to feel that Luo Li’s true strength was definitely beyond Yang Hong. If Mu Chen were to fight against Luo Li unreservedly, he didn’t have the confidence that he’d defeat her.

When Mu Kui and Bing Qing heard this, they, too, glanced over at Luo Li. Then, they nodded their heads. Both of them were able to sense the same thing that Mu Chen had felt from Luo Li. Although Luo Li didn’t fight often, nobody dared to underestimate this beautiful girl. After all, even Bing Qing had stopped and temporarily abandoned her goal when Luo Li had stopped her.

Luo Li was startled for a moment. It was evident that she didn’t understand why the title of the Number One Freshman had suddenly fallen to her. At this moment, she glared at Mu Chen. This nasty person had actually pushed her to the front.

Perhaps others might covet the title of the Number One Freshman, but Luo Li didn’t really cared about it.

“Cough. Just to remind you, first place receives 500,000 Spiritual Value. Right now, we’re quite poor.  If we obtained this Spiritual Value, we’d be able to improve ourselves quite a bit. It truly isn’t easy raising a family.” Mu Chen approached Luo Li and gently fiddled with Luo Li’s slender hands.

At this instant, Luo Li was quite furious, yet she wanted to laugh as well. However, she didn’t want to do anything to Mu Chen, who was quite powerless right now. Thus, she could only grit her teeth and charge to the summit under numerous gazes as she pulled out the enormous Spirit Flag.

Afterwards, she descended down while holding the massive Spirit Flag. She smiled slightly at Elder Zhu Tian, who was in a daze, and said, “Elder Zhu Tian, can you announce the results now?”

Tears of laughter filled Zhu Tian’s eyes as he nodded. These freshmen were truly quite fascinating, and impossible to understand at the same time. After all, Luo Li hadn’t fought against anyone, yet she had somehow become the Number One Freshman…

Even amongst the history of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it was probably the first time that a person had obtained the title of the Number One Freshman that easily, right?

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