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Chapter 183 The Nine Nether Bird Appears

Cyan light illuminated the horizon, bringing with it an overbearing pressure that caused the air to become stifling. The numerous spectators were all similarly overwhelmed as their shocked gazes fixated on the massive cyan-colored dragon that settled up above in the sky.

Who would’ve imagined that Yang Hong had ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence and it turned out to be an Ancient Tiger Dragon that is ranked 50th upon the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Even a Heavenly Completion Stage powerhouse would have to retreat in the face of a mature Ancient Tiger Dragon. This Yang Hong had unexpectedly obtained its Soul Essence?

The older students looked at each other in dismay before they shook their heads and sighed; each freshman had been more terrifying than the last.

“An Ancient Tiger Dragon?” Surprise flashed across Li Xuantong’s eyes when he saw this scene from one of the surrounding mountain peaks. Generally speaking, someone with this amount of strength, who is capable of obtaining the Soul Essence of a fearless existence, such as the Ancient Tiger Dragon will have a strong background. The possibility that someone had relied solely on a fortuitous encounter to obtain it is inconceivable.

Li Xuantong’s gaze concentrated on the blazing meteor whistling across the vast sky towards the Ancient Tiger Dragon. Yang Hong’s strength had risen dramatically by pushing the Ancient Tiger Dragon‘s Soul Essence to its limit. It would be difficult to find a worthy opponent for him within the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. Even if Mu Chen had his hidden card as a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master, it would still be a tall order if he wanted to defeat Yang Hong.

Next up, he would have to see how Mu Chen will respond to this situation.

“Haha, Mu Chen. Did you truly believe that you’re the only one with hidden cards and that I didn’t have my own?”

The immensely formidable Tiger Dragon occupied the sky; its large ruby eyes watched Mu Chen attentively as a mocking laughter burst forth from its ferocious tiger maw. Yang Hong, who had activated the Ancient Tiger Dragon’s Soul Essence, could already feel a surge of power within his body. This strength was sufficient enough to gravely injure anyone of the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase with just one punch, to say nothing of Mu Chen who only had the strength of the Spirit Stage Late Phase.

“Watch as I break your Spiritual Array attack!”

The Tiger Dragon’s laughter echoed like thunder before its massive dragon claw suddenly clenched and fiercely struck the whistling flame meteor.


The two titans mercilessly collided in mid-air with a loud explosion, resulting in rolls of thunder that reverberated across the sky. The momentum of the Ifrit meteor had been completely stopped by the brute force of the impact, causing a rain of fire to fall from the sky.

Although its momentum had been stopped, Yang Hong was still forced to retreat a great distance even in his Tiger Dragon form. However, it didn’t take long before he stormed forth once more with a whip of his tail and proceeded to bombard the giant flame meteor with a flurry of punches.

Boom! Boom!

The Tiger Dragon was relentless in its attack and violent Spiritual Energy surged out like a storm. Roaring up at the sky, its claws started to glow from the cyan light of the accumulated Spiritual Energy, bringing with it a kind of terrifying power to topple mountains to bear down on the blazing meteor.


Yang Hong gave a savage roar in his Tiger Dragon form as his fist explosively punched out. The empty air appeared to distort around the fist as it forced back the giant flame meteor. Lines and lines of cracks rapidly propagated through the meteor, until it finally shattered under the shocked gaze of the countless spectators.

Anyone who saw this rain of fire covering the sky was visibly moved; Yang Hong’s power had clearly advanced by more than a level after transforming into the Tiger Dragon.

On the summit, Mu Kui watched Yang Hong’s incredible display of martial prowess with a heavy expression. Even he was particularly wary of the power that the latter showed. Although this person is quite a schemer, his own strength was just as impressive.

“Mu Chen is going to lose. Aren’t you going to help him?” Bing Qing said indifferently as she glanced at Luo Li.

After transforming into the Ancient Tiger Dragon, Yang Hong’s strength gave her a strong feeling of trepidation, and she’s afraid she might not even be able to contend with Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array.

Fixated on the tall and lean silhouette in the sky above, Luo Li showed a faint smile and said. “He won’t lose so easily.”

Bing Qing knitted her umber-black eyebrows; she clearly didn’t understand where all of Luo Li’s confidence came from. The current situation is not optimistic for Mu Chen.

“Then I’ll have to see just how he is able to reverse this situation.” Bing Qing looked up with her beautiful face to watch the sky, not convinced of Luo Li’s confidence in Mu Chen.


The transformed Yang Hong broke out in thunderous laughter up in the sky. Even the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had painstakingly arranged had collapsed under his relentless strikes. Who is winning and who is losing in this battle was self-evident.

“It will be your turn next!”

Yang Hong’s large ruby eyes looked intently at Mu Chen. He couldn’t wait to crush the latter and enjoy the pleasure of trampling Mu Chen beneath his feet.


Cyan light suddenly burst forth from the Tiger Dragon’s gigantic body. A squall rose up with a single whip of the Tiger Dragon’s massive tail. Thunder rippled through the air as the Tiger Dragon transformed into a cyan beam and appeared above Mu Chen, its enormous shadow descending on the latter.

“Get off the mountain!”

Dense Spiritual Energy violently gushed out from the Tiger Dragon’s clenched claws, appearing like a resplendent cyan-colored sun. The massive claws contained enough power to rend the sky as it blasted out toward Mu Chen.

Enveloped in cyan light, the Tiger Dragon’s attack was as fast as lightning as it streaked across the air, leaving a vacuum in its trail. Everyone held their breath. At the foot of the mountain, Mo Ling and the others’ faces paled; they could still sense just how frightening Yang Hong’s punch was even when they were separated by such great distance.

This punch might even instantly kill a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase powerhouse!

Mu Chen raised his head just then and concentrated on the incoming dragon claw. Both of his hands slowly clenched as an exotic black flame emerged from the depths of his eyes. The dark-black Spiritual Energy that covered his body had also silently burst into black flames.

Mu Chen’s black eyes became more profound at this moment.

Watching the battle from up in the sky, Elder Zhu Tian’s expression suddenly became more intense. He turned his head to glance at the two elders besides him and saw a stunned look flit across their eyes.

They sensed an extraordinarily powerful fluctuation that was faintly similar to when someone activated a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, but was also slightly different.

This fluctuation still has Spirituality and vitality.


While they were in a state of amazement, the dragon claw had finally arrived. A look of pity appeared on the faces of the spectators as the attack ferociously exploded onto Mu Chen’s body.


The heavens trembled as a frenzied cyan-colored Spiritual Energy surged out uninhibited like a large wave and illuminated the heavens.

This punch ruthlessly struck Mu Chen.

Ye Qingling and Zhou Ling’s complexion became pale. They no longer entertained thoughts of Mu Chen pulling out a victory, but instead were only praying that his injuries are not too severe. As long as he can hold on to his life, they can rescue him later.

“Eh? Why hasn’t Brother Mu fallen?” Mo Ling said distractedly as he carefully scanned cyan sky.

Ye Qingling and the others were also surprised and startled as they looked toward that direction. According to common sense, Mu Chen should be falling from the sky after directly receiving that punch.

Many others had also thought that this was peculiar. The astonished gazes looked to the sky at once where the cyan light from the devastating Spiritual Energy began to wane.

The first sight to emerge after the cyan light faded was the massive dragon claw, but a black light appeared to shine from underneath the claw. Fixating on their attention there, the pupils of the countless spectators immediately shrank.

They saw black flames violently raged inside the black light underneath the massive dragon claw. Right now, those black flames seemed to have transformed into a pair of gigantic wings of black flame that have enclosed around Mu Chen’s body and shielded him from Yang Hong’s fierce punch.

“How can this be…”

Numerous murmurs broke out; the thoughts of many were filled with disbelief and shock. They really couldn’t understand how a person at the Spirit Stage Late Phase was able to repeatedly resist the all-out attack of an opponent at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase

“How is this possible?!”

Identical thoughts flitted across Yang Hong’s heart. His eyes rapidly turned blood red as he looked below to see that Mu Chen had suddenly grown a pair of gigantic wings of black flames.

This sensation of being repeatedly thwarted really made him unable to calm down.

He should’ve easily destroyed Mu Chen like breaking dead branches from a tree and trampled him under his feet!


The Tiger Dragon form of Yang Hong roared up at the sky as its dragon claws shortly whistled through the air and frantically attacked the human figure below.


A pair of black wings stretched open from within the black flames that enveloped Mu Chen’s body. As soon as the wings flapped, the sound of breaking wind resounded, an afterimage appeared, and his figure flashed before appearing a kilometer away.

A trace of coldness flashed across the black flames in Mu Chen’s eyes as he changed his hand seals while watching Yang Hong’s frantic assault.


A clear and resonant cry suddenly resounded throughout the world. When this sharp cry sounded out, everyone could sense that all the Spiritual Aura within the world had suddenly showed signs of resistance.

And the source of this resistance is precisely Mu Chen’s position!

“What’s that?!”

A loud shout suddenly rang out causing countless gazes to hastily look over only to see the dark-black Spiritual Energy behind Mu Chen surge up like thick smoke. Black light spread through the skies as the flames behind Mu Chen transformed into a monstrous and mysterious black bird.

A colossal bird stretched its wings and immediately caused the sky to darken. Black flames surged out and engulfed the heavens. This scene caused shock to appear in the eyes of many people.

“This fluctuation…”

Up in the sky, Elder Zhu Tian’s complexion turned solemn at this moment. He looked at the other two elders and saw the same shock in their eyes.

This Mu Chen had actually ingested the Nine Nether Bird’s Spiritual Beast Soul Essence?!

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