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Chapter 182 Array of the Great Ifrit

The sky surrounding Mu Chen glowed scarlet at this moment, painting the clouds a fiery red as if they had caught on fire. The air became distorted by the searing heat as an enormous array of fiery red light gradually formed behind Mu Chen.

The faint Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted out from the center of this array of fiery red light caused the complexion of many of the older students to change. They feared that even ordinary people at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase would not be able to receive this level of attack.

So this freshman named Mu Chen clearly did not reveal his true strength when he previously fought against Mo Lun.

“The freshmen this year are terrifying.” Some of the people inwardly sighed. Although these freshmen were younger than them, their techniques, as well as their schemes, cause others to sigh with amazement.

“A Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master, huh?”

On the summit, Mu Kui also looked up to gaze at Mu Chen’s figure, as a fire ignited within his eyes. The latter didn’t let him down; if Mu Chen was defeated this quickly at the hands of Yang Hong, he would’ve felt some regret.

Elsewhere, Luo Li and Bing Qing were still facing each other in a standoff. Although the atmosphere between the two girls was tense, neither had made a move. It is obvious that they were both wary of their opponent; once they made a move, both sides might have to expend a lot of energy.

Bing Qing glanced at Luo Li before she too raised her head to look at the shocking battle in the sky. The secret technique that Mu Chen revealed had also caused her to be somewhat astonished. She had previously believed that Yang Hong would make short work of Mu Chen.

Now it seems that it won’t be that simple. This Mu Chen was able to capture Luo Li’s heart; he was not just some trivial and worthless character.

Luo Li slightly craned her snow-white neck to look up at the tall and lean figure; a trace of softness flitted across her clear glass-like eyes. Mu Chen’s background count for nothing compared to the other four on the summit. According to him, the place where he came from ought to be just a small and weak continent in the Great Thousand World. His background was nothing spectacular, yet he was not the slightest inferior to Yang Hong and the other freshmen powerhouses.

That’s why she was certain that Mu Chen would come to the Five Great Academies even though he was kicked out halfway through the Spiritual Road. Even though he did not receive the Spiritual Energy Empowerment from the Spiritual Road, he was still able to stand out in this gathering of geniuses.

Perhaps, in the future, this youth will achieve fame and glory that will shake this vast Great Thousand World. The Five Great Academies will be nothing more than the first step in his journey.

Under the starry skies within the Spiritual Road, the youth, who was in a slightly awkward state after he dealt with a group of pursuers, had raised his head. On his handsome face, a determined smile had emerged.

“Luo Li, there will come a day that my name will resound in every corner of the Great Thousand World.” The youth turned his head to face the small campfire and gaze at the girl beside him with his cool and lonesome eyes, looking at her delicate and beautiful cheeks that cause men to be intoxicated.

“Why?” The young girl said with a faint smile.

“If that happens, you will hear my name no matter where you are, so that even if I’m not by your side, I will still be able to protect you just like today.” The youth smiled. His sincere and refreshing expression had caught the young girl off guard, a hint of a smile curled up on the corner of her lips.

Luo Li’s clear glass-like eyes gently blinked, and the corner of her mouth slightly curved upwards. She looked at his slender frame and could feel the latter’s maturity even though he is, currently, still too far away from making good on his promise of great ambition.

But she believed that he will be able to do it.

Just like how she believed that he will arrive at the Five Great Academies to finish what he had started on the Spiritual Road.

With the eyes of countless onlookers gazing up the sky, Yang Hong’s expression was somewhat unsightly and felt a little alarmed as he looked at the array of scarlet light gradually forming behind Mu Chen.

“Spiritual Array Master? I won’t let you arrange a Spiritual Array this easily!”

Yang Hong coldly snorted. This is not the first time he had fought against a Spiritual Array Master. The power of this incomplete Spiritual Array is not weak, but all Spiritual Array Masters have a fatal flaw. It is not easy for them to gain enough time to deploy their Spiritual Arrays during pitch battle. An experienced opponent will finish the fight before the Spiritual Array Masters can complete their arrays.


Yang Hong’s figure abruptly rushed forth like lightning as both palms once again became sparkling and translucent like jade.

Yang Hong headed straight for Mu Chen. This scene caused many people’s to secretly nod their heads; Yang Hong really isn’t somebody who is easy to deal with. He did not foolishly wait for Mu Chen to complete his Spiritual Array.

As long as he managed to interfere with Mu Chen and make it so that he could not arrange his Spiritual Array, the victor of this battle would be determined.

“Brother Mu, watch out!”

Upon seeing this from the foot of the mountain, Mo Ling and the others’ hearts jumped as they anxiously yelled out, but they discovered that Mu Chen was too far away to hear their warning.

Mu Chen tightly closed his eyes and submerged himself in the Heart Array State, perfectly controlling each and every Spiritual Seal. However, he immediately sensed Yang Hong’s imminent arrival and realized the latter’s intent.

“You want to interfere with me?”

Mu Chen laughed mockingly in his heart, but his mental state remained calm and composed. He did not panic in the slightest, but instead submerged himself even deeper into the subtle control ability of the Heart Array State.

With this level of fine control, he was able to clearly perceive the direction and trails of the Spiritual Energy flow in the world.

The complex Diagram Array behind him was also reflected within his heart, incomparably distinct and penetrating.

Under this fine control, Mu Chen’s palm sudden extended out of his sleeves and lightly whirled, only to see several tens of Spiritual Seals condensed once again. With a flick of his finger, the Spiritual Seals shot out into the air in front of him, causing a Spiritual Energy fluctuation that instantly arranged into a Spiritual Array.


A flash of light radiated out to reveal a massive array of golden light, after which a golden dragon and elephant violently surged out and fused into a golden disc that streaked toward Yang Hong.


This development instantly caused an immediate uproar to fill the air. Mu Chen had unexpectedly deployed two Spiritual Arrays at the same time? Is this something he should be able to accomplish as a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master?

Who doesn’t know that Spiritual Array Masters won’t dare to have the slightest lapse in concentration when they deploy Spiritual Arrays much less dividing their attention in two!


Elder Zhu Tian, who was watching the battle in the sky, also cried out in surprise before muttering to himself. “To be able to achieve this level as a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master, it seems that this kid is quite talented in regards to the Heart Array State.”

Only a select few of the high-level Spiritual Array Masters were able to develop this ability to divide their attention. He hadn’t anticipated that Mu Chen had already reached this level of proficiency.


Yang Hong’s facial expression darkened as his punch blasted into the golden disc. He blocked the Spiritual Energy shock waves from the explosive collision and wanted to press forward without delay, but another golden disc came whistling toward him.

It was obvious that this level of Spiritual Array was no longer difficult for Mu Chen.

After the momentary delay from blocking this second attack, Yang Hong stopped moving forward. He had a gloomy expression on his face because the massive array of scarlet light behind Mu Chen’s body was already completely formed.

Obviously, his attempt to disrupt the array formation had failed.

Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes at this moment and a cold chill flitted across his black pupils. He gazed at the dispirited Yang Hong and said with an almost mirthless smile. “You seem to use your head a little bit more.”

“You think that you can challenge me just because you completed a Rank 3 Spiritual Array? How naive.” Yang Hong sneered.

Mu Chen simply smiled in response and ignored him. As he changed his seals, the massive array of scarlet red light behind him suddenly activated as a blaze spread out like fiery waves and swept across the sky.

He extended his slender finger and pointed to the sky as his black pupils became ice-cold.


Towering flames that covered the sky swept out from the center of the Spiritual Array, after which an inhuman sound roared out from within. Flames spread out as a massive pillar of fire explosively shot out from the center of Spiritual Array.


The flames that shot out appeared to tremble before it unexpectedly transformed into an incomparably massive creature of fire. Two horns grew out from its head, fiery red scale covered its entire body, and an extremely frenzied and scorching Spiritual Energy fluctuation emanated out causing the moisture in the air to evaporate immediately.

A look of amazement appeared on the faces of the countless onlookers as they gazed at this creature of fire. The fluctuations emitting out of its body was not any weaker than a person at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. This Spiritual Array arranged by Mu Chen was apparently ranked amongst the top of Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays.

“Array of the Great Ifrit!”

Mu Chen flicked his finger as his quiet voice reverberated through the air. “Go!”


The Ifrit roared up at the sky. Flames swept out like waves as its body moved and directly transformed into a fiery light. The flames ignited into a raging inferno as its entire body transformed into a flaming meteor and streaked across the horizon toward Yang Hong.

The ground below ruptured and burst open as the flaming meteor swept past. Superheated air formed a visible arc in front of the flaming meteor and created a magnificent tail of fire.

Yang Hong raised his head. The Ifrit meteor reflected in his eyes as the corner of his mouth slowly curled up into a sinister smile.

“This is what you had prepared to use against me? It’s not bad, but it all ends now! I’m tired of playing with you!”

Yang Hong took one step forward as the clothes on his body abruptly turned into dust. A cyan light radiated forth as a frenzied dragon roar ferociously resounded throughout the heaven and earth.

Numerous trembling gazes followed along only to see a resplendent cyan light. Yang Hong’s body slowly faded away and was replaced by a gigantic dragon entrenched in the sky.

This gigantic dragon’s body was dark green with cyan dragon scales which were unexpectedly covered in tiger stripes. Its head was not that of a dragon, but rather the head of a sinister tiger.

When this unusual dragon appeared, everyone felt an overwhelming fluctuation sweep out.

“This is…”

Many onlookers concentrated on the gigantic dragon’s body with a stunned expression on their faces.

“Ranked 50th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking’s: Ancient Tiger Dragon?”

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