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Chapter 171 Goddess Luo  Association

Luo Li gazed at Mu Chen with a faint smile as she appeared on top of the house. After her beautiful eyes examined him, she lit up in pleasant surprise. “You broke through to Spirit Stage Late Phase?”

Mu Chen nodded with a smile and teased. “I really can’t compare to you when it comes to being lost in cultivation.”

Luo Li’s delicate cheeks flushed red as she replied. “I achieved decent results this time cultivating in the Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array.”

Furrowing her delicate eyebrows slightly, she continued. “But I heard some rumors while I was there that Mo Lun tried to find you and cause trouble in retaliation for getting kicked off the Spirit Ranking. That’s why I hurried back just now.”

Mu Chen shook his head helplessly and then recounted the incident with Mo Lun.

After listening to Mu Chen, a trace of chilliness bubbled up on Luo Li’s beautiful face. Biting her red lips, she looked at Mu Chen and said, “I should’ve anticipated this. If I had just stayed here then this kind of incident wouldn’t have happened.”

“It was nothing. He was just a clown.” Mu Chen casually smiled. He had never taken Mo Lun seriously as an opponent.

“Oh right.”

Mu Chen chuckled after he recalled the conversation with Zhou Ling and the others, and then proceeded to explain the proposal to establish an association with Luo Li.

“An association? This would indeed be a lot of power in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and its power will only continue to grow. If you support their plans then I’ll just act accordingly.” Luo Li’s slim jade finger gently swiped away a strand of hair on her forehead and did not give this matter further thought. It was just as Mu Chen had anticipated. She had almost no interest in these kinds of things and only agreed because he had been the one to tell her.

Mu Chen couldn’t help but smile. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the sound of rushing wind coming from close by. Turning to look, he saw Zhou Ling, Ye Qingling, and the others coming directly towards them.

Zhou Ling glanced over and saw a beautiful silhouette on top of the house. His eyes lit up with sudden joy as he made his way to the top of the house together with Ye Qingling.

“Luo Li, you’ve finally returned!” Zhou Ling happily said to Luo Li.

Luo Li gave a slight smile in acknowledgement but didn’t say anything.

“How’s everything? Are you finished with your association business?” Mu Chen interjected laughingly.

“Haha. This actually isn’t what we came to talk to you about but the groundwork has already been completed. More than 700 students from our freshman area have already expressed an interest in becoming a member. All that’s left is to carefully screen and evaluate the talent of these prospects.” Zhou Ling said with a smile.

Mu Chen slightly nod and said. “You can do that on your own. I will most likely not get involved since I’ll probably just mess things up.”

“Just leave the association business to us. You two are our signboard and only need to maintain your reputation at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. That will be the biggest help.” Zhou Ling continued enthusiastically, “When you two occupy the first two spots on the Heavenly Ranking, then our association will become the most formidable student power at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

“You are really reaching for the sky.” Mu Chen was speechless. These people really are quite daring to set their sights on the first two spots of the Heavenly Ranking.

“By the way, what is the name of the association?” Mu Chen suddenly asked.

When Zhou Ling heard this question, he started to chuckle and glanced sideways at Luo Li. “After some discussion, we decided to name the association as the Goddess Luo Association!”

“Goddess Luo Association?”

Not just Mu Chen, Luo Li was also startled after hearing the name. The name made it look as if she personally established the association just to name it after herself.

“Haha. Luo Li is visually stunning. Joining the association would be the same as following a goddess in the eyes of many of the freshmen. Quiet but not cold. Beautiful but not provocative. I dare to say that it won’t take too long before she will become the most popular girl at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Zhou Ling said in high spirits.

“We even have the badges ready.”

Zhou Long fished out an exquisite badge from his bosom. The badge was the color of dark azure and had traces of watermarks. In the center, there was a figure dressed in a black dress, a slender and elegant young girl with long hair as resplendent as the Milky Way. Her glass-like eyes were so clear and penetrating that it caused people to become intoxicated.

The corner of Mu Chen’s mouth was slightly drawn. That looks exactly like Luo Li.

“Senseless.” Li Luo’s evaluation caused Zhou Ling’s smile to suddenly turn stiff and awkward.

Mu Chen gave a slight cough and chided with a serious face, “Luo Li is already charming enough to begin with. Accentuating that further like so will only turn all the students wild and lascivious. Won’t this create a headache for me?”

“Well.” Zhou Ling scratched his head in contemplation and said. “We could also add your image so that people will know that she is already taken. With this, they won’t dare have other thoughts.”

Mu Chen’s eyebrows immediately perked up. His hand forcefully patted Zhou Ling’s shoulders and said in a stern voice. “It is rare to see you come up with a good idea. I’m proud of you.”


On the side, Ye Qingling could not help but laugh out loud. A touch of crimson blush appeared on Luo Li’s delicate cheeks while she stared at Mu Chen in anger and embarrassment.

“Good, then let’s do it like so. Luo Li won’t have any objections?” Zhou Ling smiled as he looked to Luo Li for her consent.

Luo Li snappishly looked at Mu Chen before answering. “Do as you wish.”

Zhou Ling became happier after hearing her answer. As expected, getting Mu Chen on their side was key, otherwise, how would Luo Li agree so readily?

“Then it’s settled.” Zhou Ling looked at Mu Chen and said. “Recently, the Wyvern Association and other communities are stepping up their recruitment of members. After all, Yang Hong’s reputation is not low. Not only that, but according to our sources, he has secretly been spreading a rumor that he’s sure to obtain first place at the freshman competition to become the number one student among this year’s freshman.

After hearing this, Mu Chen smiled and said. “He wants to be first but it won’t be that easy.”

“Yes if Yang Hong obtains first place, I’m afraid that we will have dark days ahead. Therefore, we will be relying on you to snatch first place away from him.” Zhou Ling said with a heavy voice. Yang Hong was aware of the recent establishment of the Goddess Luo Association. Perhaps in his eyes, they had long been recognized as Mu Chen’s people. With his temperament, he probably would not treat them favorably if he did gain power.

“Our fight is unavoidable.” Mu Chen nodded and said with a weak smile, merely the smile was a little bit cold. He had already wanted to fight with this person for a long time. He understood that Yang Hong was thinking likewise.

These two had been restraining themselves for the freshman competition. All of their past grievances and resentment would finally be settled then.

“Since only the two of you can deal with that person, we will leave him to both of you.”

Zhou Ling laughed. Afterwards, Mu Chen and the others once again talked about the Goddess Luo Association before taking their leave.

Mu Chen looked at two silhouette fading away into the distance and then turned to look towards the north with ice-cold expression in his eyes.

The guidelines for the freshman competition were unclear at the moment, but Yang Hong was not somebody who was easy to deal with and must not be underestimated.” Luo Li whispered. Yang Hong was a peak existence in the Spiritual Road which was enough to show that he’s outstanding. With astonishing talent, his methods will not be weak and is someone who Mu Chen regards as worthy opponent.

“Although I can’t stand the sight of him, I have to admit that his ability is indeed substantial. To underestimate him is to lack good judgement. I won’t do it and he probably won’t either. Even though he’s outwardly contemptuous and scornful of me, I’m certain that he remains vigilant and possibly fearful of me in his heart. This person is similar to a viper; I cannot give him any opportunities that he can take advantage of.” Mu Chen said while stretching his body.

“Besides Yang Hong, that Mu Kui and Bing Qing are also equally difficult to deal with. Mu Kui’s reputation in the Spiritual Road was not inferior to Yang Hong. And that Bing Qing hails from the Ice Spirit Clan of the Great Thousand World, an extremely powerful clan that has existed for a long time. Although Bing Qing did not participate in the Spiritual Road, she is still not the slightest bit weaker than us. They will all be considered favored candidates for the number one spot.” Luo Li said softly.

Mu Chen nodded his head. That Mu Kui and Bing Qing really would not be easy to deal with.

“Other than those two, there is still one more person capable enough to become the number one freshman.” Mu Chen suddenly laughed while looking at Luo Li. Her strength on the surface is at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase, but Mu Chen could vaguely sense that Luo Li has concealed a portion of her strength. Of course, she’s not the only one. Even Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing all possess hidden strength that they have not revealed yet.

How can it be simple to be at the level of peak existences from the Spiritual Road or people from the Ice Spirit Clan?


Luo Li was stumped at first, but immediately understood after seeing the playfulness in Mu Chen’s eyes. Biting her rosy lips, she inhaled deeply and issued a light humph. “In the event that your luck really is so bad that you meet me, I will forfeit.”

Mu Chen started laughing. He waved his sleeves and a ball of black light flew out towards Luo Li. Inside the black light were numerous flickering lightning beads releasing a deep thunder sound.

“These are Divine Lightning Beads. They are very good for refining Spiritual Energy.

If you had used these Divine Lightning Beads while you were cultivating earlier in the Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array, you would have been able to maximize your cultivation efficiency.”

Luo Li curiously reached out to grab the ball of black light and saw approximately one hundred Divine Lightning Beads inside. She looked up at Mu Chen in surprise and said. “I heard condensing the Divine Lightning Beads is not easy, but you were able to condense this much in just a few days?”

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders and did not reveal that Nine Nether Bird was the one that condensed these Divine Lightning Beads.


And this time, a low hum reverberated in his mind. This was naturally the Nine Nether Bird’s voice, expressing its dissatisfaction with Mu Chen for giving away the fruits of its labor.

“Don’t be cheap. I’ll make it up to you later.”

Mu Chen laughed before he comforted the Nine Nether Bird inside his mind. He clenched his hand and the Spiritual Value Card immediately appeared and a screen of light flickered on. On the screen of light was an impressive list of items that could cause people to enter a daze.

Mu Chen’s slender fingers swiped across the screen as his eyes constantly scanned the items that appeared.  He also needed to make preparations with the freshman competition near at hand. After all, the opponents this time were not simple.

Mu Chen continued to scroll through the list for half the day before he finally came to a stop. Focusing his eyes on the screen and smiling in satisfaction. “That’s it.”

A dark red, almost indiscernible writing glowed on the screen.

Array of the Great Ifrit. Rank 3 Diagram Array. Selling price: 30,000 Spiritual Value.

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