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Chapter 170 Cheating

The trouble caused by Mo Lun was finally resolved with the appearance of Mu Chen. This freshman area had once again become free of hindrance. However, news of the sensational fight that broke out were still being spread by word of mouth from so many freshmen that a few seniors have vaguely heard about this fight.

Regarding the outcome, those seniors were obviously surprised. Mo Lun’s strength may not be counted as outstanding among the seniors, but no matter what, he was on the verge of breaking through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. Compared to those freshmen who just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this kind of strength should clearly be somewhat difficult to contend against.

But at present, Mo Lun was actually defeated.

Moreover, he was defeated by a freshman named Mu Chen, who didn’t even have to exert himself. This irresistible strength where one has no choice but to yield caused some seniors to be inwardly shocked. Apparently, these newly arrived freshmen seemed to be quite a bit more capable compared with the past freshmen.

Concerning Mo Lun’s humiliating defeat, quite a few seniors actually snorted disdainfully. After all, the ones that understood him knew his personality. If he only went to seek trouble for Mu Chen, perhaps no one would say anything. But his actions of obstructing the freshmen had earned people’s contempt. Since the students of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had all been freshman once, they were particularly disapproving of Mo Lun’s actions.

And so, regarding Mo Lun’s defeat and his eventual loss of half a year’s worth of accumulated Spiritual Value points, the same thought, that he got what he deserved, was going through many people’s head. Since this time, this guy had been utterly disgraced, let’s see if he dares to be so cocky in the future.

Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered regarding Mo Lun’s humiliation. You reap what you sow. If the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy didn’t have strict rules, the matter this time would not have been simply resolved with just 200,000 Spiritual Value points.

After this matter with Mo Lun had been settled, peace and quiet once again returned to the freshman area. But since Mu Chen was worried that a similar incident may happen again, he decided to stay in the freshman area for a few days to avoid any trouble from emerging.

Fortunately, no trouble appeared. Mo Lun had lost no small amount of face, and so, had disappeared without a trace, not daring to show himself. In these past few days, preparations were already in full swing for the association proposed by Zhou Ling and the others. The people in the freshman area were unanimously in favor of the proposal. After being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for more than half a month, it became clear to them that the competition at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is extremely intense. In such a competitive environment, the strength of an individual clearly cannot compare to that of a group. As a group, everyone can pull together as one to the benefit of everyone.

Therefore, a resolution on the matter of an association was successfully passed by everyone. Zhou Ling and the others couldn’t help but feel a little excited. Even though they had established their strength in the Northern Heavens World, that was only temporary. But now things were different. They will be spending quite a long period of time at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, so it would be worthwhile to put a lot of energy and hard work into this association.

Mu Chen didn’t have a lot of interest towards the hustle and bustle of Zhou Ling’s group. While he supported Zhou Ling and the others, that didn’t mean that he intended to participate in such complicated business.

On the other hand, Zhou Ling and the others strongly supported Mu Chen’s dedication towards cultivation. For their proposal to work, an overbearing power is needed. And as far as they can tell, Mu Chen and Luo Li were their most powerful deterrent.

That was why, during this time that they were in turmoil, nobody went to disturb Mu Chen. Instead, they allowed the latter to enjoy a moment of peace.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged on the top floor of a small house as he was circulating the Great Pagoda Art and absorbed the abundant Spiritual Aura of the world. After all, the freshman area is enveloped by a Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array. The density of the Spiritual Aura was multiple times stronger than the Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array at the Northern Spiritual Academy. By cultivating in this place, his cultivation speed would at least double when compared to the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“A Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array is already this amazing, I really can’t imagine how much more frightening a Rank 5 or Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array can be.” Curiosity arose in Mu Chen’s mind. He had never seen a Spirit Convergence Array at that rank before. Not to mention the Northern Spiritual Realm, even within the Hundred Spirit Continent, there probably aren’t many Rank 5 or Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array.

“Luo Li should’ve entered a Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array to cultivate. It’s been so long and she still haven’t returned.”

Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. He knew Luo Li’s personality. For unknown reasons, this quiet and refined girl had such an obsessive fixation regarding cultivation that it even moved Mu Chen. During the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen had rescued her from the hands of other participants. Perhaps the young girl became slightly touched by him during the moments they spent together that time. In a sense, this caused the kind of feelings between a girl and a boy to sprout.

For ordinary girls, a majority would want to preserve this budding attraction. But instead, Luo Li decided to do the opposite and attempted to kill Mu Chen in order to completely wipe that feeling from her heart.

At that time, she felt that letting this sentiment grow would have hindered her cultivation.

That is why she forcibly suppressed her feelings even though she was unwilling in her heart. But her obsession with cultivation prevailed in the end, and so, the almost half-year long chase to kill him, began.

Luo Li had a very calm personality and it seemed that she was always aloof and disinterested. She would use an observer mentality to quietly watch over the world. But no matter how emotionless she may become, she is still a girl after all.

She didn’t know that when she first started developing feelings for this boy, there were certain things that had already escaped her control. As a result, when she finally managed to defeat Mu Chen after half a year and pressed her long sword against Mu Chen’s throat, she looked at the youth’s helpless expression and suddenly realized that the feelings she had kept suppressed in her heart had already sprouted during the half-year chase. Her insipid feelings had spread throughout her entire heart, unconsciously breaking through her restrictions.

In this dangerous hunt, who is the hunter and who is the prey, who won and who lost, no one could give a clear answer.

And all this was caused by Luo Li’s obsessive fixation with cultivation. There were times that Mu Chen developed a sense of pity for that level of obsession, but he never stopped her. Instead, whenever she was spending great effort cultivating, he would invest an even greater effort than her.

“This girl.”

Mu Chen softly let out a sigh. He was able to tell that Luo Li’s background is definitely not simple. He had been aware of this for long time. The expression of the old man from the Spiritual Value Hall also proved this point. Therefore, this left him feeling puzzled. For Luo Li to have this kind of background, why is she working with such dedication on her cultivation?

From Mu Chen’s understanding of Luo Li, she is not someone who is crazy about cultivation. In fact, Mu Chen could vaguely feel that she had a hint of disgust and resistance towards cultivating, but…

Mu Chen smiled bitterly and shook his head. For the time being, he threw away these thoughts. He knew there would be a day that Luo Li will tell him herself. Since she doesn’t want to talk about it now, Mu Chen naturally will not force her.

Thinking up to this point, Mu Chen decided not to worry any longer. A crystal Spiritual Value Card suddenly appeared on his palm. On the surface, it showed more than 30,000 Spiritual Value.

“Only 30,000.”

Mu Chen twitched his mouth. To obtain the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence, it was still short 6,970,000 Spiritual Values. It was said that Mo Lun had used up almost six months in order to accumulate 200,000 Spiritual Value. If this is the case, wouldn’t it take more than ten years to collect 7 million Spiritual Value?

“Mu Chen.”

While Mu Chen was feeling helpless about this, Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts suddenly sounded out in his heart.

“Hmm?” Mu Chen answered half-heartedly.

“You could go sell Divine Lightning Beads considering they are worth quite a few Spiritual Value.” Nine Nether Bird radiated with joy at coming up with this idea. Shortly after, Mu Chen saw a dark black beam of light rush out from within his body.


Along with the appearance of the black beam, rumbling sounds of thunder suddenly roared out. With a stunned gaze, Mu Chen stared at the densely packed silver colored beads that have unexpectedly appeared in the middle of the black beam. These beads were barely thumb-sized and a lightning pattern came into view on the surface of the beads. A power of pure essence radiated forth from within, emitting a deep sound of thunder rolls.

“These are the Divine Lightning Beads? So much?” Mu Chen stared blankly. Immediately, his brows cannot help raise. “How did they come in your possession?”

According to his rough estimate, there are perhaps five hundred Divine Lightning Beads. With 200 Spiritual Value per bead, these beads should be worth 100,000 Spiritual Value in total. It’s no small number.

“When you were cultivating in the Lightning Territory, I was secretly absorbing the power of the divine lightning and then condensed them into these.” Nine Nether Bird’s voice was somewhat excited. “Didn’t they say that these could be sold for Spiritual Value? How much are they worth?”

Mu Chen’s face looked a bit strange. At this moment, the Nine Nether Bird’s appearance resembled a little peddler who had suddenly stuck a fortune. This is completely different than his former arrogant and prideful attitude.

“100,000 Spiritual Value.” Mu Chen answered.

That’s still quite far from 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points. Well, it doesn’t matter, we can just go to the Lightning Territory several times. As long as I use my full strength, the speed when condensing Divine Lightning Beads should increase significantly.” The Nine Nether Bird was slightly depressed and replied in resignation.

“If you go all out, then it would create too much of a disturbance and that sort of disturbance will inevitably be detected by Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s high level experts. Although they might not do anything to you, this is suppose to be a kind of a test for students after all. If you were to do such an act, they might recognize it as cheating. If by any chance they take measures towards this, wouldn’t we have wasted all our effort?” Mu Chen smiled bitterly. Regarding this matter, it would be best if they did it in secret. If they were to condense a huge amount of Divine Lightning Beads, it would instead be quite unnatural.  

“Then just when would I obtain the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence…” The Nine Nether Bird also felt that this was logical, however, it was still somewhat unwilling. In front of him, there was a chance of evolution, but in the end, the so-called Spiritual Value had stopped it.

“Be patient, we have plenty of time.” Mu Chen comforted.

“Fine then, you can deal with these Divine Lightning Beads. The next time we go to the Lightning Territory, I’ll work discreetly as much as possible to not get caught and condense more Divine Lightning Beads.” Nine Nether Bird said grudgingly.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. He proceeded to collect the Divine Lightning Beads when suddenly his expression changed. Lifting up his head, he stared into the distance to see a figure of light flying over before finally landing on top of a small house. This figure revealed the graceful and beautiful silhouette of a girl.

When Mu Chen saw this familiar silhouette, he smiled. So she finally finished with her cultivation…

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