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Chapter 172 – Spar

The benchmark for entering the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wasn’t low. All of the students that managed to enter this top academy were all outstanding existences from their respective homes. However, this excellence of theirs had dimmed by comparison after they reached the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This is because there were too many brilliant people in this place. In order to shine inside a place where geniuses gathered, it required much more than talent. Perseverance, determination, and effort were all required as well.

Therefore, if anyone managed to stand out within this competitive location, then that person truly possessed the qualifications to become a true powerhouse. Perhaps in the future, his name would resound throughout the vast and endless Great Thousand World and would be remembered for generations.

However, this step was too far away for Mu Chen and the others, who had just recently arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Right now, their primary goal after entering Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, was to face their first competition since arriving.

It was the so-called Freshmen Competition.

The Freshmen Competition was considered to be the first true competition for countless freshmen. In this competition, the outstanding boys and girls from all over the world would begin to emerge and expose their brilliance. Moreover, the tiny brilliance they emitted would eventually become dazzling within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Even those already established within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would value the Freshmen Competition greatly. Seniors within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would also appear, as they wanted to see how strong the freshmen were this year. Also, they wanted to know if any of them would be able to pose a threat to them.

Because of this, it had even happened in the past that some of the freshmen who stood out within the Freshmen Competition would significantly increase their strength after cultivating for a while. They would even surpass the seniors and become one of the elites within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At the same time, they would earn a place of their own.

Aside from a few exceptions, the big-shots within the Heavenly Ranking were almost all exceptionally brilliant existences within their Freshmen Competition.

Thus, everyone would want to see just which freshmen would become such a force to be reckoned with in the nearby future of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

It was for these reasons that information about the freshmen had spread throughout the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy prior to the Freshmen Competition. Many of the seniors had started paying attention to this year’s freshmen.

Due to the seniors being concerned about the freshmen, the information related to the particularly outstanding freshmen had also been known by many seniors. It was evident that Yang Hong, Mu Kui, Bing Qing, Luo Li and the other outstanding students had caught the most attention.

Of course, the most notable individuals were Luo Li and Bing Qing. After all, no matter where you are, beautiful girls would always easily attract attention.

For Luo Li, her appearance and temperament were undoubtedly top-class. Even at such an age, her delicate and exquisite face had already started to show signs of being able to easily attract trouble. It was truly hard to imagine just how attractive she would be when this girl finally blossoms and emitted her charm. In this case, it may perhaps be true that beauty was the root of all trouble.

Although Bing Qing’s appearance might not be as exceptional compared to Luo Li’s, she had a unique temperament as well. Her icy-blue long hair and slender body were outstanding as well.

It was apparent that these four individuals were highly valued by the seniors. This is because the freshmen that managed to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at the Heavenly Fusion Stage were definitely powerful individuals.

It was destined for these individuals to become powerful people within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Aside from these four individuals, Mu Chen’s name had also emerged from a few seniors. This is all related to the battle that Mu Chen had that day with Mo Lun.

Although Mo Lun wasn’t particularly outstanding among the seniors of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he still possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. Since Mu Chen managed to defeat him with his Spirit Stage strength; such news had surprised many people.

It was clear that many people had seen him as a dark horse within the Freshmen Competition. However, whether this dark horse would manage to shock the freshmen that stood on the pinnacle such as Yang Hong as the others, it would all depend on the Freshmen Competition…

This year’s Freshmen Competition was truly quite interesting.

As the Freshmen Competition approached, the freshmen were doing everything  they could to increase their strength. They used all possible means to become slightly stronger before the Freshmen Competition started.

This tense atmosphere enveloped all the freshmen areas. Even within the freshmen area that Mu Chen and the others reside, the cultivating atmosphere was quite rich. People could be seen everywhere sitting cross-legged to cultivate or having spars with others.

At the center of this freshman area, there was a clear lake. However, the lake’s surroundings were filled with many figures. Every one of them had widened their eyes as they stared curiously at the lake.

On this sparkling lake, two figures were standing on top of the water. One of them was a boy with a slender figure and under the faint sunlight, his handsome face was filled with gentleness.

Opposite to him, there was a girl in a black dress. Her supple hair flowed down like a waterfall. As for her glass-like eyes, it seemed even clearer than this lake and was quite attractive to others.

These two individuals were naturally Mu Chen and Luo Li. Judging from their appearances, it was evident that they were going to spar. With the upcoming Freshmen Competition, even these two had to urgently increase their strength. Therefore, sparring became a decent method of doing so.

Near the lake, there were many freshmen staring curiously and all of them had the same badge on their chest. On this badge, there was an image of a girl in black dress. Beside this girl, there was a slender boy smiling slightly. His appearance was quite sunny and handsome.

This was the badge of the Goddess Luo Association. It was evident that the people here were all members of the Goddess Luo Association.

“I’ll bet that Sister Luo Li will be the victor…”

“Brother Mu isn’t someone simple either. It wouldn’t be easy for her to win.”

“You’ve never seen Sister Luo Li’s true abilities before. I believe that in this year’s Freshmen Competition, Sister Luo Li will become the number one freshmen.”

Many whispers resounded out near the lake. A few people had eyes filled with expectations. After all, the two individuals in front of them were considered the most outstanding students within the freshmen. Their spar would definitely be quite a sight.

While the countless individuals murmured, and stared at the lake, Mu Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes. A ripple slowly spread out from his feet. At the same time, his body turned into a figure of light as he rushed over towards Luo Li at an extraordinary speed.


Before he arrived, a sharp golden light of dozens of meters had extended out from two of Mu Chen’s fingers. In a split second, it had already appeared in front of Luo Li.


However, just as this sharp golden light was about to hit Luo Li, the latter smiled slightly and the water in front of her suddenly exploded. A torrent of water rose into the sky. Under her surging Spiritual Energy, this rapid torrent reformed into a shield and protected her.


When the golden light penetrated into the veil of water, it had extended furiously. But just when it was about to break through the veil of water, it froze and dispersed into the air. The Spiritual Energy within the golden light had been forcibly destroyed by the veil of water.

While this sharp golden light was blocked by the veil of water, a figure had approached over like a phantom. This figure’s hand had clenched into a fist as it blasted out a punch without hesitation. Four Limitless Death Seals instantly emerged.

With overbearing power, the Four Limitless Death Seals rushed into the veil of water. The violent and domineering power within it immediately shattered the veil of water and water sprayed everywhere. The overbearing waves of Spiritual Energy impacted and overlapped as they broke through the veil of water and surged over towards Luo Li.

Luo Li watched as the veil of water was destroyed. However, against the violent black Spiritual Energy impact, she merely stretched out her slender hand and rotated slightly. At this moment, an azure Spiritual Energy poured out like a flood from her and quickly formed into a vortex of Spiritual Energy.

Once this high-speed circulating vortex appeared, the nearby Spiritual Aura of the world had rushed in and caused the azure vortex to become clearer. At the same time, a mysterious fluctuation emitted out.

The attack formed by the four overbearing Limitless Death Seals bombarded fiercely against this azure vortex. However, the Spiritual Energy vortex had circulated rapidly and completely diffused the impact from the Limitless Death Seal.

If the Limitless Death Seal was overbearing and domineering, then this azure Spiritual Energy vortex was quite a soft technique. Although it seemed quite fragile, by circulating endlessly, it had completely dispersed the powerful impact formed by the Limitless Death Seals.

It was an extremely brilliant method of using softness to conquer strength.

When Mu Chen saw the diminishing black Spiritual Energy within the azure vortex, his eyes were filled with surprise. Luo Li’s techniques were quite peculiar.

And just when Mu Chen was surprised by this technique, the azure Spiritual Energy vortex suddenly paused for a moment, and an abnormally dense Spiritual Energy surged out. The seemingly gentle vortex seemed to expose its true fangs at this moment. Accompanied by a roar of a Sea Beast, this Spiritual Energy had surged over towards Mu Chen’s chest.

Mu Chen’s eyes instantly flashed. At this moment, dark glow appeared on the surface of his body and a black light tower slowly emerged.

When the Spiritual Energy impact smashed onto the black light tower, a crisp sound rang out. Shockwaves also rippled out from the surface of the illusory light tower.

Explosions erupted out from the lake that the two individuals were fighting. Columns of water rose up into the sky before it poured down like a massive rain. This caused everyone’s line of sight to become blurry.

When the raindrops appeared in front of their eyes, Luo Li’s body suddenly moved. She gripped her hand tightly and the black longsword appeared in her hand. As she rushed forward, the black longsword seemed to have penetrated through the rain and stopped in front of a person’s throat.

The water droplets that filled the sky eventually faded away and everyone had regained their sight.

At this moment, Luo Li chuckled as she stared at Mu Chen, who was in front of her. Her longsword had stopped in front of Mu Chen’s chest.

“It seems that it was my victory.” Luo Li smiled as she waved the sword in her hand.

Mu Chen also smiled and lifted his hand up. Then, he slowly opened it. Under Luo Li’s stunned gaze, he revealed a lock of silver-colored hair.

At this moment, bursts of applause broke out near the lake. The two individuals’ battle was extremely quick, yet it was quite dangerous. If it was a true battle, Luo Li’s longsword wouldn’t have stopped. As for Mu Chen, he wouldn’t have just taken out a wisp of long hair from her.

In the audience’s eyes, these two individuals were outstanding to the extent that they ought to worship them. They really wanted to know, when these two finally let go of everything and thoroughly revealed their abilities, just how amazing it would be when they fought?

Fortunately for their curiosity, that day seems to be fast approaching.

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