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Chapter 167 – Mo Lun

The long-haired boy stood in midair and stared at Mu Chen, who was in the plaza below, and revealed a mocking smile. He thought that Mu Chen had appeared because he’d been forced to the point where he couldn’t hide any longer.

“So you’re Mo Lun…”

At that moment, Mu Chen lifted his head and smiled towards the long-haired boy in the sky. He said, “You’re quite narrow-minded. It’s truly beyond my expectations. No wonder you dared to occupy the Spirit Ranking, which is for freshmen, and didn’t have the courage to challenge a higher level ranking. From what I’ve seen, you truly are pitiful.”

When Mo Lun heard Mu Chen’s words, his eyes suddenly changed, and his face turned grim. He immediately responded, “What a sharp tongue you possess. You dare speak such words, even when you’re in front of me. You really are heedless of the consequences!”

“You’re quite talkative.”

Mu Chen shook his head and a cold chill poured out from his black eyes. He stared at Mo Lun and said slowly: “Relax, even if you wish to resolve this matter silently, I wouldn’t give you the chance to do so. The humiliation that you’ve gave to my friends the past few days, I’ll make sure that you pay it back right now.”

Mo Lun was stunned. Then, he burst out laughing as if he had heard a joke. He tilted his head towards his friends and laughed: “Did you hear that? He said that he wouldn’t give me the chance to resolve this matter silently? He actually believed that I was planning to let him go?”

A few youths beside him immediately stared mockingly at Mu Chen. Didn’t this guy know the situation he was in?

“Boy, just because of these words, you’ll never have a peaceful life in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mo Lun smiled. His eyes also turned increasingly cold as he replied faintly:

“I’m afraid you’re not qualified to say such words.”

Mu Chen smiled and his body slowly rose into the sky. In the end, he was exchanging gazes with Mo Lun at the same eye level. Then, he stretched out his hand and gently bent it: “Come. If you want to get your revenge, then bring out your abilities. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to regain the pride that you’ve lost.

Mo Lun’s gaze was like a blade stabbing into Mu Chen’s body. His expression had turned exceptionally grim. Mu Chen’s attitude had indeed infuriated him. This scene wasn’t something that he’d wanted to see.

He wanted to see this freshman, who was clueless of the world, reveal a pitiful appearance after he understood who he had provoked…

However, this boy was impervious to such an obvious situation. Thus, he could only use his fists to make him understand that a freshman, who had been recently accepted into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, should learn what is called modesty!

“All of you should step backwards.” Mo Lun spoke slowly in a dark tone.

Seeing Mo Lun’s expression, the nearby youths understood that Mo Lun was completely furious. They immediately stared pitifully at Mu Chen before retreating backwards.

“Perhaps you might feel proud of eliminating my name from the Spirit Ranking, but I must tell you this in sympathy. That was something that I left behind a year ago. In other words, the current you can only contend with the me from one year ago…”

Mo Lun slowly gripped his hands and golden Spiritual Energy formed into a dense golden light. A Spiritual Energy spread out from his body and caused the expressions of numerous freshmen below to change.

The degree of Spiritual Energy was only half-a-step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase!

Mo Lun’s strength was even greater than An Ran, who they’d met in the Northern Heavens World!

A few gazes immediately turned towards Mu Chen. However, the latter’s face remained completely calm. Not even the slightest disturbance could be seen within his eyes. Moreover, he wasn’t surprised by the Spiritual Energy pressure emitting from Mo Lun.

“Boy, it’s too late for you to regret this!”

Mo Lun’s eyes turned cold as he grinned. Then, he rushed forward and clenched his hands together as he fired a punch. At this instant, a golden light erupted. With an extraordinary fluctuation, it soared rapidly like lightning towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s black eyes reflected the approaching golden light. In response, he straightened two of his fingers and let out a furious stab in the next instant. A golden light also erupted from his fingers and formed into a peerless golden divine spear.

The two golden lights fiercely collided with each other and deep sounds rang out from the Spiritual Energy impact. In a few seconds, both lights were annihilated by each other and faded away.

As he witnessed this scene, Mo Lun’s eyes narrowed.

All of a sudden, a blurry figure rushed past the fading golden lights like a phantom and appeared above Mo Lun. Just then, a punch was fired out. Four Limitless Death Seals roared out and an extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation enveloped Mo Lun.

As the four Limitless Death Seals roared out, the fluctuations emitting from it instantly changed Mo Lun’s expression. It seemed this boy had trained in numerous high-level Attack Spiritual Arts. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such combat abilities.

But if this is the reason behind your confidence, then I’ll let you know the difference between us through absolute strength!

“Goldfire Spirit Finger!”

Mo Lun’s body remained motionless as he pointed with a single finger, while golden light gushed out. Within the golden light, a golden flame seemed to have appeared. Then, accompanying the winds unleashed by Mo Lun’s finger, it formed into a light with golden flames. It tore through the air and heavily bombarded the approaching Limitless Death Seals.

When the two powerful attacks collided with each other, Spiritual Energy shock waves that were visible to the naked eye surged out. The golden and black Spiritual Energy confronted each other as it constantly surged and attempted to destroy the other.


Seeing the two Spiritual Energies having a stalemate, Mo Lun’s eyes darkened. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy within his body was completely unleashed. He smacked down with his palm and the golden light finally suppressed the Spiritual Energy impact formed from the Limitless Death Seals. With a bang, the Limitless Death Seals finally shattered and disappeared.

Just when the Spiritual Energy impact from the Limitless Death Seals was completely resolved, a figure rushed forward furiously and the shadow of a palm descended down mercilessly and enshrouded Mo Lun’s surroundings.


However, Mo Lun only sneered in response to Mu Chen’s ferocious attack. He activated his Spiritual Energy and a sharp and powerful wind was formed by his finger. This wind completely stopped Mu Chen’s offense.

In the sky, the two figures were entangled with each other. Black and golden lights would erupt in the sky, making it a dazzling scene.

In this area, numerous gazes stared at the two figures. Even a person who had entered the Heavenly Fusion Stage would turn completely serious in the face of the violent Spiritual Energy that was emitting from this location.

Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the others watched with a serious expression as Mu Chen fought against Mo Lun. It was evident that, compared to ten days ago, Mu Chen’s strength had increased significantly. Therefore, he was able to fight evenly even against Mo Lun’s terrifying offensive.

But no matter what, Mu Chen was still only at the Spirit Stage Late Phase. If they were to compare the density of Spiritual Energy within their bodies, it was natural for Mu Chen to have significantly less than Mo Lun. Therefore, it wouldn’t be to Mu Chen’s advantage if this stalemate continued on.


Just when these thoughts flashed through their minds, a devastating rumbling resounded from the sky. At the same time, the two intertwining figures were blasted backwards.

Mu Chen’s sleeves had been slightly torn while Mo Lun’s loose long hair had turned completely messy. It was evident that the two of them did not hold back during their confrontation.

“This boy is surprisingly resilient. No wonder he was able to eliminate the ranking that I’d left behind a year ago.” Mo Lun let out a cold laugh. The strength displayed by Mu Chen was indeed comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. This was extremely rare.

“However, you shouldn’t be too proud of yourself. After all, this is only the beginning!”

Mo Lun’s eyes turned sharp and he took a step forward. His long hair danced in the skies once again and dazzling golden lights were emitting from his body. These lights would extend and retract, making it look like there were millions of lights surging forth.

“Goldfire Sword Art, Myriad Sword Slash!”

Mo Lun’s hand seals changed as he let out a deep cry. The golden lights that he was emitting immediately condensed in front of him. In the end, it formed into an overwhelming number of golden swords. Every single one of these swords was trembling and making a buzzing sounds A sharp fluctuation would emit from each sword.

With the appearance of these countless golden swords, the Spiritual Aura within the world near Mo Lun’s body started to turn violently. Everybody was able to detect this powerful assault of his.

It was evident that Mo Lun was about to use his trump card!

“He actually forced Brother Mo to use his Goldfire Sword Art. This boy is indeed quite capable.” A few seniors were surprised as they watched this scene.


As they spoke, Mo Lun’s cold eyes locked onto Mu Chen’s body. Then, he let out a cold sneer and changed his hand seal. At this moment, the countless golden swords rushed up into the skies. Then, with numerous whistling sounds, they descended down like a golden torrent. It tore through the air and, with extraordinary speed, it blocked all paths of retreat for Mu Chen.

Numerous individuals’ expressions changed when they witnessed this scene. Even an ordinary Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase powerhouse wouldn’t be able to receive Mo Lun’s attack. It seemed that this guy was planning to end this fight early.

Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the others all stared nervously at the sky. At that location, Mu Chen’s body seemed so insignificant and weak in the face of the mighty golden torrent.

From afar, Yang Hong, Bing Qing and Mu Kui also had their sights fixed at this place. Even they felt a hint of danger from the golden torrent. If Mu Chen didn’t have any other techniques, he would definitely be defeated.

Amidst the countless tense gazes, Mu Chen remained calm. He stared at the mighty golden torrent and could feel the extraordinary sharpness from the swords within.

At this moment, he suddenly closed his eyes. Dark-black light emitted from his body and completely enveloped him.

“Turn the body into a Pagoda!”

Mu Chen gently murmured within his heart. At the same time, dark black lights suddenly rocketed up into the sky. As the black light surged out, Mu Chen’s body completely vanished. Instead, it was replaced by a nine floored pagoda!

The pagoda remained suspended in midair and black lights continued to spill out. It remained motionless and quietly allowed the golden torrent of swords to bombard its body.

Ding Ding!

Crisp metal sounds resounded out. The golden torrent of swords had surrounded the pagoda and circled around it furiously. The fluctuations emitting from it had even caused the air to show signs of distortion and many people watching had turned numb.

However, Mo Lun and, from a distance, Yang Hong, Bing Qing and Mu Kui’s eyes narrowed at this instant. This is because they could see that the black pagoda was quietly standing within the violent golden torrent. Even against such an extraordinary offensive, it had remained completely motionless.

Moreover, Mo Lun’s all-out attack did not even leave the slightest traces on the black pagoda.

“How is this possible?!”

In this instant, even for Mo Lun, he was completely shocked. A hint of unease sprouted in the depths of his heart and quietly entangled itself like vines.

Only now did he finally understand that the freshman, who he believed had been hiding cowardly, was very strange and extremely dangerous.

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