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Chapter 168 – The Might of the Pagoda

The golden torrent swept through the skies, and the countless golden swords were making whistling sounds. From afar, the tempest formed by these swords seemed like an extraordinary attack.

At this moment, countless gazes witnessed the scene occur in the sky. The attack from Mo Lun had shocked them tremendously. Even Ye Qingling and the others looked worried.

But just when the worry could be seen in their faces, buzzing sounds rang from the golden torrent in the sky. Suddenly, the sharp golden torrent froze for a moment and the speed of the storm was forcibly slowed down. Afterwards, it stopped completely.


When the golden torrent was blocked, a black glow shone from the golden torrent. As the black glow passed through, the golden torrent seemed to have melted like lava touching snow, causing the golden swords to instantly fall apart and disintegrate at an alarming speed.

Within a few seconds, the mighty golden torrent completely vanished from sight.

And in the center of the golden torrent was a few hundred feet black pagoda. It was suspended quietly in the air as a mysterious fluctuation was emitting from it.

The black tower had obscure light engravings on the surface and not even the slightest trace of damage was on the body of the pagoda. It was evident that the devastating golden torrent had no effect on it.

“What the hell is that? Could it be a Spiritual Artifact? However, it doesn’t look like one…”

Everybody’s gaze was fixed on the black tower and people looked surprised. Even Ye Qingling and the others were completely shocked. It was clear that it was their first time witnessing Mu Chen use such a technique as well.

At this moment, the black pagoda trembled for a moment and black lights suddenly gushed. The tower suddenly rushed up into the skies and then it directly suppressed Mo Lun, who was beneath it.

As the black tower rushed up, an indescribable pressure started to emit from it. In that instant, even the Spiritual Aura within the world had fled from this location. It was as if it had met something terrifying.

As the huge shadow from the pagoda enveloped him, Mo Lun’s expression turned extremely serious. He felt a dangerous fluctuation coming from the black tower.

Right now, he did not dare to underestimate Mu Chen at all.

After all, Mu Chen’s various techniques had finally made him feel somewhat uneasy.

“It won’t be that easy for you to defeat me!”

However, Mo Lun was, after all, an experienced senior. Moreover, he wasn’t weak at all. Even at a time like this, he was able to quickly suppress the unease within his heart and let out a battle cry. Golden Spiritual Energy surged out like a flood and surrounded his body. In the end, a deafening roar rang out as he turned into a golden beast that could walk in the air.

The entire body of this beast was gold in color, as if it was crafted from actual gold. Its enormous body had a golden flame drifting around. Moreover, a golden horn with spiral engravings was on the golden beast’s forehead. The golden beast’s body started emitting a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

“Is that the Goldfire Beast that’s ranked 91 on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking?”

When Ye Qingling and the others noticed that Mo Lun had changed into a golden beast, they were surprised. Mo Lun actually had to use this technique as well. It seemed that he was pressured by Mu Chen quite a bit.


As the Goldfire Beast roared towards the sky, thousands of golden lights erupted from its body. A pair of golden eyes stared at the black pagoda, while attempting to suppress it. Then, it lowered its head and a brilliant glow flashed from the golden horn on its head. The glow was exceptionally bright and stung countless eyes.

“Goldfire Horn!”

Mo Lun’s deep cry resounded out from the Goldfire Beast’s hideous mouth. Immediately after, a gigantic golden light erupted furiously from the golden horn of the Goldfire Beast.

The golden light ripped through the sky like a pillar of light. It carried a powerful Spiritual Energy and under countless gazes, it fiercely smashed against the pagoda that was approaching.


The Goldfire Beast formed by Mo Lun roared out loudly. Gold energy collided against the pagoda in a pillar of light. At the same time, violent Spiritual Energy shockwaves spread out in waves. It was an spectacular sight.

“Scram? You’re being suppressed instead!”

The black pagoda remained motionless and allowed the golden light to do whatever it wanted. Mu Chen’s voice also rang out from within the pagoda loudly. After his voice appeared, black lights swept out from the surface of the black pagoda.


The black pagoda vibrated as a black halo was emitted from the base of the pagoda. As the black halo rippled out in waves, the originally bright golden beam dimmed at an extraordinary speed.

The change in brightness was exceptionally swift. Before Mo Lun could recover from his shock, the black pagoda had already descended. It shattered the golden lights as it passed through.

Bang Bang Bang!

Watching the pagoda descending while suppressing the golden light, the Goldfire Beast’s eyes filled with terror. It hurriedly activated the Spiritual Energy within its body and numerous golden beams shot out. However, whenever these powerful golden beams touched the black halo beneath the pagoda, they turned dim and vanished at an amazing speed.

From its appearance, it was as if the darkness had met the sunlight.

While it continued descending with overbearing might, the terror within the Goldfire Beast’s eyes increased, because it had no way of stopping the pagoda.


Finally, under countless horrified gazes, the black pagoda fiercely smashed down onto the enormous body of the Goldfire Beast.

The instant it made contact with the Goldfire Beast, even the skies seemed to tremble.

Overwhelming black light rushed out from the base of the pagoda. Due to the enveloping black light, the Goldfire Beast that was formed by Mo Lun started to make sounds of wailing. The golden light quickly dimmed and shrunk. In the end, it turned back into a human figure

At this moment, the human figure shot back awkwardly and mouthfuls of blood were spat out. The originally powerful aura seemed to have shriveled up and the Spiritual Energy fluctuations that rippled out from his body had become weak and disorderly.

Mo Lun’s figure shot straight down to the ground. This powerful force directly caused a deep crater to form on the ground. Cracks immediately spread out from the crater.


Mo Lun’s clothes were completely torn to pieces. His hair was completely disheveled as he stared palely at the sky. Fear was pouring from his eyes. While the black pagoda suppressed him, it also shattered his courage.

This power had completely suppressed him!

The numerous individuals that were concerned about this battle also quietly inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. Even the seniors in the sky were completely stunned. They stared in a daze at Mo Lun, who had a pale expression, and could not recover from their shock.

Mo Lun, whose strength was comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase, had actually lost? Moreover, he had lost to a freshman, who was only at the Spirit Stage Late Phase?

They turned their necks stiffly and exchanged gazes with each other. All of them were completely silent. This time, their opponent was too strong and they had completely underestimated him.

“That guy…”

In a distant location, Yang Hong had a calm expression as he witnessed this scene. But when he stared at the black tower, his eyes focused and turned cold. Mu Chen’s true strength was beyond his expectations. As expected, that guy wasn’t someone who could be dealt with easily. It seemed that he had to make preparations for the Freshmen Competition that would be hosted ten days later.

“He’s quite powerful.”

On the other side, Mu Kui nodded his head and gave a fair assessment. Although he was not afraid of Mo Lun, it would be burdensome if he wanted to suppress the latter to this extent. Since Mu Chen had managed to do so with his strength at the Spirit Stage Late Phase, it impressed him.

As for Bing Qing, she had remained icy cold. Her icy-blue eyes did not reveal much shock.

In the plaza, Ye Qingling and the others also recovered from their shock and surprise filled their eyes. This time, even Zhou Ling and the other students at the pinnacle of the freshmen were impressed. With the identity of a freshman, he was able to defeat a senior such as Mo Lun. This ability of his was enough to tame them.

Not to mention Mo Ling and the others, these individuals all had eyes filled with worship. At the same time, the other freshmen all had dazzling smiles on their faces. They stared at the seniors, who had ugly expressions, and felt satisfied. They were finally able to express their fury from the past few days.

In the sky, the black tower quickly shrank. As the light faded away, it turned into a slender figure. At this moment, Mu Chen stared coldly at Mo Lun, who was completely pale, and appeared directly in front of him.

Seeing Mu Chen’s cold expression, Mo Lun’s heart jumped. He gritted his teeth and said, “Boy, it’s your win. Everyone, let’s leave!”

Although he was in an awkward position, he wouldn’t submit to him verbally. He could lose the battle, but could not lose the war.


Mu Chen stared at him and frowned. This made Mo Lun felt a bit of unease. However, he continued to sneer and said, “Otherwise, what do you plan to do?”

“Since you’ve blocked this many people from leaving for ten days, don’t you think that you should hand over a bit of compensation?” Mu Chen said faintly, “Hand over all your Spiritual Values.”

“What did you say?!” Mo Lun’s expression instantly turned cold and he snapped. He never imagined that Mu Chen would be this vicious. He actually wanted him to hand over his Spiritual Values.

Mu Chen remained indifferent and flicked his finger. A powerful wind erupted and passed by Mo Lun’s ear. Then, it landed on the ground and formed a hole in the tough boulder.

“Although I cannot kill you, I don’t mind hanging you on a tree within the freshman area. This way, you wouldn’t have any face left within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen seemed to smile. However, this smile sent chills throughout Mo Lun’s body.

“Sometimes, you have to pay the price when you do the wrong thing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t remember it at all.”

“Bastard!” Mo Lun’s face reddened and he growled: “You dare do this to me? Don’t you know that I’m a member from the “Azure Red Community”? If you dare do such a thing, then don’t even think being able to survive within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

Mu Chen glanced at him calmly before he took a step forward. He grabbed directly onto Mo Lun’s collar and fired out a palm. He directly dislocated all four of Mo Lun’s limbs and dragged him towards a tree. It was evident that he planned on hanging him there.


Mo Lun endured the pain from his limbs and had a pale expression. If he were to be hung up at this place, he definitely wouldn’t have any face left!


As he thought about the humiliation that he would face, Mo Lun finally couldn’t act arrogant anymore. His entire body turned limp and he clenched his hand tightly. A crystal-like Spiritual Values Card appeared and he gritted his teeth as he stared at Mu Chen. “Just you wait, I won’t let you go this easily!”

Mu Chen smiled and completely ignored him. He picked up the Spiritual Values Card and looked at the amount it contained. At this moment, he could not help but lift his eyebrow in surprise.

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