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Chapter 166 – Blockade

In a certain location within the freshmen area.

In the spacious plaza, numerous freshmen had gathered, talking to each other. However, they could not suppress the anger within their voices. Many of the freshmen stared angrily at the skies above this area. At that location, there were a few figures standing in midair as they chuckled and watched over them. These people all had sloppy expressions, but the Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were emitting from within their bodies revealed that they all possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage individual.

It was evident that it would currently be difficult for the freshmen to compete against this line-up.

At the center of the plaza, Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the others had all gathered. All of them had furious and unwilling expressions. These bastards had already besieged them for a bit over ten days.

Although they could still cultivate within the freshmen area, they felt like prisoners in a prison, since they were stuck in this place and were not allowed to exit.

“These bastards are going too far!” Yan Ling gritted his teeth as he cursed. His face had a few bruises. This was the price that he had paid for not being able to endure this treatment and fighting against these bastards. Although he was considered to be one of the strongest freshmen, there was still quite a bit of difference between him and the seniors, who had already cultivated within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for one or two years.

Zhou Ling and the others also had gloomy expressions. In the past, they were all prideful individuals and had never been this insulted. During these ten or so days, a few freshmen, who were originally together with them in this freshmen area, had applied to leave this freshmen area due to the pressure from Mo Lun and the others. Only by doing this, they were able to escape from their bullying.

However, there were lot more freshmen who had decided to huddle together and form a group. After all, the students that were able to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were all considered to be at the pinnacle of their own respective academies before. Although their sense of superiority had dimmed after they entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they still had pride deep down inside. Therefore, if they were to leave this freshmen area due to the current circumstances, won’t it be same as they telling others that they were afraid of these bastards and were forced to choose a humiliating method to escape their bullying?

Their prideful selves would not accept such thing to happen.

Thus, even though many of the freshmen were filled with fury, there weren’t many individuals that decided to leave this freshmen area. Instead, they grouped together as if they wanted to see just how far these bastards would go.

“Let’s continue to cultivate. After all, we’re within a Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array, the Spiritual Aura within this place is quite abundant. Let’s see who will be able to outlast the other.” Zhou Ling said.

Everybody nodded in response. Because of Mo Lun’s actions, they had become quite familiar within each other during the past few days. They would gather together and it was apparent that they had formed a deeper relationship.

“Right now, we can only wait until Mu Chen or Luo Li return.” Ye Qingling smiled bitterly. Those two…Once they departed, they left for more than 10 days and had not reappeared since then.

“Even if they came back, it probably wouldn’t be easy to deal with the current situation.” Yan Ling said helplessly. Although both Mu Chen and Luo Li’s strength were considered to be at the pinnacle of the freshmen group, these seniors were in no way inferior to them. Moreover, they had an advantage in numbers.

“Eh, let’s just wait and watch.” Zhou Ling waved his hand and was about to begin his cultivation. However, his expression suddenly changed and he lifted his head as he stared into the distant skies. At that location, a figure of light was rushing over to this location rapidly. A familiar fluctuation emitted out from that figure.

“It’s Mu Chen! He’s back!” Zhou Ling stood up in surprise and exclaimed.

“Mu Chen returned?”

In this plaza, the thousands of freshmen were also surprised. They hurriedly lifted their heads as they stared at the distant figure of light.

“Mu Chen?”

The commotion below was also heard by the numerous individuals in the sky. They were all startled and immediately turned towards the figure of light. Then, a youth sneered: “That guy, he finally couldn’t endure it any longer and appeared, huh? Prepare to notify Brother Mo, I’ll intercept that boy.”

Immediately after he spoke, dense Spiritual Energy surged out from the youth’s body and charged over as he shouted: “Boy, I’ve waited for you for a long time. Stop right now!”

From a distance, Mu Chen was able to see the numerous figures forming a blockade within the sky. The cold chill within his eyes suddenly increased. These bastards, they really had formed a blockade here!

Just when his eyes turned increasingly relentless, he stared at the figure that was rushing towards him and the latter’s sneer resounded out from afar.

Seeing that this bastard dared to act this arrogant in front of him, his expression turned completely cold. He clenched his fingers tightly and blasted out a punch. Dark-black Spiritual Energy converged and four Limitless Death Seals were formed and fired out at the same time.

As the four Limitless Death Seals exploded out, it left behind a trail of light. Everywhere that the trail of light passed through, it forcibly caused the air to blow up and sounds of explosion rang out.

The youth that had charged towards Mu Chen also detected how powerful the attack released by Mu Chen was and his eyes immediately focused. This boy, he truly had some skill as he was able to eliminate Mo Lun from the Spirit Ranking.

“A mere freshman dares to act this insolent in front of me?” Although this youth was somewhat surprised, he was not afraid of Mu Chen. As he sneered, he also clenched his fists tightly and Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body. Rumbling Spiritual Energy converged on the surface of his fists as he fired out a punch. Then, this punch connected directly at the four Limitless Death Seals that approached him.


Mu Chen’s black eyes were completely merciless. The four Limitless Death Seals suddenly exploded and powerful Spiritual Energy shockwaves overlapped with each other like rippling waves. With the force of thousands of shockwaves, they bombarded fiercely against the youth’s attack.

Visible Spiritual Energy shockwaves rang out with a gigantic sound. At this moment, the youth’s expression was slightly pale and filled with horror. His body trembled and he was forcibly blown away. He felt something sweet within his throat and traces of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

In this direct confrontation, he was actually blown away by Mu Chen!

“How is this possible?!” The youth’s eyes were completely dismayed. How could this Spirit Stage Late Phase freshman possess such extraordinary combat ability?

When the numerous seniors witnessed this scene, they were also quite shocked.

In the instant that they were completely shocked, Mu Chen had rushed past their blockade and landed directly on the plaza where the freshmen gathered.

“Mu Chen!” Seeing this, Ye Qingling and the others hurriedly and surrounded him.

“Brother Mu, you’ve finally returned!” Mo Ling and the others’ expressions were filled with excitement.

“Everyone, are you alright?” Mu Chen glanced around the surroundings at everyone. All of them had eyes filled with surprise and not even the slightest grievance could be seen within them. This made him somewhat touched and somewhat ashamed. After all, they had suffered because of him.

“We’re alright. Although these bastards were quite arrogant, they didn’t dare to do anything to us.” Zhou Ling smiled at Mu Chen and was quite curious. Just earlier, he had seen Mu Chen blow away a senior, who was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase, with one punch. Compared to ten days ago, it was apparent that the latter’s strength had increased again.

“This time, it was all because of me not considering such possibilities. I’ve troubled everyone.” Mu Chen said seriously as he cupped his hands towards the freshmen.

“Ohoho, Brother Mu, what are you saying? The Spirit Ranking originally belongs to us freshmen. It’s completely reasonable for you to enter the Spirit Ranking. Instead, these bastards are quite narrow-minded, we all support you!” A freshman smiled and responded.

“That’s right. Brother Mu, you’ve brought glory to us freshmen when you entered the Spirit Ranking. These seniors are truly shameless. We’re not afraid of them. Didn’t they just enter the academy one or two years earlier than us? What is so amazing about them?”

Numerous freshmen spoke out in rage. They spoke out everything that they had hidden deep inside previously. It was evident that they were quite unhappy towards Mo Lun and the others.

As Zhou Ling watched this scene, he also smiled and said to Mu Chen: “It seems that everybody supports you. However, that bastard, Mo Lun, isn’t here. They would take turns in blocking us, but I think that guy will soon appear.

Mu Chen nodded his head slightly and responded slowly: “Everybody, relax. I won’t fight unless I am attacked. However, since they’ve already appeared, I may be underestimated if I were to endure this.”

As he spoke, he lifted his head and stared at the numerous pale youths. His voice was completely heartless as he spoke: “Hurry and notify that Mo Lun. Didn’t he want to see me? I’ll wait for him right here!”

In the sky, the numerous youths snorted in response. They exchanged gazes with each other and then a person gripped his hand tightly. A light flashed in the center of his palm before it quickly flew away and disappeared.

“A freshman actually dared to act this arrogant. We’ll see if you’ll have such confidence when Brother Mo appears.” A youth sneered.

Mu Chen’s eyes possessed a calm glow. He glanced at the youth, but was too lazy to care about him.

As the commotion caused at this location was quite large, it had attracted quite a bit of attention. Numerous freshmen from other areas had approached from afar as they stared in this direction. The rumors of Mo Lun and the others forming a blockade in this area had already spread. Although the other freshmen from other areas felt displeased, they didn’t dare  say anything as they didn’t want to get involved.

And currently, it seemed the cause of this trouble, Mu Chen, had finally reappeared.

When this area attracted numerous people’s attention, three individuals, Yang Hong, Bing Qing and Mu Kui, stared towards this place in the sky from three different locations. They wanted to see how Mu Chen would deal with the current situation. After all, they had seen Mo Lun before as well. The latter wasn’t weak and was about to break through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase.

Towards the numerous gazes from all directions, Mu Chen remained completely indifferent. He only stared into the distant skies. After a while, his expression finally changed. From that direction, a rainbow light was surging over and appeared in the sky after a few seconds.

When the light faded away, it revealed a stern-looking youth with long hair. His sharp eyes swept through the place beneath him and finally stopped on Mu Chen’s body. His smile turned cold and he finally spoke.

“So you’re Mu Chen, right? I’ve waited for you for quite a few days.”

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