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Chapter 161 – Spirit Pill

The following day.

Mu Chen and Luo Li both left the freshman area and headed straight towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The students of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy possessed great freedom. There were no constraints in terms of lessons and most instructors would rarely restrict the actions of students. This is because there were many students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that were even more powerful than the instructors. Hence, the instructors would only take a guiding role most of the time and would not always teach them like what Teacher Mo did during the Northern Spiritual Academy.

Of course, it wasn’t that there aren’t well-known instructors within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The instructors that stood at the pinnacle in strength were first-class powerhouses even within the Northern Heavens Continent. If the students wanted their guidance, they would have to pay a high fee for them to come.

And for the freshmen, it was currently impossible for them to pay such an enormous amount of Spiritual Value Points.

Since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was quite vast, Mu Chen and Luo Li flew through the sky for nearly half an hour before finally reaching the location of the Spiritual Values Hall.

The Spiritual Values Hall was so majestic that it was simply impossible to describe. This hall seemed to be situated at the top of a mountain within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Moreover, fog would circulate near its surroundings as if it was a fairyland.

Just by standing next to the Spiritual Values Hall, they would seem like tiny ants. If they looked up, they would be able to see massive words formed with light sparkling in midair.

The Spiritual Values Hall was considered a popular location within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Thus, Mu Chen and Luo Li were able to sense how popular this location was when they’ve arrived outside of the hall.

In the skies nearby, countless figures would rush over and head straight into the giant hall. The flow of people that entered was endless.

Mu Chen and Luo Li stood outside the Spiritual Values Hall and stared at the liveliness of this location. They could not help but exclaim aloud. It seemed that they had only seen a speck of what the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was.

“Let’s enter as well.”

Mu Chen smiled at Luo Li before the two of them also headed inside the mountain-like Spiritual Values Hall. As they entered, they could feel Spiritual Energy fluctuations that caused them to tremble slightly.

In front of Mu Chen and Luo Li, there was a vast and abnormal hall. The ceiling of this hall seemed to be covered with stars and was extremely mysterious. Moreover, the hall was quite noisy as many individuals would gather here.

At this moment, the two of them stared above and noticed many circular crystals floating in midair. From within the crystals, they could see various scrolls, Spiritual Artifacts and worldly treasures, etc.

Mu Chen glanced at the starry ceiling and frowned. He could sense a mysterious fluctuation within the hall that caused him to tremble. It was a fluctuation that was unique to a Spiritual Array.

It was evident that there was a terrifying Spiritual Array arranged secretly within the Spiritual Values Hall as a precaution to theft.

While Mu Chen and Luo Li glanced around the Spiritual Values Hall, they suddenly detected numerous gazes being cast over. Accurately speaking, the gazes landed on Luo Li, who was beside Mu Chen.

At this moment, the girl’s tall and slim figure coupled with her soft, silver, long hair caught the attention of many individuals. Her glass-like eyes made others feel the calmness within her heart. Furthermore, her exquisite expression was exceptionally attractive.

Since a girl with such temperament and appearance had appeared here, it was impossible for her not to draw attention.

“Huh, when did such a beautiful girl appear within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? This temperament and appearance are absolutely at the highest level!”

“She’s quite unfamiliar. I’ve never heard of her before.”

“Ohoho, you could strike up a conversation with her for a bit. Since the boy beside her is only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase, he is weaker than her. They probably aren’t a couple…”

When Mu Chen noticed the various gazes coming from his surroundings, his expression immediately darkened. But before he managed to say anything, the girl beside him suddenly stretched out her slender hand and pulled him into the depths of the Spiritual Values Hall.

In the instant that she grabbed Mu Chen’s hand, Mu Chen felt the whispers suddenly fading away from their surroundings. Surprise filled many people’s faces and each of them felt a sense of pain. Why would such an outstanding girl choose such a weak boy? Is it because he was quite handsome?

Mu Chen noticed the regretful and envious gazes emerge and grinned in response. He felt quite happy deep down inside. This is my woman, you’re not qualified to touch her.

Just when he felt a bit proud, Mu Chen also gripped Luo Li’s slender hand tightly. In response, the girl immediately glared at him. The elegance displayed by Luo Li made Mu Chen’s heart jump. Unknowingly, the girl had already begun displaying her charm which would cause a disaster.

After Luo Li pulled Mu Chen into the depths of the Spiritual Values Hall, she released her hand and calmly glance around the surroundings.


Mu Chen gripped his hand and reminisce the sense of softness that remained within his hand. However, he immediately sighed: “It seemed that I must quickly increase my strength. Someone’s charm is too powerful. If I do not become stronger, I don’t know how many times others would bat an eye at me. Those guys are all staring as if I’m only an attractive and pretty man.”

When Luo Li heard this, she smiled and tilted her head. Her glass-like eyes stared at Mu Chen as she nodded: “You’re quite like that.”

Mu Chen was somewhat shaken and depressed.

“It’s fine. Not to mention that you aren’t one, even if you are, I am still willing to be with you.” Luo Li’s red lips twitched and her pretty eyes were like curved moons. At this moment, she wasn’t like her usual calm self. Instead, she seemed more like a sly fox.

“Alluring woman. Just wait till I surpass you. Just see if I would smack you on your butt.” Mu Chen pouted as he stared at the blushing and delicate face of Luo Li. Then, he clapped his hands and moved his attention upwards. He lifted his head up and stared into the air where, there was a gigantic crystal ball. Within the crystal ball, there was a golden liquid that was the size of a human’s head. The golden liquid seemed to be alive and would slowly crawl around. A strange feeling was being emitted from it.


Mu Chen’s eyes turned serious as he stared at the text of light outside the crystal ball. Then, his eyes narrowed as he muttered: “So this is the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence…”

Violent Spiritual Energy appeared once again within his aura sea. Mu Chen did not have to look to know that it was the Nine Nether Bird becoming excited again.

“Calm down. Nobody would dare steal any of the items here. Even if it’s you, you probably wouldn’t be able steal items from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy when you’re in your prime condition.” Mu Chen said helplessly within his heart.

When the Nine Nether Bird heard his voice, the rampaging Spiritual Energy slowly subsided. It also knew what its circumstances were right now. Since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy dared to display the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence, they probably weren’t afraid of it being stolen.

“Let’s go. Let’s first buy the Spirit Pill.”

Seeing the Nine Nether Bird calm down, Mu Chen was quite relieved. He immediately spoke to Luo Li as he headed straight towards a crystal counter nearby where an old man was currently taking a nap.

“Old man. I want to buy a Spirit Pill.” Mu Chen knocked on the crystal counter and asked politely.

The old man that was awakened lifted his head up impatiently. He stared at Mu Chen for a moment before flicking his fingers. At this moment, a beam of light headed straight towards Mu Chen, who grabbed onto it. When the lights faded away, a box appeared. Inside the box, there was a round pill, which is the size of a dragon’s eye, that exuded a mellow fragrance. It was the Spirit Pill.

After the old man had tossed the box as if it was trash, he waved his hand. The Spiritual Value Card within Mu Chen’s hand lit up and numerous lights flew into his hand. Mu Chen immediately glanced at his Spiritual Value Card and noticed that it had already 20,000 Spiritual Value Points deducted.

Once this was done, the old man closed his eyes again. However, he suddenly opened them and stared at Luo Li, who was beside Mu Chen. A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes.

“Little girl…” The old man stared at Luo Li. His gaze was fixated on her silver hair.

Luo Li also stared at the old man in confusion. Beside her, Mu Chen was slightly surprised as well.

The old man looked for a moment before slowly asking: “Are you a person from the Luoshen Clan? Just who is Luo Tianshen to you?”

Luo Li’s eyes immediately narrowed as she stared at the old man. However, she shook her head slightly and replied: “I’m sorry. I can’t tell you that.”

After saying this, she pulled Mu Chen towards the exterior of the Spiritual Values Hall. Seeing this, the old man did not stop her and only frowned. He muttered: “That girl probably trained in the Luoshen Art. That’s why her hair became like that. However, only a person that possesses the bloodline of the royal family could train in that…But why would someone who is in the royal family of the Luoshen Clan come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

He pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh. Then, he slowly closed his eyes again.

Luo Li dragged Mu Chen out of the Spiritual Values Hall as the latter stared at her. He had also heard the old man’s words. Luoshen Clan. Could it be Luo Li’s clan? But why hadn’t he heard of it before…

When Luo Li exited the Spiritual Values Hall, she released Mu Chen’s hand. At this moment, her glass-like eyes were slightly in a trance and she was absent-minded.

“What is it?” Mu Chen whispered.

“It’s nothing.” Luo Li shook her head gently. Then, she smiled faintly at Mu Chen: “We’ve obtained the Spirit Pill. You should hurry and train within the Lightning Territory. I’ll cultivate within a Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array as I wait for you to come out.”

Mu Chen could tell that she had something hidden within her heart. However, she did not want to tell him about it yet. Since it was like that, he would not ask her and instead wait for her to tell him. Then, under many gazes, he suddenly took a step forward and pulled the girl into his arms. He whispered next to her ear: “Right now, I might not have the strength to share your burden, but believe me, I will definitely become strong. Since you’ve said in the Spiritual Road that you’ll protect me from any sneak attacks from the back, then I should be the one that’s standing in front of you.”

Luo Li bit her lips. Her glass-like eyes were filled with softness as she replied with a gentle “yes”.

“Then, I’ll head to the Lightning Territory. Wait for me to come back out.”

Mu Chen smiled as he released her. He waved his hand and immediately turned into a beam of light as he headed far away. Luo Li stared at his figure as a gentle smile surfaced. As this smile emerged, many people nearby were completely mesmerized. Only after a moment, she turned around and headed in the opposite direction.

Just when Mu Chen separated with Luo Li, a beam of light rushed into the freshman area which they belong to. Then, a boy with long hair emerged in midair. He had a cold aura emitting from his body as he stared down at the freshmen below. A cold shout instantly rang out within the freshmen’s ears.

“Who is Mu Chen? Hurry and get the f*ck out here!”

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