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Chapter 162 – Mo Lun

“Who is Mu Chen? Hurry and get the f*ck out here!”

A cold shout laced with rumbling Spiritual Energy exploded like thunder in the freshmen area. At this instant, countless freshmen lifted their heads in shock at the figure that appeared in midair.

In this vast and desolate freshman area, there were many freshmen beginning to gather. Ye Qingling, Mo Ling and the others were all at this location. When they heard the shout, all of them immediately frowned.

The figure in the sky stood proudly as he gazed coldly at the many freshmen below. He shouted: “Did none of you hear my words? Where is the freshman called Mu Chen?! He actually dares to eliminate me from the Spirit Ranking, yet he doesn’t have the guts to reveal himself?”

After he had finished his sentence, the freshmen below finally understood why this figure had appeared. So he had come to cause trouble because Mu Chen had recently seized the third position in the Spirit Rankings…

They exchanged gazes with each other. However, it seemed that Mu Chen wasn’t here.

“Senior. Brother Mu left this place earlier. If you want to find him, please come again tomorrow.” Mo Ling hesitated for a moment before shouting out loud. The figure in front of him had spoken in a tone where he had looked down upon Mu Chen, which made Mo Ling somewhat unhappy. However, he did not dare express his unhappiness in front of this senior.

In the sky, the figure moved and presented himself directly above the students situated in this empty area. He sneered: “He left? What a gutless person. He probably hid himself deliberately, right? I originally thought that this year’s freshmen were quite capable. I never imagined that you were all so timid and useless.”

Hearing this person’s remarks, many freshmens’ expressions turned grim. In this area, there were a few top-notch freshmen from their respective Northern Heavens World such as Zhou Ling. Their expressions became somewhat dark. However, they still endured as they were fearful of this person’s strength.

“What a group of useless trash.”

Seeing that many of the freshmen were holding back back their emotions, the figure laughed coldly.

“I won’t permit you to badmouth Brother Mu Chen!”

But just when he said such words, a young tender voice rang out with rage. Many people immediately turned their gaze over and noticed Sun’Er, who was beside Ye Qingling, was staring furiously at the figure in the sky. Behind her, a massive light array was being formed quickly.

“A Spiritual Array?”

When the figure noticed the light array behind Sun’Er, he was somewhat shocked. It was evident that he had never expected that this cute-looking girl would possess such extreme firepower.


The light array condensed and Spiritual Energy gushed out. It formed into a violent wind python as it charged towards the long-haired youth in the sky.


Seeing this, the long-haired youth’s eyes turned cold. He stomped down, and a powerful Spiritual Energy burst out from his body. He smacked down with his palm and directly crushed the wind python into numerous lights.

But after the long-haired youth shattered the wind python in one attack, his eyes turned even colder. He flexed his fingers and a beam of violent Spiritual Energy rushed out from his fingertips and charged straight towards Sun’Er.


Seeing the long-haired youth attack Sun’Er, Ye Qingling’s pretty eyes were instantly filled with anger. In a flash, she appeared in front of Sun’Er as her dense Spiritual Energy formed into a Spiritual Energy light shield.


When the light beam bombarded against the light shield, it instantly destroyed the shield. Ye Qingling grunted and was knocked back a few steps. Her expression paled slightly.

“You’re going overboard!” Seeing this, Mo Ling and the others were enraged. They did not care about the fear they had against this long-haired youth and shouted furiously at him.

“How noisy! This year’s freshmen really need a lesson. No wonder Mu Chen dared to do such a thing. Today, I’ll make all of you understand that, in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, respecting your seniors is a must!” The long-haired youth frowned and let out a cold laugh. He waved his sleeves and rumbling Spiritual Energy formed into a gigantic Spiritual Energy palm. Then, it bombarded towards the many freshman in the empty area.

Seeing this long-haired youth act this domineering, the freshmen present at the scene were completely grim. Since they were able to become a student of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they were all prideful individuals. And now, they were being repeatedly abused by this person. It was impossible for them not to be furious.


Zhou Ling and the burly person called Yan Xiao also shouted out angrily. Their bodies rushed out as dense Spiritual Energy surged out from their bodies. The two of them unleashed a Spiritual Energy attack together and fought against the gigantic Spiritual Energy palm.


Violent Spiritual Energy emitted out from the collision and both Zhou Ling and Yan Xiao were knocked backwards. Their expressions also paled. Although the two of them were half a step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage, the difference between them and the senior was too great.

“You’re slightly capable. However, you dare fight against me, Mo Lun, with such strength? You’re too confident of yourself!” The youth known as Mo Lun glanced at Zhou Ling and Yan Xiao as he sneered.

“If you’re really capable, then go and challenge the people on the Heavenly Ranking. You think that you’re capable just because you can come and bully the freshmen? Hmph, if it wasn’t because Mu Chen and Luo Li had left earlier, you wouldn’t even be able to show-off your strength!” Zhou Ling gritted his teeth as he replied.

“The boy, Mu Chen, probably knew that I would came seeking him for trouble. That’s why he hid early on.” Mo Lun sneered: “However, I really dislike all of you freshmen. It seems that I must teach you a lesson as well.”

“You really believe that we’re afraid of you?!”

Mo Lun’s aggressive attitude finally angered the thousands of freshmen present at the scene. All of them shouted together and the imposing manner formed by them were extraordinary.

“Hmph. Although we are freshmen, it only means that we’ve been cultivating for less time compared to you. Just why are you proud of this? If you really want a fight, then all of us will fight against you!” Another three figures rushed over from nearby and landed in front of Zhou Ling and Ye Qingling. The three of them were quite familiar. They were all top students in the Northern Heavens World and have been assessed as King-Class in the Spiritual Road.

In normal circumstances, these top students had their own pride and would not communicate with each other a lot. They could only be regarded as acquaintances. However, Mo Lun’s aggressive attitude made them all group together against a common enemy.

Seeing this scene, Mo Lun frowned for a moment before his eyes turned slightly dark. These five individuals were all half-a-step away from reaching Heavenly Fusion Stage. Coupled with the thousands of freshmen, he wouldn’t be able to fight against them if they were to all join forces.

“The freshmen these days are truly getting arrogant!”

Mo Lun’s eyes were completely cold as he said: “Joining forces, is it? Fine. I’ll let you off the hook today. However, I’ll come again tomorrow. When the time comes, I’ll let all of you have a bit of fun. All of you freshmen truly need to learn to not be this arrogant. As for that Mu Chen, if he wants to hide, then he better hide well.”

Once he said these words, Mo Lun sneered and turned into a figure of light. He flew off in the direction of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and quickly vanished from their sight.

As they watched Mo Lun’s fading figure, Zhou Ling and the others all had grim expressions.

“Brother Yan Ling. Thanks.” Zhou Ling said gratefully towards the three individuals that came to assist them.

“It’s fine. After all, we are all new students. Since a few seniors are looking down on us, we shouldn’t let them underestimate us.” Yan Ling shook his head and immediately replied: “Judging from his demeanor, it seems that he won’t let us off this easily. During this period of time, we should join forces. If we do this, he won’t dare to do anything.”

“Mu Chen seems to have entered the Lightning Territory to cultivate. Luo Li also followed him over there…” Ye Qingling laughed wryly. They had had a bit of contact with Mu Chen, so they knew his whereabouts.

“It might be good for him to stay low.” Zhou Ling sighed. Compared to An Ran, Mo Lun’s strength was even greater. Even if Mu Chen was here, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything and would have ended up being humiliated.

It was evident that he also believed that Mu Chen had suddenly headed to the Lightning Territory in order to avoid Mo Lun.

“Brother Mu Chen isn’t afraid of him.” Sun’Er muttered.

Zhou Ling and the others smiled bitterly and immediately shook their heads: “In the coming days, if any of you can head out to cultivate, then please do that. That bastard will probably torment us for a few days, but once he discovers that it is to no avail, he will lose interest and leave.”

Many of the freshmen laughed bitterly. In their hearts, they felt a bit uncomfortable. The seniors really are bullying them…

As for what happened in the freshman area, Mu Chen had no knowledge of what was going on. At this moment, he had just reached the entrance of the Lightning Territory. This place was a super-sized stone platform that was suspended in mid-air. On the stone platform, there were numerous figures rushing in from all directions.

A dark sky covered the platform. The space there was showing signs of distortions as if it was the entrance to a World of Lightning. Lightning occasionally flashed by and deep rumbling sounds would resound from that distorted space.

“So this is the Lightning Territory?”

Mu Chen stared at the distorted space and felt a terrifying fluctuation emanating from within. He secretly smacked his lips. To be able to open up a unique space, it wasn’t something that an ordinary person could imagine.

Mu Chen shook his head while he was surprised. He immediately moved and flew directly into the distorted space. Outside of the distorted space, there seemed to be a faint Spiritual Energy light barrier. When Mu Chen’s body was about to enter, he felt a little bit of resistance. However, he quickly overcame it.

This light barrier only prevented students that were beneath the Spirit Stage from entering. It was apparent that Mu Chen wasn’t among that group.

After entering the light barrier, the distorted space became clearer. The creeping movements of the space seemed like a heavy-class monster that was entrenched in the void and caused terror within one’s heart.

And right now, there were many figures that were rushing to enter the distorted the space.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen smiled. He immediately circulated Spiritual Energy to protect his body as he charged headfirst into the distorted space where the rumbles of thunder resounded.

When Mu Chen made contact with the distorted space, the Spiritual Value Card within his hand lit up faintly. A few hundred Spiritual Value points were instantly deducted from it. In the instant that the Spiritual Value was deducted, Mu Chen’s figure also vanished within the Lightning Space.

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