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Chapter 160 – Rank 3 of the Spirit Ranking


Just like a meteorite with a tail of light behind it, the dazzling beam of light flashed across the skies of the enormous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In the end, it rushed into the stone tablet that had the Spirit Rankings engraved under many people’s surprised gazes.


In the instant that the beam of light entered the stone tablet, everybody was able to see a dazzling light emit from the Spirit Ranking. On the ranking, a golden light rose rapidly.

In a few seconds, it rushed into the top ten rankings.


Commotion instantly burst out within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although the Spirit Ranking was the one of the most basic rankings within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it was generally difficult to enter the top ten of the rankings. After all, these people were in the Spirit Ranking, yet they possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage.

“I wonder which person, who is breaking through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, is causing this commotion…”

“Ohoho, those guys are always like that. They really don’t give any way to the freshmen.”

“Didn’t we experience that as well? The freshmen are truly too arrogant. They really needed to learn how to turn it down a notch.”

“Pfft, if they truly are capable, then they should enter the Heavenly Ranking. Just what good is it to enter the Spirit Ranking… The top ten people are truly thick-skinned…”

The change in the Spirit Ranking immediately attracted many Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s students’ attention. Various voices rang out, however, they did not know which senior it was that was breaking through to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

And under numerous gazes, the golden light continued to climb upwards. Rank 9…Rank 7…Rank 5. When the golden light reached Rank 4, people finally began to feel surprised about it. Although the Spirit Ranking was only a basic ranking to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, nobody would believe that the ones that were able to hold that position for a long time would be quite weak.

Especially the ones ranked in the top 3 of the Spirit Ranking. These three individuals were famous even among the Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouses within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. For more than half a year, their rankings within the Spirit Ranking was untouchable.

And now…

Many individuals’ gazes concentrated on the golden light. When the golden light finally reached Rank 4, it finally slowed down and hovered for a moment. Then, the golden light jumped up suddenly and occupied the Rank 3 position.

Once that golden light occupied the Rank 3 position, the name that was originally ranked third flashed and slowly faded away. Under normal circumstances, the name wouldn’t fade away if they were surpassed in the ranking. It would only drop one rank. However, the person that was originally Rank 3 had already advanced into the Heavenly Fusion Stage. It was considered that he had lost the qualifications to compete again in the Spirit Ranking. Thus, once it was surpassed, it had directly vanished from the rankings…

However, this change would only occur for the Rank 3 position. The other ranks that had been surpassed would still have to drop a position.

“The one that was removed is Mo Lun, right? Ohoho, that guy is truly unlucky. If he was still on the Spirit Ranking, he would be able to obtain 1000 Spiritual Value Points every day.”

In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, a few people gloated as they laughed at Mo Lun’s unfortunateness. Then, they stared at the golden light that occupied Rank 3. At that location, the lights began to dissipate a little before finally becoming a name formed by golden lights.

Spirit Ranking Rank 3, Mu Chen. Cultivated at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a day.


The atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy instantly turned silent. Numerous people were startled as they stared at the Spirit Ranking. Cultivated at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a day? Doesn’t that mean it’s a freshman that had just arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy today?

A freshman was actually able to kick out a senior that had occupied the Spirit Ranking?

The silence within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy only lasted for a split second before a bustling commotion rang out. How many years had it been since such a thing had happened?

“Just who is this Mu Chen? It seems that the freshmen this year are quite capable?”

“Could it be that he just so happened to breakthrough to the Heavenly Fusion Stage today? And so he also used that loophole?”

“Ohoho, this is quite interesting. Mo Lun isn’t a weakling. Since this freshman called Mu Chen dared to kick him out of the Spirit Ranking, with his personality, he wouldn’t just let it go.”

“Yes. Moreover, the people who had been pushed down a rank by him wouldn’t feel great either…”

“This Mu Chen sure is courageous.”

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, countless individuals continued to talk with each other as they stared at the Spirit Ranking. However, it was clear that they felt a bit of sympathy towards Mu Chen’s action.

It was evident that the commotion caused by the Spirit Ranking also attracted the attention of many freshmen within the freshmen areas. They stared in a daze at the dazzling name on the ranking. Although other individuals may be unfamiliar with this name, all of them knew who that name represented.

They never imagined that this person was that powerful. He had only just arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, yet he caused such a commotion already.

In the Freshmen area’s North District, Yang Hong, who was sitting cross-legged within a house, suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at the Spirit Ranking that was emitting a bright light in the distant and looked coldly at the name that made him feel uncomfortable. A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

As expected, that bastard truly had the combat ability equivalent to a Heavenly Fusion Stage. No wonder he was able to become one of the most outstanding freshmen within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Although you’re quite capable, shouldn’t you know how to endure and hold back a little? Do you really believe that the seniors, who are ranked in the top 10, are truly weaklings?” Yang Hong sneered. The seniors within the top 10 of the Spirit Ranking all possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. From his view, Mu Chen’s actions were basically searching for trouble.

“I’ll let you be proud of yourself for a while. A month later, in the freshmen competition, I’ll let you understand the enormous distance between you and me.”  Yang Hong slowly tightened his hands as his eyes turned ruthless.

“Since I, Yang Hong, am in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen, you shouldn’t even think of being able to succeed here!”

At this moment, in the other two directions of the freshmen area, Bing Qing and Mu Kui were also aware of the changes within the Spirit Ranking. They stared at the familiar name as their eyes twinkled.

It seemed that there were quite a few powerful individuals within this year’s freshmen. The freshmen competition a month later would definitely be lively. However, just who would obtain the title of the strongest freshmen?

“Rank 3…”

Mu Chen smiled faintly as he stared at the Spirit Ranking. This rank was beyond his expectation. He had originally thought that he would only be able to enter the top 5.

“This time, the amount of Spiritual Energy that I activated was within the limits of my control. If I were to use all my hidden measures unreservedly, it’s possible for me to become Rank 1.”

Mu Chen smiled. However, he did not immediately do this. Becoming Rank 3 had already reached his purpose. If he were to immediately soar to Rank 1, it would be too eye-catching.

“How many Spiritual Value Points do you have now?” Luo Li asked.

Mu Chen opened his hand and the crystal-like Spiritual Value card landed back in his hand. Within the crystal clear Spiritual Value Card, lights converged and finally formed into numbers.

24,100 Spiritual Value Points.

Mu Chen stared at the amount within his Spiritual Value Card and let out a sigh of relief. By becoming Rank 3 on the Spirit Ranking, he had obtained 20,000 Spiritual Value Points as a reward. This was enough for him to purchase a Spirit Pill.

“Tomorrow, I’ll head to the Spiritual Value Hall to purchase the Spirit Pill. Then, I’ll enter the Lightning Territory for a bit. With the remaining time I have left, I will breakthrough to the Spirit Stage Late Phase.” Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Luo Li.

Luo Li nodded gently.

Immediately afterwards, Mu Chen lifted his head once again and stared at the Spirit Ranking. He truly needed to increase his current strength quickly. There were too many powerful individuals within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Since he had caused such a commotion today, it would definitely be troublesome if he did not increase his strength.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they also follow the rule of respecting the strong. Without sufficient strength, it would only be a disgrace to occupy such a high position…

This place is a mist-shrouded area. Within the mist, there were numerous stone platforms suspended in mid-air. Although they weren’t quite big, it was enough for a person’s range of motion.

At this moment, there were many figures sitting with their eyes closed on the floating stone platforms. Spiritual Energy gushed out near their bodies and the faint Spiritual Aura nearby fluctuated before entering their bodies.

This mist was actually formed by an extremely rich Spiritual Aura!

The Spiritual Aura within this place had actually reached such a degree of density.

At this moment, a person who was sitting cross-legged on a stone platform, suddenly opened his eyes. This person was wearing loose clothes with loose long hair. His aura was extremely cold, and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippled near his body.

He opened his eyes and gripped his hand tightly. A crystal-like Spiritual Value Card emerged and lights flashed. Then, his expression suddenly became grim.

“Mu Chen? A freshmen that just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy actually dared to eliminate me from the Spirit Ranking!” The youth’s eyes were quite cold as his face was filled with fury. He did not care about the daily reward of 1,000 Spiritual Value Points from the Spirit Ranking anymore. If it was a senior, he would accept the situation. However, he was kicked out by a freshman who had just arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and was not used to the academy. To him, this was a big disgrace.

He did not know how many individuals would mock him because of this.

This was a challenge to his strength!

“Damn it!”

The youth gritted his teeth. It seemed that he must stop his cultivation for a while. After all, he could not lose his pride. Although he would not be able to return to the Spirit Ranking after finding the freshman, it would at least allow him to regain a bit of pride.

“I’d like to see just how capable a freshman like you is! You actually dare to be this arrogant upon entering the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

The youth grunted and muttered to himself: “Since others won’t teach you, I, Mo Lun, will teach you what we call respecting your seniors!”

As his voice faded away, the youth closed his eyes once again. In his heart, he had already made up his mind. He would temporarily stop his training tomorrow and teach that arrogant freshman a lesson!

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