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Chapter 157 – Importance of Spiritual Value Points

Mu Chen’s cold voice resounded through the skies as he stared keenly at Yang Hong, who was in the distance. At this moment, the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to tremble.

The freshmen within this area instantly quieted down. Every single one of them were filled with curiosity and expectation as they stared at the two opposing individuals. These two individuals were the most outstanding freshmen within their respective Northern Heavens World. Just how amazing would their battle be when they face each other?

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Yang Hong retracted his smile slightly and smiled coldly in response to these words. Currently, dense Spiritual Energy surged out from his palms as he smiled once again: “I’d really want to test you out. Just how in the world did you defeat a Heavenly Fusion Stage with your Spirit Stage strength?”

Sparks flew between their eyes as the two of them stared at each other. A cold killing intent belonging to each of them was also apparent.

“That’s enough. Now is not the time for you to fight with one another.”

Old Bai’s figure appeared in the air and disrupted the opposing atmosphere with a swing of his arms. He said: “One month later, there will be a freshmen competition. When that happens, you will naturally have the chance to fight against each other. Whoever manages to win in the freshmen competition will be the number one individual among the freshmen.”

Hearing Old Bai’s words, many freshmen’s eyes lit up. Perhaps the title of the number one individual in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was still quite far away from them, they did not mind revealing their strength in the freshmen competition. This way, they would be able to obtain a bit of fame within the freshmen. After all, there were over twenty thousand freshmen this year. It wasn’t easy for them to stand out from the rest of them.

As a youngster, a bit of reputation was enough to make their blood boil and to strive for it.

A hint of interest also flashed through Mu Kui’s eyes. He naturally enjoyed fighting and was also a person who had stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. He was in no way inferior to Yang Hong and the others. Thus, he naturally did not want to lose the title of the strongest to anybody else…Even if his opponents were powerful individuals.

As for Bing Qing, she remained completely calm and was not affected by these words.

On the other hand, the coldness within Mu Chen’s eyes faded away slightly as he took a step backwards. It was true that this wasn’t the best opportunity for him to fight against Yang Hong. The latter’s strength  was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase and was no weaker than An Ran. Moreover, Yang Hong probably possessed special techniques. Thus, he could not underestimate him at all. It would probably difficult to determine the victor if they were to fight right now.

“From now on, all of you are official students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. No matter what sort of identity and background you possessed before, you are only ordinary students in this place. If you want to earn respect and status, you must show off your abilities.” Old Bai stared at the numerous students as he smiled faintly.

“Next up, all of you have been arranged to live in the freshmen area. The freshmen area is divided into four districts: North, South, East, West. In a bit, there will be an instructor that would lead you over.”

As Old Bai’s voice faded away, dozens of figures of light rushed over from nearby and stopped above them. These figures were all middle-aged individuals. However, the powerful fluctuations emitting from the body made them understood that every single one of them possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage.

When Mu Chen witnessed this scene, he could not hide the surprise within his eyes. An ordinary instructor in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy actually possessed the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. If it was in the Northern Spiritual Realm was enough for them to be lord of the realm.

As expected, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was truly powerful.

The dozens of instructor spread out and started arranging the students. As for Mu Chen and the others, a slender figure headed over to them. In the end, the lights faded away and formed into a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body. She wore a red dress and possessed a pretty appearance. She had a charming and mature style as she smiled at them attractively.

The woman in red dress stared at the area where Mu Chen and the others were and waved. A barrier of light immediately enshrouded approximately 2000 students.

“For the ones within the light barrier, congratulations. I am your freshmen instructor and will guide you for a while. I’m called Mu Ling. If there is anything that you don’t understand, feel free to find me.” The women in red dress smiled as she stared at the boys and girls beneath her.

When the other freshmen from other areas noticed this charming instructor, they immediately stared enviously at them. After all, she was much more attractive than the stern-looking male instructor that they have.

“Come. Follow me, I’ll bring all of you to your respective district.” Mu Ling waved her hands and swayed her body before heading towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen smiled at Luo Li and immediately followed. Behind him, Ye Qingling, Sun’Er, Mo Ling and the others also quickly followed. They also happened to be in the same area as Mu Chen. Thus, they would be able to take care of each other from now on.

Thousands of people followed Mu Ling and charged away from the stone platform. As they descended down, numerous cultivation halls appeared in their eyes. Moreover, they could see countless individuals flying through the skies.

Under Mu Ling’s guidance, Mu Chen and the others flew towards the west side for dozens of minutes before slowing down. Then, the former pointed down and smiled: “This is the place where you’ll be living.”

Mu Chen and the others looked down and noticed the lush scenery along with the sparkling clear lake. In this area, there were simple houses situated in groups.

“The Spiritual Aura here…”

Surprise filled Mu Chen’s eyes. He discovered that the Spiritual Aura of the world was exceptionally dense in this region. Moreover, the density would increase as they entered the depths of this region.

“There’s actually a huge Spirit Convergence Array hidden in this place!”

Mu Chen’s eyes swept across this area. Right now, his eyes weren’t the same as before. With just a glance, he was able to detect the hidden special fluctuations within the air. These were fluctuations that were unique to a Spiritual Array.

This residential area for freshmen actually has a Spirit Convergence Array. Moreover, the rank of it had definitely surpassed the only Spirit Convergence Array that the Northern Spiritual Academy possessed.

“Little guy. You have keen eyes.” Mu Ling was amazed as she stared at Mu Chen. However, she smiled and faced the crowd as she said: “The place that you will be living in is enveloped by a Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array.”

When these words were spoken, commotions instantly broke out from the crowd. A Spirit Convergence Array was a symbol of power for any forces. Perhaps many of them had seen a Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array, it was still the first time that they’ve seen one arranged at a residential location.

“Moreover, the residential area for freshmen is also divided into A, B, C-Class.  You are only assigned to C-Class right now.  It is considered to be at the border of the Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array. Although the Spiritual Aura here is quite decent, it cannot compare with the B-Class and A-Class areas.” Mu Ling pointed to the depths of this region. It was evident that the Spiritual Aura at that location was much more concentrated. Then, she said: “That location is the center of the Spirit Convergence Array. The density of the Spiritual Aura naturally surpassed the exterior of it.”

“Can we live at that place as well?” A few freshmen drooled as they asked. It was evident that it was much more beneficial for their cultivation if they were to live inside that area.

“Of course.” Mu Ling smiled charmingly as she replied: “However, we would require a fee for you were to live there. An A-Class room requires a fee of 2000 Spiritual Value Points per month. As for a B-Class room, it requires 1000 Spiritual Values Points.”

All the new students were completely stunned when they heard this. So it was like that? They had to pay rent?

“Little guys, Spiritual Value Points are quite important within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This can be a mean to motivate you to cultivate. In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there are a total of 100 plus Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Arrays, 60 plus Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Arrays, 20 Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Arrays, 10 Rank 7 Spirit Convergence Arrays and one Rank 8 Spirit Convergence Array.”


At this moment, even the blessed individuals from powerful backgrounds could not help but suck in mouthfuls of cold air. It was evident that they were shocked by this news. Wasn’t it too terrifying for the academy to possess this many Spirit Convergence Array?

“Of course, everyone shouldn’t think that they could enjoy using these Spirit Convergence Array without paying a price.” Mu Ling chuckled.

“What do you mean?” At this moment, everybody felt a sense of unease.

“Aside from the Rank 4 Spirit Convergence Array, the remaining Spirit Convergence Array requires a fee to enter. For the Rank 7 Spirit Convergence Array, it requires a fee of 5000 Spiritual Value Points per day.”


Almost all of the students fell down at this moment. They finally understood what sort of existence Spiritual Values Points are within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It would be difficult for them to progress forward without any Spiritual Value Points here.

Mu Chen also laughed bitterly when he heard this. Right now, he possessed 6100 Spiritual Value Points. In other words, wouldn’t he only qualify to cultivate for one day in the Rank 7 Spirit Convergence Array?

However, it’s still quite interesting.

“Everyone shouldn’t be this sad. There are actually many ways to earn Spiritual Value Points within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mu Ling smiled charmingly, but a hint of sadistic satisfaction could be seen when she looked at their miserable appearances.

“The simplest method of obtaining Spiritual Value Points is to infuse your strongest Spiritual Energy within your Spiritual Value Card every month. If you’ve improved during that month, you will automatically be rewarded for the difference. Of course, you can also do it whenever you make a breakthrough…”

“If you want to obtain Spiritual Value Points quicker, you can enter the “Lightning Territory”. That is a popular location within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mu Ling pointed towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s skies in the distance. All of them immediately turned their gaze over and they noticed that the sky at that location was quite dark. They could vaguely see the distorting skies and flashing lightning.

“The Lightning Territory is a cultivation ground that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had opened up. At that location, endless amounts of divine lightning descend. This divine lightning possesses the effect of strengthening Spiritual Energy. At the same time, it can also strengthen the body. Anyone who reaches Spirit Stage strength can enter that place. Aside from cultivation, you could condense the divine lightning into a “Divine Lightning Bead”. This is quite popular within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It is said that it is worth 200 Spiritual Value Points per bead in the Spiritual Values Hall.”

“200 Spiritual Values per bead?” The corner of the crowd’s eyes twitched. It was actually that expensive? It seems that it was a decent method to earn Spiritual Values.


Mu Ling placed her hands on her lips and smiled bewitchingly at them: “You will also have to pay a price to enter the Lightning Territory. However, it isn’t that much. You can enter it after paying 500 Spiritual Value Points.”

At this moment, everybody’s expression turned grim and gnashed their teeth. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was truly despicable!

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