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Chapter 156 – Yang Hong

While standing on the massive platform, thousands of freshmen stared at the name that was at the top of the “Heavenly Ranking”. The pressure which it emitted instantly silenced everyone.

Even the freshmen that were assessed as “King Class” in the Spiritual Road had a glimmer of fear and respect as they stared at the name.

This is the person that stood at the peak of countless students within Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Shen Cangsheng…”

Mu Chen slowly spat out a mouthful of air as he gently muttered this domineering name.

“He is currently the strongest student within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even I have only seen him once, a year ago.” An Ran stared complicatedly at the name. When she met Shen Cangsheng, the latter had completed a mission to hunt down a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast and had just returned to the academy.

Under the sunset, a boy dressed in black robes had descended from the sky with a long spear that pierced through a massive Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast. Fresh blood spattered through the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. As he descended to the academy with his spear on his shoulders, a trail was formed from the trickling blood.

That scene had shocked the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even for An Ran, who was a freshmen at that time, could feel a shiver coming from the depths of her soul.

“To all of you freshmen. Right now, he is not someone that you can reach.”

An Ran gradually recovered and stared at the silent freshmen as she smiled: “The Heavenly Ranking is still too far away for you. Maybe after you’ve trained for at least two years, you may qualify to enter the Heavenly Ranking. Right now, all of you should just consider how to enter the Spirit Stage Ranking. That ranking is the place where all newcomers belong.

Hearing this, many freshmen scratched their heads. The Spirit Ranking wasn’t that easy to enter either. If they wanted to rank in the top 50s, they would probably need the strength of a Quasi-Heavenly Fusion Stage. As for the top 10, even if they possessed the strength to occupy it, they wouldn’t dare to steal the positions away from the seniors that weren’t willing to leave the ranking.

Thinking about this, all of the freshmen secretly sighed. As expected from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, which they had come to view as holy ground for cultivation. The competition here was truly terrifying.

At this moment, light emerged in the sky above the enormous platform and Old Bai’s body emerged. He stared at the thousands of freshmen and nodded his head slightly. Then, he smiled and said: “Since all of you have reached the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, then it’s time to gather the remaining freshmen over from the other three Northern Heavens World. After all, they’ve reached this place a few days ago.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen frowned in response.

Old Bai waved his sleeves, and a clear bell sound resounded in the skies. Then, it created a symphony of sound waves as it spread out.

Following the ringing bell sound, Mu Chen and the others quickly noticed numerous figures that were rushing over and landing on the other stone platforms.

Due to the numerous figures, a bustling commotion rang out within this area.

On the platform where Mu Chen and the others were, thousands of freshmen stared curiously at the other three stone platforms. These people had also passed through the other Northern Heaven World. They were also this year’s Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s freshmen just like them.

By adding up the freshmen on the four stone platforms, there were probably over twenty thousand students. This number was truly extraordinary.


On the southern stone platform, a figure of light rushed over and stood at the front of the stone platform. When this figure of light appeared, the freshmen on that platform instantly showed respectful gazes as they stared at it.

The lights slowly dispersed and revealed a slim and tall figure. It was a beautiful girl who had long, icy-blue hair. Her pair of big eyes were also icy-blue in color. When viewed from far away, she seemed like a frosty mountain, which emitted a icy-cold chill.

If An Ran was refined and elegant, then the girl with long blue hair was naturally cold. Her pretty eyes seemed to attract the chill air within the world.

Mu Chen stared at the girl and his eyes narrowed. From the powerful fluctuation that emitted out from the latter’s body, he could tell that she had also advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

“She’s Bing Qing. She is the freshmen that defeated the strongest senior within her Northern Heavens World.” An Ran replied faintly: “It’s said that she came from the Ice Spirit Clan. Hence, she was born with the ability to control ice.”

“Ice Spirit Clan?” Mu Chen was stunned. Then, he said in surprise: “Could it be the rumored Ice Spirit Clan in which the Martial Ancestor, who came from a Lower Plane, challenged all by himself?”

He had heard this rumor a long time ago. The Ice Spirit Clan was a clan that possessed powerful heritage and background. It was considered to be an elite force even within the Great Thousand World. However, in front of the Martial Ancestor, who came from a Lower Plane, the Ice Spirit Clan had been completely powerless against that man, who was a god of lightning who even wielded a lightning staff. That battle had shocked the entire Great Thousand World. Even Mu Chen, who was living in the Northern Spiritual Realm, had heard about it.

An Ran nodded. It was evident that she had heard this rumor as well.

From afar, the girl known as Bing Qing stared at the platform where Mu Chen and the others were standing after revealing her appearance. However, her gaze only remained on Luo Li’s body before she turned away. She did not participate in the Spiritual Road. However, her strength was in no way inferior to the individuals that stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. From Mu Chen’s group, she felt that Luo Li was the only one that was considered to be a threat to her.


Following Bing Qing, two other figures of light rushed out and stood in front of the east and west stone platforms. On the eastern stone platform, a grizzled figure appeared. His body emitted a yellow glow as if he was a withered tree. However, he gave others a feeling of extremely danger.

“That’s Mu Kui. He is also the most outstanding freshmen within another Northern Heavens World.”

An Ran stared at the western stone platform. At that location, a slender boy in blue clothes stood with his hands behind his back. A completely different temperament exuded from him. While he was being quite arrogant, he was still exceptionally powerful.


“Yang Hong. I know him, you don’t have to introduce him to me.” Mu Chen’s black eyes slowly focused on the slender figure far away. He laughed faintly as if he was reminiscing the past.

Beside him, Luo Li also stared at that figure. A chill flashed through her clear glass-like eyes.

At this moment, the boy at the eastern stone platform also felt the gaze and tilted his head immediately. He possessed a fairly handsome face. Matched with his slender figure and unique temperament, he definitely possessed a powerful charm. From nearby, many girls would secretly glance over shyly at him.

He stared at the distant stone platform before his gaze focused on Mu Chen’s body. His face was stunned for a moment before he formed a strange smile on his face.

“Mu Chen, so we meet again.”

He smiled at Mu Chen. However, his laughter that was filled with dense Spiritual Energy, instantly caused numerous students to turned their heads over.

“However, I’m quite surprised. So the widely known and famous Blood Calamity in the Spiritual Road is now only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. Ohoho, this is beyond my expectations. I never thought that you would be this weak after losing the Spiritual Road’s Empowerment.”

The boy laughed gently and pondered as he stared at Mu Chen: “If Ji Xuan knew that you only possess such strength, he would probably be quite disappointed. After all, he had always seen you as his rival. In the end, you’ve actually became this weak and pitiful. It seems that being kicked out of the Spiritual Road had taken its toll on you.”

Yang Hong’s voice carried and instantly started commotions within the other three stone platforms. After all, there were numerous people that participated in the Spiritual Road before. Among them, there were definitely quite a few of individuals that had been assessed as King Class. Hence, they deeply remembered the name of the Blood Calamity, Mu Chen.

After all, he was a person that even King Xuan, Ji Xuan, had feared in the Spiritual Road. How could they not be wary of him?

Numerous gazes immediately shifted away and landed on Mu Chen’s body. Shock immediately filled their eyes. Compared to the freshmen that stood at the peak, the latter’s Spirit Stage Middle Phase strength was incomparable.

Bing Qing and Mu Kui also stared over. Although the former did not participate in the Spiritual Road, she had a bit of understanding about the individuals stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. Naturally, she had heard of the so-called Blood Calamity Mu Chen. However, she never expected that the handsome boy in front of them was the Blood Calamity that could instantly change the expressions of people, who participate in the Spiritual Road.

At the same time, Mu Kui also frowned. A hint of disappointment filled his eyes. He naturally enjoyed fighting. If Mu Chen was strong , then he would be interested in him. However, these thoughts immediately faded away when he looked at him.

“Yang Hong. If you want an opponent, I can always fight against you,” Luo Li’s clear glass-like eyes stared coldly at the boy as she slowly spoke.

Hearing this, Yang Hong immediately frowned.

“If you want to mock him now, it is still too early for you. He is the same as the three of you and is one of the most outstanding people within his own Northern Heavens World. Even I was defeated by him. So what gives you the right to mock him?” Beside Mu Chen, An Ran frowned and let out a sneer.

She had lost to Mu Chen. If Mu Chen was mocked by these individuals, wouldn’t they also be laughing at her incompetence?

When An Ran said these words, commotions instantly burst out. The freshmen from the other three platforms stared in disbelief at the calm, handsome boy. With just the strength of a Spirit Stage Middle Phase, he was able to defeat a senior who was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage? How was that even possible?

Bing Qing and Mu Kui were completely startled. Then, they stared curiously at Mu Chen.


Yang Hong narrowed his eyes as he stared seriously at Mu Chen. He smiled keenly: “As expected from the Blood Calamity, Mu Chen. It seems that you’ve hidden your strength quite deeply. This way, it will be interesting…”

Mu Chen’s black eyes stared at Yang Hong and his lips also formed a smile. He took a step forward and his voice suddenly turned cold.

“If you’re interested, why don’t you test it out?”

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