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Chapter 158 – Spiritual Value Hall

“Okay. Next up, everybody can begin to decide where they want to live. Ah, if anyone wants to be transferred over to the B-Class or A-Class area, please let me know.” Mu Ling chuckled as she stared at the bitter expressions on the freshmen.

At this moment, all of the new students exchanged gazes with each and smiled wryly. With the Spiritual Value Points that they possessed, they could only temporarily live within the C-Class area. Only after they’ve gradually understood how to obtain Spiritual Value can they select a higher level of treatment.

Mu Chen looked at the A-Class area and was slightly moved by it. Currently, he had over 6000 Spiritual Value and was more than enough for him to select a place with dense Spiritual Aura. This way, it would be beneficial for his cultivation as well. Thus, it was worth the price that he would pay.

Mu Chen thought for a moment before suddenly leaning over to Luo Li and saying: “Why don’t we live together?”

Once she heard this, Luo Li froze. Then, she immediately blushed and glared at him with a bashful expression. It seems that this guy is going overboard now that we’ve reunited with each other.

However, Mu Chen ignored her and looked towards Mu Ling. He said: “Instructor Mu Ling, how many people can share a room together?”

“Two people.” Mu Ling chuckled as she moved her gaze alternatively at Mu Chen and Luo Li. In her eyes, a special meaning could be seen.

“Then, I want an A-Class room.” Mu Chen smiled.

Luo Li bit her lips and turned her face as she blushed. At this moment, she could only pretend that she was completely unrelated to Mu Chen. No matter how much she did not care about other matters, she still had the modesty of a girl. How could she cohabitate with a boy? In the Spiritual Road, she only did it due to the circumstances. The ground was their bed and the skies were their blankets. However, she could not do this anymore.

After Mu Chen had said this, Zhou Ling and the others also selected an A-Class room. With the amount of Spiritual Values that they had, it was enough for them to pay this fee. As for Ye Qingling, she brought Sun’Er with her and selected a B-Class room.

Chaos appeared within the skies for a while and many freshmen had decided on where they would be living. Afterwards, Mu Ling brought Mu Chen and the others as they headed towards the A-Class area.

Once Mu Chen and the others entered the A-Class room, they could feel the dense Spiritual Aura within the world. Their consciousness trembled for a moment as they could feel that this residential area would definitely bring numerous benefits to their cultivation.

“Below here are the A-Class rooms. You can pick among them yourselves. Once you’ve entered the room, it will automatically deduct the amount of Spiritual Values from your Spiritual Value Card.” Mu Ling pointed downwards as she smiled.

“After you’ve selected your room, you should rest for the day.”

“Also, if you use the Spiritual Value Card in your hands, you can contact the Spiritual Value Hall. In the Spiritual Value Hall, you can exchange for a variety of items. Moreover, you can use the Spiritual Value Card to check for them. Of course, if you’ve taken a liking to anything, you would still have to head over to the Spiritual Value Hall in order to exchange for it.”

Mu Chen and the others nodded as they stared downwards. His gaze glanced around before finally stopping at a tiny house near the clear lake. Then, he smiled: “I’ll select this one.”

As his voice faded away, he smiled and turned to look at Luo Li. Then, without waiting for the girl to resist, he pulled her slender hand and descended down towards that house.

At this moment, Zhou Ling and the others that were nearby had an extraordinary expression as they witnessed this scene. Wasn’t this too stimulating?

However, Mu Chen ignored their reactions and landed in front of the house with Luo Li. The girl immediately escaped from his grasp blushing as her eyes were filled with embarrassment.


Mu Chen smiled towards her and said seriously: “If we live together, we can at least take care of each other. Moreover, we can save Spiritual Value Points. Since we’ve just arrived at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, we should be thrifty.”

Luo Li batted an eye at him snappily. That excuse was not convincing at all. After all, she possessed approximately 10000 Spiritual Value Points and it was enough for her to stay her for half a year.

“Don’t try to push your luck!” Luo Li warned. She pushed open the door and entered. The tiny house had two floors and looked quite tidy. Luo Li glanced around and was quite satisfied with it. Moreover, the two floor design had made her slightly relieved.

“From now on, I’ll live upstairs while you’ve live downstairs.” Luo Li replied.

This time, Mu Chen nodded sincerely and did not dare to provoke the girl, who was already embarrassed due to the cohabitation. Although the two of them knew each other’s feelings, she, the girl should still maintain a bit of modesty between them.

Luo Li stepped upstairs to inspect her room. While she did so, Mu Chen wandered around and returned to his own room. At that location, the beds were already prepared. It was evident that the treatment provided for an A-Class room was quite outstanding.

Mu Chen lay down on the soft bed and let out a deep sigh. Various emotions appeared within his heart. From now on, he was considered to be an official student of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

He would be spending a few years here for cultivation.

“Dad. I will properly train myself in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The next time I return, I will definitely bring mom back with me!” Mu Chen grasped his hands tightly. After he left the Northern Spiritual Realm, there was nobody beside his dad. Thus, he must be quite lonely.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed the emotions within his heart. Then, he sat down cross-legged as he gripped his hand and a crystal-like Spiritual Value Card immediately appeared within his hand. Previously, Instructor Mu Ling had mentioned that this Spiritual Value Card was able to contact the Spiritual Value Hall. That place was the exchange ground within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. From there, he would be able to earn more information regarding about the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen gripped onto the Spiritual Value Card and emitted out a trace of Spiritual Energy. At this moment, the Spiritual Value Card lit up and a screen of light was formed in front of the card. On the screen of light, various diagrams and data appeared.

“Python’s Fury. A spear created by using the only horn that belongs to a Golden-Horn Spirit Python. Once it was used in battle against humans and Spiritual Energy was emitted out, the spear tip will be like a anger python. It possessed exceptional power and is a Middle Rank Spiritual Artifact. Price : 8000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Nineflare Art. Gong Fa Spiritual Art. Spiritual Tier Middle Rank. Price : 9000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Phantom Magic Steps. Movement Spiritual Art. Spiritual Tier Middle Rank. Price : 7800 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Meteorfall Spiritual Array. Rank 3 Diagram Array. Forms meteorites with Spiritual Energy whose power is something that even a Heavenly Fusion Stage would not dare to fight head on. Price : 13000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Divine Lighting Bead. Possesses the aura of divine lightning. It has the ability of strength the Spiritual Aura within one’s body as well as their body. Price : 200 Spiritual Value per bead.”

Various images flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. As the list progressed, his eyes became more and more surprised. The majority of the items sold in the Spiritual Value Points were quite outstanding. Even High Rank Diagram Arrays could be seen occasionally. However, the price was also quite expensive. With Mu Chen’s wealth, he could not purchase any of them.

After flipping through the images, Mu Chen’s eyes finally turned serious.

“Myriad Lightning Sword. Deity Tier Low Rank. Attack Spiritual Art. Created by a Sovereign powerhouse. Price : 3,000,000 Spiritual Value Points. Only possessed by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”


Mu Chen immediately inhaled deeply once he saw this. His eye could not help but jump when he noticed it. Deity Tier Spiritual Art? This Spiritual Value Hall actually sells Deity Tier Spiritual Arts?

Mu Chen’s heart pounded rapidly before he gradually recovered from the shock. In the Spiritual Value Hall, there were a few items that were sold by students. But at the same time, there was also something that was only possessed by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. For example, this Deity Tier Spiritual Art was the property of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and was not a private belonging of the students.

This treasure was something that would make even Mu Chen completely moved. However, the price following it also made his mouth twitch for a moment. With a price of 3,000,000 Spiritual Value Points, just how many people could purchase it within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Mu Chen shook his head as he smiled bitterly. It was evident that this was something that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had deliberately displayed in order to motivate their students. It was something that one could see, but could not purchase…

At this moment, Mu Chen restrained himself of any thoughts about it and began looking through the images again. As he continued downwards, the amount of outrageous items would increase. However, the price that followed it also made Mu Chen turn completely pale.

“Piercing Nine Dragon Array. Rank 6 Diagram Array. Price : 3,500,000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Ancient Golden Bird’s Soul Essence. Heaven Rank Middle Class Spiritual Beast. Ranked 34th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Price : 4,000,000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Nine Cauldrons Divine Armor. Peerless Spiritual Artifact. Can defend against an all-out attack from a Heavenly Transformation Stage. Price: 3,300,000 Spiritual Value Points.”

These various treasures flashed across Mu Chen’s eyes. Every single one of these items made it difficult for Mu Chen keep his calm. At the same time, the prices also made him jump.

As expected from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Only they would possess such ability and bring out such treasures.

Any one of these items would definitely lead to a chaotic scramble for them within the Northern Heavens Continent. Yet it had became the best method to motivate students to earn Spiritual Value Points.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly before he glanced over again and was about to stop looking to avoid being excessively stimulated by the pictures. However, just when he was about to close the screen of light, his eyes retracted suddenly.

His gaze landed on the top of the light screen. At that location, a short text was written there. Although  the text was short, it caused Mu Chen’s heartbeat to increase rapidly. He could even feel an impulse coming from within his aura sea as well.

“Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence. An item from the Protector Divine Beast of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Possessed the ability to strengthen the body as well as cleansing the bones. If a human were to absorb it, it would completely change their body. They would possess a powerful body that is comparable to a Spiritual Beast. Price : 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points.”

“Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence…”

Mu Chen murmured. Isn’t that the item that the Nine Nether Bird wanted? As long as he obtained it, the Nine Nether Bird would be able to break through its shackles and shed its spiritual form and become a Divine Beast. It would awaken its ancient bloodline and become an super-existence that is in no way inferior to the Northern Sea Dragon…

In Mu Chen’s aura sea, a powerful Spiritual Energy stormed out. The Nine Nether Bird who was originally laid-back instantly stood up. The flaming black fire within its eyes was completely filled with excitement and delight.

“Mu Chen! Mu Chen! We found it! We must get it! We must get it!”

The Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts were conveyed over. It was the first time that Mu Chen had seen the Nine Nether Bird being this excited and delighted.

Mu Chen smiled helplessly. He would like to help it, but it should at least look at the price of this item.

It was a total of 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points!

Just who, in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, could purchase this item?

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