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Chapter 152 – An Ran

Mu Chen was standing at one end of the red beam while An Ran, who had a cold expression, was on the other end. This scene instantly silenced the hall and many people had a strange gaze.

Mu Chen had actually been matched with the strongest one among the seniors.

“Heh.” On the side, the Shi Family’s Brothers sneered as if they had seen something fortunate.

At the same time, Zhou Ling and the others frowned. Isn’t Mu Chen’s luck too terrible? He actually selected the trickiest one of the seniors. Judging from the individuals here, the only one who could fight against An Ran was probably Luo Li.

Although they were quite shocked when Mu Chen defeated Shi Jingtian, An Ran was much more powerful than Shi Jingtian.

“Spirit Stage Middle Phase?”

In the sky, the dozen seniors were surprised as they stared at Mu Chen. They could not help but chuckle: “This is quite interesting. Why is it such a weak newbie? Moreover, isn’t he too unlucky…”

Under numerous gazes, Mu Chen smiled helplessly. He truly had bad luck.

Next to Mu Chen, Luo Li stared at Mu Chen  with quite a worried expression. She could sense how tricky this senior known as An Ran would be.

As for An Ran, she stared at Mu Chen emotionlessly and said: “You should give up. I don’t want to waste any time. Perhaps you can ask the girl beside you. If she is willing to fight against me, I will allow you to exchange with her. In this place, she is the only one that can fight against me.”

Hearing this, Luo Li lifted her eyebrow for a moment. Then, she looked at Mu Chen hesitantly. Although the boy in front of her was warm and gentle like the sun, he possessed a strong pride deep down inside. Thus, she did not want her actions to hurt his pride, which boys seemed so concerned about it.

Mu Chen looked at Luo Li, who was hesitant in speaking. Then, he smiled faintly and gripped onto the fading red beam of light: “If it wasn’t for Yang Hong, I wouldn’t mind letting you replace me on this. After all, it’s best if I can focus on fewer matters.”

Luo Li nodded slightly. She understood the meaning behind his words. If there was no Yang Hong, he would step back. But since Yang Hong had achieved the best results in another Northern Heavens World…

Since Mu Chen had defeated Yang Hong in the Spiritual Road,  the prideful Mu Chen would not allow himself to be any worse off than to Yang Hong.

“Good luck.” Luo Li said gently.

Mu Chen nodded before lifting his head. He smiled at the icy-cold senior known as An Ran: “There’s no need to exchange. I’ll be the one fighting. Please give me your guidance, senior.”

An Ran frowned for a moment as she stared at Mu Chen. Then, she replied coldly: “In order to keep a bit of face, you would challenge an opponent that you know you won’t be able to win against. This action is truly foolish. At times, it’s best to endure temporarily. The new students this time are truly disappointing.”

In the hall, many students gnashed their teeth when they heard her demeaning tone. However, they did not dare to talk back.

However, Mu Chen smiled gently at the cold, yet beautiful appearance of An Ran and replied: “Senior An. Allow me to speak bluntly; when I was learning how to endure, perhaps you were still learning how to fall in love with others.”

At this moment, the hall instantly turned silent. Even the dozen of seniors widened their mouths and stared dumbfounded at the boy below them. Isn’t this boy too amazing? He actually dared to provoke An Ran?

The white-haired old man also smiled as he stared at Mu Chen. However, he did not intervene in the conversation.

“What did you say?!”

An Ran’s expression was completely cold as she stared at Mu Chen. Her chest heaved slightly, and it was apparent that she was suppressing her rage. Then, she moved and appeared in front of Mu Chen. In that instant, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation enveloped Mu Chen.

“Senior. Everyone has the right to speak at this location. Since you mocked all the students here, we also have the right to speak back at you.” Luo Li took half a step forward and blocked the Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from An Ran’s body.

An Ran stared ruthlessly at Mu Chen and said: “It’s true that everybody has the right to speak. However, they would also have to pay the price for being so defiant. I hope that your strength can match your mouth’s abilities. Otherwise, I will truly look down upon you.”

“Thank you senior for your reminder.” Mu Chen smiled faintly. Since the other side was being so rude and forceful, he did not bother being too polite.

“Old Bai, let’s begin!” An Ran said coldly.

In the sky, Old Bai nodded his head and said: “Is everybody ready?”

While his words faded away, he noticed that nobody rejected. Thus, he waved his sleeves and numerous lights descended. They landed directly and enveloped the seniors, Mu Chen and the other new students.

The light also enveloped An Ran. She stared coldly at Mu Chen for a moment before closing her eyes tightly. She had already planned on teaching a lesson to the newbie known as Mu Chen. He dares act this arrogant when he only possess such pitiful strength? Did he really believed that this place was the weak and powerless Spiritual Academy that he was in before?


Once the lights faded away, Mu Chen and the other’s bodies suddenly disappeared as well. This made everyone within the hall completely stunned. However, a large screen of light soon appeared in the sky. Within the light screen, many figures appeared. They were the people that had disappeared.

So they could actually rely on this screen of light to view the upcoming battles.

Numerous gazes focused themselves on the light screen. Then, they began to search for two figures. Instead of the battles where the results were obvious, it was evident that they wanted to see how Mu Chen would face off against the strongest senior among the group…

Would it be a massacre where Mu Chen was defeated pitifully or would it be similar to the battle earlier where he completely reversed the situation against Shi Jingtian?

The crowd continued to stare at the screen with eyes filled with expectations…

When Mu Chen opened his eyes, he was located inside a vast and empty hall. This hall wasn’t as big as the place before. But more importantly, it was completely empty as if there were no other people around.

“Freshmen, are you prepared to pay the price of what you’ve said earlier?” An icy cold voice rang out from in front of him. Mu Chen turned his gaze over and noticed that An Ran staring at him coldly.

“Senior. No man would ever like such a cold woman.” Mu Chen smiled helplessly and replied.

“Even now, you still dare to talk back to me!” A cold chill was projected from An Ran’s eyes. She bit her teeth angrily. This was the first time she met a person that could make her this angry.

“Since senior doesn’t like what I’m saying…’

Mu Chen smiled as his eyes instantly turned emotionless: “Let’s fight!”

Once these words were spoken, Mu Chen rushed forward. He had activated the Shadowspirit Step to the limits and turned into numerous afterimages. At the same time, the winds produced from his fingers were like lightning as they stabbed violently towards An Ran.

An Ran let out a cold laugh and did not evade Mu Chen’s attack. Instead, a powerful Spiritual Energy gushed out of her body like an erupting volcano. With just the Spiritual Energy impact, she had completely pushed back Mu Chen.

The gap between a Spirit Stage Middle Phase and an Heavenly Fusion Stage was just too enormous.

“With only such abilities, you actually dared to act conceited?”

An Ran’s eyes were completely cold as she spoke: “Bring out your full strength. Otherwise, you won’t have an opportunity to attack again.”

“Vajra Pagoda!”

Mu Chen did not hesitate at all as a dark black Spiritual Energy erupted out from his body. As he smacked out with his palm, a dark black hand was formed in the sky. Golden tower engravings appeared and disappeared on the hand as it attempted to suppress An Ran.

Against such an opponent, ordinary attacks would be completely useless. He had to use his full strength.

“This is at least a bit better than before.” An Ran stared at the dark black palm, which possessed a powerful Spiritual Energy suppression, and grunted. Then, she pushed off from the ground and headed directly towards the dark black palm. Spiritual Energy erupted from her slender hands and formed into a long spear. It immediately gave off an incredible atmosphere.

“Spirit Destruction Spear!”

A cold cry exited An Ran’s mouth as she swung her slender arms. The long spear formed by Spiritual Energy flashed as it became a pillar of light. Afterwards, it tore through the skies and collided heavily against the palm.


A powerful Spiritual Energy shockwave was emitted and instantly distorted the air. Soon after, An Ran’s eyes turned cold. Then, An Ran’s eyes turned ruthless as Spiritual Energy erupted out from her body.


A dazzling light forcibly collided with the black hand and cracks soon emerged. In the end, the black hand had shattered completely.

The Vajra Pagoda that Mu Chen had formed was finally forcibly destroyed by someone else. This…was the difference in strength.

An Ran moved and stood in the sky. Her cold eyes stared down at Mu Chen. But just when she was about to sneer and mock Mu Chen, her expression suddenly turned serious. This is because she noticed that Mu Chen’s body had remained motionless throughout the previous exchange, yet in the sky above, a powerful golden light erupted. As the lights condensed, it formed into a massive and complex Diagram Array.

“A Spiritual Array?!” A hint of shock finally appeared within An Ran’s eyes. She could sense the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from the Spiritual Array. Judging from the fluctuations, it was already close to a Heavenly Fusion Stage.

“So this guy was also a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master? No wonder he dared to act this arrogant when he’s still at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase.” An Ran finally understood why Mu Chen had acted the way he did before. However, she only sneered in response to the Spiritual Array. After all, to fight against a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse, would require at least a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master. Right now, Mu Chen was still quite far from it.

At this moment, Mu Chen spat out white air from his mouth. His black eyes focused themselves on An Ran as he changed hand seals. Then, a muffled cry resounded out.

“Dragon Elephant Array!”


At this moment, sounds of dragons and elephants resounded out loudly as a powerful Spiritual Energy surged out…

Within the hall, many new students were surprised as they stared at the screen of light where Mu Chen was being shown Although they weren’t in the same place as Mu Chen, they could still sense how powerful the Spiritual Array activated by Mu Chen was.

But even if the Spiritual Array was powerful, was it truly enough to defeat An Ran, who was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage?

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