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Chapter 151 – The Final Challenge

5000 spiritual value points.

While Mu Chen was slightly shocked by the numbers displayed on Luo Li’s spiritual value Card, he glanced around and looked at Ye Qingling’s spiritual value Card. Although the latter possessed a Rank 7 Symbol, she only had approximately 800 spiritual value points. As for Mo Ling, Wang Sheng and the others, they had even less, approximately 100…

Thus, Ye Qingling and the others could not help but exclaim loudly when they noticed the dazzling amount of spiritual value points that Luo Li possessed. That amount was probably the highest among everyone here, right?

“You’ve suddenly become a rich woman.” Mu Chen laughed as he joked around.

In response, Luo Li glared at him snappily.

All of a sudden, someone asked loudly in the hall, “Old Mister, how can we gain more spiritual value points?” When he heard this question, the white-haired old man smiled. “It isn’t difficult to obtain spiritual value points. In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there is a variety of tasks. Once you complete these tasks, you will be able to obtain spiritual value points. You could also obtain them by hunting Spiritual Beasts and handing over the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences to us. Moreover, there are private trades between students, which use spiritual value points. You will gradually understand more about this after you enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Mu Chen nodded his head slightly. It seemed that there were many methods of obtaining spiritual value points.

“Then when can we enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” A few individuals could not wait and asked. They were looking forward to seeing the true Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a long time.

“If we follow the normal regulations, you have already qualified to enter.”

The white-haired old man smiled faintly and said: “However, there’s a final stage that needs to be completed. This stage is not for everyone, but only the students that have achieved a Rank 7 Symbol or above.”


In the hall, the people who possessed a Rank 7 or above Symbol, were shocked. Then, they stared at the white-haired old man. Was it some sort of test for them?

“This test isn’t necessary. You can choose to give up and there will be no losses. However, the ones that managed to pass this test will receive an additional 5000 spiritual value points.” The white-haired old man chuckled.

“5000 spiritual value points?” Numerous people instantly turned eager. As for the ones that failed to reach a Rank 7 Symbol, they could only stare enviously at the ones that did.

“May we know what sort of test it is?” A person, who possessed a Rank 7 Symbol, asked eagerly.

“It’s a duel. However, your opponents are your seniors within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” The white-haired old man smiled.

“Seniors from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” The corner of many people’s eyes twitched. They could feel that something terrible was going to happen.

The white-haired old man waved his sleeves and a dozen light pillars suddenly lit up behind him. As the light pillar faded away, a dozen figures appeared in the sky above.

These figures all possessed youthful appearances. Once they emerged, they stared at the youthful boys and girls within the hall mockingly.

“Yo. Looks like there’s quite a few people here. It seems that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will become quite lively.” A boy with red hair chuckled as he looked down at the crowd below.

“We’ve waited for ages before we were summoned here. Old Bai, this isn’t quite efficient.” A skinny youth smiled towards the white-haired old man.

“This Northern Heavens World has only just summoned the Northern Heavens Hall. It’s truly quite slow. As for the other three Northern Heavens Worlds, their results were obtained a long time ago…” Another burly youth spoke out as well.

“I’ve heard that those three Northern Heavens Worlds had a few powerful individuals inside. They even managed to pass through the final challenge. However, it’s probably impossible for them to succeed with Sister An here, right?” A few people smiled towards the central light pillar where, a glamorous woman wearing a red dress emerged. She had a scorchingly attractive body and extremely beautiful looks. However, her face remained cold and heartless, which stopped many from looking at her.

“Shut up!”

The girl in the red dress swept her gaze around and shouted coldly. In response, the dozen individuals immediately closed their mouths and did not dare to speak another word.

In the hall, countless gazes stared at the dozen individuals behind the white-haired old man. Their expressions became more serious, and they could sense the enormous pressure emitting from the bodies of those people. It was comparable to the strength of someone who was only half-a-step away from Heavenly Fusion Stage.

The beautiful girl in red seemed especially terrifying…

Mu Chen stared in surprise at these figures before his eyes finally landed on the girl in red dress. His gaze turned serious as his expression turned solemn. This was because he could sense that the girl was a genuine Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse.

She was at the same level as Liu Jingshan!

“An Ran, you’ll explain how the following duels will go.” The white-haired old man beckoned the girl in red dress forward as he smiled.


The girl named An Ran nodded her head slightly, and her beautiful, yet cold eyes stared at everyone at the scene. Her red lips parted slightly as she spoke faintly: “Newbies that have just arrived, I will represent all the seniors in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in welcoming you. No matter what sort of background you have, you should behave honestly within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Here, we will only respect the strong. If you don’t have any capabilities, we will look down upon you even if you have a powerful background.”

“Next up, let’s talk about the final challenge that you’ll face. The ones that possess a Rank 7 Symbol or above are qualified to challenge us. Of course, you can directly give up.”

“The reward for successfully passing a challenge has already been mentioned by Old Bai. Although the people beside me aren’t exceptionally excellent in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and are only ranked in the 50s of the Spirit Ranking within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, against the likes you, they should be quite troublesome to defeat.”

“What is the Spirit Ranking?” Someone asked curiously.

“It is the lowest ranking within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” An Ran replied coldly.

Many people were dumbfounded. These people, who were half-a-step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage, could only enter the lowest rankings within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

“Oi, Sister An. You should at least give us some face in front of these newbies. The Spirit Ranking isn’t as terrible as you’ve explained. The ones that are in the top 10 are quite powerful.” The dozen individuals all had flushed faces as they complained.

“Those idiots, who are hogging the Spirit Ranking and do not dare to advance? They are powerful?” An Ran coldy swept her gaze over them. At this moment, the group of people immediately shrank back and did not dare to respond to her.

“You should know that there were a total of four Northern Heavens World used as testing ground this time. You are only in one of them. And among these four Northern Heavens World, yours was the slowest to summon the Northern Heavens Hall. Perhaps this represents that you are the worst out of the bunch.” An Ran said as she looked at the group of new students.

“Just who says that! We could have had a Rank 9 Symbol appear a long time ago. However, there was a tiny problem that occurred.” Zhou Ling could not help but mutter. If it wasn’t for Luo Li heading over to save Mu Chen, they would have summoned the Northern Heavens Hall a while ago.

“Newbie. Don’t talk about excuses in front of me. I only care about the results. Whether or not you’re the weakest out of the four Northern Heavens World, you should not say it out with your mouth but prove it with your own strength!” An Ran replied coldly.

Zhou Ling curled his lips and stopped arguing with her. It was indeed true that this girl’s strength was much higher than his own.

“The other three Northern Heavens Worlds have all passed the final challenge. Among the ones that passed, there were a few students that achieved the best results. They actually managed to defeat the strongest senior among the students dispatched here.”

In the hall, a few student were slightly moved. Based on the seniors in front of them, the strongest senior in each respective Northern Heavens World would at least possess the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage, right? As newbies, they managed to defeat them?

“Who are they?” King Yan, Yan Ling, asked. He was also a prideful individual. Naturally, he would want to know who was more outstanding than him.

An Ran glanced at him for a moment and said: “Bing Qing, Mu Kui and Yang Hong.”

When these three names were spoken, a large uproar resounded out within the hall, especially from the people that came from the Spiritual Road. Aside from the first name, the other two individuals were people that once stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. Even among the ones that were assessed as ‘King Class’, they were considered to be ranked high up.

“Yang Hong…”

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed when he heard this name. That guy’d truly advanced quite quickly.

“Next up, it’s your turn.” An Ran said faintly: “If you want to make me recognize you’re not the weakest out of the 4 groups, then show me your abilities. I absolutely detest men that only know how to speak with their mouth.”

When everyone heard her words, they gnashed their teeth suddenly. All of them felt the impulse to hit her. Moreover, looking at the abundant buttocks of her hot body, it should feel pretty good when they smack her.

Although these thoughts appeared in many people’s mind, they did not dare to speak up. Since An Ran was able to make the other seniors afraid, it was best for newbies like them to endure it as well.

“Right now, all of the people that qualify for the duel can choose to give up. If you give up, take a step backwards.”

In the hall, everybody looked at each other. Then, a few students that possess a Rank 7 Symbol smiled bitterly and retreated backwards. Since all of these seniors possessed the strength of a Quasi- Heavenly Fusion Stage, how would it be possible for them to defeat them?

“It seems that I have to give up on it as well.” Ye Qingling smiled helplessly. She was only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. It was evident that there was no need for her to try this challenge.

“Mu Chen, Luo Li, good luck. Defeat her. Show her how powerful us rookies are.” Ye Qingling smiled. The only one who could challenge An Ran was probably Luo Li. As for Mu Chen, he was probably slightly weaker.

In the hall, a gap soon emerged. In the end, there were only a dozen students that stood in the front of the group.

“The selection of opponents will be decided through drawing lots. However, you will still have the right to give up after you draw your lot.” An Ran gripped her hand and numerous lights flew out.

Upon seeing this, the group below all caught the clump of lights with their hand. When the lights landed, they instantly turned into beams of light before they finally landed on the seniors’ bodies.

Mu Chen was one of those who caught a clump of light and gently gripped it. The clump of light cracked open and turned into a beam of red light.

His line of sight followed the red light and he was instantly stunned. Of course, he wasn’t the only one that was dumbfounded. Even the other newbies were shocked.

This is because at the end of the Mu Chen’s beam of red light was An Ran, who had a cold expression.

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