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Chapter 153 – The Freshman’s Counterattack


Deafening roars rang out  within the vast and empty hall from the dragon and elephant. At that moment, the entire hall trembled as a formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted from the giant Spiritual Array above Mu Chen.

­”Dragon Elephant Array!”

A flash of light surged through Mu Chen’s eyes as he changed his hand seals. At the same time, the massive Spiritual Array shook. Then dark-golden beams of light surged out and formed into a galloping dragon and elephant. As they galloped through the empty skies, a powerful pressure erupted viciously in An Ran’s direction

While An Ran stood in the air and stared at the golden dragon and elephant, dense Spiritual Energy gushed out from her hands as she struck out towards it.

“Shattering Ethereal Palm!”

Once An Ran attacked the golden dragon and elephant, the air in front of her seemed to become distorted. A dense Spiritual Energy gathered and formed into a palm of light as it smacked heavily against the approaching golden dragon and elephant.


The two attacks collided, and an terrifying Spiritual Energy shockwave was instantly emitted.

“Dragon Elephant Suppression!”

Mu Chen said out softly. The golden dragon and elephant quickly turned into a golden disc with a dragon and elephant covering it. Then, with a loud explosion, it completely shattered the palm of light as it charged fiercely towards An Ran.

“Wave Surfing Slash!”

An Ran’s eyes remained cold as Mu Chen’s attack approached her. Dense Spiritual Energy gathered on her hands and formed a wave-like blade of light. Then, as she swung her arm down, the blade of light rushed out and slashed the golden disc. Metal clanging sounds rang out when they collided. In the end, the blade of light actually split the golden disc into two halves.

Commotion instantly rang out from the new students within the giant hall. An Ran was truly too powerful. Moreover, she had numerous powerful Spiritual Arts. Although the power of the Spiritual Array arranged by Mu Chen contained extraordinary power, she was able to destroy it completely.


While the new students were focused on the match between Mu Chen and An Ran, a beam of light suddenly shone down into the hall. Afterwards, two figures emerged from within the beam of light and everybody immediately turned their gaze in that direction. They noticed that Luo Li and a senior, who had a flushed expression, had reappeared within the hall.

“Thanks for the battle, senior.” Luo Li looked at the boy with reddened cheeks as she spoke softly.

Hearing this, the boy suddenly let out a bitter laugh. Who would have known that this beautiful girl would actually be this powerful? With her Heavenly Fusion Stage strength, it was no wonder that An Ran had said that she was the only one that could compete against her.

“Luo Li actually won this quickly?”

The new students recovered from the shock and exclaimed out loud. Then, they stared in shock at the girl in black dress that possess a slender body. However, the latter’s eyes remained calm and completely ignored everybody’s gazes. She only lifted her exquisite face and stared at a few screens made of light until it finally landed on the screen where Mu Chen was located. A hint of worry appeared in her eyes.


An Ran’s body appeared in front of Mu Chen’s body as her hand contained a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation. It headed mercilessly towards Mu Chen’s chest. However, it was blocked completely by the latter’s arms.

A muffled sound rang out and Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted from that spot. Mu Chen’s body was instantly sent flying away and his feet slid on the ground for a few hundred meters until he finally stabilized. It was evident that his arms were slightly numb.

In that moment, Mu Chen’s eyes turned slightly serious. This was his second time fighting against a real Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse. The first time was naturally against Liu Jingshan. However, he was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage back then. The gap between the two of them was simply indescribable. Therefore, he could only fight against him after borrowing the strength of the Nine Nether Bird. But even so, the price he paid was that he had to fall unconscious for nearly half a month.

Right now, it was apparent that he was much stronger than before. Even if he only relied on his own strength, he was still able to fight back against a powerhouse of that level, though he was completely being overwhelmed.

If he wanted to defeat An Ran, it wasn’t enough with just these methods!

An Ran’s body turned into a figure of light once again as she rushed over towards him. A cold laugh rang out as another vicious Spiritual Energy impact enveloped Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s body trembled slightly before he retreated quickly back using afterimages. Only after he evaded An Ran’s attack did he dare let out a breath of relief. His consciousness entered his aura sea and saw the Nine Nether Bird elegantly extending its wings with black flames as it sat comfortably on the mandala flower.

It was evident that the current Nine Nether Bird had regained a bit of power after absorbing the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Japalura’s Soul Essences. Not only was the color on its body becoming more profound, even the black flames that shrouded its body had become a lot denser.

“You shouldn’t need my strength against such an opponent, right?” The Nine Nether Bird said lazily: “Moreover, I don’t want to attack since I still have a lot of Spiritual Energy that’s not digested yet.”

“I just came here to get the power that belongs to me.”

Mu Chen replied snappily. After the Bloodline Bond, to a certain extent, a portion of the Nine Nether Bird’s powers belongs to him as well. He could easily use it as if it was his own. At the same time, a portion of his powers could be used by the Nine Nether Bird. However, it was evident that the Nine Nether Bird does not care about his current power.

This was one of the benefits of the Bloodline Bond.

Of course, the power that he could freely use could not compare in strength with the all-out attack that the Nine Nether Bird had done back then against the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. However, it was already sufficient for him right now.

“That’s fine.”

The Nine Nether Bird slowly closed its eyes as it lay lazily on the mandala flower. Black Spiritual Energy erupted from its body like flames as it gushed into the tiny spirit that was sitting on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel…

“Did you become quiet because you finally are aware of the difference in strength?”

An Ran sneered as she increased the ferocity of her attacks. By relying on her Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase strength, she had completely suppressed Mu Chen.

“Playtime’s over. It’s time to end this!”

Since An Ran noticed that Mu Chen had stopped speaking, she started to feel bored as well. The Spiritual Energy within her hands suddenly became a lot of stronger. Afterwards, she shot down heavily towards Mu Chen in order to end the battle.

Bang! But just when she smacked down with her hands, a hint of light flashed through Mu Chen’s black eyes. Then, the corner of his lips were lifted up slightly.

“Senior An. It’s not a good habit to rejoice this early.”

A fleeting smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he immediately fired out a punch. At this moment, dark black Spiritual Energy surged out like a flood. Within the Spiritual Energy, a black flame rose as it released an overwhelming heat.


The winds formed by Mu Chen’s fist directly collided against An Ran’s hand. In that instant, a powerful shockwave exploded out. Even the ground underneath their feet collapsed from the strength of the collision.

As the shockwave exploded outwards and gravel flew everywhere, Mu Chen and An Ran’s body both trembled for a moment before they were blown back from the shock.

In the hall, the countless new students exclaimed aloud. Mu Chen actually repelled An Ran in a head-on battle? Wasn’t he completely suppressed early on?

“That boy is quite interesting.” Currently, the majority of the battles have already ended and many seniors have already reappeared within the hall. They stared at the screen of light and were dumbfounded. It was evident that they did not expect that Mu Chen would be able to fight against An Ran to this extent.

In the hall where the battle was being fought, An Ran also stabilized herself as her cold expression revealed a hint of shock. Mu Chen was able to fight evenly against her in a head on battle?

“How is this possible?”

An Ran looked forward towards Mu Chen. Mu Chen’s body was completely wrapped in dark black Spiritual Energy. On the surface of his Spiritual Energy, a mysterious black flame floated around as it gave off an extremely dangerous fluctuation.

“Why did his Spiritual Energy suddenly increase this much?” An Ran was completely dazed. If it was earlier, Mu Chen was able to fight evenly against a Spirit Stage Late Phase. However, the current Mu Chen had already reached the gateway to the Heavenly Fusion Stage. Although there was still a gap between the two of them, it wasn’t impossible for him to make up for it.

“Senior An, now let’s fight again.”

Mu Chen looked at An Ran and smiled. Within his black eyes, a black flame rose and the surging energy within his body instantly made his blood boil.

“As if I’m afraid of you!”

Although An Ran was astonished deep down inside, she still gave a sneer with her mouth.


Just when her sneer faded away, swishing sounds instantly rang out. Numerous afterimages appeared and Mu Chen’s body had already emerged in front of her like a ghost. Then, his fist that was wrapped with rumbling black smoke quickly grew with within An Ran’s eyes.

“Shattering Ethereal Palm!”

An Ran reacted quickly and countered with a palm. Spiritual Energy rumbled as it fiercely collided against Mu Chen’s attack.


Visible Spiritual Energy shockwaves ripples expanded out. The two Spiritual Energy interweaved against each other as each tried to erode the other. However, An Ran’s face changed slightly. This is because she noticed that Mu Chen’s dark black Spiritual Energy rushed over overbearingly as the two Spiritual Energy collided with each other. As the black flames rose, even her Spiritual Energy was completely burned away.

“What the hell is this? It could even burn Spiritual Energy!”

An Ran was surprised. Once she felt her Spiritual Energy weakening, her body instantly moved to the sky. At this moment, her face gradually turned serious as she exhaled.

Afterwards, the Spiritual Energy around her body instantly erupted out as a icy-blue hawk appeared behind her. Once the icy-blue hawk appeared, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emerged as well.

The icy-blue hawk’s body was completely covered with an ice armor. From its body, it released a chill which seemed to have frozen the air.

Mu Chen’s eyes turned solemn when he noticed the icy-blue hawk behind An Ran’s back.


In the hall where the new students were located, numerous people stared at the screen of light where the battle seemed to have reached the climax. At this moment, the seniors’ expressions had also turned serious. That guy actually managed to force An Ran to summon the “Northern Goldenstripe Seahawk”.

That was a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast ranked 65th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking.

The freshman, which only seemed like a Spirit Stage Middle Phase, was actually powerful to this extent?

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