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Chapter 150 – Northern Heavens Hall

In the central area, the bustling commotion slowly quieted down. Everybody stared in shock at the conclusion of the battle.

The outcome was beyond many people’s imaginations. Shi Jingtian had actually lost!

At this moment, many individuals exchanged glances with one another before turning their gaze towards that slender figure. Their expressions instantly turned serious. As for the people that came from the Spiritual Road, they secretly let out a sigh of relief. As expected, how could a person who caused that shocking event be weak, even if he had failed to obtain the Spiritual Energy Empowerment?

All of them instantly retracted their attitude of superiority. Even if they had exited the Spiritual Road, it did not represent that they were superior to everyone. There were too many talented geniuses in the world. As for the Spiritual Road, it was only a trial and it did not mean that they were standing above their peers. If they wished to maintain their position, they would have to remain vigilant and wary. Otherwise, they might be surpassed by others.

The other superior students in the central area all stared at the scene with serious expressions. Even Zhou Ling couldn’t help but smack his lips. By relying on his strength as a Spirit Stage Middle Phase, Mu Chen was able to defeat a person who was a half-step from the Heavenly Fusion Stage. He truly was powerful.

“Mu Chen!”

When Shi Hao witnessed this scene, his expression instantly changed. He shouted loudly as he charged forward to save Shi Jingtian from Mu Chen’s hand.


But just when he moved, a slender figure appeared directly in front of him. A black longsword carrying an extraordinary sharp sword aura was only a short distance away from his throat.

Shi Hao was surprised and immediately stopped moving. He hurriedly retreated and lifted his head up. Then, he noticed Luo Li wielding the longsword as she stared calmly at him. She said: “If you’re planning on intervening, I don’t mind fighting against you.”

Shi Hao’s expression instantly changed. Luo Li was a genuine Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse. It was impossible for him to defeat her alone. Thus, he could only grit his teeth and remain motionless in front of her.

On the other hand, Mu Chen did not care about Shi Hao’s actions. He only stared at Shi Jingtian, who had a gloomy and surprised expression, and smiled faintly. He did not mutter any words and immediately stabbed towards the symbol on the latter’s forehead.

“Wait!” Seeing Mu Chen act without hesitation, Shi Jingtian was completely shocked. He hurriedly shouted and a purple-golden light emerged from the twinkling, purple-golden symbol on his forehead. At the same time, the symbol on his forehead darkened.

Mu Chen held onto the purple-golden light that was filled with mysterious Spiritual Aura and smiled at Shi Jingtian. He said: “Thanks.”

Shi Jingtian had a gloomy expression as he slowly stood up. Then, he retreated quickly and shouted through the gaps of his teeth: “Mu Chen, I’ll never forgive you!”

“You’re welcome to try me anytime.” Mu Chen chuckled. He immediately directed his gaze away and asked: “Anyone else have a problem with me being here?”

The surroundings were completely silent. The people that had originally looked at Mu Chen provocatively instantly turned their gazes away. They did not dare to look directly at him. After all, even someone as powerful as Shi Jingtian was defeated. If they were to face Mu Chen, they would only disgrace themselves.

The other superior individuals also did not respond. It was evident that the strength displayed by Mu Chen was enough to make them afraid. If they were to offend him right now, not only would they offend Mu Chen, they would also offend Luo Li as well. Thus, it was apparent that this was not a wise decision.

“Haha. As expected from the Blood Calamity Mu Chen. Although we haven’t met in the Spiritual Road, I’ve at least heard the rumors. Now that I’ve met you, your reputation is well-deserved.” King Yan, Yang Ling, laughed as he spoke to Mu Chen.

His laughter instantly shattered the tense atmosphere and the others started to speak as well. However, it was obvious that they were more careful with their words as if they did not want to offend Mu Chen.

Mu Chen also cupped his fist in response to the other individuals. Then, he flicked his finger and sent the purple-gold light towards Luo Li. He said: “After you absorb it, you should reach Rank 9 Symbol.”

Seeing Mu Chen hand over the Rank 8 Symbol to Luo Li, they were stunned for a moment. After all, it was quite difficult to raise the symbol to Rank 8. Just by hunting Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, it would require at least three of them before it reached that rank. Therefore, there weren’t even ten individuals that reached Rank 8 Symbol.

On the other side, Luo Li extended her slender hand to grasp onto the purple-golden light. Then, she smiled gently towards Mu Chen before absorbing the purple-golden light into the symbol on her forehead.

Many people in this area watched as this scene occurred before their very eyes. They immediately held their breath. Since this location was the center of the Northern Heavens World, they only needed a person to obtain a Rank 9 Symbol and the condition to summon the Northern Heavens Hall would be fulfilled.

Once the purple-gold light entered Luo Li’s forehead, the purple-golden symbol on her forehead emitted a dazzling light. This light was like a purple-golden beam, which shot out from her forehead and into the sky.


When the purple-gold beam rushed into the sky, everybody noticed that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations in the world suddenly turned extremely violent. Then, noise rumbled down from the skies above.

Everybody immediately turned their gaze towards the sky.

In the sky, the purple-gold light shone as it vaguely formed into a massive purple-gold palace. This palace brought forth a shadow as it slowly descended from the skies.

Finally, the purple-gold palace slowly descended down and landed on the ground. In the instant that it landed, the earth trembled violently.

“Is this the Northern Heavens Hall?”

Many people stared eagerly at the purple-gold palace. This was the true gateway to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After passing through, they would finally become students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.


Under numerous gazes, the purple-gold palace’s heavy, gold-crafted doors slowly opened. A dazzling gold light filled their eyes.

“The Northern Heavens Hall has opened. The students that have reached Rank 4 Symbol or above, please enter…” Following the opening of the purple-gold door, an old and hoarse voice slowly resounded out from within.


This voice instantly broke the silence. Countless individuals, who had achieved this condition, had their eyes turn red due to excitement. The next moment, swishing sounds of winds resounded out. Then, these students all rushed into the purple-gold palace like a swarm of locusts.

When Mu Chen witnessed this terrifying formation, he also gave a huge smile. Then, he tilted his head towards Ye Qingling and the others as he spoke: “Let’s enter as well.”

Ye Qingling nodded her head. The Ye Clan members were also extremely excited. They had finally made it to this place after passing through numerous trials and tests.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen waved his hand at Luo Li and the two of them took the lead as they charged forward. In a few seconds, they had appeared before the massive purple-gold door as they rushed in.

In the instant they passed through the purple-gold door, they could feel the symbol on their forehead flash slightly. It was as if something had been scanned. It was apparent that one of the abilities of the palace was to track their symbols. As for the students that did not manage to reach Rank 4 Symbol, it was evident that they had lost the opportunity to enter through the doors and were forever eliminated from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

Just when Mu Chen and the others rushed into the purple-gold palace, a brilliant light flashed through their eyes. After they recovered their consciousness, they discovered that they were inside a vast hall. Even by looking around, they did not manage to see the ends of the hall.

At this moment, numerous figures emerged within the hall. Soon, the vast and empty hall was completely crowded.

“Where is this place?”

Many people looked around, dazed. Is this the interior of the Northern Heavens Hall? How should they enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after entering this location?

“Ohoho, little fellows. Congratulations for passing the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination.” Just when everybody was glancing around, lights gathered around and an old figure slowly emerged in midair.

The old figure was quite familiar. It was the figure formed with light that had guided Mu Chen and the others on the Escort Platform. However, the figure standing in front of them wasn’t an illusory light figure. Instead, it was his true body.

Mu Chen stared at the white-haired old man and a hint of seriousness flashed through his eyes. He could sense a strong pressure emitting from the latter’s body. This pressure was clearly not something that an ordinary Heavenly Fusion Stage should possess.

“As expected from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even the person that is escorting us is terrifying to such a degree.” Mu Chen smacked his lips secretly.

“I am the person that escorts you from the Northern Heavens World. At the same time, I will lead you to the true Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” In the sky, the old man stared at the mass of humans below. At this moment, the youthful faces were all filled with expectation and excitement regarding the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Since you’ve managed to arrive here, it is enough to prove that you were successful. Next up, I will hand over the reward that you deserve.”

The white-haired old man smiled slightly and waved his hand. Then, all of the symbols on the everyone’s forehead flashed immediately. In the end, the symbols turned into a beams of light which fell into everybody’s hands.

Once the light faded away, a sparkling crystal card appeared in everybody’s hand. At the same time, a number emerged on the crystal card.

“What is this?”

Sounds of confusion rang out from everybody.

“This is the Spiritual Value Card. The number on top of it is known as Spiritual Value. You should not underestimate this item. It is extremely important within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, you can use these Spiritual Values to exchange the items that you want such as Spiritual Arts, Spiritual Artifacts, Diagram Arrays, Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence and even personal guidance from top-notched instructors…”


A commotion instantly burst out inside the hall. Many people looked at the crystal card in their hands heatedly. So this little thing was that useful?

Mu Chen was also surprised when he heard this. He lowered his head and looked at the Spiritual Value Card in his hand. On the surface, it showed a few numbers: 1100 Points.

“1100 Spiritual Value Points…It seems that the higher the symbol’s rank is, the more Spiritual Value one would obtain.”

Mu Chen thought for a moment. Then, he looked at the Spiritual Value Card in Luo Li’s hand, who was standing beside him. On the surface, there were a few dazzling numbers.

5000 Points.

Mu Chen could not stop his mouth from twitching. It was actually that much more than his…

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