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Chapter 149 – Black Flames

As black flames emerged from the depths of Mu Chen’s eyes, his eyes turned slightly weird. Dark black Spiritual Energy also wrapped around his body. As the Spiritual Energy surged around him, hints of black flames also moved.

Mu Chen immediately stepped into the sky and slowly gripped his hands. A mysterious fluctuation also emitted from his body. At this moment, dark black Spiritual Energy also gathered behind his body. However, it did not form the shape of the ingested Soul Essence like Shi Jingtian.

This was because he did not ingest a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. What he was performing instead was the much higher ranked method; Bloodline Bond. At this moment, he currently possessed some of the Nine Nether Bird’s abilities. Moreover, this ability was much more flexible. This is due to the Bloodline Bond. The Nine Nether Bird within his body possessed a complete intelligence. Therefore, compared to the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence where Shi Jingtian had completely erased its consciousness, it had more spirituality.

Countless gazes gathered on Mu Chen’s body. They could detect that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitting from his  body had increased considerably  as well.

“How did Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy become that much stronger all of a sudden? It’s even stronger than a Spirit Stage Late Phase. Could it be because he ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence?” Ye Qingling said in surprise.

Luo Li’s eyes focused as she stared at Mu Chen’s body. A hint of surprise also flashed through her clear eyes. Perhaps others might fail to detect it, but she could tell how domineering the dark black Spiritual Energy that wrapped around Mu Chen’s body was. Moreover, it secretly gave off a heart-throbbing feeling.

“A powerful Spiritual Beast is probably within his body. However, it isn’t the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura.” Luo Li muttered to herself. A faint smile immediately emerged on her face. She knew that he would be able to catch up even if he had lost the opportunity from the Spiritual Road. There were even times when Luo Li had believed in Mu Chen more than she believed in herself.

This is because they had encountered numerous difficulties and dangers during their one year within the Spiritual Road. In the end, it was always the smiling boy who had helped her escape these dangers.

Although Luo Li usually did not show much concern for anything, she was actually quite prideful deep down inside. However, this pride of hers was constantly destroyed ever since she met Mu Chen.

During the half-year chase, she actually knew that Mu Chen had countless opportunities to kill her. However, he still gave up in the end.

Back then, Luo Li felt that he was truly foolish for giving up these opportunities. But until she finally managed to defeat him and placed her sword in front of Mu Chen’s throat, she finally understood that she wasn’t able to kill him…

This boy  was like a spider who would form spider webs within spider webs. On the other hand, she was a tiny chick that chased after him endlessly. But once she finally came to her senses, she discovered that the layers of spider silk had already wrapped around her tightly. She had been trapped to the extent that she did not even wish to escape.

Mu Chen was, indeed, still powerful.

Luo Li’s glass-like eyes twinkled as she stared at the thin figure. Then, she smiled softly. In that instant, numerous people’s gazes were captivated by that smile.

“No wonder you dared to show up, so you were hiding your abilities.”

Shi Jingtian also noticed the Mu Chen’s mysterious Spiritual Energy fluctuations, which had increased in strength  in an instant, and his eyes turned serious. He immediately let out a cold laugh. Since he had suffered earlier, he was quite vigilant towards Mu Chen. However, he had currently summoned the Earthstone Spirit Python and his strength was infinitely close to a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse. On the other hand, Mu Chen’s power up had only caused his strength to be equivalent to a Spirit Stage Late Phase.

The gap between them had opened up instead.

“Let me show you just who is the one getting carried away!”

Liu Jingtian clenched his hands and dense Spiritual Energy surged out like a flood. Angry roars rang out from his throat as a mysterious fluctuation spread out underneath his feet.


At this moment, the earth seemed to tremble. As he stomped down and charged into the sky, greyish-white Spiritual Aura erupted out from his clasped hands. It actually formed into numerous greyish-white lights. These lights soon formed into numerous boulders that were suspended in the sky.

An overbearing fluctuation was emitted.

At that moment, many individuals’ gazes turned solemn. They could detect that every single one of the rocks formed near Shi Jingtian had the power to gravely injure a Spirit Stage powerhouse.

It was evident that his combat abilities had soared after activating the Soul Essence’s power.

“Stone Emperor Art, Meteorite Shower!”

Shi Jingtian’s eyes darkened as he locked down on Mu Chen, who was below him. His gaze instantly turned cold as he changed the seals formed by his hands. At this moment, the numerous greyish-white lights suddenly buzzed and sounds of the winds breaking instantly rang out. These countless rocks descended down towards Mu Chen and covered almost all of his paths of retreat.

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the rocks that were rapidly becoming larger within his eyes. At this moment, he took a deep breath and circulated the Great Pagoda Art within his body. A mysterious light started to flash within the depths of his body.


The dark black Spiritual Energy that was surging on the surface of his body instantly turned into a blurry black light tower. On top of the light tower, traces of black flames floated around.

When the black light tower was formed, the descending rocks came violently crashing down. In the end, they had smashed fiercely onto the black light tower outside of Mu Chen’s body.

Dong Dong!

The earth seemed to tremble at this moment. Countless people stared in shock at the earth where the bombardment of rocks occurred. At that location, smoke spread out and covered their line of sight. However, they were still able to feel how terrifying the attack was.

This vicious attack would definitely turn anyone who was at the Spirit Stage Late Phase into pulp.

At this moment, Ye Qingling and the others were staring nervously at the place where the smoke rose up. Their hands were clenched tightly. Sun’Er even had to cover her eyes with her tiny hands.

The only one that remained calm was Luo Li. Although Shi Jingtian’s attack was indeed powerful, it clearly wasn’t enough to kill Mu Chen.

Finally, the bombardment ended. The smoke also started to disperse and everybody immediately turned their attention to that location. Then, sounds of gasps rang out.

At the place where the ground was collapsing, a person was quietly suspended in midair. On top of his body, the blurry black light tower had remained completely motionless in the face of Shi Jingtian’s attack. That amazing offensive performed by Shi Jingtian had actually caused no damage to him at all!

“How is this possible?!” In the sky, Shi Jingtian was completely speechless.


While he was horrified, Mu Chen’s body had appeared in front of him like a phantom. Winds formed by his fists rushed out while it was being wrapped by dark black Spiritual Energy. It drew an arc as it pounded heavily against Shi Jingtian.

Shi Jingtian hurriedly summoned his Spiritual Energy and blocked with his rock-like arms. The Stone Emperor Art that he had trained in allowed him to possess powerful defence as well. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of a hand-to-hand fight.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

However, Mu Chen didn’t seem to be concerned about it. His fists were wrapped in dark black Spiritual Energy and bombarded against Shi Jingtian’s arms. At this moment, Shi Jingtian’s expression changed drastically. This is because he detected that extreme heat was being transferred into his arm every time Mu Chen’s fists landed. This intense heat would charge into his meridians, which caused severe pain in his arms.

“Something’s strange with this guy’s Spiritual Energy!”

Shi Jingtian was shocked. Only now did he detect that there was a hint of black flames that was within the dark black Spiritual Energy whenever Mu Chen attacked.

“I must not fight against him head on!”

Shi Jingtian hurriedly retreated backwards. The black flame was too overbearing. If he let too much of the black flames seep into his body, it would probably scorch his meridians, which would gravely injure him.

“I must not delay this battle.” Shi Jingtian finally felt a bit of unease. Mu Chen’s strange techniques had finally made him quite uneasy.

“I’ll deal with him in one attack!”

Viciousness filled Shi Jingtian’s eyes. He immediately gritted his teeth as his arms trembled slightly. The greyish-white color in his arms turned increasingly dark. His large veins also twitched. At this moment, even his ten fingers seemed to be crafted from stone.

Accompanied with the greyish-white light, a formidable fluctuation erupted from Shi Jingtian’s palms.

“Take this!”

When the greyish-white light and Spiritual Energy had reached its peak, Shi Jingtian shouted loudly as he smacked down with his palm.

“Heavenly Stonesmash Palm!”

Following Shi Jingtian’s shout, a greyish-white light escaped his hand and instantly formed into a massive stone palm. This palm was covered with rock engravings and was extremely tough.

At the same time, Mu Chen’s palm also released out a dark black light. He, too, fired out a palm attack calmly. In that instant, faint sounds of thunders were formed and the entire sky seemed to darken.

“Vajra Pagoda!”

Mu Chen also struck with his palm. The dark black Spiritual Energy formed into a black palm. On the black palm, dark golden tower engravings emerged and a fluctuation that seemed to suppress everything appeared.


The two palm attacks ripped through the air and collided heavily with each other like meteorites. At that moment, a loud noise resounded. Violent shockwaves were emitted and formed gales in the area. Sand and stone were instantly swept up from the earth.


Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold and he clenched his hands. Underneath the golden tower engravings, Shi Jingtian was aghast to see that his rock palm was beginning to crack. It was as if the Spiritual Energy within it was completely erased.

“How is this possible?!” Shi Jingtian was completely speechless.


However, Mu Chen ignored him and the black palm with golden tower engravings completely emerged above Shi Jingtian as it smacked down.

Seeing this, Shi Jingtian hurriedly circulated his Spiritual Energy to protect this body.


However, the palm still beat down mercilessly at him. After a muffled cry, everybody noticed Shi Jingtian falling down from the sky and landed fiercely on the ground.

The ground instantly shattered and web-like cracks spread out.


Shi Jingtian had a pale expression as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Traces of horror were still shown in his eyes. He never imagined that the attacks of Mu Chen would be so terrifying. Not even he, who was infinitely close to a Heavenly Fusion Stage, could block it!


His eyes blinked as he attempted to retreat backwards. However, he heard the sounds of winds breaking and a light with black flames rushed across his eyes. Then, Mu Chen’s slender fingers, which carried black flames, stopped in front of his throat like the black scythe of a death god.

His body instantly froze and was covered with cold sweat. He did not dare make even the slightest movement.

“I’ve told you before…”

Mu Chen’s black eyes stared calmly at Shi Jingtian, who was completely horrified, as he slowly spoke: “If you get carried away, you will have to pay a price.”

“Now, you should hand over this price. Otherwise, I do not mind eliminating you.”

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