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Chapter 146 – Meeting Place

Within the vast mountains, commotions rang out. Numerous furious roars resounded as Spiritual Beasts charged towards a dozen agile figures.

“H…Hurry. Lead them all towards Brother Mu!”

“If you don’t want to be eaten by these Spiritual Beasts, then put your back into it!”

In front of the Spiritual Beasts, tired, breathless groans could be heard from a group of people. Then, these figures mustered all their strength to head towards a nearby hill. At that location, there were numerous figures waiting in ambush.

On the top of the hill, a massive Spiritual Array was slowly circulating. Dragon and elephant sounds could be heard from time to time, as a formidable Spiritual Energy emitted out.

Mu Chen stared at the numerous Spiritual Beasts that were attracted by the group. There were probably over 40 Spiritual Beasts. Furthermore, at the forefront of the group, there were ten Spiritual Beasts that possessed the strength of a High Rank Spiritual Beast.

However, Spiritual Beasts at this level weren’t a threat to the current Mu Chen.

“Let’s move.”

Mu Chen muttered and waved his hand. A formidable fluctuation instantly burst out of the Spiritual Array. Then, a dark-golden light erupted and formed a dragon and an elephant as they surged over.


As the dragon and elephant passed by, countless massive Spiritual Beasts flew backwards and had their bones completely shattered by the impact. Slowly, their life faded away.

Although the Spiritual Array was considerably powerful, there was a large quantity of Spiritual Beasts. Therefore, there were still a few agile Spiritual Beasts that managed to escape and rushed fiercely at the Ye Clan members.

Seeing this, Ye Qingling was prepared to take action. However, Luo Li, who was beside her, gripped the hilt of the black longsword with her slender hand. The longsword trembled for a moment, and the shadow of a sword pierced through the empty space.

Chi Chi!

When the Spiritual Beasts were only a few hundred meters away from the Ye Clan members, their bodies suddenly turned stiff. Fresh blood immediately sprayed out and they were actually cut into two halves. At the point where they were cut, it was as smooth as a mirror.

The Ye Clan members all sucked in a breath of cold air. Their eyes were completely filled with horror as they looked at Luo Li. They didn’t know what happened, but the Spiritual Beasts had been split apart. Furthermore, it had been done from such a far distance.

If these Spiritual Beasts were them, they would have probably died in a much terrible way.

“Hurry and take the Soul Essences out. For the people whose symbol hasn’t reach Rank 4, they should absorb the Spiritual Aura for their symbols.” The Spiritual Array above Mu Chen’s head slowly faded away as he smiled at Wang Sheng and the others.


Wang Sheng and the others hurriedly responded, then, they rushed out in excitement. These Spiritual Beasts weren’t weak. If they were planning to deal with it by themselves, they would have to pay a price in order to successfully kill one of the Spiritual Beast. But with the help of a powerful person such as Mu Chen, everything had turned simple once again.

Ye Qingling looked at the excited Ye Clan members and smiled. She turned around and said to Mu Chen: “Thank you very much.”

If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, it was evident that it would have been impossible for her to help every single Ye Clan member to reach Rank 4 Symbol. Therefore, a few members would have to leave unhappily. If that were to happen, every one of them would definitely feel bitter.

Mu Chen shook his head: “It wasn’t easy to come to this place. Moreover, they definitely have some talent. If they were to successfully enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they should be able to be somewhat successful. Therefore, it would be a pity if they were eliminated due to some misfortune.”

“Right now, we are approaching the innermost region of the Northern Heavens World. We should soon reach the meeting place.” Luo Li spoke gently.

“The meeting place, huh…”

Hearing this, Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. At that location, he would probably be able to meet all the powerful individuals within this Northern Heavens World. It was truly something that he was looking forward to.

“Let’s prepare to leave.” Mu Chen said as he looked at Ye Qingling.


In the following half-a-day, Mu Chen began to hurry ahead at full speed. This was because this place was already considered to be the heart of the Northern Heavens World. Thus, approximately 70-80% of the students had gathered at this location. The number of people here was simply astonishing. Even from a distance of a hundred miles, they were still able to see light figures rushing through the air.

As they hurried, Mu Chen and the others met with numerous small and large forces. All of them were filled with excitement as they headed in the same direction. That direction led to the last stop of the Northern Heavens World’s examination.

From there, they would truly enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The students that managed to reach this location were all people with real skill. Every single one of their symbols on their forehead had surpassed Rank 4. Although it wasn’t quite amazing, it was still enough for them to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Of course, these forces would all cast surprised gazes towards the Ye Clan were Mu Chen and the others resided. After all, they didn’t have many individuals and many of them didn’t have a particularly powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation. This made them surprised. A small force with such pitiful power was actually successful in reaching this location? And the majority of the people possessed a Rank 4 symbol?

Mu Chen and the others didn’t care about the gazes of the other forces. The group of men rushed through the forest and finally slowed down as sunset approached.

At this moment, everybody was a little shocked as they stared out into the distance.

It was an open plain on top of a mountain. But at this moment, a dense mass of people were spread out to the end of their line of sight. Furthermore, a steady stream of figures were approaching from afar.

Dense Spiritual Energy fluctuations rushed out into the sky.

It was a sea of people.

This was where the truly strong people gathered.

Various genius from all over the Great Thousand World would enter the Northern Heavens World and finally gathered in this location. But only the ones that stood out from the crowd here were truly heaven-sent individuals.

“There’s so many people.” Wang Sheng and the others exclaimed out loud. They could feel that it was extremely easy to find Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase individuals here. Furthermore, Spirit Stage powerhouses were a dime a dozen here.

“Let’s enter as well.”

Mu Chen waved as he headed towards the center of the meeting place. Luo Li, Ye Qingling and the others quickly followed behind him.

But shortly after they departed, dozens of figures surrounded them from the front. Numerous gazes swept across Mu Chen and the others before they finally stopped on Luo Li’s body.

Mu Chen’s group had very little people. Moreover, the majority of them weren’t particularly strong. Coupled with the fact that they had an eye-catching existence such as Luo Li with them, it was natural that they would be targeted by others.

“Haha, where did such a beauty come from? How could you be within this tiny force? Why don’t you come to our Mo Clan? With our protection, nobody would dare touch you!” These dozen of figures weren’t weak. The leading two figures had even reached Spirit Stage Middle Phase. At this moment, they were grinning as they stared at Mu Chen and the others.

Numerous gazes were also directed towards them from the surroundings. However, when a few gazes noticed Luo Li, who was beside Mu Chen, these gazes immediately turned strange. Then, when they looked at the people that stopped Mu Chen, their gazes were filled with sympathy and joy.

At this moment, Mu Chen frowned slightly. Beside him, Luo Li’s hand had already covered the hilt of her sword.


But just when she was about to attack, the person who previously spoke up suddenly flew towards the ground and was splayed as if he was a dog. His face reddened as he got up and shouted: “Who?”

As he shouted out, he noticed a person staring at him darkly. He immediately retreated: “Boss.”

The skinny figure did not care about him and step forward. Then, he cupped his fist towards Luo Li as he spoke: “I apologize. My man spoke out without thinking about what he said. I hope that King Luo would not take it personally.”

The boy earlier heard this and his expression changed. Although he did not participate in the Spiritual Road, he knew what the words, King Luo, represented. Only the people, who stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road, possessed a title. Even his boss, who had reached Spirit Stage Late Phase, wasn’t qualified to obtain one…

Then, the skinny man turned his gaze towards Mu Chen, who was beside Luo Li. He stared at Mu Chen’s handsome face and was a little bit shocked. His eyes instantly retracted when he saw Mu Chen.

“You recognize me?” Seeing his reaction, Mu Chen asked in surprise.

“Ohoho, Blood Calamity Mu Chen, how is it possible that I don’t know you?” The skinny boy let out an unnatural laugh as he spoke: “I was nearly affected by the Blood Calamity in the Spiritual Road…”

He still remembered the monstrous and bloody day. And the coldhearted boy that had caused this disaster-like Blood Calamity was in front of him.

“Oh.” Mu Chen smiled: “Then, I’m sorry about it.”

Cold sweat flowed down from the skinny boy’s forehead. However, he did not dare answer Mu Chen. In his eyes, the gentle and handsome-looking boy was far more terrifying than King Luo, who was beside him.

“In the future, you should teach your men better. Otherwise, it would be easy for you to get into trouble.” Mu Chen smiled faintly and said nothing more. He immediately brought the crowd through the sea of humans and headed forward.

“Boss, who is that boy?” He only possessed the same strength as me, how could he talk to you like this?” Seeing Mu Chen depart, the person, who had acted rudely, asked secretly.

“He’s your mom.” Seeing the boy’s wretched appearance, the skinny boy was completely furious and sent another kick towards him. “You actually dare provoke that death god. Are you f*cking tired of life? Unlike you, I still want to live a little bit longer!”

About the unrest behind him, Mu Chen didn’t care about it. He brought the group through the crowd and headed towards the front.

At this location, it wasn’t quite crowded. Moreover, it was split apart by many powerful forces. These forces weren’t comparable to the ones before. Nobody would dare set foot within their territory.

They were considered to be the strongest forces within the entire Northern Heavens World.

Compared to them, Mu Chen’s group was quite strange. This is why many people cast unnatural gazes towards them.

But apart from a few puzzled looks, the majority of them stared complicatedly at the boy beside Luo Li.

That guy really appeared.

In the northwest corner of this location, two figures suddenly stood up while they were surrounded by a group of powerful individuals. A extremely powerful aura erupted out, which caused many gazes in this region to be directed over towards them.

“Mu Chen!”

The two figures that emitted out such a formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuation stared coldly at Mu Chen’s figure. Their cold voices resounded out directly through this open space.

“I never expected that you would appear here!”

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