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Chapter 147 – Shi Family’s Brothers

In the center of this vast open plain, the major forces had co-existed through dividing their territories. Every single one of these forces possessed a powerful lineup. Even Spirit Stage students that were powerful enough to become the leader of a Clan would have to control themselves as if they were only ordinary existences.

This is because they knew that an ordinary Spirit Stage wasn’t qualified to step into this place filled with experts.

And in the central zone, there were seven eye-catching locations. These seven locations were known as the territory of the most formidable groups. In front of their formations, there were extremely powerful Spiritual fluctuations emitting out.

In the northeast corner, there was a crowd of hundreds of people. In the front of this crowd were two boys. One of them was tall and burly, while the other was quite skinny. Their appearances were quite familiar as they were the ones  who assisted Luo Li in the  hunt for the Single-Eyed Diamond Ape.

These two were also individuals who stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. They were also assessed as King Class. King Yan, Yan Xiao, and King Zhou, Zhou Ling. Even among this gathering location of strong individuals, they were still dazzling existences.

At this moment, it was evident that they had also discovered Mu Chen and Luo Li, who arrived at this location. Both of them wore complicated expressions as their gaze remained fixed on Mu Chen. In the Spiritual Road, they had met Mu Chen once before. More importantly, they had fought against each other. However, they had stopped once they made contact and didn’t attempt to kill each other. Speaking of which, they felt a little bit of sympathy towards him.

Aside from the two of them, there were still three other locations that had two figures with formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuations. It was evident that they were also people who were assessed as King Class that came out from the Spiritual Road.

On the other side, two figures stood up among the crowd as they stared coldly at Mu Chen. The cold shout earlier had come out from their mouths.

These two individuals were the dual kings from the Shi Family that Luo Li had mentioned earlier. It was Shi Jingtian and Shi Hao, who were considered to be Mu Chen’s rivals in the Spiritual Road.

In this region, the eight Kings from Spiritual Road had all gathered. Apart from them, there were other large forces. Although the leaders of these forces did not participate in the Spiritual Road, their strength wasn’t any weaker than the Kings from the Spiritual Road. Normally speaking, these people were either brought up by large forces within the Great Thousand World or ones that had extraordinary encounters. They were all heaven-sent individuals.

This was truly the place where only the strong gathered.

The Shi Brothers’ cries resounded in the air like thunder. It instantly suppressed the liveliness of this location. Suddenly, numerous gazes were cast towards the central area.

“Isn’t that the dual kings from the Shi Family? These two brothers were individuals that were assessed as King Class within the Spiritual Road. It’s rumored that they were only half-a-step away from reaching Heavenly Fusion Stage. When the two of them combine forces, they could even stand against a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase powerhouse.”

“Did they shout Mu Chen earlier? Could it be the Blood Calamity Mu Chen from the Spiritual Road?”

“Who else could it be aside from that demon? I’ve heard earlier that he came to this Northern Heavens World. Moreover, he obtained two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences!”

“However, it’s said that his strength is only at Spirit Stage Middle Phase. It seems that he suffered a huge loss when he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road. Right now, he has quite a bit of gap separating him from the King Class individuals…”

“The dual kings from the Shi Family were his rivals in the Spiritual Road. Since they’ve met, it’s likely that they wouldn’t let him go easily. However, King Luo is beside Mu Chen. She is a person that is even more fearsome than the dual kings of the Shi Family. This time, it would definitely be interesting…”

Currently, there were too many people here. Among them, there were countless that came out from the Spiritual Road. With a glance, they had seen all the people that were at the scene. Thus, strange voices spread out quickly through the crowd.

At this moment, Mu Chen turned his gaze towards the two familiar figures. The Shi Brothers were somewhat burly. Shi Jingtian is bald and had a cold gaze which made others shiver. On the other hand, Shi Hao had long hair and a calm expression. However, the glare that he had when he looked at Mu Chen was filled with coldness.

“I was wondering who it was. So it was one of the people that I defeated before.” Mu Chen smiled. Since the two of them acted so rudely once they met, he naturally didn’t bother giving them any face.

“You think you still have the right to act so arrogant?” Shi Jingtian sneered. He looked at Mu Chen and a mocking smile emerged: “The once famous Blood Calamity in the Spiritual Road is only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase? With such strength, you’re not qualified to stand at this location. From what I see, you should scram!”

In the central area, the majority of the powerhouses stared unkindly at the two forces. However, they did not speak and maintained as a bystander. But judging from the surface, Mu Chen wasn’t worthy of their attention. After all, they could easily find a group of people who was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. Truthfully, he wasn’t qualified to be placed on an equal footing with them.

But the people at the scene weren’t idiots. They naturally did not dare to underestimate Mu Chen. Moreover, even if they did, there was still Luo Li, who stood beside Mu Chen. She  was an existence that they all feared.

“If you think that we’re not qualified, you two brothers could see if you can drive us out.” Luo Li’s clear eyes stared at Shi Jingtian and Shi Hao. Her voice was filled with coldness as she spoke.

“Luo Li, did you believe that we two brothers are afraid of you?!” Shi Jingtian’s eyes darkened as he shouted out.

“If that’s the case, then let me experience the Shi Family’s Dual King’s Stone Emperor Art.” Luo Li’s slender hand slowly covered the black longsword as she muttered.


As Luo Li’s voice resounded out, a formidable Spiritual Energy erupted out from her body. This Spiritual Energy fluctuation instantly changed numerous people’s expressions.

“This Spiritual Energy fluctuation…She actually reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage?! How terrifying!”

As they felt the pressure emitting out from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, sounds of shock erupted out through this area. Even the people who stood at the peak of this area turned serious and revealed a hint of fear in their eyes.

At this moment, the brothers from the Shi Family narrowed their eyes. Then, Shi Jingtian turned his gaze towards Mu Chen and sneered: “Mu Chen, you are still considered to be a well-known figure within the Spiritual Road. Although I’ve never liked you in the past, you still had my respect for always standing in front of women. Why have you fallen to the point where you would need a woman to protect you now that we’ve returned to the Great Thousand World?”

“Shi Jingtian. You can stop with your foolish provocations.” Mu Chen lowered his eyes and responded faintly.

“You shouldn’t act too cocky either. So what if Luo Li is going to attack? If we two brothers join forces together, we aren’t afraid of her. Do you think that with the measly amount of people behind you, you would be able to fight against our Shi Clan?” Shi Jingtian said.

“You can try it if you want.” Mu Chen smiled slightly. However, his smile was filled with mercilessness. Perhaps the Ye Clan members weren’t as powerful as the Shi Clan. But if they dared to attack, Mu Chen didn’t mind letting them pay a heavy price.

Shi Jingtian’s eyes immediately turned cold as he stared at Mu Chen. The latter also stared back at him and the atmosphere instantly turned tense.

“Ohoho, if you have something to say, then please say it. Why must you take action immediately? It’s best if it’s peaceful.”

A sudden laughter suddenly rang out within this tense atmosphere. Numerous gazes turned around and noticed that the skinny boy was staring at the two of them from the northeast corner. It was King Zhou, Zhou Ling.

“Zhou Ling. Are you planning to intervene in this as well?” Seeing the skinny boy, Shi Hao frowned and asked coldly.

Hearing this, Zhou Ling smiled: “Currently, the majority of the people within the Northern Heavens World have gathered at this meeting place. Our goals are the same. To find the Northern Heavens Hall. However, no matter how hard we look, there is no trace  of the Northern Heavens Hall.”

“What do you want to say?” Shi Hao frowned and asked.

“As far as I know, the Northern Heavens Hall should be at this location. However, it hasn’t appeared yet. Thus, there is only one reason. It’s because the condition triggering the appearance of the Northern Heavens Hall have not been satisfied yet.” Zhou Ling smiled.

“What condition?” From nearby, a figure wearing a red robe asked suddenly. This person also possessed a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation. It was Yan Ling. He was also a person who stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road and was known as King Yan.

“According to my guess, the condition should be the appearance of a Rank 9 Symbol. Unfortunately, none of us have achieved it.” Zhou Ling looked helplessly in Luo Li’s direction. Originally, Luo Li was most likely to achieve it. However, she gave it up because of Mu Chen.

“A Rank 9 Symbol…”

Hearing this, everybody frowned. At this location, there were a few people that had a Rank 8 Symbol, but nobody had a Rank 9 symbol.

“Therefore, I’m proposing that we should form a Rank 9 Symbol together. Why don’t we talk about the earlier matter after we trigger the appearance of the Northern Heavens Hall?” Zhou Ling smiled.

“Form one together?” Shi Jingtian sneered: “From what I see, why don’t we force the weakest one to hand over their symbol to us. This way, it would be faster and more efficient.”

As he sneered, his gaze was directed towards Mu Chen. It goes without saying that he was targeting Mu Chen.

“It seems that you are planning to cause trouble for me today no matter what.” Mu Chen smiled coldly.

“I only wanted you to understand that right now, you simply aren’t qualified to stand at the same place as we are!” Shi Jingtian sneered.

Mu Chen sighed. Then, he slowly stepped forward among the bustling commotions and clenched his hand. He smiled gently: “It’s certainly not my style to endure the bullying when it’s said directly to me. Since it’s going to be like this, come out. In the Spiritual Road, I could turn you into a loser dog. In this place, the outcome would be exactly the same.”

“If you lose, hand over your symbol.”

When Shi Jingtian noticed that Mu Chen dared to openly challenge him, he suddenly grinned. Wasn’t he always waiting for this moment when he had constantly provoked him?

“If you want my symbol, that’s fine. But if you lose, you will have to scram. At the same time, you must hand over Luo Li’s symbol. I don’t care about your symbol!” Shi Jingtian replied in contempt.

Mu Chen frowned. But before he could speak, Luo Li, who was behind him, responded faintly: “Fine!”

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