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Chapter 145 – Old Rival

In the Ye Clan’s campground, cheers filled with excitement instantly broke out when Mo Ling and the others saw Mu Chen, Ye Qingling and the rest returning.

A while ago, information about Mu Chen being chased by others was circulated around. Thus, all of them knew about it and had been extremely worried. Although they knew how powerful Mu Chen was, the situation wasn’t the same as before. The large force that was chasing after him was far too terrifying. Therefore, they were quite worried. If something were to happen to Mu Chen, Ye Qingling and the oters, who stole many of the symbols of them, would probably cause the downfall of the Ye Clan.


Sun’Er hurriedly rushed over and dove headfirst into Ye Qingling’s arms. The latter hugged her as she smiled.

“Brother Mu!”

Mo Ling and the others also gathered around quickly. Their faces were filled with excitement. But just when they were about to speak, they noticed the girl in black dress behind Mu Chen. Due to her appearance, the group of boys was completely stunned.

The girl in the black dress possessed a delicate, beautiful appearance. That appearance had even surpassed Ye Qingling’s. Moreover, the temperament that she radiated was also magnificent. Her glass-like eyes were calm and serene. They gave an intoxicating feeling to everybody who staring into them.

Although Mo Ling and the others had seen many beautiful girls before, it was the first time that they seen such a breathtaking beauty. In that instant, the youthful boys all held back from speaking and hesitated, tongue-tied in front of this beauty.

“You shouldn’t have any undesirable thoughts. This person is a big shot. Moreover, someone already obtained her. If you dare have any thoughts about her, you would have to be careful of Mu Chen beating you up you up to the point where you’re like a pig.” Ye Qingling covered her mouth as she laughed.

As Luo Li’s charisma was something that could even influence the usually calm Ye Qingling, it was not shocking that it affected Mo Ling and the others.


At this moment, the crowd all let out a cry. Then, envious gazes were shot towards Mu Chen. Contrary to this, Mo Ling scratched his head instead as he asked: “Brother Mu, when did you find such a beauty? Sister Qian’Er would be sad if she knew.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen’s heart suddenly jumped. This brat truly was speaking carelessly.

“Who is Sister Qian’Er?” As expected, Luo Li approached Mo Ling as her clear eyes glanced at Mu Chen. Then, she asked with a smile.

Mo Ling’s face instantly turned red and replied hesitantly: “It’s a friend of ours in the Northern Spiritual Realm. She grew up together with Brother Mu.”

“Oh, so it’s a childhood friend.” Luo Li’s slender hands gently pinched Mu Chen’s palm as she spoke.

When Mu Chen noticed Luo Li’s expression, he was quite interested. After all, he was accustomed to her uncaring and indifferent expression. Thus, this was the first time that he saw such an expression as well.

“Let’s go. Don’t be jealous.”

Mu Chen smiled and held Luo Li’s warm and slender hand as he headed inside the camp: “Everybody should prepare themselves. We will leave tomorrow and head to the innermost region of the Northern Heavens World. However, everybody can relax. I will not let anyone here be eliminated.”

Since Mu Chen had already mixed together with the tiny Ye Clan for a while, he had a little bit of feeling towards it. Thus, he didn’t mind helping them out.

“Brother Mu is amazing!”

When the members of the Ye Clan heard this, they instantly rejoiced and shouted out excitedly. With Mu Chen’s word, they wouldn’t have to worry about their symbols not reaching the required rank and, thus, be eliminated.

On the other hand, Luo Li’s face turned slightly red as she was dragged away by Mu Chen under many people’s gazes. She struggled for a moment, but Mu Chen held onto her tightly. In the end, she could only allow him to do what he wanted…

As the evening sky enveloped them, a bonfire rose up within the campground, causing it to be extremely lively.

In the corner of the campground, Mu Chen and Luo Li were sitting alone beside a bonfire. Although gazes would be constantly directed over secretly, nobody came to disturb them.

Luo Li’s slender hands were holding onto the spit rack as the dazzling roasted meat emitted out an enticing aroma above the fire. Compared to what Mu Chen usually made, it was many times better in terms of smell and taste.

“Here.” Seeing Mu Chen stare enviously at it, Luo Li could not help but laugh as she handed the roasted meat over.

“I can finally eat what Lord King Luo had personally made again.” Mu Chen accepted and let out a sigh. This taste was truly something that he had missed.

Hearing Mu Chen tease her, Luo Li batted an eye at him. However, the corner of her lips gently lifted up and revealed the joy within her heart. As long as she was together with him, even the tiniest things made her happier than when she hunted down Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts by herself.

While she sat elegantly next to the bonfire, her black dress outlined her slender body. Then, she quietly watched Mu Chen voraciously devour the meat as her thin fingers released the ribbon on her hair. As she did, her long silver hair fell down and released a dazzling luster underneath the glow of the fire.

“When will your hair turn back?” Mu Chen quickly finished the roasted meat and casually asked as he glanced at Luo Li’s hair. He could vaguely recall that he had once asked Luo Li about the color of her hair. Back then, she had mentioned that it was the result of the Gong Fa Spiritual Art that she had trained in.

“What? Do you not like it?” Luo Li was slightly startled and attempted to asked casually.

“How could I dare say such a thing? If I mention that I don’t like it, you will ignore me for a few days.” Mu Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Back then, he had mentioned that it would have looked better if it was black. In response, Luo Li gave a noncommittal smile towards him. But during the next three days, Mu Chen had to take care of his own food supplies. Thus, after this punishment, Mu Chen didn’t dare talk about the color of her hair.

“Speaking about the Spiritual Road, who was the one to obtain the Spirit Crown?” Mu Chen wiped his mouth and asked Luo Li.

The so-called Spirit Crown was the utmost glory and honor one could obtain within the Spiritual Road. However, the only ones that were eligible to obtain it were people that were assessed as King Class. It was also the most dazzling moment within the entire Spiritual Road.

Regarding about this, Mu Chen had actually been looking forward to it prior to him being kicked out of the Spiritual Road. After all, the individuals that participated in this dazzling moment were ones standing at the pinnacle of Spiritual Road. His blood boiled as he thought that he would be able to compete with them.

“In the end, the Spirit Crown ended up in Wen Qingxuan’s hands.” Luo Li replied.

“Wen Qingxuan? A girl?” Mu Chen was quite surprised. The Spiritual Road was quite huge and since he had been kicked out midway, he was a bit unfamiliar with a few people who stood at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. At the very least, he had never heard about this Wen Qingxuan.

“She is quite powerful. Currently, she entered the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. You will probably have the opportunity to meet her in the future.” Luo Li nodded. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was filled with anger and had kept a constant watch on Ji Xuan, she would have probably faced Wen Qingxuan. However, Ji Xuan wasn’t someone weak. Although she managed to push him back in the end, she had also ended up paying a heavy price.

“As expected of the Five Great Academies. It’s truly a place where groups of strong individuals gather.” Mu Chen smiled. Who knows how bustling it would be when the Exchange Festival for Five Great Academies occurs?

“Ah, right. Yang Hong also entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Luo Li suddenly spoke up.

“Yang Hong?” Mu Chen’s gaze turned serious. In the Spiritual Road, he had two very powerful enemies. One was Ji Xuan, the other was Yang Hong. He had never imagined that guy would have entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Wouldn’t that mean that they would meet up in the future?

“Is he in the Northern Heavens World as well?” Mu Chen looked at Luo Li while an icy look flashed across his black eyes. Although the event in the Spiritual Road was secretly caused by Ji Xuan, Yang Hong was probably involved in it as well.

“Yes. However, he isn’t in our Northern Heavens World.” Luo Li nodded. There were a total of four Northern Heavens World used as examination grounds, and it seemed that Yang Hong wasn’t in the same one as them.

“It’s fine. We’ll naturally meet again in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen smiled faintly. Yang Hong, huh? Since there’s no way to find Ji Xuan right now, I’ll deal with you first. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a bit boring within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

“Also, there’s a total of 8 people, including me, that obtained a King Class assessment inside this Northern Heavens World.” Luo Li continued: “Among the eight of us, there are two that you should know. It’s the two brothers, Shi Jingtian and Shi Hao.”

“The Shi Family’s brothers that we nearly killed in the Spiritual Road?” Mu Chen frowned. Enemies were truly destined to meet again. He never imagined that he would run into them again.

“Yes. At this moment, the two brothers are only a step away from reaching Heavenly Fusion Stage. They are quite powerful.” Luo Li replied.

Mu Chen nodded. If they are only a step away from reaching Heavenly Fusion Stage, it would mean that their breakthrough isn’t too far away. In the Northern Heavens World, they would be considered at the top of the bunch.

“You’ve already entered the Heavenly Fusion Stage, right?” Mu Chen looked at Luo Li and asked.

Luo Li nodded and smiled: “So you will have to hurry and catch up to me. Otherwise, you’ll be thrown far behind me.”

“Even if I’m thrown far behind you, I can still spank you.” Mu Chen teased.

“Pervert.” Luo Li was a little bit embarrassed and batted an eye at him. Then, she said: “I’m going to cultivate. You should guard tonight.”

As these words exited her mouth, her eyes softened up. She thought back to the days in the Spiritual Road when they had to rely on each other. Although it had been quite tough, those days had become irreplaceable memories in their hearts.

Mu Chen smiled and asked: “Then let’s have another hug?” He was still reminiscing the warm and soft skin that he had hugged today. In the past, it had been rare for him to obtain such a treatment.

Luo Li glared at Mu Chen. This guy is becoming greedier. I must ignore him.

“I’m going to cultivate.”

Luo Li’s slender hands were placed on top of the sword hilt. Then, she closed her eyes and entered a state of cultivation. From then on, she ignored Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Chen smiled. Underneath the bonfire’s glow, he stared at Luo Li’s beautiful appearance. A hint of gentle kindness also passed through his black eyes.

It’s great that I’ve met you. I’m glad that I saved you when I first met you in the Spiritual Road…


Mu Chen stared at the sky and let out a sigh. Then, he slowly clenched his hands. It seemed that there were many rivals of his inside the Northern Heavens World…

Shi Jingtian, Shi Hao, Yang Hong…

I made you afraid of me during the Spiritual Road. Even in the Great Thousand World, I can do the same. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate me because I lost the Spiritual Energy Empowerment. Otherwise, you will have to pay a great price…

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