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Chapter 142 – Reunion

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the waterfall continued to pour down and fill the sky with mist.

At this moment while standing in the air above the waterfall, hundreds of figures had an expression of astonishment when they turned their gazes to the edge of the waterfall. A girl wearing a black dress suddenly emerged in their field of vision. She possessed a delicate ,beautiful face, and her clear glass-like eyes gave off a feeling of tranquility. Her supple, long hair flowed from the crown of her head, down like a waterfall to her slender waist. A gentle breeze blew, and her long hair swayed slightly.

Although she was standing there quietly and did not utter a single word, everybody at the scene, unbeknownst to each other, felt completely stunned.

On the ground beside her, Wu Hu’s leg was nailed to the ground by a black longsword. He originally had a face filled with rage, but he retracted this furious gaze when he noticed the girl in a black dress in front of him. Instead, a hint of terror appeared in the depths of his eyes, and he quickly suppressed the curses that he was about to blurt out.

In the sky, Xie Guan and Qin Zheng’s expressions also froze. It was evident that they recognized the girl in black dress who stood front of them. Although they had only seen this outstanding appearance and temperament once, it was firmly etched inside their minds and was impossible to erase.

In addition, they recalled the scene of her forcing back King Xuan, Ji Xuan, in the final stop of the Spiritual Road causing him to lose his chance of obtaining the Spirit Crown.

She…was actually at this place!

A strange silence suddenly appeared within the sky.

This silence lasted only for a moment before it was destroyed by a boy, who was in the Spirit Stage Initial Phase, that clearly had not participated in the Spiritual Road. He looked at the girl in black dress and shouted: “Who are you? You actually dare help this boy? Are you planning to become enemies with so many of us?!”

“Shut up!” In the front of the group, Xie Guan fiercely turned his head back and yelled.

The Spirit Stage boy was completely stunned and his facial color constantly changing from blue to white and back. However, he did not dare to say another word. Then, he turned around and looked at the people next to him. He immediately discovered that all of them were staring at him strangely. This gaze made him shiver. Could it be that this beautiful girl in the black dress had some sort of background?

Next to the waterfall, the girl in black dress extended her slender hands and gripped the hilt of the sword which was still protruding from Wu Hu’s leg. Afterwards, she casually pulled it out.

Seeing this, Wu Hu hurriedly stopped the blood from flowing out. Immediately afterwards, he attempted to flee from the dangerous person in front of him.

“Don’t move.”

But just when he was about to move, the girl’s cold voice entered his ears. He was instantly terrified to the point of turning completely stiff and he did not even dare to make the slightest twitch.

“None of you as well,” She lifted her head and said slowly to the hundreds of figures in the sky.

Xie Guan’s expression froze. He immediately gritted his teeth and replied: “King Luo, if we have offended you in any way, we are willing to make amends.”

“You should not have chased after him.” A cold chill emerged in the girl’s clear eyes as she spoke to Xie Guan and the others.

Xie Guan’s face immediately changed. Could it be that Mu Chen had some sort of relationship with Luo Li? How is this possible? Wasn’t he kicked out of the Spiritual Road early on? How could it be possible that he formed a connection with Luo Li?

“So he was King Luo’s friend.” Qin Zheng let out a hollow laugh and spoke: “If we knew about this, we wouldn’t have dared attack him. Speaking of which, this is all a misunderstanding.”

Xie Guan also clenched his teeth and his heart was filled with unwillingness. When Luo Li had appeared, it had already become near impossible for them to obtain the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Symbol. This is because he knew how powerful that beautiful girl in front of them was. A person who could gravely injure a heaven-sent child like Ji Xuan wasn’t someone that they could fight against.

“Since you’ve already chased him over here, then I’ll have you stay here temporarily.” Luo Li replied.

Xie Guan’s heart sank as he gritted his teeth and said: “King Luo, are you planning to attack us?”

Luo Li glanced at him for a moment and replied faintly: “Although I really want to get rid of you directly by myself, he might hold a grudge towards me for doing so. Therefore, all of you are going to remain here. After all, he does not like it when I intervene with something like this.”

Once Xie Guan heard this, he immediately felt delighted. As long as Luo Li remains passive, they would not fear Mu Chen.

Xie Guan and the others exchanged gazes with each and secretly nodded. They remained at their location honestly and did not dare to retreat.

Seeing this scene, a few Spirit Stage individuals behind them felt that something was off. Although they did not know how powerful the girl in black dress was, they knew from Xie Guan and the others’ expressions that these powerful cultivators greatly feared her.

“It’s best to run away quickly.” A few Spirit Stage Initial Phase students exchanged gazes with each other and retreated quickly from the scene.

“Idiot!” When Xie Guan heard the sounds of winds breaking behind him, he was extremely surprised and cursed out loud. Then, they noticed Luo Li lifting up her slim eyebrow as she slowly lifted up the black longsword in her hand and let out a few gentle thrusts.

The air immediately rumbled and after-images appeared on top of the black longsword. Then, a sharp sword beam, that was impossible to detect with the naked eye, seemed to rip through the void.

Chi Chi!

In the far distant location, the Spirit Stage students that retreated instantly froze and fear emerged in their eyes. This is because they detected that the symbol on their forehead had shattered at this moment. A beam of light immediately formed and enveloped them as it transported them away.

As Xie Guan and the others stared at the twinkling beams of light behind them, their heart jumped fiercely. Even the Spirit Stage students that did not move were completely covered with cold sweat. Only now did they understand how terrifying that the girl in black dress was.

“Anybody that moves will have the same fate as them.” Luo Li’s eyes gently swept across the crowd. However, this action was enough to make them completely shiver and they did not dare to resist at all.

In the rear, Ye Qingling stared eagerly at Luo Li, who had completely frightened, with her own strength, hundreds of Spirit Stage students so bad that they did not dare to move. As expected from King Luo.

Next to her, Chu Qi was firmly staring at the figure passionately. His eyes were completely filled with excitement. If it wasn’t for Fang Zhong pulling him back, he would probably have rushed over already.

At this moment, Luo Li still had her slender hand grasping the black longsword. However, she slowly turned away from the crowd once she confirmed that she had frightened everybody. She did not care about the other individuals and locked her gaze firmly on the boy, who was sitting cross-legged in front of her.

Suddenly, she ignored the crowd and gently sat down in front of Mu Chen. Her glass-like eyes twinkled as she stared quietly at the familiar face.

After being separated for roughly two years, he seemed to have matured a bit. However, a calm smile still remained on his handsome face.

“I’ve waited so long for your arrival…”

She extended her slender hand and gently touched Mu Chen’s face. A warm and gentle smile slowly emerged from the corner of her lips. At this moment, her calm and serene eyes seemed to be filled with a brilliant light.

She did not know when it happened, but because of his appearance, the pitched-black world, in which she only cared about cultivation, had become completely dazzling and filled with expectations.

Even the boring and uninteresting Spiritual Road had become something that she had enjoyed.

“At least you weren’t stupid and knew that you had to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

The girl laughed gently. That smile even caused the sound of majestic waterfall to dim considerably. In the rear, Chu Qi’s eyes that were originally filled with obsession suddenly turned bitter.

She really liked him.

In the sky, Xie Guan and the others noticed the intimate actions of Luo Li, and their hearts immediately sank. Judging from this, it was evident that their relationship wasn’t simply just friends…

While Luo Li quietly sat in front of Mu Chen, her slender hand finally relaxed and let go of the black longsword as she placed it on top of her slim legs. Yet while doing so, her gaze had always remained on Mu Chen’s body.

Thus, everybody felt that the scene here had become particularly strange. In the sky, a large group of individuals remained completely motionless and had their gazes completely fixated on the slender figure. Yet the figure sat quietly as she watched the boy who was cultivating.

Time passed slowly just like this. Approximately half an hour later, Mu Chen gradually opened his tightly closed eyes.

As the world in front of his eyes turned bright, Mu Chen twisted his neck slightly. But soon after, his face froze instantly as he stared at the girl in black dress that was smiling at him with her red lips.

That elegant and familiar face was still so very attractive.

Mu Chen blinked and could not help but rub his eyes for a bit as he muttered: “Did I really think about her that much? This must be an illusion, right?”

It was evident that girl in front of him had heard his murmur. Thus, her lips suddenly sprang up. Her heart, which could remain calm in face of any circumstances, suddenly bloomed like a flower. It burned passionately and delight slowly seeped out from within.

She held onto the hilt of the black longsword and the scabbard gently poked Mu Chen’s chest. She smiled and asked: “Do you need me to stab you a couple of times?”

Mu Chen’s eyes widened a little bit more. In the depths of his eyes, a hint of happiness surged out. He immediately laughed and extended his arms to embrace the girl in front of him.

The girl seemed shocked by this action of his. As her sword was touching Mu Chen’s chest, she could have easily blocked Mu Chen with her current strength by utilizing Spiritual Energy. But once she noticed the joy within the boy’s eyes, her eyes also softened. She held the sword hilt in front of her chest, while she allowed herself to be hugged.

When Mu Chen embraced the slender waistline, he buried his face into her supple long hair and took a deep breath as he muttered: “Luo Li, I’ve finally found you again…”

Since the day that he had departed from the Spiritual Road, he had always been waiting for the arrival of this day. In order for it to happen, he had paid a great price.

Luo Li’s glass-like eyes softened as she could feel Mu Chen’s efforts over the past two years. In the Spiritual Road, a heaven-sent child was suddenly kicked out. Thinking about it, he must have suffered a lot of pressure when he went back.

Although he always had a calm smile plastered on his face, under that smile she knew how tired he was and how much hardship he had faced.

Her hands gentled extended out and wrapped around Mu Chen’s waist. Then, she slowly muttered deep down inside.

Mu Chen, I’m also happy that I was able to see you again

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