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Chapter 143 – Resolve

At the edge of the rushing waterfall, a boy hugged a girl while the sun rays descended onto their bodies. This scene was so beautiful, it could have been a painting.

In the sky, the faces of Xie Guan and the others started to twitch as they watched this scene. Since it had come to this, only a fool would believe that Mu Chen had an ordinary relationship with Luo Li.

Although they did not have much contact with Luo Li before, they knew how unapproachable this girl, who had stood at the pinnacle in the Spiritual Road, was. It was as if she maintained a distance with everyone. Her clear eyes were not cold, yet they stopped everyone from approaching her.

They had never heard of this heaven-sent girl, who was coveted by numerous talented geniuses within the Spiritual Road, having any intimate contact with the opposite sex. Not to mention this kind of scene, where she was hugged by someone else…

At this moment, Xie Guan and the others stared complicatedly at Mu Chen and their eyes were filled with pure jealousy. They knew how outstanding Luo Li was. Therefore, they could only watch and stare at such a girl from afar. However, a certain person was holding her in his arms and enjoying her unique warmth and fragrance.


Behind Mu Chen and the others, Ye Qingling suddenly let out a gentle cough. If she did not interrupt them, who knows how long the two of them would remain like this. Moreover, doesn’t Mu Chen know that such an open display would be extremely aggravating to others?

Ye Qingling glanced at Chu Qi, who was beside her. The latter was gritting his teeth and held an expression of wanting to rip Mu Chen to shreds. But fortunately, he was pulled back tightly by Fang Zhong.

If he were to rush up right now, it was highly likely that he would be dealt with by a single slash from Luo Li.

After hearing the coughing sounds coming from the rear, Mu Chen gradually recovered his senses. He immediately separated himself gently from Luo Li, and his eyes swept across the sky. There was a strange atmosphere coming from the crowd that had been awkwardly standing there. Once they noticed Mu Chen’s gaze, they hurriedly turned their heads and evaded it. The viciousness that they once had when they were chasing him had completely vanished…

Mu Chen glanced at Luo Li and understood roughly what had happened. He smiled: “It seems that your strength has increased greatly during these two years.”

Luo Li only smiled and replied: “If you experienced the final battle within the Spiritual Road, you would probably be at this level as well.”

“How can there be so many ‘ifs’?”

Mu Chen stood up and said: “However, even without that opportunity, I will still be able to catch up.”

As he spoke, he directed a smile at Luo Li. “Moreover, there are so many people that like you. Since they are all quite powerful, it will probably be even more troublesome when we enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, I’m afraid that trouble would continue to find us if I don’t hurry up.”

Luo Li gave a shallow smile as she replied: “It’s fine. I can protect you. Just like the time you protected me in the Spiritual Road.”

“I’m not that weak.” Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the Xie Guan and the others, who were acting unnaturally. He gave a faint smile and asked: “Did you leave them for me?”

“It can’t be helped. I don’t wish to be complained to by a certain someone I know.” Luo Li bit her red lips with her teeth. The eyes that were staring at Mu Chen carried a rare hint of grievance. She said: “You were always like that. You would not let others intervene in your matters.”

Mu Chen smiled bitterly. He knew that she was talking about the matter within the Spiritual Road.

“It’s not that I didn’t let you intervene. It’s because I knew that there would be a great price to pay. There are some things that a man should endure instead.” Mu Chen sighed and a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

“That matter was secretly caused by Ji Xuan.” Luo Li’s slender hands tightened as she gripped onto the sword hilt as she muttered.

“I know.” Mu Chen smiled. He stared at the delicate face of the girl in front of him and slowly replied: “However, even if I knew that it was set up by him, I would still have done the same thing. After all, there are rules that a person has within their hearts that should not be violated.”

Luo Li looked at his eyes, and her red lips turned upwards slightly around the edges. A hint of gentleness flashed through her serene eyes. The Mu Chen’s crazy actions during the Spiritual Road had made her understand a lot of things. This is why she came to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy without any hesitation.

“The Spiritual Road is only the beginning. We will finally have a true fight now that we’ve entered the Five Great Academies.” Mu Chen smiled. The handsome smile on his face revealed a bit of anticipation.

“I hope that he can give me some sort of surprise. Otherwise, it will be quite dull during our training within the Five Great Academies. This time, let us have a good fight.”

“I’ll help you.” Luo Li gently spoke.

“Of course you will. If you don’t help me, I’ll have to spank you.” Mu Chen chuckled.

A tinge of crimson emerged on Luo Li’s exquisite face. She glared angrily at Mu Chen. If someone else said that to her, she would probably have instantly stabbed them with her sword. But because the person in front of her was Mu Chen, she was reluctant to do so.

“But right now, you should still deal with the current situation.”

Mu Chen smiled. Then, he directed this smile towards Xie Guan and the others: “Everybody, was it fun chasing after me?”

Xie Guan and the others had an unnatural expression. Their gazes were fixed on Luo Li, who was beside Mu Chen. At the moment, they were a little bit at a loss on whether or not they should speak up. It was obvious that they were quite afraid of Luo Li.

“Say whatever you want. She will not intervene.” Mu Chen smiled faintly. He knew that Xie Guan and the others were scorning him.

“Hmph. If you want me to say it, then I’ll say it. It’s not like I’m afraid of you.”

Xie Guan finally could not endure holding back in front of this many individuals. He sneered: “We are indeed afraid of King Luo. However, we’re not afraid of you. To be blunt, if it wasn’t for King Luo, do you think that you would have the right to be so arrogant in front of us? Blood Calamity? A person that was assessed as a King Class? You think that you can act like this with your strength only being at Spirit Stage Initial Phase?

Luo Li’s eyebrows were raised slightly. Her slender fingers could not help but flick at the sword’s scabbard. At this moment, a hint of coldness flashed through her glass-like eyes.

“I’d like to clarify that I’m currently at Spirit Stage Middle Phase.” Mu Chen smiled. Although the majority of the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences were absorbed by the Nine Nether Bird, the remnants of it was enough for him to reach the Spirit Stage Middle Phase.


Xie Guan and the others let out a mocking laugh as he quipped: “Does that make a difference?”

The three of them were genuine Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouses. In their eyes, Mu Chen’s Spirit Stage Middle Phase was not much better than Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

Behind the trio, a few Spirit Stage students also agreed. Although the level of this strength wasn’t bad, it wasn’t enough to frighten them.

“I think that there’s quite a bit of difference.”

Mu Chen smiled at the trio. However, his black eyes did not carry a hint of a smile within them. He spoke: “Next up, I’ll let you three play around with me for a while. That is, if you’re capable of doing so.”

Xie Guan and the others were stunned. These words of Mu Chen meant that he wanted to play around with the three of them by himself? With his Spirit Stage Middle Phase strength, a single person would be enough to deal with him. Wasn’t he just seeking his own death by wanting to fight against three of them by himself?

The three of them exchanged gazes with each other. However, their eyes quickly floated towards Luo Li, who was beside Mu Chen.

“If you don’t enjoy being his opponent, I’m willing to exchange places with him.” Luo Li said faintly as she glanced at the trio.

“Ohoho, since you have such courage, we wouldn’t be giving you face if we avoid you.” Hearing this, Xie Guan and the others instantly relaxed and replied.

“Oi, Mu Chen, what are you doing?” Seeing this, Ye Qingling hurriedly walked over and asked. These three were powerhouses at the level of the Spirit Stage Late Phase. Even if Mu Chen had made a breakthrough earlier, he was still only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. How would it be possible for him to fight against three of them by himself? This guy was usually pretty smart,  why is he being so foolish now? Could it be that he wanted to show off in front of Luo Li?

Luo Li looked at Ye Qingling, who had a worried expression on her face. Then, her glass-like eyes focused themselves onto Mu Chen again, and her gaze seemed to convey an unsettled expression. Hmph, this bastard, there’s no shortage of pretty girls beside him.

When Mu Chen noticed Luo Li’s gaze, he could only smile helplessly. Then, he turned towards Ye Qingling and laughed: “Relax, I know what I’m doing.”

Seeing this, Ye Qingling didn’t say anything more. However, her eyes glowed when she turned her line of sight towards Luo Li: “You are King Luo, right? I can finally look at you from such a close range. I have come to worship you a lot.”

It seemed this was the first time that Luo Li had met such a girl that was this enthusiastic about her. She hesitated slightly before nodding: “Hello.”

“Hello, I’m Ye Qingling…”

Mu Chen glanced at Ye Qingling, who was extremely excited and was completely speechless. So she was one of Luo Li’s fans? He shook his head helplessly and ignored the two of them. Immediately afterwards, he took two steps forward and stared at the trio in the sky: “If you are able to block one of my attacks, I’ll forget about what was done earlier. If you fail to do so, then leave your symbols behind. I’m currently lacking them.”

Hearing this, Xie Guan and the others let out a cold laugh. This guy really is mad. Did he really just treat us as if they were little dogs or cats? How is it possible that he could deal with us so easily!?

“Then we’ll ask for guidance from the famous and well-renowned Blood Calamity, Mu Chen!” The three of them laughed. Their laughs were filled with mocking sarcasm.

Mu Chen smiled and completely ignored their sarcastic laughs. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.

When the crowd of Spirit Stage students noticed Mu Chen’s actions, they were stunned. However, before they could say anything, they noticed that a Spiritual Seal was rapidly emerging from Mu Chen’s palms.

“A Spiritual Seal? He’s actually a Spiritual Array Master?!” A hint of surprise flashed through the crowd.

Xie Guan and the others still had a sneer on their faces. However, their expressions soon turned serious. This is because they noticed that the amount of Spiritual Seals within Mu Chen’s hand had actually surpassed 30.

Normally, a Spiritual Array that required a total of 35 Spiritual Seals was enough to be a threat towards Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouses.


Their gazes were gradually turning even more serious, as they noticed the amount of Spiritual Seals within Mu Chen’s hand had already reached 35 Seals. Moreover, it showed no signs of stopping.

36 Seals!

38 Seals!

40 Seals!

When the amount of Spiritual Seals in Mu Chen’s hand had reached 40, the Spirit Stage students all took a deep breath. Shock quickly filled their eyes.

40 Spiritual Seals!

Finally, at this moment, Xie Guan and the others’ expressions changed completely.

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