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Chapter 141 – Bloodline Bond

“Bloodline Bond?”

Mu Chen seemed  slightly stunned as he repeated these words slowly back to himself. Then, his eyes sparkled as he looked at the Nine Nether Bird and asked: “What’s that?”

“It’s something that only a member of an ancient Divine Beast’s lineage can do. Simply put, it uses a special technique to link our bloodlines together.”

“A benefit is that you will possess my abilities. This is a higher ranked method of obtaining a Spiritual Beast’s abilities compared to simply ingesting the Soul Essence.”

A faint thought was conveyed over by the Nine Nether Bird: “The disadvantage of this is that we will form a tight connection with each other. If you were to die, I would die as well. Similarly, if I die, you will die as well.”

Mu Chen froze immediately and smiled bitterly: “Isn’t this quite vicious?”

“Stop pretending. Although humans are able to increase their lifespan through cultivation, but based on an ordinary death, you are the ones that would definitely die first unless you somehow managed to cultivate to an extremely high level.” The Nine Nether Bird said disdainfully.

“And you think that I’m willing to form a Bloodline Bond with an insect-like human? The Nine Nether Bird possesses the bloodline of the ancient Undying Bird. Compared to everything about you, it is many times more noble!”

“You don’t even know how many people attempted to form a Bloodline Bond with us. Despite that, the Nine Nether Bird race has never done such a shameful act. If it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t another method, I would never have suggested such a thing in the first place!”

A hint of anger was within the thought that was conveyed over. When humans ingested a Soul Essence and erased the Spiritual Beast’s will, it was one of the most despicable and lowly act of obtaining the Spiritual Beast’s capabilities. However, a Bloodline Bond surpasses the act of ingesting in terms of method and potential.

This is because this was the only method that could fuse two bloodlines together, allowing the cultivator to use an extremely formidable power.

However, a Bloodline Bond requires agreement from both parties. To high rank existences, it was simply a disgrace for them to lay down their dignity and willingly form a Bloodline Bond with humans. Therefore, they would rather be completely obliterated instead of doing such a thing.

Mu Chen smiled helplessly. After all, this entire thing had happened because of the Nine Nether Bird. Who told it to be so greedy and to swallow two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essence at once?

From the sounds of it, the Bloodline Bond possesses many benefits to him. However, Mu Chen felt a bit off as he would have to bundle his life together with someone else.

“Do you agree or not? Stop acting so indecisive!” Seeing Mu Chen turn silent, the Nine Nether Bird spoke up immediately. It could feel the purple golden web gradually tightening on itself.

Mu Chen sighed and nodded. He immediately turned serious and said: “Although there isn’t much meaning in me saying this, I would like to clarify that I do not have much desire to form this Bloodline Bond. I only promised because I owe you favor. And now, there is only one method of resolving this dilemma. Otherwise, no matter how many benefits I would obtain, I would not tie my life together with someone else.”

The Nine Nether Bird was truly powerful. However, Mu Chen wasn’t someone who would sacrifice something that he adheres to just for strength. He had confidence in himself. Perhaps he wasn’t as powerful as the Nine Nether Bird currently, but he firmly believed in this sentence: Nobody could predict how powerful he would be in the future.

In the future, it was possible for him to surpass the Nine Nether Bird in strength.

The Nine Nether Bird grunted and did not make a rebuttal. It was not afraid of death; otherwise, it would not have directly face off against the Black Divine Lightning. After being together with Mu Chen, it had gradually come to understand him. The earlier act of Mu Chen touching the purple golden web without knowing whether or not it would harm him had made it feel a little bit touched. Thus, it believed that the person in front of it was at least a little bit better than the other despicable humans.

Thus, it proposed to form the Bloodline Bond. To  a certain extent, it had recognized Mu Chen as an individual. Otherwise, it would rather die instead of making such a choice.

“Hurry. I don’t have much time.” Mu Chen urged the Nine Nether Bird.

“Leave the Bloodline Bond to me. If you have the slightest resistance or reluctance, it will cause the bond to fail. Also, you will only have one chance on performing this bond. Once it fails, we will never be able to form a bond again.” The Nine Nether Bird reminded Mu Chen.

“This method sure is harsh.” Mu Chen was slightly surprised and immediately nodded his head.

Seeing this, the Nine Nether Bird suddenly flapped its wings and a black flame erupted from its body. Then, it quickly formed into a black pattern between the two of them.

The black pattern formed by the black flames gave off an extremely mysterious feeling. It seemed to communicate with something mysterious within the human’s body.

“Place a drop of Blood Essence inside the black pattern.” The Nine Nether Bird said.

Hearing this, Mu Chen extended out a finger. A scarlet drop of blood shot out from his fingertips and landed inside the flaming black pattern.

Chi Chi.

As the fresh blood contaminated the black pattern, white mist erupted out in bursts. However, it did not evaporate away. Instead, it fused itself inside the black pattern and slowly surged through the pattern. In the end, it occupied half of the black pattern.

A hint of seriousness filled the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes at this moment. A black light flashed on its forehead as a drop of black blood escaped its body. Black flames seemed to be burning within this drop of blood.

This dark-black blood also fused into the black pattern and occupied the other half.


The two drops of blood each occupied half of the black flame pattern. Then, once the black pattern started to circulate, the two bloods actually made contact together.


In the instant that the two bloods made contact with each other, Mu Chen and the Nine Nether Bird’s body trembled. However, both their gazes remained firmly fixed on the circulating black pattern.

If it were to fail, the bond between the two of them would also fail. There were no other opportunities for succeeding this act anymore.

Fortunately, the two Blood Essences fused together quite smoothly. It was evident that the bird and human did not have any signs of resisting each other.


As the two Blood Essences fused, a brilliant light erupted out from the black pattern. Black flames rose and directly ignited the pattern.

Swish! Swish!

Two dark-red Blood Essences erupted out from the black flames and landed respectively on Mu Chen and the Nine Nether Bird’s forehead. As the black flames surged, a black flame emblem slowly emerged and entered the depths of their bodies.

Once the black flame emblem entered the depths of their bodies, a mysterious feeling emerged in their hearts. This mysterious feeling made it seem like that their life was shared between the two of them.

As Mu Chen looked at the Nine Nether Bird, the latter also stared at him. Both of their eyes showed a hint of complexion. The Bloodline Bond was a success. No matter what, from now on, they were both an important existence to each other.

Even if they had to risk their life, they must protect each other. This is because it is the same as protecting themselves.


Suddenly, the purple golden web that caused severe pain on the Nine Nether Bird went through the Nine Nether Bird’s body. This time, it did not cause any damages to it. Instead, the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences within the Nine Nether Bird’s body had their wills erased.

Once it was aware of this situation, the Nine Nether Bird let out a sigh of relief. It stared hatefully at the mandala flower. It had truly lost its power and influence because of this. Thus, once it recovered, it would definitely treat it nicely!

“The will within the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and Geocentric Flame Jalapura has been eliminated. Next up, we will ingest it together. However, the majority of the Spiritual Energy will belong to me. After all, you cannot bear such enormous Spiritual Energy.” The Nine Nether Bird spoke.

“How fussy, why does it seem like you’re a female?” Mu Chen raised his eyebrow and challenged it. He stared at the Nine Nether Bird and asked: “In the end, are you a male or a female? It seems that once a Spiritual Beast is strong enough, it can also shapeshift into a human shape, right?”

“None of your business!” As this was mentioned, the Nine Nether Bird immediately turned furious. It directly flapped its wings at Mu Chen. Since it had formed a Bloodline Bond with Mu Chen, the mandala flower no longer bound itself inside the cage. Its black wings passed through the light barrier and whacked at Mu Chen’s spirit. This act sent Mu Chen’s spirit flying away.

“Violent Bird.”

Mu Chen smiled and no longer provoked it. He began to help ingest the massive Spiritual Energy within the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences…

While Mu Chen had his thoughts immersed inside his body, he did not sense that the outside danger had already enveloped him.

Outside of the mountain’s waterfall, sounds of winds breaking rang out as numerous figures rushed over. They finally emerged in the sky and found Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged near the waterfall.

“Hmph, we’ve finally found the boy. Let’s see how he can hide from us now!”

As they stared at Mu Chen’s figure, cold cries rang out. They were truly tired due to the one day chase. It was amazing how tough it was to deal with a boy, who was only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

In front of the crowd, Xie Guan and the others stared coldly at Mu Chen’s figure. Spiritual Energy surged out as they prepared to attack.


However, three figures quickly emerged in front of Mu Chen. It was Ye Qingling, Chu Qi and Fang Zhong. They had followed the pack closely. However, they never imagined that Mu Chen would be discovered. Thus, they were forced to appear.

“Chu Qi?”

Xie Guan stared at these three individuals and immediately frowned as he locked his gaze on Chu Qi: “Are you planning on protecting Mu Chen? I’d advise you not to do this, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble.”

Chu Qi sighed helplessly. He truly had nothing that he could say. Based on this guy’s actions, he would definitely erase Mu Chen’s symbol while taking the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.

“Everyone, let’s be lenient wherever it’s possible. How about letting us go if Mu Chen hands over the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences?” Fang Zhong asked. At this moment, they could only attempt to stall for time.

“Hmph, this boy is truly irritating. He made us waste so much of our time. How could we forgive him that easily? You should hurry and scram, otherwise, we’ll deal with you as well!” Wu Hu, who had reached the Spirit Stage Late Phase, immediately turned cold as he shouted out loud.

“Then, we can’t let you succeed either!” Chu Qi gritted his teeth and responded.

“You think you can stop us with the three of you?!”

Wu Hu sneered as he charged over. Dense Spiritual Energy surged out as it bombarded the trio.


Seeing Wu Hu attack, Chu Qi also shouted out. The three of them cooperated with each other and powerful Spiritual Energy collided against Wu Hu’s attack.


As the two attacks collided with each other, the Spiritual Energy shockwave directly caused numerous ripples to occur in the waterfall. However, Wu Hu’s body only retreated back two steps while Chu Qi and the others retreated dozens of steps. At the same time, Ye Qingling, who was the weakest of the trio, turned slightly pale. After all, there was quite a bit of difference between a Spirit Stage Late Phase and her.

“All of you, SCRAM!”

Wu Hu charged out again. A punch was blasted out and sent Chu Qi and the others flying away. Then, he immediately appeared in front of Mu Chen and grinned: “Dogsh*t Blood Calamity Mu Chen, wake up!”

He grinned villainously and dense Spiritual Energy charged at Mu Chen’s chest. It was evident that he was planning to force  the latter to wake up from the state of cultivation.

Seeing this, Chu Qi and the others’ expression changed. It was apparent that Mu Chen was in the state of cultivation. If he was disturbed, it was likely that the Spiritual Energy would backlash on him, causing severe injuries.


But just when their expressions changed drastically, a sharp sound of winds breaking resounded out from the distant horizon. Under Wu Hu’s surprised gaze, a sharp, black light seemed to appear from the void and shot through his thighs, nailing him to the ground.


Screams resounded out from Wu Hu immediately.

This sudden change of events made the other Spirit Stage powerhouses’ expressions change. They immediately shouted out: “Who?”

Every one of them lifted their heads as they stared at the distant horizon. From that location, a bright light was rushing over. In a couple of seconds, it turned into a figure of light as it landed in front of Mu Chen.

As Chu Qi stared at the slender figure, the corner of his eyes twitched rapidly. He could not believe what he was seeing.

This familiar figure…Was it Luo Li?

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