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Chapter 138 – Snatch

The current location was a peaceful and harmonious lush forest. This land had accumulated huge amount of vitality as time passed. Occasionally, roars from Spiritual Beasts would resound out from the depths of the mountain.


However, in an instant, this peace was destroyed. The ground had started to tremble, and numerous Spiritual Beasts quickly fled from the mountains. All of them glanced behind them in fear as an fiery-red and icy-blue color rapidly approached from the skies.

They could vaguely see two massive creatures fighting against each other viciously inside two colored balls of energy. Powerful surges of Spiritual Energy swept out like gales, and the entire forest was being destroyed at a rapid speed.


As the two massive creatures fought against each other bitterly, fresh blood constantly oozed out of their wounds. The entire world seemed to be tainted by the scent of this blood. Even the Spiritual Beasts that would normally have entered a berserk state when they smelled the blood were all shivering in fear and they did not show any vicious aura.

All of them could sense the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure that was being emitted from the bodies of the two massive creatures.

As the two massive creatures were fighting, numerous figures were trailing them. Their gazes were filled with shock as they noticed the damage caused by the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

“As expected from a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast,” Ye Qingling exclaimed. She immediately stared in front and said: “The injuries of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon are becoming graver with each exchange. It probably wouldn’t be able to sustain itself much longer.”

Mu Chen nodded. He also detected the weakening of Spiritual Energy fluctuations being emitted from the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

“However, there are many people following behind, and most of them possess the strength of a Spirit Stage.” Mu Chen glanced behind for a moment. To the rear, there were many figures heading in the same direction as they were. Almost all of them were at the Spirit Stage and were quite powerful. Furthermore, he could detect that there were a few that had originally hid their strength extremely well, yet now they emitted a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

It seemed that all of these individuals would be difficult to deal with.

“Mu Chen.”

Just when Mu Chen was thinking about this, his expression suddenly turned serious. This was because a thought was conveyed directly to his mind. It was from the Nine Nether Bird!

A hint of surprise flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. It was evident that he had not expected the Nine Nether Bird to contact him by itself.

“What is it?” Mu Chen quickly asked.

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon would probably play its trump card against the Geocentric Flame Japalura in a while. When that happens, they would be gravely injured. At that moment, you should reduce the suppression you’re exerting on me using the mandala flower. I’ll come out and eliminate the two of them!” The Nine Nether Bird’s thought was sent over.

“You’re going to take action?” Mu Chen was shocked. This was something uncommon, the Nine Nether Bird was actually going to take the initiative to help him?

“Hmph, if I help, I will naturally need to obtain some sort of benefit- Okay, I won’t talk to you about it now. However, it’s unlikely you will succeed unless I help.”

The Nine Nether Bird grunted: “After I kill them, you must immediately extract the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essence and place their bodies within your Mustard Seed Bracelet. Then, you should immediately flee. After all, there are a few troublesome individuals in that ant colony behind you, so you must leave that location as quickly as possible.”


Mu Chen did not hesitate at all. This is because what the Nine Nether Bird had said was correct. This matter had attracted too many people over and had even surpassed his own expectations. If he had help from the Nine Nether Bird, it would be easier to deal with this current situation.

“Everyone. Even if anything strange happens to me, you don’t have to worry about it. Perhaps, all of you can head back in advance. I’ll come back soon.” Mu Chen lifted his head and said to Ye Qingling and the others.

Ye Qingling and the others were stunned by Mu Chen’s words. A hint of confusion filled their eyes. However, they nodded immediately. It was best not to question Mu Chen right now.

Mu Chen turned his gaze forward. In front of him, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s Spiritual Energy was rapidly declining, and a hint of powerlessness was also present in its roars.


The earth suddenly trembled, and the temperature suddenly decreased. Snowflakes actually emerged out of thin air and descended to the ground. At this moment, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s originally powerless roars suddenly become urgent. The Spiritual Aura within the world suddenly showed signs of resistance.

“It really is desperate now.” Mu Chen could feel the change occurring in the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. His eyes flickered, and he immediately began to circulate his Spiritual Energy quietly.


In the distance, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had gotten rid of the Geocentric Flame Japalura’s entanglement and flapped its wings in the air. Then it let out a berserk cry as light engravings emerged from the ice crystals on its wings. Scarlet blood also began to ooze out from the light engravings.

The light engravings quickly turned blood-red.

From below, the Geocentric Flame Jalapura also detected the danger and no longer charged in head-first. It stomped the ground furiously and cracked it open. Magma spewed out from the cracks, and the land turned into a land of lava rapidly.


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s snow-white wings began to flap more rapidly. The Spiritual Aura within the world surged and quickly formed into a massive light ball filled with freezing Spiritual Energy. A bloody engraving covered the surface of the light ball.

An extremely horrifying fluctuation emanated from the massive Spiritual Energy light ball. This instantly caused Mu Chen and the others’ expressions to change.


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon issued out a roar, and the freezing Spiritual Energy light ball that contained all of its strength blasted out. Accompanied by a blizzard, it was like an meteor of ice as it descended down fiercely onto the Geocentric Flame Jalapura.


Facing the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s desperate attack, the Geocentric Flame Jalapura also issued out a roar. The flame horn that had magma flowing out instantly gushed out massive amounts of magma. Magma also shot out from the crack in the ground and, together, they finally formed into a pillar of magma which rushed towards the freezing Spiritual Energy light ball.

Bang Bang Bang!

As the two attacks collided, the pillar of magma instantly crumbled and lava sprayed out everywhere. However, the freezing Spiritual Energy light ball continued to descend downwards and finally exploded on the Geocentric Flame Jalapura.


An indescribable snowstorm immediately emerged at this moment. The mountain and forest instantly turned into a world of ice. Although Mu Chen and the others, who were trailing the Spiritual Beasts, were quite a distance away, there were still a dozen or so Spirit Stage powerhouses that were wrapped up in the snowstorm. Their symbols instantly shattered and they vanished into beams of light.

Mu Chen and the others hurriedly hid themselves behind a mountain in order to avoid this terrifying impact that rushed over towards them. However, the chill that accompanied the snowstorm still made the Spiritual Energy within their bodies slow down.

Mu Chen stared into the distance and noticed that the snowstorm was gradually fading away.Some distance from his current location, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had fallen down in a weakened state causing the ground to tremble.

Near the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, the Geocentric Flame Jalapura’s originally red body had turned slightly dim. The flame on its horn had been extinguished and cracks had emerged on the its surface. It was evident that it had suffered a heavy injury.

This devastating battle gradually quieted down. Everybody stared at the two gravely injured Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts and their eyes turned red due to greed. However, they were temporarily restrained due to the slowing effects of the chill.

“Mu Chen, go!”

The Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts resounded in Mu Chen’s mind. At the same time, a black flame surged through his body and completely burned away the chill that eroded his body.


Mu Chen immediately moved and dashed out underneath many astonished gazes. In a blink of an eye, he appeared at the battlefield filled with ice and flames. A black flame surged like a river within his black eyes.


A clear cry suddenly rang out from his body. Once the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura heard this cry, a hint of fear instantly emerged in its eyes.


Within Mu Chen’s eyes, the black flames were burning violently. With a final swishing sound, they had turned into two beams of black flames that ripped through the void.


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura could only see the flash of the black light. However, they were soon aware of the pain that came along with it. The beam of black flames had actually completely ignored all their defense and forcibly tore through their sturdy heads.

The two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ massive body slowly stiffened and their life force quickly faded away.

“Hurry, do it!”

The Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts resounded out again. But this time, it had become a lot weaker than before. It was evident that the Nine Nether Bird had used up a large amount of energy in the earlier attack.


Mu Chen immediately rushed over and a suction force appeared in his palms. A red and blue light rushed out from the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ broken heads and landed into his hands.

Within the two lights were a miniature ice dragon and flame lizard. At this moment, they were struggling furiously, making it nearly impossible for Mu Chen to grip it tightly.


Mu Chen grunted and a black flame emerged in his palms. After the black flames completely covered the two Soul Essences, he immediately moved beside the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ corpse and waved his hand as he placed it into his Mustard Seed Bracelet.


Once the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were placed within the Mustard Seed Bracelet, subtle cracks emerged on the bracelet. Although the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and the Geocentric Flame Jalapura were dead, their corpses still possessed a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Since they had been completely absorbed into the Mustard Seed Bracelet at once, the Mustard Seed Bracelet could not endure it.

From the start of Mu Chen’s attack to the retrieval of the corpse, all of this only lasted for a few seconds. However, the numerous Spirit Stage powerhouses could only watch as Mu Chen snatched away the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essence as well as the corpses…

“You’re seeking for death!”

Mu Chen’s actions immediately caused the Spirit Stage powerhouses to enter a state of rage. They shouted out furiously at him as they rushed over.

“Hand over the Soul Essences!”

Among the Spirit Stage powerhouses that rushed over, there were three of them that were exceedingly fast. In a flash, they had appeared near Mu Chen, and three powerful Spiritual Energies began to envelop Mu Chen.

These three individuals actually possessed the strength of a Spirit Stage Late Phase!

The hidden experts finally could not resist on showing their true selves and immediately took action!

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