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Chapter 137 – Geocentric Flame Japalura

Reded, fiery magma erupted into the skies and descended down like a rain of fire. As it made contact with the blizzard, layers of mist formed as the snow sublimated away.

“What’s going on?!”

“What is that?!”

“It seems like something came out from underground!”

This sudden change of events startled everyone at the scene. They immediately turned their gaze towards the ground that had cracked open. At that location, the domain of ice was rapidly melting and was changing into a somewhat dark-red color. The temperature had also rapidly increased.

“What’s happening?” In the crack of the mountain, Ye Qingling and the others exclaimed in surprise.

“It seems that our intelligence was probably wrong. It wasn’t just one Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast located here; there were two of them.” Mu Chen said in a deep voice.

The expressions of Chu Qi and the others changed instantly. This situation was completely beyond their expectations.

“This Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast was probably hidden underneath the ground, so it’s no wonder that we could not detect it.”

Mu Chen’s eyes stared sharply at the newly-sundered ground, which was covered with overflowing magma, and replied: “It probably detected the battle above early on. However, it remained hidden as it probably wanted to wait for both sides to run out of Spiritual Energy. Heh, this beast is quite calculating.”

Chu Qi and the others exchanged gazes with each other. It seemed that they hadn’t been the only ones that wanted to be the third dog that seized the bone; even this Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast wanted to be it. But it had to be said that, for Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, their intelligence wasn’t  any lower to that of a human’s.

“What should we do now?” Fang Zhong smiled bitterly. If it was only one Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, they had a chance by relying on numbers. However, once the second had appeared, that chance had completely vanished. Even if everybody joined forces together, they weren’t an opponent for these two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

“Let’s wait for a while.”

Mu Chen’s gaze twinkled as he spoke: “Although they are both Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, it isn’t guaranteed that they’ll work together. From the looks of it, they seemed to have a hostile relationship with each other. Thus, the primary target for the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast within the magma is probably the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.”

“That’s right. These Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts probably want to devour each other as well. This way, they would be able to obtain a much more powerful bloodline as well as Spiritual Energy. It would be extremely beneficial for their evolutions. Adding all that, they definitely must be enemies!” Fang Zhong’s eyes flashed as he responded.

Ye Qingling exchanged gazes with the rest of the group and noticed the delight within their eyes. If that was the case, wouldn’t they have a bigger chance of obtaining a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence?

However, Mu Chen wasn’t as optimistic as them. The current situation was quite unique. It was best to wait and watch the situation before making a judgment.

“Let’s watch for a while.”

He replied before he turned his gaze back towards the distant battlefield. At that location, magma kept overflowing out from the crack on the ground. From underneath the icy lands, a massive shadow emerged.

The shadow approached the surface rapidly, and, with an explosive noise, it crashed against the icy lands. The ground shook and magma surged out. Then, a massive creature jumped out of the magma while emitting a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure.


While the ground trembled, numerous gazes shot over towards the magma. From the magma, they noticed a massive creature of flame slowly crawling out from it.

This flame creature was like a lizard. Its entire body was covered with raging flames, and it seemed as if magma was flowing out from the surface of his body. The semi-liquid magma constantly dropped and melted the snow and ice.

On its hideous head, there was a flame horn that was condensed from magma. It emitted out a terrifying temperature that almost caused the air to ignite.

“This is…” Countless gazes focused onto the creature that had appeared from the magma and immediately narrowed.

“Geocentric Flame Japalura 1, Ranked 70th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking.” Mu Chen slowly spoke as he stared at the massive creature.

Ye Qingling and the others’ gazes immediately turned serious. This Geocentric Flame Japalura was in no way inferior to the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

“Oh my god! It’s another Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast!”

“What should we do?!”

“Retreat, retreat!”

It was apparent that the others had also recognized the massive creature that carried such a formidable Spiritual Energy pressure. They immediately let out screams filled with horror.

Panic quickly spread throughout the crowd. If it was like earlier when they were fighting against Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, they could still win the battle by relying on numbers. But currently, they were in complete despair. Two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were enough to slaughter them all.

In the mountain plains, people began to retreat in panic. The fighting intent that they had earlier no longer existed.


The ground trembled as the Geocentric Flame Japalura stepped out of the magma. It waved its enormous tail that was covered in flowing magma and completely obliterated a mountain. Accompanied with magma, the mountain boulders instantly crushed dozens of individuals, who immediately turned into beams of light.

Once the crowd noticed the ferociousness of the Geocentric Flame Japalura, fear completely filled their hearts and they hurriedly retreated.

At this moment, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon stopped its attack on the crowd. Instead, its icy-blue eyes focused on the Geocentric Flame Japalura. It knew that its rival would appear.


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon issued out a roar at the Geocentric Flame Japalura. Spiritual Energy swept out and a blizzard descended down onto the latter.

However, the latter completely ignored the blizzard. Magma continued to flow out of its body, and the icy blades that could instantly kill Spirit Stage powerhouses melted before they could touch the Geocentric Flame Japalura’s body.


Seeing that it could not stop the Geocentric Flame Japalura’s movements, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon immediately became furious. Its hideous mouth opened and let loose an icy torrent. Every area that the torrent passed through immediately became frozen.

With this, the Geocentric Flame Japalura finally stopped. The flame horn on its head, that had magma flowing out, suddenly shone. Then, a massive magma pillar exploded out and collided fiercely against the icy torrent.


As the ice bombarded against the magma, the entire ground seemed to have trembled. Powerful Spiritual Energy shock waves instantly destroyed the frozen ice on the ground.

The ones that were planning on retreating were immediately stunned. Why did these two Spiritual Beast start fighting against each other?


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon roared out furiously. It flapped its wings, and its massive body became like a meteor made of ice. It then collided directly against the Geocentric Flame Japalura. Since the bodies of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were extremely powerful, this kind of attack was their most powerful and lethal weapon that they possessed.

Against the charging attack of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, the Geocentric Flame Japalura did not retreat. Instead, magma covered its limbs, and it charged headfirst against the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.


As the two massive creatures collided in midair, ice and magma sprayed throughout the sky. At this moment, the sky seemed to have trembled.

The two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were fighting against each other while being entangled. Icy torrents and magma furiously eroded against the two Spiritual Beasts.

At this moment, the World of Ice was completely ruined. The magma and icy torrents brought forth devastating roars.

Everybody had stopped their attacks and watched in shock at the two massive creatures. Because of their existences, the ground trembled nonstop as fresh blood landed and tainted the snowy white lands.

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon seems to be at a disadvantage…” Ye Qingling suddenly spoke as she watched the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts battle against each other.

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had already consumed a large amount of Spiritual Energy previously and suffered numerous injuries. Moreover, the Geocentric Flame Japalura was extremely cunning and hid itself. It seems to have stored up power before it commenced its attack. Thus, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon can’t really be considered its opponent.” Mu Chen slowly responded.

“Then what should we do?”


Mu Chen said in a low voice: “Although the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon is at a disadvantage, their strengths are still relatively the same. The Geocentric Flame Jalapura would have to pay a certain price in order to kill it. When that happens, it would be the best opportunity for us to take action.”

Chu Qi and the others nodded. Perhaps many people were waiting for this moment to occur. After all, the value of two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were too tempting.


The earth trembled and the two massive creatures tumbled around crazily as they bit each other. Compared to before, the scene was many times more tragic and horrifying. However, everybody was able to perceive that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was gradually weakening as time passed. By then it had suffered many severe injuries.


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon seemed to be aware of its situation. Thus, it suddenly growled and forcibly broke away from the Geocentric Flame Jalapura. Then, it flapped its wings and flew off to the distance while fresh blood flowed out of its body.

It was actually planning to escape.


The Geocentric Flame Jalapura also issued out a roar. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How could it let the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon escape! It immediately stomped the ground and turned into a magma-like light and chased the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

The two massive creatures disappeared into the distance as they left this ruined area.

“Chase! Do not let them get away!”

“Two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. One would probably increase his symbol’s rank directly to Rank 8!”

“If I am able to obtain one of their Soul Essences and successfully ingest it, it would be enough for me to defeat a Spirit Stage Middle Phase with the strength of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase!”


Everybody stared at the already distant Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts and immediately recovered from the shock. Many people instantly rushed after the massive creatures.


Sounds of wind breaking resounded out. The people that were hidden in the shadows weren’t able to endure it any long and rushed out as well.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen also waved his hands and was the first one to rush out of the crack. The situation in front of them was the perfect opportunity. They could not give up on this chance.

Hearing this, Ye Qingling and the others quickly followed.

Mu Chen and the others were situated at the front of the crowd. He lifted his head and his black eyes stared at the two massive creatures in the distance. A hint of eagerness filled his eyes.

But while Mu Chen was chasing after the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, he did not realize that, within the mandala flower in his aura sea, the Nine Nether Bird had suddenly opened its eyes. Black flames surged, and its gaze brightened up.

“Is it a Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and a Geocentric Flame Japalura?”

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