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Chapter 139 – The Great Chase

Three people stood in midair with dense Spiritual Energy fluctuations were emitting from their bodies. Based on these fluctuations, it was evident that they had reached Spirit Stage Late Phase.

At the moment, these three individuals were staring coldly at Mu Chen. They all had the same idea, to kill the latter.

The skinny boy in the middle of the trio stared coldly at Mu Chen as he spoke. “Don’t you think your appetite is too enormous? So many of us have been chasing this far in order to obtain the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts; every single one of us had to pay a great price, and you actually dared to take it all away?!”

“You’re only a mere Spirit Stage Initial Phase, yet you are quite ambitious. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be killed? Hurry and hand over the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences as well as the corpses! Perhaps we’ll let you get out of this alive!” The person on the left also shouted out coldly.

As for the person on the right, he maintained a heartless expression as he firmly fixed his gaze on Mu Chen. Sharp Spiritual Energy surged out from his slightly clasped palms.

At this instant, Ye Qingling and the others also recovered from the shock. They stared at the three figures in the sky and their expressions instantly changed.

“It’s actually Xie Guan, Wu Hu and Qin Zheng. Damn it, why would they be here right now?!” Fang Zhong shouted out. His voice trembled with shock. These three individuals were quite famous in the Spiritual Road. When the Spiritual Road was over, they were assessed as “Quasi-King Class”. Although there was a small gap between them and an actual King Class, they were still quite powerful.

Mu Chen wasn’t their opponent at all.

“Boss Xie. I’ve seen him before! He’s the Blood Calamity Mu Chen!” In the sky, a person suddenly shouted as he recognized Mu Chen.

“Oh? Mu Chen?”

Xie Guan and the others were startled and immediately glanced at Mu Chen again. However, they soon sneered: “I never expected that the famous Blood Calamity Mu Chen would only be at this level right now. What a joke. And I thought that I heard rumors about him being assessed as a King Class, how ridiculous!”

Mu Chen glanced at the trio for a moment. Although he did not know them, he knew that they must have performed quite decently in order to reach the Spirit Stage Late Phase. However, it was obvious that he had not met them in the Spiritual Road.

“It seems that the current situation is quite terrible…”

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. Xie Guan and the others were indeed powerful, but more importantly, there were dozens of Spirit Stage powerhouses watching in the rear. With this sort of lineup, it was enough for them to fight against a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast. It was evident that it was impossible for him to deal with them in a head-on battle. After all, the Nine Nether Bird’s power had already been used when he killed the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts earlier.

“I must leave this place first. If I had been able to ingest the Soul Essence, I wouldn’t have been afraid of them.” A thought flashed through Mu Chen’s mind.

“Mu Chen, hand over the Soul Essences. Otherwise, I do not mind on eliminating the so-called Blood Calamity from this plane of existence.”  Xie Guan extended his hand over and shouted coldly.

“Divide these two Soul Essences by yourself!”

Mu Chen waved his sleeves and two clumps of light shot off from his sleeves. Once he threw the clumps of light over, he immediately turned into a flash of light as he charged away from this location at an extraordinary speed.

Xie Guan and the others reflexively extended their hands to catch the clumps of light. However, they immediately noticed that something was wrong. Although the clumps of light were emitting Spiritual Energy fluctuations, they weren’t something that could compare with a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence.

It was evident that these were only two common Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.

“Bastard, you’re dead meat!”

Xie Guan and the others’ expressions instantly turned cold. They immediately charged onwards as they chased after Mu Chen.

“Chase. He actually dares to keep the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences for himself! We can’t let him go!” From behind, dozens of Spirit Stage powerhouses also shouted as they followed.

Ye Qingling and the others were completely stunned by the ongoing events. They quickly exchanged gazes with each other.

“What should we do? It will be dangerous for Mu Chen if the other Spirit Stage powerhouses continue to chase after him. After all, the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences are too tempting. The group that will chase after him can only become increasingly larger. Moreover, his strength seems to be at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase again…” Fang Zhong smiled wryly.

Chu Qi also frowned. No matter which measures Mu Chen would take, he believed that it was clearly impossible for him to face this sort of lineup.

“Let’s follow them and see what happens.” Ye Qingling gritted her teeth. Mu Chen was definitely in a terrible situation. They would, without a doubt, worry if they left right now.

Fang Zhong and Chu Qi both sighed and nodded their heads. Thus, the three of them also started chasing after him rapidly.

Mu Chen immediately pushed his speed to the very limits. Directly behind him was the trio formed by Xie Guan, Wu Hu and Qin Zheng. And behind the trio was a large group of Spirit Stage powerhouses…

This strange scene of a group chasing a fleeing individual persisted for a while.

Every one of them was extremely fast and charged out of the mountains in just half an hour. However, this commotion had instantly alerted numerous individuals. Many of them were flabbergasted as they watched this bizarre scene occurring in front of their very eyes. The formation of nearly 100 Spirit Stage powerhouses shocked many people.

“What’s going on?!”

“Why are so many individuals chasing after one person?”

“It seems that someone obtained two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences!”

“What?! Two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences?”

“Quick! Quickly now! Send a message to the boss, and tell him that we’ve discovered something good!”

The commotion caused by the Spirit Stage powerhouses quickly caused a widespread disturbance. Once the information was spread, an uproar was instantly created. Greed quickly filled the eyes of many people. A few Spirit Stage powerhouses immediately rushed out and joined the fray.

Therefore, the fact that Mu Chen was being chased over acquiring two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences spread quickly…

Mu Chen gritted his teeth as he detected the amount of auras behind him was increasing. Because of this, he did not dare to move to regions with many people and could only take unpopulated routes. But even so, the large force that was chasing him continued to be in hot pursuit.

“Damn it!”

Mu Chen cursed quietly. This time, he really stirred up a hornets’ nest.


As Mu Chen cursed, he suddenly felt the Mustard Seed Bracelet shudder. Two clumps of light flew out. The two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences!


Black flames gushed out of Mu Chen’s chest and completely enveloped the two clumps of light. Then, it forcibly pulled the Soul Essences directly into Mu Chen’s body.

“Bastard, what are you planning to do?!” Mu Chen shouted in anger.

Within his aura sea, the Nine Nether Bird stared at the two Soul Essences that entered the mandala flower. A hint of cunning flashed through its eyes. It smiled as it sent out a thought over to Mu Chen: “I’ll ingest these Soul Essences, you should continue escaping. Relax, I will provide you the energy to escape.”

Once its voice faded away, it completely ignored Mu Chen. A hint of seriousness and hesitation flashed through its eyes as it stared at the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences. Then, it quickly opened its mouth and completely swallowed the Soul Essences.

Boom! An amazing Spiritual Energy fluctuation erupted out from the Nine Nether Bird’s body.

“Sh*tty bird! You dare trick me!” Mu Chen gnashed his teeth in anger. This damn Nine Nether Bird had actually swallowed the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences and had left nothing for him!

“Just you wait!”

Although he was quite angry, Mu Chen also knew this wasn’t the moment to quarrel. He hurriedly circulated his Spiritual Energy to accelerate…

The information about Mu Chen possessing two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts spread at an alarming rate. After all, this information was too amazing. A Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence was quite appealing to everyone here.

Thus, in just half a day, this information spread throughout the interior of the Northern Heaven World.

Northern Heavens World’s Interior, South-East Direction.

The location was barren red valley. At this moment, numerous people had appeared in the depths of the valley. Every single one of them was glancing towards the center. From that location, a single-eyed, giant ape was shouting towards the sky; a formidable Spiritual Energy pressure gushed out from its body.

Judging from the Spiritual Energy pressure, the single-eyed giant ape was also a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast that was comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase!

But at this moment, many hideous sword injuries were plastered on the body of this giant ape. Every single one of these sword injuries was quite fatal. Moreover, there were hundreds of individuals unleashing attacks at the top of the valley, which brought the single-eyed giant ape into battle of will.

At the forefront of the valley, a dozen individuals were standing there. However, there were three figures among these dozen individuals that stood at the front of the pack. There were one girl and two boys.

The two boys were burly and skinny respectively. At this moment, they were completely focused on the single-eyed giant ape whose Spiritual Energy fluctuations were weakening. They were completely on guard against the one eyed giant ape’s ferocious counterattack.

Next these two boys stood a slender and beautiful girl. She wore a black dress and her smooth, supple silver hair was extremely eye-catching. Compared to the two individuals beside her, she seemed a bit more relaxed. Even when she looked at the single-eyed giant ape, her clear glass-like eyes remained completely calm.

Even though her attitude was like this, none of the powerhouses thought that she was arrogant. That was because she was the one that gravely injured the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast in front of them. It was only because of this that the rest of them had a chance against it.

“Ohoho, Luo Li. If you obtain the Spiritual Aura of a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, you would probably become the first one to increase their rank to Rank 9, right?” The skinny boy smiled at the eye-catching girl, who was completely silent.


The girl’s glass-like eyes remained quiet. Even though this was a shocking topic to everyone in the Northern Heavens World, she was not affected by it at all.

Seeing this, the skinny boy did not seem surprised. It was evident that he knew the girl’s attitude quite well.

From behind, a commotion suddenly rang out. A figure hurriedly rushed over and leaned towards the skinny boy as he spoke: “Boss, I’ve just received news that someone has actually obtained two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences in the Northwest direction. Right now, he’s gravely injured, and he’s being chased by hundreds of Spirit Stage powerhouses. Should we intervene as well?”

“Oh? Two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essence?”

The skinny boy was stunned. The burly boy also showed a surprised expression and asked: “Which amazing person did this?”

“He seems to be called Mu Chen?” The person thought for a moment before responding.

Just when his voice faded, he suddenly noticed that his two bosses’ expressions changed. Then, the two of them slowly turned their gazes towards the black dressed girl.

The girl in black dress suddenly turned around and revealed an extremely elegant face. At this moment, ripples started to emerge in her eyes despite not yielding even the slightest of changes when they were talking about her pre-eminent Rank 9.

“What did you say his name was?” The girl in black dress asked quietly. Her voice was trembling while she asked this. It was evident that her emotions were slightly out of control.

Once the messenger saw this, he did not dare to respond slowly and hurriedly muttered: “He’s called Mu Chen. Currently, he has obtained two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast Essences and is being chased by hundreds of Spirit Stage powerhouses. It was reported that he is severely injured.”

“What direction?” Hearing the words “severely injured”, the girl in black dress immediately clasped her slender hands. A hint of coldness immediately flowed through her serene eyes.


The girl in black dress immediately started to move.

“Luo Li. There’s no need to be impatient. The Single-Eyed Diamond Ape won’t be able to last much longer. If you wait for a little bit more, you will become the first one in this Northern Heavens World to have increased their rank to Rank 9. Wouldn’t it be a bit rash if you were to leave at this critical moment?!” The skinny boy quickly muttered once he noticed her intention.

The girl in black dress paused for a moment and tilted her head slightly. Her clear and beautiful eyes stared at the skinny boy as she slowly spoke: “I came to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy because of him. If he’s not in this place, then what’s the purpose of me being here? Just what is the use of a Rank 9 Symbol then?”

The girl in the black dress glanced at the skinny boy, who was smiling wryly, and the hint of coldness faded away from her eyes. She whispered: “He’s hurt. He needs me right now. I want to be by his side. Don’t stop me, otherwise, I’ll get angry.”

The skinny boy chuckled bitterly as he stared at the girl in black dress. Quickly after, he said: “That guy truly makes me jealous… Should I send someone to go with you?”

“No need. I can resolve it all by myself.”

This time, a hint of killing intent laced the girl’s voice. She stopped conversing with the skinny boy and rushed away. Her body turned into a beam of light as she charged towards the northwest direction.

Mu Chen, you promised me. You said we’ll enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy together. Therefore, you must wait for me.

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