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Chapter 136 – Ten Thousand Men Slaying Spirithail Dragon


The white, icy torrent descended down towards the crowd like a snow-white waterfall; at the same time, an extremely formidable Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out.


Shrill screams resounded, but strangely no blood had been shed. The ones that were hit by the rushing torrent instantly erupted into numerous light beams that brought them away.

Mu Chen was slightly startled as he watched this scene occur before his very eyes. He was able to clearly see that the symbols of the ones that were hit were destroyed and formed into the light beams which soon disappeared.

“So the symbols will protect people who would otherwise be killed. Once it shatters, it executes a mysterious Spiritual Energy and directly transmit them away. But in this case, they are considered eliminated from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.” Ye Qingling muttered beside Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded. So the symbol actually had this sort of protective measure. Although they were able to use Spiritual Energy within the Northern Heavens World’s trial, the ruthlessness could not compare with those of the Spiritual Road. In the Spiritual Road, nobody would care about whether you lived or not. Aside from yourself, there was nobody you could rely on.

“Ohoho, the participants of the Spiritual Road are selected through numerous screenings. If they did not use this sort of method in the Northern Heavens World, at least half of the participants would be dead. Even the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wouldn’t be able to pay that kind of price.” Fang Zhong smiled.

Although the Five Great Academies were all immensely powerful and were well-known throughout the entire Great Thousand World, they would recruit a lot of students. Thus, if half of them were dead, the parents of these students would probably be furious.

“Even though they won’t die, the price that they’ve paid for being eliminated is severe. Just now, there were two unlucky Spirit Stage powerhouses among the ones that were hit.” Chu Qi also muttered. With this sort of strength, they would have had a certain amount of ability. Based on ordinary situations, it wouldn’t have been difficult for them to raise their symbol’s rank to Rank 5. Unfortunately for them, they were instantly eliminated by the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

“Let’s continue to watch. Right now, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon is in its peak state and would be a monstrous torrent against the people that came.” Mu Chen smiled. He raised his head and stared at the massive creature in the distant sky.

It was evident that the figures, who were on top of the trees, were shocked by the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s attack. Only after this attack, they had understood that, although they had numbers, a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast was something at the Heavenly Fusion Stage!

This strength was enough to instantly kill any one of them!

However, there were some capable individuals within the group and they hurriedly shouted out in response to the appearance of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. “All the Spirit Stage powerhouses should attack together. The Spiritual Rotation Stage should retreat and perform concentrated bombardments with Spiritual Energy!”  

And what’s more, the people, who obtained an entry for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, were all individuals with a little bit of ability. Once they heard these shouts, they acted decisively, and numerous figures rushed out into the sky as dense Spiritual Energy erupted out.

A hundred or so figures appeared in front of the group and emitted out a powerful, rumbling Spiritual Energy.


In the sky, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon stared at these humans, and a hint of viciousness flashed through its icy-blue eyes. It immediately roared again, and an icy torrent erupted out from its mouth once again.


The hundred Spirit Stage powerhouses all shouted out. A variety of attacks then exploded out at the same time. The sky became a dazzling spectacle of light as the rumbling Spiritual Energy attacks collided against the overwhelming ice torrent.


The formidable attacks collided heavily with each other in the sky, and a massive shockwave erupted out. A gorge was carved into the ground that had once been covered with snow and ice.

As the blizzard swept across the area, the attacks from both sides gradually faded away. The attack from the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was actually blocked by these hundred Spirit Stage powerhouses.

“It’s truly amazing when there are so many people.” Mu Chen could not help but praise once he witnessed this. With a hundred Spirit Stage powerhouses joining forces together, they were able to cause trouble for an existence such as the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.


In the sky, another cry rang out. In the rear, the thousands of Spiritual Rotation Stage also let out a cry together.


Thousands of Spiritual Energy attacks instantly swept out from them. Underneath this attack, even the blizzard that covered the sky was blown away. Numerous lights pierced through the sky and landed on the massive body of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.


A deep sound rang out constantly. Against such an attack, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was actually forcibly blown back a few hundred meters. On the surface of its body, traces of scars appeared on its glistening ice armor.


A bit of pain surged through its body and thus angered the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. It let out a furious roar and started to flap its massive and snowy wings.

A violent Spiritual Energy erupted out, and ice started to condense at an alarming speed. In a few seconds, countless ice spears had formed. Every single one of these ice spears emitted out a Spiritual Energy fluctuation that caused everyone to jump.

It was evident that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was truly furious.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon flapped its giant wings, and countless ice spears rushed out instantly. They ripped through the air and descended down towards the figures that had attacked it.


Against this terrifying offensive, the Spirit Stage powerhouses’ faces instantly changed. They hurriedly pushed the Spiritual Energy to the limits and countered with numerous devastating Spiritual Energy attacks.

Bang Bang Bang!

As countless ice spears rushed through the sky, Spiritual Energy would charge over to counter it. This scene was exceeding spectacular and magnificent.

Chi Chi!

Unfortunately, in this such of terrifying collision, there were still a few unlucky individuals that had been hit by the ice spears. The symbol on their foreheads instantly shattered and turned into a light that transmitted them away.

The entire world was completely covered with terrifying collisions as shockwaves emitted out.

Mu Chen and the others stood at the crack of the mountain as they watched the horrifying collisions that covered the entire sky. A hint of shock filled their eyes. This scene was truly like a small-sized war.

A war between humans and a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast.

Mu Chen stepped forward and his hand touched the mountain cliff that was covered with snow. However, his gaze remained fixed at the horrifying collisions that occured in the distance.


Suddenly, Mu Chen frowned. He tilted his head and stared at his own hand that touched the mountain cliff. He discovered that the snow at this location was  showing signs of melting. In addition, a hint of heat penetrated through the snow.

“Could the large battle have triggered some sort of change?”

Mu Chen stared at the slowly melting snow and frowned. However, he did not think much about it as he focused his gaze back onto the battle.

The collision between the two sides continued. Every single attack of the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was blocked by the crowd using the advantage of numbers. Although there was quite a bit of loss, they had still managed to suppress the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

This was a battle of endurance. Although the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s strength far surpassed everybody on the scene, but if it was based purely on Spiritual Energy density, it alone wasn’t enough to compete with everybody once they joined forces.

As long as the stalemate persisted, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon would be at a disadvantage. Furthermore, it was able to detect that there were still some cunning and powerful humans that were hiding at certain locations. It was evident that they were waiting for the moment when it would go into a tired state.

In addition, it could not consume too much energy, otherwise…


The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon issued out a roar and flapped its wings as the glistening ice armor on its body emitted out a burst of intense light. It was actually charging head-on against the Spiritual Energy attacks.


It collided with the avalanche of attacks as it charged into the crowd of humans. Then, it flapped its wings as its massive tail swept across the sky and crushed the mountains.

Chi Chi!

Countless individuals burst into light beams as they were hit. Their symbols shattered and transmitted them away.

The crowd hurriedly scattered and signs of people rushing away emerged throughout the mountain.

“All-out attack everyone, let’s slay this beast!”


“Let’s attack together!”

Various cries resounded throughout the sky. As their friends had their symbols shattered, numerous people’s eyes turned red. They pushed their Spiritual Energy to the limits and started a bombardment on the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s massive body.

Both sides were completely furious.

Mu Chen could not help but grin. It was lucky that the people here had the protection of the symbol. Otherwise, this place would have turned into a bloody river already.

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon has used up a lot of Spiritual Energy.” Ye Qingling stared at the massive creature in the sky. After such a battle, the latter’s ice armor had shattered in many locations. It also started to become dim and it was evident that it had consumed enormous Spiritual Energy.

“Everybody should pay attention. We’ll wait until Mysterious Spirithail Dragon consumes a bit more energy or when the other hidden individuals start taking action…” Mu Chen glanced at them quickly. The hidden individuals were definitely powerful. If they were to store their power and join forces against the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, it would definitely cause a severe injury to the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.


Ye Qingling, Fang Zhong, Chu Qi and the others all nodded their heads. They all began circulating the Spiritual Energy within their bodies.

Mu Chen also started to circulate his Spiritual Energy. However, his gaze suddenly turned serious, and he gripped the mountain cliff tightly. He discovered that the heat was become more and more intense. It did not seem that it was caused by the battle.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. He hurriedly squatted down and swept his sleeves. The snow spread out and quickly melted away. These rocks were actually somewhat hot.

“What is it?” Chu Qi and the others noticed Mu Chen’s strange action and was stunned.

Mu Chen frowned and felt something was wrong. It seemed that a powerful surge of heat was rapidly approaching this location from underground.

“Something’s wrong. Let’s not make any moves right now.” Mu Chen said in a deep voice.

Ye Qingling and the others exchanged gazes. It was evident that they had some doubts. However, they nodded immediately once they noticed Mu Chen’s serious expression.

Mu Chen touched the hot rocks and stared into the snowy white landscape. Shortly after, his eyes narrowed. This is because that area had suddenly turned completely red.


The earth suddenly shook as if an earthquake has occurred and it suddenly cracked open. Then, numerous lava pillars erupted out into the sky.


A deep cry rang out accompanied with the erupting lava pillars. It resounded through the entire sky and a Spiritual Energy pressure that was in no way inferior to the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was emitted out.

Mu Chen’s expression instantly turned solemn. A hint of shock flashed through his eyes.

Underneath this earth, there had actually been another Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast?

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