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Chapter 135 – Formation

On the top of the mountain, everybody could feel the Spiritual Energy pressure emitting from the depths of the frozen world. Their expressions shook a little bit, and a hint of eagerness surged within their eyes. They had indeed correctly identified their target.

Mu Chen gradually retracted his gaze from the frozen world and whispered, “Let’s go. We’ll sneak in. However, you shouldn’t touch any of the worldly treasures. We’ll find a place and wait until the area starts to get lively.”

“Yes.” Everybody immediately nodded once they heard this.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen rushed out and charged into the frozen world, facing the blizzard. Behind him, dozens of figures followed quietly.

As they entered the depths of this World of Ice, Mu Chen and the others were gradually able to feel the chill of this world. Although the Spiritual Aura was quite abundant and numerous worldly treasures, there weren’t any traces of Spiritual Beasts. Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts all possessed an extremely strong respect of territorial rights. Thus, ordinary Spiritual Beasts would not dare to enter the territory that a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts was occupying.

After Mu Chen and the others had quietly entered the World of Ice, they were able to clearly feel the formidable Spiritual Energy pressure as they approached the depths of this world. A tremendous roar rang out from the blizzard and would shake the world from time to time.

But against such a spectacle, Mu Chen was able to remain calm. After all, he had once experienced the terror of the Nine Nether Bird. The scene of black flames surging through the sky in order to fight against the heavens was deeply engraved in his mind.

Compared to the Nine Nether Bird, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was insignificant. This was because, even if the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was in its mature stage, it was ultimately still only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Even if it had experienced numerous good fortunes and opportunities, it was impossible for it to enter the Myriad Beast Record’s Heaven Ranking and step into the realms of a Divine Beast.

On the other hand, the Nine Nether Bird had the ability to do so. As long as it broke through the shackles of world, it would be able to shed its spiritual form and become a Divine Beast. It would then become a powerful existence within the entire Great Thousand World.

“Okay, we can’t move forward anymore.”

Mu Chen suddenly stopped and rushed into a hidden crack in the mountain. This crack was situated just in between two mountain peaks. Thus, they had a wide view of the outside world. If they looked outside, they would be able to see the depths of the World of Ice.

Once they arrived at this location, the pressure of the Spiritual Energy had also become increasingly powerful. If they were to head forward any further, it was likely that they would be discovered by the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. With just the men they had here, they wouldn’t be its opponent; thus they did not want to risk it.

Chu Qi, Ye Qingling and the others all nodded their heads. All of them were aware of the formidable Spiritual Energy pressure as well.

“Next up, we will wait until this location gets lively.” Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the depths of the World of Ice as he muttered.

At an unknown time, a rumor suddenly began to spread out within a region inside the Northern Heaven World’s interior. It was said that there was a World of Ice hidden behind numerous mountains to the west. At that location, there were a few people that discovered a heavily wounded Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. Furthermore, there were numerous worldly treasures within the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s domain.

Like a drop of water landing on a calm pool and causing ripples, this rumor quickly spread out.

“It’s said that there’s a heavily injured Mysterious Spirithail Dragon within the Valley of Ice!”

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon seems to be guarding a worldly treasure known as the Ice Deity Tree. If a Spirit Stage powerhouse was to obtain the Ice Deity Fruit from the tree, they would immediately advance!”

“Right now, there are many forces and powerhouses heading towards the Valley of Ice. Shall we also head there for fun?”

All sorts of rumors spread out at an alarming rate. The entire region became restless, and numerous individuals headed quickly towards the direction of the Valley of Ice.

Once this information was passed to a few extremely powerful forces and powerhouses, they stared into distance with a strange gaze. A Mysterious Spirithail Dragon…

A Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast of this level was enough to let their greed cloud their hearts.

“Gather everybody. We’re heading towards the Valley of Ice!”

Orders were issued quickly, and many powerhouses also secretly took their leave as they headed out towards the Valley of Ice. That region had undoubtedly become extremely popular in an instant…

Valley of Ice.

Within the crack of the mountain, Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged calmly. Behind him, Ye Qingling, Chu Qi and the others were also doing the same. Dense Spiritual Energy was being emitted from them in order to resist against the cold winds that blew in.

“It seems that the information about this location has already been spread.” Mu Chen suddenly spoke. He was able to detect numerous Spiritual Energy fluctuations which had entered this barren tundra in just one short day.

Chu Qi and the others also nodded their heads, as they had also detected them.

“However, there still aren’t enough men.” Mu Chen smiled as he muttered this to himself.

Time quietly flew by, and another day had come to pass.

On the second day, the originally quite World of Ice had turned into a noisy location at an extremely rapid speed. Numerous figures had arrived in this barren wasteland and the noise emitted from them seemed to have stopped the endless blizzard.

A steady stream of men entered the depths of the World of Ice. From their hidden spot, Mu Chen and the others were able to see countless, powerful figures moving around in the blizzard. Their auras weren’t weak at all.

For the men that entered the depths of the World of Ice, they noticed that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was quite familiar to them. However, they were not idiots. They clearly knew the difference between the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon and themselves. They could only rely on numbers in order to defeat this powerful existence. If any of them were to rashly rush in, they would definitely be killed instantly by the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

Thus, many of the men would stay within the boundaries of the World of Ice as they waited for more people to gather.

This wait only took one afternoon. When it occurred, Mu Chen and the others were slightly shocked, as they stared at the approaching figures that covered the entire sky.

From a rough glance, the amount of people gathered had exceeded 10,000. Moreover, there were at least hundreds of Spirit Stage powerhouses among them. These numbers had clearly surpassed the number of Spirit Stage powerhouses within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“As expected of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

Mu Chen could not help but sigh. This was only a portion of the men within the Northern Heavens World. Yet, the formation was already quite terrifying. Just how terrifying would it be once every single one had been included in the formation? The attractiveness of the Five Great Academies was truly shocking.

“Next up, let’s wait for the show to begin.”

Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of cold white air. A smile filled with expectations had emerged on his handsome face. The commotion was quite enormous now. Thus, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon would soon be alerted. When that happened, it would definitely be furious.

“Once we enter the fight, it would definitely be a spectacular sight.” Fang Zhong exclaimed. It was hard to imagine that this scene was all secretly caused by them.

“When do we begin?” Chu Qi asked.

“There’s no need to be impatient.” Mu Chen shook his head and replied: “We aren’t the only ones that are planning to take advantage of the others. Moreover, there are many powerhouses that appeared at this location. Many of them will have the same idea as us.”

Chu Qi and the others nodded. Although a third party would definitely benefit from the tussle between two others, there were too many third parties at this location. Thus, these third parties would definitely fight against themselves as well.

Human figures emerged everywhere within the World of Ice. The noisy voices rang out and dissipated the majority of the raging blizzard.

As the people gathering at this location increased, nobody dared to take the initiative to enter the depths of the barren ice land. They were all waiting for the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon to emerge from the depths.

And they did not have to wait long. A thunderous roar rang out, and a feeling of blind fury and fierceness could be sensed within the roar. It was evident that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had detected the human insects that had stepped inside its territory after it had been awakened from its slumber.


This roar formed a sonic impact as it spread out. It caused the blizzard to descend down like numerous razor sharp blades. A few unlucky individuals were going to be directly cut by these sharp blades and had to immediately protect their bodies with Spiritual Energy.

“Be careful everybody. The beast is coming out!” A roar filled with Spiritual Energy rumbled.


The ice lands seemed to tremble at this moment. The snow suddenly blew into the depths of the World of Ice, and everybody could see a massive blizzard sweeping over from the depths.

The display of strength was extremely shocking.

The blizzard was exceedingly swift, and in a few seconds, it appeared in front of countless individuals. Afterwards, the blizzard was ripped apart as a pair of enormous wings covered with ice suddenly unfolded itself from within.


An abnormally powerful Spiritual Energy rushed out together with the roar and a formidable Spiritual Energy pressure spread throughout the region.


The blizzard directly exploded, and snow descended down from the sky. A massive monster emerged within the snow, and at this moment, numerous individuals’ eyes narrowed.

It was an exceptionally beautiful creature. Its body was that of a dragon while a dazzling, glistening ice armor covered it. Cold breaths blew out from its hideous, gigantic mouth and froze the surrounding air. A pair of giant, blue eyes stared coldly at the numerous insects in front of it.

At the same time, it slowly flapped its wings, causing wind and snow to emerge.

The originally noisy environment had instantly become silent. Even when many individuals were prepared psychologically, shock still filled their hearts when they personally witnessed the might of the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast in front of them.

“Is this the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon?”

Mu Chen also stared at the massive creature that occupied the space. His face turned serious, but a hint of delight flashed through his eyes. This is because he noticed that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was still only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase.

If it was only at this level, it was something that they could deal with.

“The show finally begins.”

As Mu Chen murmured to himself, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon let out a furious roar. It opened its gigantic mouth, and an icy torrent rushed out directly towards the crowd of people.

The Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast had finally made its move.

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