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Chapter 133 – Vajra Pagoda


As Mu Chen charged at the attack, a golden light erupted from his palms. Then, a mysterious engraving of a golden tower started to form in his palm, and a bizarre fluctuation emerged.

“Vajra Pagoda!”

At this moment, the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body seemed to have completely activated itself . The golden light flashing within his hand had instantly turned even more dazzling, giving off the appearance that it was constructed from pure gold.

As Mu Chen took flight into the air, he shot off a palm fiercely. In that instant, golden light surged through the sky, and an enormous golden hand emerged. A clear, golden tower engraving could be seen on the massive golden hand.


The golden hand was fired off majestically and, under numerous gazes, it  smashed heavily into the golden sun that was descending down towards it.


The two powerful attacks collided fiercely with each other, and golden waves spread out furiously from the sky, causing numerous bursts of gales.

“Suppress this for me!”

Within Mu Chen’s eyes, a golden light seemed to glow. He clenched his hands tightly, and a cold cry resounded throughout the sky.


As Mu Chen’s voice faded away, the golden tower engraving on the golden hand instantly lit up. As the engraving moved, it seemed to have formed into a true golden pagoda and attempted to suppress the golden sun.

Under the cover of the golden hand, the powerful golden sun, that was formed by Chu Qi’s Spiritual Energy, rapidly darkened. It was as if it was truly suppressed by the pagoda.

At this moment, Chu Qi’s expression finally changed. The golden tower engraving on the golden palm was too bizarre. He lost connection with every part of the golden sun that was covered by the golden hand. Moreover, the sun was constantly being weakened.

“What sort of attack is this? Isn’t this a little too weird!?”

Chu Qi’s eyes jumped. He never thought that his strongest attack would have been stopped as well.


As the golden hand descended completely onto the golden sun, the golden sun darkened and began to dissipate. Seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. His hands changed, and the golden hand erupted out again. As it flashed with dazzling light, it appeared on top of Chu Qi and smacked down.


Behind Chu Qi, the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast roared towards the sky as if it had detected danger approaching it. At this moment, Chu Qi hurriedly lifted his head and gritted his teeth. Spiritual Energy erupted out from his body, and a violent wind was created as his fist bombarded towards the golden palm.


Against the fierce attack from Chu Qi, the golden palm seemed to be like a mountain within a storm and remained unmoving. The terrifying golden palm seemed to have suppressed the air and shattered the fierce winds created from Chu Qi’s palm. In the end, many people witnessed a scene where the palm was smashing directly against Chu Qi’s body.


A muffled sound resounded within the sky. Golden shockwaves spread out, and Chu Qi fell down almost instantaneously. Blood oozed out of his body and left a long trail as he fell.

Chu Qi’s body created an enormous crater on the ground, and he spat out another mouthful of blood. His face was extremely pale and the Spiritual Energy that should have been circulating within his body had completely vanished.

The region instantly became silent. Anyone who did not know about Mu Chen before inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. It was evident from the look on their faces that they felt horror from this scene. After all, Chu Qi was a powerhouse at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase level. Moreover, he had ingested the Soul Essence of a Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast. With his abilities, there were barely any opponents for him in the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. However, right now, just in front of them, Chu Qi was defeated by Mu Chen, who was only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase…

There were also a few people here that came from the Spiritual Road. It was apparent that their strengths were much more powerful than the other individuals. When they watched this scene occur in front of their eyes, they managed to remain calm. However, their eyes shone, and  a quiet fear ran trembling within their hearts.

They originally wanted to take advantage of Mu Chen’s weak strength and trample over him. Then, by using his reputation, they would be able to increase their own fame. But this scene made them gradually realize that the boy in front of them…Although he had lost the Spiritual Road’s Empowerment, was still Mu Chen, that Mu Chen, that they feared. He was able to stand out within the Spiritual Road. Thus, even in the Great Thousand World, he was outstanding as well. He would ultimately reach the same level as the ones that stood at the peak of cultivation and shine with a dazzling light that solely belonged to him.

“Brother Mu is truly impressive.”

Mo Ling and the others stared at this scene with surprise.  Their eyes were filled with worship as they watched the conclusion of the fight.

Ye Qingling also gently let out a sigh of relief. She stared at the boy that slowly descended from the sky. At this moment, this boy had turned into an exceptionally dazzling existence. Although she had never met Mu Chen before in the Spiritual Road, his name has long been known to people.

Thinking about it, the current Mu Chen might be as dazzling as he was initially when he was within the Spiritual Road.

The person that King Luo, Luo Li, likes, is truly extraordinary.

Under numerous gazes, Mu Chen landed near Chu Qi. His black eyes were slightly cold as he stared at the Chu Qi, who was completely pale. This person truly had a bit of skill. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had advanced to the Spirit Stage and obtained the mysterious Spiritual Art, Vajra Pagoda, it would have been difficult for him to defeat him today.

“It’s your win.” Chu Qi wiped the blood from his mouth and he stared complicatedly at Mu Chen. He originally thought that it would be a piece of cake for him to defeat Mu Chen using his strength as a Spirit Stage Middle Phase coupled with the power of the Soul Essence that he had ingested. But his expectations were completely off from the final result.

To make Ji Xuan, Yang Hong and the others fear him within the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen truly had something that made him impressive. Even without the Spiritual Road’s Empowerment, he was not someone that an ordinary person could shake.

A purple golden light suddenly lit up on Chu Qi’s forehead and it shot off towards Mu Chen. Chu Qi said faintly: “This is the price I’ll pay. Take it.”

“A Rank 7 Symbol…” When the surrounding individuals noticed the purple golden symbol, they could not help but speak out. This symbol was considered to be at the pinnacle in this region. They did not know how many Spiritual Beasts Chu Qi had hunted in order to increase his symbol to this level. But unfortunately, he had lost everything with just one battle.

However, they did not react strangely when Chu Qi handed over his Symbol. After all, this situation occurs too often. Once the challenger lost, they would hand over the symbol to the victor.

Mu Chen waved his hand and the purple golden light floated on the center of his palm. He glanced at it faintly, but he did not reply back to Chu Qi.


Sounds of winds breaking resounded suddenly nearby. A dozen figures quickly rushed over and landed beside Chu Qi as they lifted him up.

“Ohoho, Brother Mu. It was Chu Qi’s mistake this time. This symbol will be the price that he’ll pay. I hope that you would not care too much about it.” The handsome boy smiled at Mu Chen as he cupped his hands.

The surrounding men also had a complicated expression plastered on their face. It was the first time that they’ve seen Chu Qi in such a helpless position.

However, Mu Chen continued to fiddle around with the purple golden light and remained silent.

At this moment, Ye Qingling and the others also rushed over to Mu Chen’s side. They stared vigilantly at the men from the Chu Clan.

“Brother Mu…” Seeing this, the handsome boy thought that Mu Chen would refuse to let them go. His smile instantly stiffened.

“Take it back.”

Mu Chen glanced at him for a moment and flicked his fingers. He sent the purple golden light back towards Chu Qi. At this moment, the latter was completely stunned. A Rank 7 Symbol was something that took a large amount of efforts from him. He believed that it would be tempting to anyone, thus, he never thought that Mu Chen would return it back to him.

“I hold no grudges with you. Although a Rank 7 Symbol is nice, it isn’t worth much to me.” Mu Chen replied faintly. Although the symbol on his forehead had dimmed after he had bought the “Dragon Elephant Array”, nobody would object to this. After all, it was easy for a powerful person to rapidly increase their symbol’s rank.

Chu Qi had a complex expression as he absorbed the purple golden light back into his symbol. He replied: “Thank you. The person she likes is truly outstanding.”

Once Mu Chen noticed Chu Qi’s expression of getting hurt in love, he could not help but curl his lips.

“Ohoho, thank you Brother Mu for being this generous. The Chu Clan will treat it as if we owe you a favor. If there is anything that you need us to do, feel free to ask us. We will definitely do our best to help you.” The handsome boy let out a sigh of relief once he noticed Mu Chen handing the symbol’s Spiritual Aura back to Chu Qi. He immediately cupped his hands again and smiled.

Mu Chen waved his hands and no longer wanted to talk with them. But just when he was about to turn away…

“Wait…” Ye Qingling suddenly grabbed onto Mu Chen’s arm,  stared at the handsome boy and asked, “We have something that we want to trouble you about.”

“Feel free to say it.” The handsome boy was slightly startled.

“Recently, we’ve been searching for trails of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts . Since there are so many people within the Chu Clan, you should have collected a variety of information. I wonder if you have any information regarding about this in particular?” Ye Qingling asked.

“Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts?” The handsome boy and Chu Qi exchanged gazes with each other. Both of them could see the surprise within their eyes. Mu Chen and the others were actually searching for Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts? Aren’t they acting too courageous?

“Boss…” From the rear, a person walked up to the two of them. He quietly muttered: “If it’s about Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, we, indeed, have a bit of information about them. It’s over at the Valley of Ice…”

“Valley of Ice?” The handsome boy and Chu Qi’s expressions instantly turned solemn as if they recalled something.

A few days ago, someone within their group passed through a mysterious region and heard a shocking sound. In the cold and windy environment, a massive creature seemed to have appeared. The pressure emitted out from it was not something that an ordinary, High Rank Spiritual Beast would possess.

“Brother Mu, why don’t we find a place to talk about this?” The handsome boy exchanged gazes with each other. Then, he stared at Mu Chen and smiled.

Ye Qingling, who had only casually asked about this matter, had her eyes brighten up once she noticed the expression on Chu Qi’s face. Beside her, Mu Chen was also quite surprised. Based on their expressions, they really had information regarding Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts?

It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

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