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Chapter 134 – Mysterious Spirithail Dragon

In the Ye Clan’s camp, Mu Chen, Ye Qingling and Chu Qi were sitting together in the central tent.

“Brother Fang, can you tell us about the news you have gathered related to the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts yet?” Mu Chen smiled as he stared at the handsome boy beside Chu Qi. After the previous conversation, he had come to know that the latter’s name was Fang Zhong, and he had also participated in the Spiritual Road. Right now, he was also at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. Since he was friends with Chu Qi, he had co-founded the Chu Clan with him.

Hearing this, Fang Zhong smiled and nodded his head. He had a good impression of Mu Chen as he did not show any arrogance even after he defeated Chu Qi. He pondered for a moment and said: “A week ago, we discovered a relatively unique region. Because the region is constantly covered by ice and snow, we call it the  Valley of Ice.“

While we were there, we discovered numerous precious worldly treasures. However, the strange thing was that there wasn’t a single Spiritual Beast that stepped inside the region, nor were there any Spiritual Beasts that dared to seize these worldly treasures.”

“Earlier, few of our men went inside to search. But just when they were planning on sneakily taking a few of the worldly treasures, a shocking sound rang out within the depths of the ice region. Then, they discovered a massive shadow of a beast that had hidden itself within the snow. But one thing is certain, the Spiritual Energy pressure emanating from it was not something that a High Rank Spiritual Beast could compare with.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen was instantly lost in his own thoughts. He immediately asked: “Did you find out what Spiritual Beast it is?”

A Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast was too powerful. Even if it was the weakest of the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, it wasn’t something that they could defeat. Therefore, they had to research it completely and figure out what Spiritual Beast it was and its respective rank on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking before taking action.

“After this happened, our men drew a rough outline of what they had seen based on their memories.” Fang Zhong exchanged glances with Chu Qi, and the latter pulled out a leather sheet, which he handed over to Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen received it, he immediately glanced at the leather sheet. On the surface of the paper, a simple outline of a massive figure hidden within the snow was drawn. From its appearance, it seemed like a giant serpent. However, the enormous wings behind it were completely unfolded as it summoned snow.

“Although the Spiritual Beasts that are ranked in the top 80s of the Myriad Beast Record have all entered the level of being a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, I do not believe that there is a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast that is in the top 50s within the Northern Heavens World.” Mu Chen slowly spoke. 1

Hearing this, Fang Zhong and the others nodded their head. If a Top 50 Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts was at its mature stage, they would be comparable to the Heavenly Transformation Stage or even Heavenly Completion Stage. Thus, it was probably impossible for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to control the situation if they had placed such a terrifying existence within this place.

“That being the case, we can only choose from the Spiritual Beasts that are between the 50th and 80th rank of the Myriad Beast Record. Among these Spiritual Beasts, there is only one that is shaped like a giant serpent, has wings and enjoys living in an arctic location.”

Mu Chen pointed at the leather sheet and slowly muttered as he looked at Chu Qi and the others: “That is the Spiritual Beast that is ranked 73rd, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.”

“Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.” Chu Qi, Fang Zhong and Ye Qingling were all stunned.

Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. Born in arctic lands and possessing snowy wings since birth, it could summon snow and cause the lands to be in an endless winter. It would shed its skin every 100 hundred years and every time it shed its skin, its strength would increase significantly. Once it had shed its skin three times, it would enter its mature stage and its strength would be comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase powerhouse.

“Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase…”

Mu Chen smacked his lips. He truly hoped that the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had not reached maturity yet. otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for them to succeed in killing it. Thinking about his past encounters, Mu Chen had borrowed the Nine Nether Bird’s power and had only barely managed to deal with Liu Jingshan, who had only advanced into the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. If the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon had reached Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase, it would be impossible for him to kill it even if he borrowed Nine Nether Bird’s power again.

“This Mysterious Spirithail Dragon probably isn’t at its mature stage yet. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for our men to escape underneath that Spiritual Energy pressure.” Fang Zhong mused.

Mu Chen nodded. He also believed that it was unlikely for the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon to be at its mature stage. Thus, he tilted his head towards Ye Qingling. It was quite a decent target for him.

“Ohoho, Brother Mu. From your appearance, are you planning on targeting the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon?” Fang Zhong smiled.

“I’m a bit interested in it.” Mu Chen smiled and did not hide the interest he had about the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.

“The Mysterious Spirithail Dragon is too powerful. You cannot defeat it.” Chu Qi muttered deeply.

Since the majority of them were only at the Spirit Stage, how was it possible for them to defeat a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast that was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage?

“It’s true that we cannot defeat it with us alone.” Mu Chen smiled and immediately asked: “But what if we include another 100 Spirit Stage powerhouses?”

Fang Zhong and Chu Qi’s expressions changed slightly.

“Within this current Northern Heavens World, there are many people. I believe that many of these people would be interested in a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast. If we were to spread the news about the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon out, there should be many people who would flock over there.”

“No matter how powerful a Mysterious Spirithail Dragon is, it would be powerless against that many individuals. Once that happens, we could take advantage of the crisis to seize the Soul Essence. That is our chance.” Mu Chen said faintly.

“With that many individuals, it’s would no longer be certain that you would be able to obtain the Soul Essence, even if we managed to defeat the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon.” Fang Zhong replied slowly.

“But at least there’s a chance, right?” Mu Chen smiled.

Fang Zhong and Chu Qi both turned silent. It was true. At least they would have a chance of success.

“Thank you both of you for telling me such important information.” Mu Chen cupped his hands to the two of them. Without them bringing him the news about a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast, it might have taken a bit of time before they managed to find one.

Fang Zhong and Chu Qi exchanged gazes with each other. The former suddenly let out a cough and smiled: “Brother Mu, we are also quite interested in your proposal. If it’s possible, can you include us in this?”

“Regarding the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, we do not truly have a desire for it. After all, the two of us had already ingested a Soul Essence. Although we could ingest it once again, it is too troubling. Therefore, we would not plan on snatching this.”

“However, there are many precious, worldly treasures within the Valley of Ice. If there’s an opportunity, we would also like to obtain a few materials from the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s body. After all, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon’s body is an amazing material for creating Spiritual Artifacts. In the future, we might find a Spiritual Blacksmith to create a powerful Spiritual Artifact for us.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen communicated with Ye Qingling using their gazes. Then, he smiled and nodded: “We eagerly welcome you. Since it’s like this, let us cooperate once.”

The information was brought over by Chu Qi and the others. Moreover, they weren’t weak either. If they were to cooperate, it would definitely benefit them.

“What are you planning to do next, Brother Mu?” Seeing Mu Chen give them his approval, Fang Zhang and even Chu Qi smiled. A hint of eagerness filled their eyes. Although the two of them were quite mature, they were still young. Thus, they liked to do things that would stimulate them. A battle against a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast was something that they were deeply interested in.

“My plan is actually quite simple. We will first take a group of people to the Valley of Ice to explore the terrain. At the same time, we will send a few men to spread information that a Mysterious Spirithail Dragon is within the Valley of Ice. I believe that the Valley of Ice would be quite bustling within two days. We would not need to guide the others and could just wait for the developments to occur. After all, there will definitely be someone who would be willing to be the first wave of attack.” Mu Chen smiled.

Fang Zhong and Chu Qi nodded their heads. It was indeed true that there was no need of any special plans. After all, the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon was too powerful. Probably, there was nobody within the Northern Heavens World who could defeat it by themselves. In that case, they could only rely on numbers. As for who would obtain the Soul Essence, it would depend on their own abilities.

“Since it’s like this, we will take our leave first. Tomorrow, I will bring our men over and we’ll set out together.” Fang Zhong and Chu Qi both stood up as they spoke.

Mu Chen nodded and watched as the two departed the tent.

“We should also begin our preparations. About this trip towards the Valley of Ice, we should only bring men who possess the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Otherwise, it would be dangerous since others do not possess sufficient strength to protect themselves.” Mu Chen said as he turned towards Ye Qingling.

Ye Qingling nodded and immediately headed out in order to secretly arrange her men.

On the other hand, Mu Chen stretched his waist slightly while a hint of interest emerged within his black eyes. Ohoho, Mysterious Spirithail Dragon. You are quite an excellent target. This time, you’ll probably be tormented…

On the following day, Fang Zhong and Chu Qi arrived on time and brought approximately 30 men over. All of these men possessed the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. It was evident that they understood that it was not something that they could complete with just numbers.

The Ye Clan’s strength wasn’t something that could compare with the Chu Clan. They only had approximately a dozen Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase members, which wasn’t even half of the Chu Clan. However, with Mu Chen leading them, the Chu Clan members did not dare to underestimate them.

Mu Chen discussed with Fang Zhong briefly. Then, he beckoned Mo Ling over and said: “After we depart, you should secretly spread the information out based on what I had said. Be careful to make sure that nobody finds out that we spread this information out deliberately.”

“Brother Mu, relax.” Mo Ling nodded his head. He was filled with regret as he could not follow Mu Chen and the others to meet a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast. However, he understood that he would only drag them down if he went without sufficient strength.

Seeing this, Mu Chen said no more and exchanged glances with Fang Zhong. He waved his hand: “Let’s go.”

The Valley of Ice was located in a forest that was situated at the northwest of the interior of the Northern Heavens World. This place was far too remote. Thus, it was rare for individuals to head over there even if the Northern Heavens World was filled with people.

In order for Mu Chen and the others to arrive at this location, it took them an entire day. Numerous Spiritual Beasts would bother them along the way. Fortunately, the group was filled with experts. Thus, no causalities occurred even though their pace was slowed.

On the second day’s afternoon, Mu Chen and the others gradually slowed down their pace. This is because they detected that the temperature was dropping at an alarming rate.

They exchanged gazes with each other and their spirits shook. It seemed that they weren’t far away from their destination.

As the group entered a mountain, they looked around and were completely shocked. The originally lush forest had suddenly disappeared. Instead, what had replaced it was a world filled with snow. Cold snowflakes mixed with whistling winds descended on this world of ice. A cry rang out from from the air around them.

“So this is the Valley of Ice…”

Mu Chen stared at the world of ice that was hidden by the mountain and let out a sigh. Just when he was about to speak, an ancient, giant beast’s roar rang out from the depths of the world of ice.


At this moment, the snow descending was shaken and spread apart. An amazing chill emitted from the gap.

Mu Chen’s body was like a boulder as he stood on the peak of the mountain. However, his eyes remained fixed on the depths of the world of ice. Under the blizzard, he could vaguely see a massive creature summoning snow.

Although there was still quite a bit of distance to the massive creature, its Spiritual Energy pressure had already spread all the way to this place.

Within Mu Chen’s black eyes, a hint of passion surged. They had predicted it correctly. The massive creature that was hidden within the world of ice was indeed the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, ranked 73rd on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Rankings!

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