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Chapter 132 – Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast­­

The atmosphere outside of the trading ground instantly lit up like a fire. Within the surrounding forests, the numerous sounds could be heard of wind breaking, as countless figures landed within it. Every single one of these individuals started staring at the two figures who were confronting each other on nearby mountains.

Among the people that had gathered, there were many individuals that weren’t familiar with Mu Chen. However, they knew the person on the other side, Chu Qi, pretty well. In this region, the Chu Clan was considered to be one of the strongest forces. Moreover, Chu Qi’s name was well-known by everyone.

The confrontation between these two men was undoubtedly attractive to everyone.

“At least you have some guts.” Chu Qi stared at Mu Chen as he slowly spoke.

“A mere Spirit Stage Middle Phase isn’t someone I fear.” Mu Chen smiled. Although Mu Chen had only advanced to the Spirit Stage recently, he wasn’t someone that could be underestimated.

“I hope that your tone matches your strength. I won’t believe that the person she likes would be that weak either.”

Chu Qi slowly clenched his hands, and a deep-yellow Spiritual Energy rushed out of his body like a tempest. The Spiritual Energy that he had cultivated gave off a feeling like it was as heavy as the earth.

“I will not hold back at all!”

Chu Qi shouted out suddenly. His soles stepped heavily on the ground and the entire mountain trembled at this moment. Then, his body descended towards Mu Chen like a meteorite.

“Meteorite Wave!”

While Chu Qi was in midair, a deep-yellow Spiritual Energy gathered on the surface of his fists. In a few seconds, it had formed into a small meteorite that was falling  from the sky.


A sharp sound of breaking winds resounded throughout the area. The formidable air pressure emitted from the meteorite forcibly blew away the trees below. Even the earth started to show signs of a collapse.

Even though the battle had just started, Chu Qi had already used one of his ultimate moves. It was evident that he had no intentions of warming-up. He just wanted to defeat Mu Chen as soon as possible!

Mu Chen raised his head slightly and stared at the powerful attack from above that was about to bombard him. However, his face remained the same as he clenched his hands. Three dark light seals flashed and appeared on the surface of Mu Chen’s fist.

A punch was blasted out! The three Limitless Death Seals suddenly erupted outwards with a brilliant black light, formed into a line, and emitted a such a domineering Spiritual Energy fluctuation, that it caused the very air around it to become distorted.

Bang Bang Bang!

Just before making contact with Chu Qi’s attack, the three Limitless Death Seals suddenly exploded. Then, layers of black fluctuations were emitted from the explosion like overlapping waves.

Fireworks blossomed as the black and yellow light collided with each other in midair. A visible Spiritual Energy shockwave spread out and uprooted the trees on the mountain top that had stood within its wake .

Smoke started to rise.

In the sky, Chu Qi had taken two steps back. He stared at Mu Chen, who was on the peak of a mountain, and frowned. He did not attempt to test Mu Chen out during the previous attack. Thus, he was surprised that Mu Chen had been able to withstand it head-on.


As the smoke cleared itself, a rumbling echo could be heard from within the dust. A light array emerged, and a furious lightning dragon issued out a roar. It torn through the air as it headed directly towards Chu Qi.

“A Spiritual Array?!”

This special Spiritual Energy fluctuation instantly startled Chu Qi. However, his eyes flashed, and he actually decided not to avoid it. Instead, he took a step forward and clenched his fists. The clothes on his arms instantly shattered as his veins began to pulse like a dragon. Then, he immediately fired out a punch.


The air exploded due to the mighty punch from Chu Qi. As the violent Spiritual Energy emerged, the winds created by his fists directly shot towards the furious lightning dragon. With outstanding strength, he directly destroyed the beast with one attack.

“I never expected that you were a Spiritual Array Master. However, this kind of Spiritual Array is useless against me.” Chu Qi landed on a cliff as he stared at the place where Mu Chen stood.

“Is that so? Then, I’ll give you one that’s even more powerful!”

Within the dusty clouds, sounds of laughter rang out. Then, another powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation surged out from within the clouds. The dusty cloud was blown away, and the scene within was revealed.

At that location, a brilliant golden Spiritual Array had already formed above Mu Chen’s slender body. An extremely fierce Spiritual Energy fluctuation was slowly emanating from it. It caused numerous marks to appear on the nearby ground.

“This is a Rank 2 Spiritual Array?”

The people watching the battle were stunned. A commotion broke out immediately. This Mu Chen was actually a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master as well?

“Golden Revolution Soulreaver Array!”

The golden wheel was extremely fast; many people could only see the golden light with their eyes, and faint traces that were left in the sky as the air was ripped apart.

Only the Spirit Stage powerhouses were able to observe it carefully. However, their expressions instantly became serious. The golden wheel was too fierce. If it directly hits, even a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse would be instantly killed.

Once these two men started fighting, they were truly quite ferocious.

The golden light rapidly enlarged itself in Chu Qi’s eyes. Facing the fierce and matchless winds Chu Qi became serious. By now, he finally knew why Mu Chen had not put him in his eyes. He was actually hiding his identity of a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master underneath the veil of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

But, although this measure was quite powerful, it wasn’t enough for Chu Qi to admit his own defeat!


Dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from Chu Qi’s body. His eyes actually emitted jaded color at this moment. Then, a growling sound rang out from his mouth as he took a step forward.

The faint and massive shadow of a Spiritual Beast appeared as Spiritual Energy lights gathered behind Chu Qi’s back.

The Spiritual Beast was completely golden. It was as if its body was covered in a golden crystal armor. It even had a pair of majestic jaded eyes, which made the whole scene an impressive display of power.

“Is that the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast? Ranked as the 99th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. It is among of the best of the best and comparable to a Low-Level Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast!”

“So this is the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that Chu Qi has ingested? It’s definitely amazing!”

As the shadow of a Spiritual Beast emerged behind Chu Qi, Chu Qi let out another growl. He clenched his hands tightly together and fired off a punch. As winds were created by his fist, the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast roared and fired a golden hoof out as well.

A brilliant, golden light shone as the winds, which were created from Chu Qi’s fist, fused with the golden hoof. The fluctuations surging out exponentially increased because of this.


The winds created by Chu Qi’s fist were colored with a monstrous golden light as it collided forcibly with the golden wheel. Sounds of metal colliding with each other could be heard. Then, a golden light wave surged out and spread out into the distance.


Chu Qi yelled. Golden light instantly resurfaced on his arm and the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast also let out a roar towards the sky.


Another punch from Chu Qi fiercely bombarded the golden wheel. A terrifying power poured out and finally cracks were appearing on the golden wheel. In the end, the golden wheel was forcibly destroyed underneath numerous gazes.


Many individuals secretly inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Chu Qi was definitely powerful. He actually shattered the golden wheel that could have instantly killed a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse. Even for Spirit Stage Middle Phase experts, this sort of strength could be considered among best of the best.

“Sister Ye, will Brother Mu be fine?” Mo Ling instantly became worried when he noticed how formidable Chu Qi was. This person was many times more powerful than someone like Ge Hai.

Ye Qingling also had a serious expression. She had witnessed how powerful Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array was. A couple of days ago, this very same Spiritual Array had instantly killed a Spirit Stage Initial Phase Spiritual Beast with a powerful defense. In addition, it had severely injured two other Spiritual Beasts. This sort of power was something that even a Spirit Stage Middle Phase would have to avoid. Who would have expected that Chu Qi would be this ferocious and directly destroy it head-on?

“He actually made Chu Qi utilize the power of the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast this quickly…” From a nearby mountain slope, a handsome boy muttered to himself with a serious expression.

“Mu Chen. In order to defeat you, I’ll use my strongest power. This is my respect to you!”

In the sky, Chu Qi’s jaded eyes stared sharply at Mu Chen. He immediately took a step forward, and the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast growled. Golden light gathered at both of his arms at an astonishing speed. At this moment, the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to tremble.

“Golden Crystal Godfist!”

Chu Qi’s muffled roar resounded throughout the area. With a sluggish speed, he clenched his fists tightly together and fired off another two punches. In the instant he let out these two punches, a golden sun formed underneath his fists. The dazzling light emitting from the sun had actually covered the entire sky and caused countless eyes to sting.


Chu Qi’s body trembled violently, and his face turned slightly pale. Then, a golden sun, accompanied with the Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast’s roar, descended down towards Mu Chen.


Due to the golden sun, the air began to vibrate. The mountain, which Mu Chen was standing on, also started to tremble violently and numerous boulders began to fall.

Mu Chen lifted his head, and his black eyes stared at the golden sun falling down. His gaze turned solemn when he noticed the powerful energy within the golden sun. Chu Qi’s strength was quite outstanding within the Spirit Stage Middle Phase.


White air was slowly exhaled from Mu Chen’s mouth. A tinge of coldness appeared within his black eyes. He knew that many people were targeting him recently, and Chu Qi was the very first one that made his move.

In order to get rid of this endless streams of trouble, he needed to show his strength to the world.

He had to let everybody know…Even if he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway…Even if he had not obtained the Spiritual Road Empowerment, he was still the Mu Chen from back then!

Mu Chen slowly loosened his fist. A faint golden light appeared on the center of his palm. Then, a golden light beam gathered and formed into a golden pagoda engraving.

Mu Chen’s eyes turned sharp as he charged towards the sky. The golden pagoda engraving, that was on the center of his palm seemed to come alive at this moment.

It was as if the golden pagoda had emerged just to suppress everything in the world.

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