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Chapter 1272 - Breakthrough! Greater Earth Sovereign Realm!

The concept of time was lost in this frozen space, and it was so slow that it felt like an eternity. It was as if there was a strand of his consciousness being immersed in the darkness, while the surrounding darkness felt like a womb

Under this silence, a complete transformation slowly took place.

In the ancient stars, a silhouette was sitting like a boulder with the ancient Spiritual Energy forming into profound lights around him, shining onto his body. Under that lustre, even his body emanated a profound light as it entered his flesh, bones, and blood, refining his body to perfection.

As time passed, the ancient Spiritual Energy and Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy gradually intertwined, and as they combined, the Spiritual Energy in his body felt increasingly massive.

This was a more profound evolution of Spiritual Energy. In terms of quality, this Spiritual Energy was probably at least one level higher than before.

The robust Spiritual Energy flowed in his body, which caused subtle vibrations in his body that endlessly fluctuated. As if every single fluctuation would cause it to grow stronger.

This strengthening was growing stronger, as if it’s accumulating, waiting for the moment to erupt and cause a transformation…

The West Heaven Continent, Luo God City, in one of the Luo God Palace’s halls

Luo Li sat with her gaze directed at a middle-aged man sitting on a seat. That man looked skinny, but there was a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him, as if he was carrying a mountain on his back.

This was an extremely dangerous person!

This was the evaluation given by Luo Li. Even if she had completed her baptism and her power increased, she hadn’t stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, but was still at the Pinnacle Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm.

At this moment, she could probably even fight Ling Zhanzi.

However, this middle-aged man was more powerful than Ling Zhanzi. According to her guesses, he had probably touched the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. Even if he’s not in that realm, he must be at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, at least.

Although it’s merely a quasi, it’s still on another level compared to a Greater Earth Sovereign.

Luo Tianshen, Luo Tianlong and the other Earth Sovereigns of the Luo God Clan were all present, looking at the middle-aged man in fear and being alert.

“Senior, Mu Chen is currently not here. If you want to look for him, please go elsewhere.” Luo Li said with a calm expression.

A few days ago, this middle-aged man suddenly came to the Luo God Clan to look for Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen was still currently receiving the baptism, and even if he’s around, Luo Li didn’t want this person to meet Mu Chen before she could affirm his motive.

Facing Luo Li’s words, the middle-aged man shook his head. “He will surely come since I’m here.”

Luo Li lightly knitted her brows. “Is there any reason for you to look for Mu Chen?”

“To invite him somewhere.” The middle-aged man said without any ripples in his tone.

Luo Li’s brows knitted even tighter as she gave a deep glance at this middle-aged man. “I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to invite him.”

With her understanding of Mu Chen, after the baptism, Mu Chen’s strength would surely increase. In the past, he could already compete with Ling Zhanzi, a Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign with his cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm.

After the baptism, even this Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign middle-aged man might not be able to do a thing to Mu Chen.

When the middle-aged man heard Luo Li’s words, he smiled with his eyes narrowed. “If that’s the case, I’d like to give it a try. I just hope that he doesn't disappoint me…”

“Otherwise, it would be wasting Master’s attempt to protect him…” However, his last sentences couldn’t be heard by anyone.

Time gradually flowed in the darkness, and no one knew how long the silence lasted. Suddenly, a strand of consciousness rippled before it slowly woke up from the deep level cultivation.

At this moment, the last luster also entered Mu Chen’s body. His body, which had been frozen, slowly recovered and he opened his eyes with a deep glow flashing in his black pupils.

Although there wasn’t any bearing, it meant that Mu Chen had reached a new level of control of his Spiritual Energy.

Silently, Mu Chen stretched his arms apart and his bones started to crackle, rumbling like the roar of thunder in his body.

Furthermore, every single roar would cause the space around him to fluctuate.

Mu Chen stood up and his hair scattered apart. In the next moment, the boundless Spiritual Energy was no longer being restrained, and it was all unleashed like a tidal wave.

Torrential Spiritual Energy swept out, along with endless pressure that enveloped this entire space.

Furthermore, the density of the Spiritual Energy was swiftly rising. In just a few moments, it had already reached the Pinnacle Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, but it showed no signs of stopping!

Mu Chen’s clothes fluttered, even his skin was trembling as Spiritual Energy traveled like snakes under his skin.

In just ten-odd breaths, dozens of myriad feet of spiritual beams soared into the sky.

Thunder rumbled and the Spiritual Energy fluctuation expanded at that moment. A few breaths later, it had broken through a barrier and stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm!

Boundless Spiritual Energy whistled around Mu Chen’s body. The density was several times stronger than when he was in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield!

The spiritual luster around Mu Chen started to retract before he slowly lowered his head and look at his palms that were covered in boundless energy. At this moment, even with his heart, he couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

“Greater Earth Sovereign…” With this baptism, he had actually done a significant leap from the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm!

“This baptism actually lasted for three years.” However, this increase wasn’t done in a poke. It took a full three years for him to accomplish it!

Naturally, it wasn’t three years in the Great Thousand World, but just this region. The profound baptism energy had distorted time here, causing the time to flow slower. So in the Great Thousand World, not even half a year had passed.

Mu Chen felt relieved. In the three years spent, the speed of his cultivation wasn’t slow, so he didn’t need to increase his cultivation excessively and damage his foundation. On the contrary, it allowed Mu Chen to lay his foundations well.

Clearly, this baptism fits Mu Chen’s expectations. Not only did the three years allow him to reach the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, it even allowed him to lay a sturdier foundation.

With that, there wouldn’t be any repercussions that might affect his breakthrough to the Perfected Earth Sovereign or Heavenly Sovereign Realm…

Mu Chen smiled in satisfaction before a boundless Spiritual Energy gathered in his palm. He could sense that his Spiritual Energy wasn’t the same as before; his current Spiritual Energy was much thicker.

“It is rumored that the Spiritual Energy in the body of a Heavenly Sovereign can turn into a river is as dense as mountains…” Mu Chen pondered. It looked like the ancient Spiritual Energy should have some link to the future breakthrough to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Although he still had quite a distance towards the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he already had some thoughts about that path through this baptism.

“This Continent’s Baptism is truly extraordinary…” Mu Chen gently smiled. He was delighted with his harvest; no wonder the Flame Emperor would try so hard to fight for this opportunity for him.

Mu Chen shifted his gaze towards Luo Li’s direction, but he couldn’t find her. It looked like she had completed her baptism and left first.

“Mhm?” Mu Chen suddenly sensed a spiritual light in the direction of Luo Li, si he waved his hand and pulled it over before Luo Li’s voice transmitted into his ears, “Mu Chen, someone is waiting for you in the Luo God Clan. I’m unable to determine his purpose, but you have to be cautious when you’re done with your baptism.”

“Furthermore… although I can’t be certain of his origin, I’m afraid… that he’s from the Ancient Buddha Clan, according to my guesses.”

When Mu Chen’s heard those four words, his pupils narrowed with a killing intent slowly rising on his face.

“Ancient Buddha Clan…” He muttered with a cold light flashing in his black pupils. “You’re finally here?”

Mu Chen’s silhouette moved and he disappeared from this ancient space with only his cold voice that gradually rippled throughout the area.

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