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Chapter 1273 - Young Master

In the Luo God Palace

The skinny middle-aged man sat on the chair without any emotions. His body wasn’t moving. It was so much so that even his breathing was so weak that it couldn’t be heard. If it wasn’t for the spiritual light flashing in his eyes, everyone would think that he’s a statue.

This fellow had been sitting here for an entire month without moving!

Luo Li’s brows were tightly knitted ever since this fellow reported his intentions; he did not speak any further, so she couldn’t confirm whether he’s a friend or enemy.

But there’s something that she could be certain about, this person should be from one of the five Ancient Clans, the Ancient Buddha Clan, since Luo Li had realized the embroidery of a black pagoda on the man’s sleeve. In the Great Thousand World, only the Ancient Buddha Clan could be considered as an extraordinary force.

“Mu Chen’s mother should be from the Ancient Buddha Clan…” Luo Li had seen his mother in the past, so she knew some stuff. But she was sure that with the Ancient Buddha Clan, Mu Chen and his mother couldn’t reunite.

That also meant that Mu Chen didn’t have a good relationship with the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Thinking about it, Luo Li turned to the middle-aged man. “You have already been here for such a long time, and if this continues, there won’t be an outcome. So please leave, Mu Chen will not return here.”

The middle-aged man raised his head and said, “Looks like you’ve sent the news to him already.”

When he spoke out, there seemed to be myriad Dragon-Elephants roaring from his body that unleashed terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations, causing the surrounding slabs on the ground to be reduced to ashes.

Facing the middle-aged man, Luo Li showed no fear in her eyes and a great spiritual luster emanated from her body that vaguely formed into a massive Sovereign Immortal Body.

Although she was not an opponent of a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, she could briefly hold her ground with the Luo Shen Celestial Body. Furthermore, if the former wanted to make a move in the Luo God Clan, it would be the same as violating the West Heaven Temple’s rules. At that time, the West Heaven Temple’s protectors would also make a move.

But that middle-aged man did not make a move, he just stared at Luo Li and sighed in disappointment, “I never thought that he would chose to run, what a disappointment…

“Did he think that he could hide forever? With the Ancient Buddha Clan’s strength, it’s practically a matter of time for him to be cornered.” 

Hearing those words of disdain, Luo Li felt angered. However, when she wanted to explain for Mu Chen, a familiar voice suddenly resounded from the door of the hall, “A mere Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign is still not enough to make me, Mu Chen, cower. You’re thinking too highly of yourself.”

Luo Li raised her head to the door and under the sunlight, the youth’s slender silhouette stood with a smile and a trace of coldness on his face.

When Mu Chen appeared, Luo Li felt inwardly relieved. With Mu Chen’s strength, he would definitely have a great harvest in this baptism, so even if he couldn’t defeat a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, the latter would definitely not be able to do anything to him.

Standing behind Luo Li, the other Earth Sovereigns had a slight change in their expressions when Mu Chen appeared. That’s because this middle-aged man came for Mu Chen, so the situation would probably go out of their control now that Mu Chen showed himself.

Facing a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, they felt a considerable pressure.

Sitting on the chair, the middle-aged man had directed his sharp gaze onto Mu Chen, and when he got a bright look of Mu Chen’s face, his eyes rippled.

“You’re Mu Chen?” The middle-aged man asked.

“I’ve never changed my given or surname, the person himself.” Mu Chen nodded with a faint smile.

“Good, if you didn't even dare to face me today, then I would have felt that your mother’s actions to protect you weren’t worth it.” The middle-aged man said.

Mu Chen shook his head once again. “I have previously said before that a mere Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign still doesn’t have that ability.”

Facing someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan, he had no traces of a favorable impression, so he naturally wouldn’t leave any face for the other party.

The middle-aged man nodded his head, but he did not speak. However, when everyone felt relieved, he suddenly stood up and roars of Dragon-Elephants rang out. He took a step forth and his silhouette instantly teleported, then appeared before Mu Chen with a jab sent out.

Although that jab might look simple, a boundless spiritual luster glowed, as if there was a Dragon-Elephant roaring that emanated a stunning power, unleashing a terrifying power.

That jab contained a terrifying power that would certainly make an ordinary Greater Earth Sovereign dead on the spot.

However, there weren’t any ripples on Mu Chen’s face, since he wasn’t too surprised by the middle-aged man’s sudden assault. He took a deep breath and a dazzling spiritual luter burst out from his eyes as well.

Clenching his hand into a fist, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits appeared on his arm and they unleashed roars and cries, along with a pressure that enveloped out.

Through the baptism, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits have reached the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, and both of them were combining their power into this jab.

Even if they’re still in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, the power of a True Dragon and Phoenix, along with Mu Chen, could suppress any Greater Earth Sovereign.

It was so much so that this could even heavily injure the previous Ling Zhanzi!

Two fists that contained terrifying power clashed together like two colliding meteorites.

A solemn sound rang out, but surprisingly, there wasn’t any destructive power from this terrifying confrontation. However, those with keen eyes would realise that the slabs of ten-odd feet in radius had already been reduced to ashes with a bottomless abyss beneath the ashes.

Space violently distorted from the clash between the two fists before the two bodies trembled at the next moment.

Mu Chen’s silhouette retreated ten-odd steps, and it was the same for the middle-aged man as well… But generally, the two of them had reached a tie in this confrontation!

Every single one of their steps would leave a black footprint on the ground from their feet being too implanted into the ground.

It was merely an instant when the two clashed and retreated. Luo Li had also stood up and her cold pupils looked at the middle-aged man, intending on summoning the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

With her and Mu Chen together, even if this person was a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, he would still have to stay here today.

Behind Luo Li, the other Earth Sovereigns, including Luo Tianshen and Luo Tianlong, were dumbfounded. Although they knew that Mu Chen had defeated Ling Zhanzi and his power was extraordinary, this person wasn’t a Greater Earth Sovereign, he was a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign!

This sort of strength was exceptionally close to Perfected Earth Sovereign, and in terms of power, it’s not something that a Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign could be comparable to.

But who could have imagined that Mu Chen would reach a tie in the previous confrontation!

Clearly, in less than half a year, Mu Chen’s strength had soared once again!

The middle-aged man stabilised himself and he had a surprised expression as well. He did not expect that not only did Mu Chen not retreat, but he also competed against him in strength!

Furthermore, he hadn’t gained any advantage from this clash!

One must know that the cultivation technique that he practiced increased his strength, so this fist that contained the power of the Dragon-Elephant was hugely oppressive.

But from their clash, he could sense that this power that he had pride in suffered an unknown pressure. It was as if Mu Chen’s power was a grade higher than his.

In the other corner, Mu Chen rubbed his fist with a shocked expression. He was also startled by the strength that this middle-aged man possessed.

If it wasn’t for his True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits breaking through to the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, he would definitely suffer greatly from this clash.

“This fellow’s strength is terrifying, and in terms of strength, even a genuine Greater Earth Sovereign might not be stronger than him.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. This fellow clearly wasn’t an ordinary Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, and if they fought here, it wouldn’t be an easy fight.

Thus, Mu Chen’s face gradually turned stern and the Spiritual Energy surged in his body while he looked at the middle-aged man with alertness.

However, under his solemn wait, the middle-aged man suddenly smiled with gratification. “You’re indeed Master’s child, to be so outstanding at this age…”

Seeing his smile covered in warmth and delight, Mu Chen was stunned. But before he could react, the middle-aged man had knelt with one knee with a respectful expression written on his face under everyone’s astonished gazes. “This subordinate, Long Xiang, greets the Young Master!”

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