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Chapter 1271 - Long Xiang

Deep footsteps resounded within the bamboo forest and every step would cause the ground to tremble. However, this person did not have a robust build. He was a skinny middle-aged man wearing black clothes.

That man walked out of the forest and arrived at the pagoda. He stopped after seeing the old man and his voice resounded without any feelings, “What has Venerable Gu called me for?”

The old man named Venerable Gu raised his head and his eyes beamed when he looked at the middle-aged man with a smile. “Congratulations, Long Xiang. It looks like you’ve reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.”

The middle-aged man’s aura was deep, as if he was bearing the weight of countless mountains. Every single one of his movements would cause an energy fluctuation to ripple out, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

“I’m only half-way in, I can only be considered a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, at best.” The middle-aged man named Long Xiang faintly replied.

Venerable Gu smiled. “With your talent, you will surely reach the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm in the future, it’s just a matter of time.”

However, Long Xiang did not respond to that, since he was confident that it’s just a matter of time for him to reach the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, so he asked, “Is there a matter, Venerable Gu?”

Venerable Gu nodded his head with his eyes narrowed. “I have a mission for you.”


“Catch a person, a Lesser Earth Sovereign.” Venerable Gu flicked his finger and a screen appeared with a youth projected; it was Mu Chen.

Long Xiang  knitted his brows. “Why are you calling me for a mere Lesser Earth Sovereign?”

“Haha, he isn’t your average Lesser Earth Sovereign. He has obtained the Seed of the Continent from the West Heaven Continent’s Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. Even the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s disciple lost to him, so this child cannot be underestimated.” Venerable Gu chuckled.

“Amongst the Greater Earth Sovereign Realms, I’m afraid that there aren’t many that can face him, so I called you, a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, over.”

Hearing those words, Long Xiang narrowed his eyes and nodded his head. “Truly a figure, indeed.”

For a Lesser Earth Sovereign to achieve such a feat, it was stunning, even if he had the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan. After all, not just anyone could achieve it amongst the younger generations in the clan.

“Who is he? Why are we capturing him?” Long Xiang asked as he looked at Venerable Gu.

Venerable Gu smiled. “It’s the order from the Grand Elder.”

Long Xiang’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to have recalled something. His gaze abruptly turned to Venerable Gu and said, “The bounty that the Grand Elder had previously issued?”

“It’s that sinful child, indeed.” Venerable Gu faintly replied.

Hearing that, Long Xiang’s gaze instantly turned cold with terrifying Spiritual Energy bursting from his body, forming into a frightening atmosphere that swept in the direction of Venerable Gu.

Facing Long Xiang’s stunning aura, Venerable Gu’s gaze turned sharp and a golden lustre gathered behind him, then formed into a golden lion. As the golden lion roared, heaven and earth trembled and the terrifying pressure broke apart.

As the two of them fought, Long Xiang’s body trembled and took half a step back, while Venerable Gu’s body also trembled.

That confrontation had caused Venerable Gu to knit his brows. Although Long Xiang was merely a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, he was born with great strength and even cultivated the Dragon-Elephant Divine Art, so his power was even more terrifying. If they fought, even he would have to pay the price to win.

“Long Xiang, are you disobeying the order of the clan?” Venerable Gu stared at Long Xiang as a might gathered on his body; it was akin to a ferocious tiger.

Long Xiang’s gaze flashed with a ferocious light, but he still retracted his aura and coldly said, “That’s the child of missy. He’s not a sinful child, Gu Shihuang, mind your words!”

“Hmph, although Qing Yanjing was your Master, she is a sinful person that disobeyed the rules of my clan and tainted the noble bloodline of our Ancient Buddha Clan. She is guilty of a great crime, to begin with!” Venerable Gu continued, “If you have an opinion about it, then tell the Elder Association about it. If they change their minds, I will naturally not speak a word about it.”

“I can’t be bothered to talk with you, this daddy isn’t going anywhere!” Long Xiang coldly smiled.

Venerable Gu’s eyes hung low. “The Spiritual Jade Bamboo here is about to mature, and I have to guard this place. If you are unwilling to go, I will have to report the news back to the clan. At that time, I don’t know who the Grand Elder will be sending out…”

“Long Xiang, we only want to capture that sin… brat alive. If you make a move, then you can still preserve his life. But if the Grand Elder is enraged and sends an Elder, the life and death of that brat will not be under your control anymore.”

Looking at Venerable Gu, Long Xiang’s gaze flickered before he sighed, “Okay, I’ll go!”

If he went, at least he wouldn’t be harsh towards the child of his missy, but if they clan sent out someone with a bad relationship with his missy, then the outcome would be uncertain.

When Venerable Gu heard that answer, he smiled. “It’s good that you can figure it out.”

As he spoke, he briefly paused before he smiled again. “But Long Xiang, I do not wish for you to return empty-handed. If that’s the case, then I might hand that lass who’s imprisoned here to the clan. At that time, I’m afraid that she won’t be able to bear the punishment.”

Long Xiang’s face changed while he looked at Venerable Gu with a dark gaze, before he slowly said, “Gu Shihuang, I advise you not to take things too far. Although Missy is being imprisoned, you should know her status. Even the Grand Elder can’t do anything to her, and if you really pissed her off, I’m afraid that no one in the clan would protect you.

“In the eyes of Missy, you’re merely an old dog that can be killed with a wave of her hand!”

Hearing those words, Venerable Gu’s face uncontrollably twitched before he stared at the former with a sneer. “Hmph, I don’t believe that the clan will let her do as she wishes!”

Despite his words, he was no longer as cold as before because he was sure that if a Heavenly Sovereign wanted to deal with him, there were many methods to do so.

Casting a contempt gaze at him, Long Xiang also couldn’t be bothered to speak before he turned around and left.

Seeing Long Xiang’s departure, Venerable Gu gritted his teeth. “I’ll let you be complacent for now. As long as Young Master becomes the Patriarch, the entire Ancient Buddha Clan will be under our control. At that time, we will not allow the Grand Elder to be so indecisive. Furthermore, as long as we capture that sinful child, I don’t believe that Qing Yanjing won’t listen to us!”

When Long Xiang left the pagoda, he did not immediately leave, but walked towards another direction. There was another black pagoda that he entered. It’s dark and silent with a black prison in the depths of the pagoda. This prison seemed to have been forged with black stones and a faint spiritual luster was flickering from them, forming a massive Spiritual Array.

Coming to the prison, Long Xiang directed his gaze over and saw a white-dressed lady.

Her long hair gently scattered out with sharp brows, along with a dignified bearing. But there wasn’t any panic in her eyes; on the contrary, there was only calm.

If Mu Chen was here, he would definitely be shocked. She was Ling Xi, who he had lost contact with after their separation in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!

“Ling Xi.” Looking at the lady in the prison, a smile appeared on Long Xiang’s face. He felt that this lady was becoming more and more similar to his Master.

Ling Xi raised her head and smiled when she saw Long Xiang. “Big Brother Long Xiang.”

“I have no idea why you came here. You know that this is an asset of the Ancient Buddha Clan, so there will surely be Perfected Earth Sovereigns here to keep watch.” Long Xiang helplessly sighed with a bitter smile.

Back then, Ling Xi suddenly charged into the Spiritual Jade Island, and, as expected, she was imprisoned by Gu Shihuang for three full years.

Ling Xi pursed her lips and her black pupils flashed with an unnoticeable light with a smile on her lips. “It’s because Aunt Jing stayed here for some time.”

Hearing this reply, Long Xiang could only roll his eyes. He was genuinely speechless.

“Is there a matter for you to come here?” Ling Xi smiled.

Long Xiang briefly hesitated before nodding his head. “I’ve received the news of Master’s child.”

When Ling Xi raised her head, Long Xiang could see the unconcealable joy on her face. Because she hadn’t shown any wave of emotion for the past three years, she lowered her head and smiled. “Mu Chen… there's finally news of you…”

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