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Chapter 1270 - Sensation

A month after the Seed of the Continent contest ended, not only did it not die down, it exploded instead and had spread beyond the West Heaven Continent, into the Great Thousand World.

The seed of the Continent was a resounding title in the Great Thousand World, since every Seed of the Continent was an absolute genius with the potential to even become a Heavenly Sovereign… although only a few amongst them could accomplish it.

But regardless of anything, obtaining the title itself proved their strength and potential. Who knows, the next Heavenly Sovereign in the Great Thousand World might come from them…

It was precisely so that the news regarding the Seeds of the Continent attracted a lot of attention, even if the West Heaven Continent wasn’t too famous in the Great Thousand World.

So when this news spread out, it had attracted the attention of many forces. However, none of them had good intentions, since most of them were thinking about how they should scoop those Seeds of the Continent out of the West Heaven Continent. After all, every Seed of the Continent possessed the potential of a Heavenly Sovereign. If they could pull them over, it would strengthen their forces if that Seed of the Continent broke through in the future.

When many forces received the information of the West Heaven Continent’s Seeds of the Continent, a great shock was caused because they realised that there was one that relied on his cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm to dominate the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield!

“Who is that Mu Chen? He can actually dominate the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with a cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm?”

“Are the Greater Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent that weak?!”

“It looks like this Mu Chen is certainly not simple. It’s even rumored that he has a connection with the Flame Emperor, could he be a disciple of the Flame Emperor?”


While many forces were shocked by Mu Chen’s achievements, all sorts of speculations started to spread out as well.

“The Seed of the Continent from the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield is something, too! She cultivated the Luo Shen Celestial Body!”

“What a beautiful lass. Rumor has it that it’s the most beautiful Sovereign Celestial Body that belonged to Luo Shen in ancient times. At the same time, it is also ranked 11th?!”

“That lass’s potential is boundless as well. She might be able to break through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”


After Mu Chen, Luo Li had also attracted many people’s attention. After all, the Luo Shen Celestial Body was too dazzling, with a beauty that would leave others intoxicated.

Furthermore, the talent that Luo Li had displayed was something to gasp in amazement. Vaguely, they could see the scenes of the Great Thousand World’s Bella in ancient times that charmed countless Heavenly Sovereigns.

Compared to Mu Chen and Luo Li, no one paid much attention to Senior Winter. Because they got information that this person was someone groomed by the West Heaven Battle Emperor, so he would surely be loyal to the Battle Emperor. Thus, it wouldn’t be easy for them to poach him over, so they naturally wouldn’t pay much attention to this person.

But regardless of anything, the three Seeds of the Continent from the West Heaven Continent had caused a sensation in the Great Thousand World, attracting extra attention at the same time.

In a corner of the Great Thousand World

A plain-clothed old man was holding onto a walking stick with a red gourd hanging by his waist while strolling in the street. But no matter how crowded this place was, no one could touch him. It was a feeling as if he resided in another space.

Suddenly, that old man stopped and his gaze turned to a corner. It was a screen of Spiritual Energy that played an intense battle.

A battle of that level wasn’t anything worthy in his eyes, but when his gaze fell onto the screen, his eyes beamed out.

He stared at the peerless silhouette for a long while before grinning and took a deep gulp from the gourd by his waist. “Heavens will not disappoint the person who tries. What a good sapling, what a good sapling…”

When the Heavenly Sovereign finished his words, he hurriedly turned and left. With just a turn, he had already disappeared.

In the Myriad Island Continent

This was an incredibly bizarre continent that was formed from countless islands. Although they’re islands, the size of one island was exceptionally vast, and the most popular one wasn’t at all inferior to a smaller continent.

There was a massive island covered in bamboo in the center region of the Myriad Island Continent, with clouds covering this island and a boundless Spiritual Energy gathered over. Clearly, this was a rare cultivating land.

But looking closely, one would realise that the bamboo was akin to emerald jades that emanated a faint lustre and a fragrance that could calm the hearts and cause Spiritual Energy to be active.

Those emerald bamboos were named as Spiritual Jade Bamboo, which could be made into Spiritual Jade Incense. Not only could they increase the efficiency of cultivation, but they could also prevent one from going amok.

This was a rare treasure for many cultivators, and it was rumored that one Spiritual Jade Incense could be sold for nearly ten thousand drops of Spiritual Sovereign Liquid. Yet, this island was covered in Spiritual Jade Bamboo, so it’s worth at least one million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

This was such a terrifying amount that not even some supreme forces could fork it out, even after squeezing themselves dry.

Generally speaking, this sort of land would surely attract countless greedy people, especially in the Myriad Island Continent, where many people proclaimed themselves kings and were extremely oppressive. But even those forces with Perfected Earth Sovereigns wouldn’t dare to put their thoughts onto this Spiritual Jade Island, because this island belonged to one of the five Ancient Clans in the Great Thousand World, an asset of the Ancient Buddha Clan!

The Ancient Buddha Clan was one of the oldest clans in the Great Thousand World with a foundation so deep that no one could guess it’s origins. Even those supreme forces with Heavenly Sovereigns were fearful of these Ancient Clans.

Thus, bearing the name of the Ancient Buddha Clan, it made this island one of the safest islands in the Mryaid Island Continent. Anyone that came here behaved courteously, not daring to reveal the slightest greed or enmity.

That’s because they knew that in the eyes of a colossus like the Ancient Buddha Clan, they only need to send a Heavenly Sovereign over to annihilate them and the forces that they belonged to if they’re angered.

A beam suddenly descended from the sky, piercing through the Spiritual Array and reached the heart of the island. There’s a mountain there and the emerald was exceptionally charming.

There was an ancient pagoda in the bamboo forest and that silhouette had immediately entered the pagoda. In the pagoda, there’s an old man in grey-robes quietly sitting with Spiritual Energy faintly fluctuating around him. But vaguely, there was a tremendous pressure that emanated from him, which felt deep and unfathomable.

That silhouette landed before the old man and knelt on one knee. However, there wasn’t any reaction from the old man. He did not even open his eyes before his voice rang out from his abdomen. “Didn’t I say not to disturb me, no matter what happens?”

The man before the old man trembled before he swiftly answered, “I’m here to report that we might have found the location of that sinful child on the Reward Board.”

Stunning Spiritual Energy suddenly burst out from the old man and his eyes abruptly opened before he stared at the man before him with a peerless prestige. “The sinful child on the Reward Board? The person that the Grand Elder spoke of?”

“He should be that person!” The man swiftly nodded his head before he took out a spiritual jade that it emanated a lustre and formed into a screen of Spiritual Energy.

The screen projected an intense battle between Mu Chen and Ling Zhanzi.

When Mu Chen summoned his crystallised pagoda, the grey-robed old man’s gaze beamed and his face twitched. Only after a brief moment, he took a deep breath and said in shock, “That’s… actually the Divine Pagoda?!”

It was no wonder that he was shocked. Even in the Ancient Buddha Clan, the Divine Pagoda was rarely seen, since only those with outstanding talents could have the opportunity to refine them.

Amongst the younger generations of the Ancient Buddha Clan, only one person had formed the Divine Pagoda, the child blessed by heaven that was rarely seen, even in a thousand years. It was also rumored that many Elders were grooming him to become the next Patriarch.

But another youth had formed the Divine Pagoda as well, so the genius of their clan wasn’t alone!

“This child is unfamiliar, and he’s definitely not someone from our clan. But since he can refine the Divine Pagoda, that means that he has the bloodline of our clan flowing in his body. He must be that sinful child that the Grand Elder spoke about…” The old man narrowed his eyes with flashes in them. There were also different camps in the Ancient Buddha Clan, and he belonged to the camp of the genius in their clan. They were trying their best to groom that genius into the next Patriarch, and if they succeeded, they would be granted with tremendous power in the clan.

But there’s suddenly this fellow that managed to refine the Divine Pagoda as well. Although this person was a sinful child, they did not wish to see any accidents, regardless of anything.

With this thought, a ferocious light flashed in the old man’s eyes and the temperature instantly dropped before he waved his hand and said in a cold resounding voice, “Call Protector Long Xiang over…”

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