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Chapter 127 – Subdue


A dense Spiritual Energy erupted in midair outside of the valley. Two figures had charged at each other with rumbling Spiritual Energy like powerful winds colliding.

In this moment, Ye Qingling was fighting with Yang Gong, and neither of them were holding back. They fully demonstrated the strength of the Spirit Stage. Although their strengths were similar, as time passed, Ye Qingling started to gain the upper-hand. After all, she was someone that had come out of the Spiritual Road and had experienced the trial within it. Whether it was battle experience or mental strength, she was far more outstanding than Yang Gong. She had increased her strength slowly and steadily, while the latter had relied on a massive amount of resources in order to reach the Spirit Stage. Thus, Yang Gong’s strength was a little bit more unstable when compared to Ye Qingling’s.

It was apparent that Yang Gong was aware of the pressure coming from Ye Qingling. His expression instantly became serious, and he did not dare to divert his attention elsewhere as he fought with all his strength.

While this battle occurred, the troops brought by Yang Gong and Zhou Li had rushed over in order to fight against Wang Sheng and the others. But due to the difference in numbers, Ye Qingling’s side was quickly put at a disadvantage.The situation was beginning to look grim for them.

“Haha. Little Beauty. Your men won’t be able to endure it any longer. Are you still planning to resist us stubbornly?” Yang Gong laughed and tried to use words to distract Ye Qingling.

However, as he laughed, Ye Qingling’s attacks were becoming increasingly more powerful. The latter completely saw through the former’s thoughts. How could she not understand them? If she were to be distracted by the others, it will not help the situation at all. Therefore, if she truly wished to help Wang Sheng and the others, she must defeat Yang Gong as soon as possible.

Due to the suddenly increasing ferocity of the attacks, Yang Gong was completely shocked and did not dare to speak anymore. As he concentrated, he began to feel that this girl was truly cunning.

While the battle between Yang Gong and Ye Qingling had entered the climax, a few people were watching the scene in secret from nearby. One could tell based on their appearances, it was the Ge Clan.

At this instant, their eyes were firmly fixed at the battle. Their eyes twinkled as they clearly stood to benefit greatly from the tussle.

“Big Brother. It seems that Yang Gong isn’t faring well against Ye Qingling.” Ge Qing whispered as he watched the battle.

“There’s no hurry. Ye Qingling does not have a sufficient amount of men, and they will soon be defeated. Furthermore, Zhou Li is already chasing after that little girl. As long as he captures her, Ye Qingling will be completely suppressed.” Ge Hai sneered.

“But what I’m wondering is what is going on with that Mu Chen…He hasn’t made any moves yet since the very start. Could it be that he has already obtained the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia and is attempting to ingest it at this very location?”

“If he successfully ingests it…if he were to advance into the Spirit Stage…” Ge Qing said trembling at the thought.

“Hmph. How can it be so easy to ingest a Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia? It’s evident by his absence that the bastard has gambled on ingesting it. However, he overestimates his own strength. Once Ye Qingling and the others are defeated, Yang Gong and his side will enter the valley. When that happens, that idiot, who will be sitting in a vulnerable state of cultivation, will simultaneously be at death’s door.” Ge Hai smiled evilly as he spoke.

”And if by some chance, he were fight against Yang Gong to the bitter end, that will be the time when we emerge in front of them.”

“Big Brother sure is wise.” Ge Qing had a happy expression. Ge Hai had truly thought through the entire process and knew what to do. Let’s see how you, Mu Chen, overcomes this obstacle this time!


In the sky, Spiritual Energy surged out of Ye Qingling’s palms, and emitted a dazzling light which collided with Yang Gong.

A Spiritual Energy fluctuation, visible to the naked eye, spread out.

While Yang Gong retreated back a dozen step, Ye Qingling only retreated back three steps. However, he smiled and pointed below. At that location, Wang Sheng and the others were completely surrounded: “It seems that your subordinates have fallen into my hands.”

“Then I’ll kill you first!” Ye Qingling’s eyes were cold. Spiritual Energy fluctuations emerged from her palms. At this moment, she was preparing to attack once again.

“Haha, I’ll want to see you try.” A cold sneer suddenly rang out from nearby. Ye Qingling was surprised and hurriedly turned her head around. At this moment, her expression changed drastically. She noticed Zhou Li approaching this location quickly, and, in his hands, he was clutching a struggling, little girl.

“Sun’Er!” Ye Qingling was speechless.

“Sister, I’m sorry.” Sun’Er’s eyes had turned red due to shame. She severely lacked combat experience . Thus, despite being quite powerful, when she attacked stealthily, once a Spirit Stage powerhouse like Zhou Li had targeted her, her combat abilities would immediately plummet.

“Zhou Li. If my sister is injured even slightly, I will kill you even if I have to lose my life!” Ye Qingling glared at Zhou Li. As these words were spoken, her voice was filled with rich killing intent.

Zhou Li’s face turned slightly. He knew how terrifying a crazy woman could be. Therefore, he did not wish to overly provoke Ye Qingling and replied: “As long as you hand over the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia, I’ll let her go.”

Ye Qingling clenched her hands and bit her lips.

“Hows that sound?”

Zhou Li gripped Sun’Er’s soft shoulders with a bit of power. In that instant, the little girl instantly let out a painful cry, and her mouth twitched. Her eyes had also turned an even deeper shade of red, as she fought to hold back her tears.

Sun’Er gradually came to understand that this place wasn’t the same place she was previously at. Here, she could not hope to have everybody’s protection and love.

Once Ye Qingling heard Sun’Er’s painful cry, her body trembled slightly as she felt pain within her heart.

“If I were you, I would quietly let her go!”

Just when Ye Qingling had felt that stinging pain of Sun’Er’s cry within her heart, a voice filled with anger rang out followed by a figure quickly rushing out of the valley.


Zhou Li stared at the figure of light, and his expression changed.


The figure ignored Zhou Li’s cries and appeared in front of him like a phantom. With its hands clenched into a fist it sent a punch blasting out towards Zhou Li’s head.

From the atmosphere of this punch, it would probably blow away Zhou Li’s head away if it were to hit him.

“You have a death wish!?”

Seeing this, Zhou Li was completely furious. Spiritual Energy gushed out of his body, and he fired out a punch of his own without any hesitation. His punch collided fiercely against the other punch that was blasted towards him.


But as these fists collided with each other, Zhou Li’s expression changed drastically, and a surge of pain burst through his his arm. The other person’s Spiritual Energy was exceptionally overbearing and had forcibly destroyed the Spiritual Energy that covered his fist as it charged into his body.

Zhou Li’s body trembled, and he hurriedly staggered backwards. At this moment, a sweet taste filled his throat.

Just when Zhou Li staggered backwards, the light figure’s arm shot out and snatched Sun’Er away from his grip. Then, the figure’s Spiritual Energy dispersed, and it revealed the cold-looking expression of Mu Chen.

“Brother Mu Chen!” Seeing this familiar expression, Sun’Er instantly shouted with delight. Afterwards, her eyes turned red and she said in frustration: “That bastard gripped me too hard. It hurts.”

“Go over to your sister. Brother Mu Chen will teach him a lesson for you.” Mu Chen smiled at Sun’Er.

“Okay.” Sun’Er nodded and her body jumped into Ye Qingling’s arms. Ye Qingling stared at her carefully while being quite distressed.

“Boy, who are you?!” Zhou Li’s stared grimly at Mu Chen. Beside him, Yang Gong’s eyes were also completely alert. Mu Chen, who had suddenly appeared, made them feel a little bit of unease.

“You wanted the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia, right? Well it’s a shame that I have just ingested it.” Mu Chen smiled at the two of them while he spoke.

Hearing these words, Zhou Li and Yang Gong’s expressions instantly turned cold. They gnashed their teeth as if they wanted to rip Mu Chen into pieces. They had been eying that Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia for a long time. But because they had been afraid of each other, they had now failed to obtain it. They never expected that, in the end, their actions would benefit this Mu Chen in such a way.

“You dare steal the item, which I desire? Foolish trash!”

Yang Gong shouted out loudly and exchanged gazes with Zhou Li. He immediately yelled: “Let’s get rid of him!”

Just earlier, he had seen Mu Chen repelling Zhou Li. Thus, he knew that Mu Chen was quite capable and did not dare to fight against him by himself.


But before the two of them could manage an attack, Mu Chen had already made the first move. With a cold expression, a dark-black Spiritual Energy surged from his body and charged into the clouds. The density of the Spiritual Energy was many times more powerful than it had been before his advancement.

“So this is the power of a Spirit Stage…”

Mu Chen felt the torrent-like Spiritual Energy within his body and could not help but feel the comfort that emerged along with it. He straightened two of his fingers and the tips of these fingers lit up instantly. With a Pu sound, they quickly formed into a 3-meter-long golden light spear and  stabbed towards Yang Gong and Zhou Li at lightning speed.


Once they noticed the spears, Yang Gong and Zhou Li hurriedly circulated their Spiritual Energy . Both of them unleashed a powerful punch. However, their punches were blown away the moment they made contact with the golden light. A hint of surprise instantly filled their eyes. So the dark-black Spiritual Energy was actually this domineering!


Mu Chen’s body quickly appeared in front of them again. He immediately let out a punch. But this time, three black light seals emerged on the surface of his fist. Surging black waves emitted out from his fist.


As the three black light seals erupted out, Yang Gong and Zhou Li felt chills as they detected the overbearing fluctuations coming from the black light seals. They immediately gripped their hands together, and the black shield and stone stove reappeared.


The three Limitless Death Seals exploded out. The Spiritual Energies overlapped against each other and let out a powerful impact on the black shield and stone stove. It made the black shield and stone stove instantly turn dim, as each flew back into their respective owner’s hands.


As they watched the Spiritual Artifact being forced back, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s expressions turned pale. Both of them were completely shocked as they spit out a mouthful of blood. They could not believe that Mu Chen, who was at the same level as them, would actually be so powerful. He was able to completely subdue the two of them by himself!


At this moment, the two of them understood that they have finally met their match. They acted decisively and immediately retreated as they wiped away the blood on their mouths.

“And just where are you planning on going?!”

Within Mu Chen’s eyes, a cold light flashed. He immediately activated the Shadowspirit Step and turned into numerous afterimages. Before Yang Gong and Zhou Li could react, he had already appeared in front of them. A golden light glowing from his fingertips like a sharp-edged golden divine spear stopped in front of their throats. The swift and fierce aura instantly made fresh blood ooze out of their skin on their throat.

“If you dare move one more step, I’ll kill you.”

Mu Chen glanced calmly at the two of them. The voice that lacked emotions had instantly frozen both Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s body.

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